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  • Mithiriath
    Le mod qui permet de tester les nouveaux commandants (un commandant par faction) est sorti. Vous pouvez l'ajouter au jeu via Steam Workshop à ce lien :
    Pour le tester, il faudra créer une partie personnalisée et le choisir comme condition de victoire.
    Bien sûr cette version du mod est vouée à évoluer au cours des semaines/mois à venir en fonction des retours de la communauté (que vous pouvez formuler ici : ou là :
    Voici ce qu'il apporte :
    USF - Urban Assault
    Rear Echelon Rifle Grenades
    This ability has been introduced as an interesting alternative to flamethrowers while serving a similar role of anti garrison/ cover positions.
    Can be upgraded with Rifle Grenades as one of this commanders slot abilities. Requires 60 munitions; locks out minesweepers AOE distance 0.5/1.5/4 versus 1/2/3 of the standard Fighting Pit. AOE damage 1/0.5/0.3 versus 1/0.75/0.25 of the standard Fighting Pit. Range 35, 20 minimum. Dozer Blades
    M4 Sherman Tanks can now be upgraded with Dozer Blades; same as Mechanized Company. Off-Map Smoke Artillery
    Cost from 50 to 40. Rangers
    Reinforce cost from 33 to 32 Cost from 400 to 350 Calliope
    Far AOE damage from 0.15 to 0.25 Cost from 380/140 to 380/115 British  - Lend Lease Assault 
    Assault Sections
    Gives Infantry sections the Assault Section Upgrade Requires Platoon Command Post. Costs 70 munitions. Gives the squad 2 Thompson SMGs, Sten Guns (with Assault Engineer Grease Gun stats) No.77 White Phosphorous Grenades, and removes their Out-of-Cover penalties. Grants an additional -5% Receieved Accuracy. 81mm Mortar Team
    Requires 1 CP. Costs 240 manpower. Same mortar as the USF 81mm Mortar. M3 Half-Track
    Allows M3s Half-Tracks to be built from the Platoon Command Post; requires AEC or Bofors unlocked. Same Half-Track as the USF M3. Smoke Raid Operation
     Identical to Commando Regiment M10
    Can be built from the Company Command Post. Same stats as the USF M10. Soviet - Airbourne
    SVT Drop
    Requires 1 Command Point. Drops a crate at the target position that can be picked up by infantry. Grants the squad that picks it up with 3 Penal Battalion SVTs; takes up 1 weapon slot. Airborne Guards
    Costs 360 manpower. Equipped with SVTs. Can be equipped with 3 DP 28s for 100 munitions. Has access to Orrah, Smoke Grenades and has ‘To the Last Man’ ability. Airborne Rally Point
    Available at 2 Command Points Costs 100 manpower and 15 fuel. Can detect enemies in a range of 60 around it. Can reinforce units in friendly territory Can request a Medical Airdrop at the target position for 20 munitions. When the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is deployed, it can act as a Forward Retreat Point. Has 320 Health. DsHK Paradrop
    Paradrop costs 125 manpower and 50 munitions DsHK Changes
    Penetration from 4.5/3/1.5 to 7/6/5 (now similar to USF .50 cal) Arc from 30 to 38 IL-2 Rocket Strafe
    Requires 10 Command Points. 100 munitions Barrages the area with P-47 rockets. Wehrmacht - Strategic Reserves
    Assault Grenadiers
    Assault Grenadiers are receiving a small number of changes to help them close the distance and increase their scaling in the late game.
    Target Size from 1 to 0.95 Veterancy 1 Received Accuracy from -10% to -6.5%. Can now be upgraded with a 6th man for 60 munitions. MP 40s are also having their mid-range power increased to match SMGs like the M3 Grease gun used by Assault Engineers. This change also affects Assault Officer and Volksgrenadier MP 40s.
    MP40 Changes
    MP 40 Mid range cooldown from 1.25 to 1 MP 40 Mid accuracy from 0.24 to 0.375 MP40 reload frequency from 4/5 to 6 MP40 reload from 2.8/3.5 to 2.8 Radio Intercept
    Currently has no audio, but does inform the player what the opponent has produced; this ability might be changed as this cannot be edited in the Attribute Editor. Breakthrough Equipment
    Panzergrenadiers can throw Satchel Charge; requires no upgrade. Pioneers can be upgraded to Destroy Cover for 30 munitions; same as Royal Engineers. Also increases repair speed by 0.3. Panzer IV H
    Gives Ostheer access OKW Panzer IV J from the Support Armor Korp. Tiger Ace
    The Tiger Ace has undergone a rework with the intention to make it a less controversial unit. The following changes should make it less frustrating to both play with and against. 
    No longer reduces income. Sight from 50 to 35. Has 10% increased accuracy over the regular Tiger. Starts at veterancy 0. Now has access to Spearhead ability at veterancy 1 in addition to Blitzkrieg; similar to King Tiger's ability. Has access to Emergency Repairs ability; same as OKW Elite Armor. CP requirement from 17 to 15 Population from 26 to 24 Cost from 800/150 to 800/250 Limited 1 time call-in removed. OKW - Grand Offensive
    Cost from 290 to 250. Now available at 0 CPs from the Regimental Headquarters. Squad size from 6 to 5. Grenade AOE distance from 0.75/1.5/2.25 to 1/2/3. Can be upgraded with two Panzerschrecks for 120 munitions. Grants the ability to plant Teller mines, but disables ATG Grenades. Locks out G43s. Recon package (G43 upgrade) now increases squad size from 5 to 6. Stuka Smoke Drop
    Identical to OKW Luftwaffe doctrine ability Tactical Movement
    Identical to Ostheer Lightning War ability OKW Offensive Package
    Gives Volksgrenadier access to MP 40 Package; same as Feurstorm Doctrine. MP40s have undergone a rework, benefiting from the changes outlined in the Wehrmacht Assault Grenadier section. OKW Tiger
    Available at 13 CPs as a callin. Veterancy 4: ‘Command Tiger’ ability unlocked. Reduces weapon cooldoown by 25% and received accuracy by 20% for 30 seconds. 35 munitions. 25m radius. Veterancy 5: Command Tiger ability reduces the reload of vehicles by 20% and the received accuracy of vehicles by 20%. Does not affect the Tiger. During this ability, the tank will have reduced combat performance. Increases the Tiger's reload time by 40% and reduces accuracy by 30%. Source :

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