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  1. Mithiriath


    Nous avons au programme la refonte de deux commandants par faction, la nouvelle organisation du "tech tree" pour la faction USF et correction (et ajout) de bugs.
  2. Mithiriath


    Premier hotfix suite à la mise à jour du "Commander Revamp and USF Tech".
  3. Mithiriath

    Deuxième hotfix suite à la mise à jour du "Commander Revamp and USF Tech".
  4. Mithiriath

    Journal des mises à jour

    Hotfix du 21 décembre 2018 Hotfix Patch #2 - December 21st 2018 Ardennes Assault Fixed an issue with Ardennes Assault, in which light vehicles could not be built from their tiers. Balance Issues OKW Sector Assault Adjusted sector assault to drop less bombs in a shorter time window. SOVIET AT Overwatch Shell damage reduced to 60, previously was 120 Added 3-second delay between smoke and first shell Added Penetration value of 260 to shells, so that heavy vehicles can bounce some shells. Deflection damage of 30 added to shells Bugs Fixed issue with USF 76mm Sherman smoke launchers not working Made some adjustments to WC51 and Faust interaction to try and resolve Faust miss bug. Fixed issue with Soviet KV-2 prioritize vehicle not working properly Fixed issue with Wehrmacht field defenses, and certain items not being buildable Fixed an issue with cav rifles displaying as 3cp call in units in the menu ui Source :
  5. Mithiriath

    Le guide du petit artilleur

    👍 On attend maintenant la suite avec les autres types d'artillerie.
  6. Mithiriath

    Les nouvelles du front !

    Nouvelle du front Hotfix du 14 décembre 2018 Liste des corrections à ce lien :
  7. Mithiriath

    Les nouvelles du front !

    Nouvelle du front Patch du 12 décembre 20118 Nous avons au programme la refonte de deux commandants par faction, la nouvelle organisation du "tech tree" pour la faction USF et correction (et ajout) de bugs. Liste des commandants remaniés : USF : Compagnie de blindés : Compagnie mécanisée : UKF : Régiment Royal d'artillerie : Régiment de soutien tactique : SOV : Tactiques de perturbation pour fusiliers du NKVD : Tactiques de défense urbaine : OKW : Stratégie de blindés d'élite : Stratégie de surveillance : WEH : Stratégie de défense : Stratégie d'infanterie allemande : Nouvelle organisation du "tech tree" USF : L'amélioration pour sortir le lieutenant (sans BAR et 50 de muni pour ajouter un bazooka) coûte 200 d'effectifs et 35 de carbu et débloque seulement la HMG cal.50. Il faudra 50 d'effectifs et 20 de carbu en plus pour débloquer le M20 et le Stuart. Le capitaine (60 de muni pour ajouter un BAR, ce qui fait pour rappel : 1 thompson + 1 BAR + 3 M1) suit la même logique, 200 d'effectifs et 35 de carbu pour le sortir et débloque seulement le canon AT. Il faudra aussi 50 d'effectifs et 20 de carbu pour débloquer le pack Howitzer et half-track AA. Le major (190 d'effectifs et 120 de carbu) peut être sorti après avoir fait le lieutenant et le capitaine OU après avoir débloquer toutes les améliorations du t2 ou t3. Le major débloque les chars habituels. En vrac : L'amélioration de la grenade coûte maintenant 150 d'effectifs et 15 de carbu. Plus d'infos concernant toutes les modifications :
  8. Mithiriath

    Journal des mises à jour

    Hotfix du 14 décembre 2018 Hotfix Patch #1 - December 14th 2018 OKW -Fixed a bug in which OKW SwS Halftracks had a stealthy mg42 machine gun. SwS meta we hardly knew thee! -Fixed a bug in which the 221/223 could not pack up from lockdown mode if territory was lost to enemy. -Fixed an issue where machine gun veterancy bonuses were not applying correctly to the 221 Wehrmacht -Fixed an issue where machine gun veterancy bonuses were not applying correctly to the 250 -Fixed a weapon priority issue for passengers of the 250 HT Soviet -Fixed a bug where all the Commissar model dying would result in all nearby squads becoming instantly pinned. -Fixed a bug where medic model in commissar squad could not be healed by base medics USF -Fixed a bug where Sherman smoke would not fire. -Fixed a bug where M4C Sherman HVAP rounds would not respond to prioritize vehicle commands Brits -Fixed an issue where Valentine Concentrated Sexton Barrage ability could not be triggered in observer mode. Source :
  9. Mithiriath

    Journal des mises à jour

    MaJ du 12 décembre 2018 December 12th 2018 - Commander Revamp and USF Tech Update Final Notes Temporary note - Patch will be live imminently USF ARMOUR COMPANY Assault Engineers To diversify USF starts and the squad’s durability issue in the mid-late game, Assault Engineers are being given an extra man. -Squad size from 4 to 5. Elite Vehicle Crews We have modified this ability to now grant a constant bonus that improves Armour Company’s ability to get vehicles back into action and gain veterancy. -Passive ability. -Vehicle crews automatically gain two Thompson SMGs -Increases vehicle and vehicle crew veterancy gain by 15%. -Increases Vehicle Crew repair speed by 0.5; repair speed of 2.1 (Pioneers have 1.6) M10 Tank Destroyer Adjustments to cost and Flanking Speed should make the M10 a cheap and efficient unit for dealing with most armored vehicles, despite also being in the Battalion Command with its bigger brother, the M36 Jackson. -Fuel cost from 90 to 80. -Flanking Speed no longer requires Veterancy 2. Sherman 105mm Dozer The Dozer has had some significant changes to improve its anti-infantry performance, while reducing its OHK radius against units that are at full health. -AOE from 5.5 to 6 -AOE damage from 1/0.35/0.0.5 to 1/0.35/0.175 -AOE distance from 1.125/2.25/3.375 to 0.425/1/5 -Now deals 50% deflection damage -Range from 40 to 35 -Distance scatter max from 4.8 to 2.5 -Veterancy 2: +160 health, -15% weapon reload, +20% rotation; was previously +20% speed, +20% rotation, +30% Accuracy, +20% Accel/Decel. -Veterancy 3: +35% weapon rotation, -10% weapon reload, +30% Accel/Decel; was previously +35 weapon rotation, -20% Reload. 240mm Artillery We have increased the number of shells while decreasing the delay between shots to make this ability more potent at area denial. Damage has been modified to prevent instant kills on infantry while retaining high damage at the edges of the shell’s AOE. -Number of shells from 5 to 7 -Duration between shells from 12 to 8 -Instant kill crit against infantry removed -AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.2/0.15 -Far distance from 9 to 10 MECHANIZED COMPANY Previous Ability Line-Up Reserve Armor WC-51 M3 Halftrack Raid M21 Mortar Halftrack New Ability Line-Up Reserve Armor Mechanized Groups Cavalry Riflemen M21 Mortar Halftrack Combined Arms Mechanized Group -WC-51 and M3 Halftrack consolidated and available from the Rifle Command. -M3 Halftrack requires either Platoon or Company Command Posts to be fully unlocked or two officers to be deployed. -Please see the new USF Tech Changes below for more information. WC-51 -Can now be built from the Rifle Command with a build time of 22. -MG cooldown duration from 1.25/2 to 1.25/1.5 -MG Rate of fire multiplier from 1/0.8333/0.6667 to 1/1/1 -HMG upgrade cost from 60 to 45 -Veterancy requirement from 360/720/1440 to 300/600/1200 -Can now capture territory; Capture and decapture rate of 1. -Mark Target and 155mm Artillery barrage range from 50 to 60. M21 Mortar Half Track Timed shells for the M21 should now be more reliable when used to demolish fortifications which is their primary role. -Delayed Shells AOE from 4 to 5 -Delayed Shells fuse from 2.8 to 2 -Delayed Shells scatter from 12 to 9 -Delayed Shells distance scatter max from 14 to 10 -Delayed Shells scatter ratio from 0.175 to 0.0857 Cavalry Riflemen Cavalry Riflemen have been added to give the commander a versatile squad that excels at short-range, meshing commander’s theme on Mechanized units. -280mp; 5 man squad with Assault Engineer M3 Greaseguns and 0.97 received accuracy. -Can be upgrade with two Thompsons for 70 munitions. Takes up a single weapon slot. -Has two weapon slots. -Requires 1 CP. -Abilities: M23 Rifle Smoke Grenades, AT Satchels, Covering Fire -M23 Smoke Grenade: Similar to Officer and Rear Echelon Smoke. Smoke locked behind Grenade Package. -AT Satchel: Similar to Penal AT satchel. -Covering Fire ability: Reduces the Cavalry Riflemen's accuracy by 90%, but targeted infantry unit receives a 55% accuracy penalty and are reduced to walking speed for 11 seconds or until the ability ends. Ability disengages when unit is told to move. 25 munitions. -7 population. -Veterancy 1: Reduces recharge of all abilities by 25%. -Veterancy 2: -20% weapon cooldown, -23% Received accuracy. -Veterancy 3: +25% smoke range, -15% Received Accuracy, +30% weapon accuracy. Combined Arms -Added in place of Raid of Mechanized Doctrine; does not affect Recon M4A3 76mm Sherman We have changed the 76mm Sherman by focusing its AT role. HVAP rounds will give the unit the ability to threaten heavier vehicles while still retaining its ability to have engage infantry and lighter vehicles. -Population from 14 to 12 -Cost from 380/135 to 380/125 -Can now swap between regular ammunition and HVAP. -HVAP penetration at 220/180/165; standard rounds have a penetration of 140/130/120. -HVAP accuracy at 0.06/0.0425/0.035; standard rounds have 0.05/0.0375/0.025. -HVAP reload at 6.1; standard rounds have 4.1/4.5 reload. -HVAP AOE radius at 0.25; standard rounds have a radius of 2. -Speed from 6.4 to 6.5; speed matches Soviet Sherman -Soviet Sherman now has the exact same abilities and veterancy as the American M4A3 76mm. -Veterancy Three 0.8 reload modifier replaced with +25% main gun penetration. BRITISH GENERAL FACTION CHANGES The following changes were made to give the British to give the faction some breathing room against vehicles and tanks that attempt to rush in. -Sappers, and Recovery Sappers have access to HEAT Grenades; the same grenades used by AT Infantry Sections. BRITISH ARTILLERY Sexton We have improved the AOE and range of the Sexton to strengthen its role as an artillery unit. -AOE damage from 1/0.25/0.1 to 1/0.5/0.2 -AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 1.25/2.5/6 -Range from 135 to 160 -Supercharge Victor Creeping Barrage no longer shares a cooldown with the main barrage -Standard barrage recharge from 90 to 110 Valentine Changes to this unit are intended to make it more potent in combat and capitalize on the unique abilities it provides. -Main gun damage from 80 to 120. -Population from 12 to 7. -Reload from 5.6/6 to 5. -CP requirement from 6 to 5. -Observation now increases base unit sight by 50%; no longer scans for units in the FOW and does not disable movement. Main gun unuseable when active. -Veterancy requirements from 1820/3640/7280 to 1020/2040/4080. -Concentrated Sexton Barrage price from 15 to 35. -Sexton Creeping Barrage no longer requires veterancy 1. -Veterancy 1 now increases sight by 7. Perimeter Overwatch We have adjusted the Perimeter Overwatch to now deploy off-map shells to help Artillery Regiment defend territory and either force enemies to capture the territory or retreat when the ability is active. -Now launches a single mortar shell every 8 seconds at enemies in a friendly sector. -Now launches a 25 pounder shell every 16 shells at enemies in a friendly sector. -Applies on a sector-by-sector basis. TACTICAL SUPPORT Air Resupply Operation Recovery Sappers Command Vehicle Artillery Cover Forward Observation Post New Ability Line-Up Air Resupply Operation Recovery Sappers Command Vehicle Forward Observation Post Churchill Crocodile Air Resupply Operation -Cost from 150 munitions to 100 manpower and 75 munitions -Vickers HMG replaced by M1 81mm Mortar; same version used by the USF. Artillery Cover Ability has been moved to converted Forward Observation Posts or upgraded Forward Assemblies. Cost from 250 to 180. Ability slot replaced by Churchill Crocodile. Churchill Crocodile The Crocodile has been adjusted to have its gun match other tanks. Smoke has also been added to allow the Crocodile to provide combat support. -Main gun damage from 80 to 160 -Can now fire smoke shells; ability similar to Comet and Cromwell’s Smoke Shot. -Replaces Artillery Cover. Recovery Sapper Squad Recovery Sappers have been adjusted to be a versatile support unit that does not require a heavy manpower investment and giving the player two squads when they would only want one. -Only deploys one squad rather than two. -CP requirement from 4 to 1. -Cost from 450 to 230. -Can throw smoke grenades for 15 munitions. -Repair speed from 1.6 to 1.85 Forward Observation Post We have modified this ability to be less reliant on ambient buildings. Furthermore changes were made to increase the utility of this ability when buildings are converted. Forward HQ Abilities -Abilities can no longer be deployed in Base Sectors. -All abilities now share a player-wide cooldown. Forward Observation HQ -Cost from 300/40 to 250/30 -Ambient Buildings that are converted can now reinforce nearby troops -Converted command structure no longer limited to 1. Forward Assembly Conversion -Costs 100 manpower and 10 fuel -Locks out Medical Stations SOVIETS NKVD RIFLE DISRUPTION TACTICS Previous Ability Line-Up Radio Intercept Recon Overflight Rapid Conscription Fear Propaganda IL-2 Strafing Loiter New Ability Line-Up Radio Intercept KV-8 Commissar Squad Scorched Earth Policy Anti-Tank Overwatch New Unit: Commissar Squad We have added a powerful officer unit to the Soviets. The Commissar serves as a both a potent combatant and support unit. -5 Man Squad: Commissar Officer armed with a pistol and escorted by three Guards Riflemen and a medic wielding Penal SVTs. 0.87 Received Accuracy. -Cannot crew team weapons or be merged with. -Requires 2 CPs. -Stand Your Ground ability: Grants a friendly targeted squad -30% received accuracy and -10% received damage. The squad has reduced movement speed unless told to retreat during its 20 second duration; shares a cooldown with Fight to the Death. 30 second cooldown. -Fight to the Death ability: Grants a friendly targeted squad +20% weapon accuracy and 0.5 cooldown. Increases received accuracy by 20%; shares a cooldown with Stand Your Ground. 30 second cooldown. -Propaganda Barrage ability: Deploys 4 fear propaganda shells over the target area. 45 munitions -Medical Kits ability: Timed ability. Able to heal nearby infantry within 20m radius when out of combat; this matches Infantry Section medical kits. 30 second duration. Medic does not need to be alive to activate this ability. -RGD-33 Grenade ability: Same grenade used by guards. -Veterancy 1: Increases squad size by 1. Adds a Guard model. -Veterancy 2: +40% weapon accuracy. Increases Propaganda, Stand Your Ground, and Fight to the Death range by 5. -Veterancy 3: -29% weapon cooldown, - 23% Received Accuracy. New Ability: Scorched Earth Policy Allows Engineers to place a trap on points; when triggered an incendiary charge will detonate. The main role of this ability is to stall enemies from capturing territory. -Costs 35 Munitions -Available from 3 CPs -Detected by minesweepers and removed when the point is captured. -Instantly detonates when triggered -Denies resources for 120 seconds. -Points cannot be captured for 90 seconds. -Cannot be placed on Victory points. KV-8 -Added to the doctrine -Health from 800 to 960. -Flamethrower range from 25 to 30 -45mm penetration from 50/50/50 to 140/80/60 -45mm AOE from 2.5 to 0.5 -45mm AOE distance from 0.625/0.9375/1.25 to 0.15/0.2/0.25 -Capture Point replaced with Inspire: Infantry within 30m will move faster and have their weapon cooldowns reduced by 20%. Costs 25 munitions. New Ability: Anti-Tank Overwatch Given the abundance of anti-infantry abilities in this commander, Anti-Tank Overwatch has been added to balance out the commander’s late game utility. -Costs 200 munitions -Requires 12 CPs. -Covers a 50 radius. -45 second duration. -120 damage per shell; limited AOE. -Only targets vehicles. -Barrage increases with intensity the longer the target is in sight and in the ability’s radius. URBAN DEFENSE TACTICS Previous Ability Line-Up Forward HQ M-42 ATG Booby Traps Armored Vehicle Detection Incendiary Barrage New Ability Line-Up Forward HQ Shock Troops M-42 ATG Booby Traps KV-2 Shock Troops In keeping with the Urban theme of this doctrine, Shock Troops have been added. Furthermore, Shock Troops have received moderate buffs to their mid-range capabilities. -Cost from 390 to 360. -PPsH-41 mid range accuracy from 0.276 to 0.35 -PPsH-41 aim-time multiplier from 1.25 to 0.85 -PPsH-41 cooldown duration multiplier from 1.25 to 0.85 -PPsH-41 mid burst duration multiplier from 0.325 to 0.65 -Mid-range from 16 to 17 -Grenades no longer share a cooldown. 45mm Anti-Tank Gun Changes were made to increase this unit’s ability to scale and potency versus vehicles. The ability to swap to canister rounds was also added to give this unit a role when there are either no vehicles to target or there are heavy tanks roaming around the battlefield. -Able to swap between AP and Canister rounds; canister rounds are a low damage round that are effective against infantry. Canister rounds rely on rate of fire and AOE. -Canister has a range of 50 -Weapon arc from 30 to 40. -Rotation speed from 100 to 135. -Horizontal Tracking speed from 12 to 20. -AP round penetration from 140/80/60 to 140/100/80. -Now has Ambush Camouflage ability by default: First-strike bonus of +20% accuracy, +20% penetration and -25% reload; 50% speed penalty. -Tracking veteran ability replaced; now vehicle units hit by a veteran 45mm ATG with AP shells will be temporary visible for 10 seconds, even in the FOW. Forward Headquarters This ability has been modified to reduce its dependency on maps, but has been made less potent without player input. -CP requirement to 1. -FHQ Aura is now a 30 second timed ability with a 90 second cooldown; free ability. Player-wide cooldown. As an alternative to designating a command building, this ability now also allows the player to build a Field Base; this structure reinforces and heals nearby infantry. Field Camp -Costs 200 manpower and 25 fuel. -Comes with 3 medics and can reinforce nearby squads when in friendly territory. -640 health and 10 armor. -Can use the FHQ aura. Booby Trap The Booby Trap is being adjusted to deal more damage over a larger area, whilst being incapable of destroying full squads. Cost has been adjusted appropriately. Furthermore, Engineers are required to use this ability. -Must now be planted by Engineers. -CP requirement from 6 to 4. -Cost reduced from 100 to 45 -Damage from 250 to 80 -AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 0.25/3/6 KV-2 - Replaces Urban Defense Incendiary Barrage The KV-2 has received the following changes. This unit will still provide considerable defensive presence, but will also function better in an assault tank capacity, and be more effective against enemy armor. -Population from 19 to 21. -Rear armour from 180 to 120. -Weapon penetration from 200/180/160 to 170/150/140 -Deflection damage to 50% -Siege mode reload bonus from 0.5 to 0.75. -AOE from 5 to 6 -AOE distance from 1.25/2.5/3.75 to 0.25/1.1/6. -Veterancy 3 speed bonus replaced with +160 health bonus. -152mm non-sieged reload from 10/12 to 9. -152mm non-sieged bypasses terrain. -152mm non-sieged angle scatter from 7.5 to 5 -Entering and exiting siege mode no longer increases the KV-2s received accuracy and removes its sight during the transition. -Capture Point replaced with Inspire: Infantry within 30m will move faster and have their weapon cooldowns reduced by 20%. Costs 25 munitions. ADDITIONAL SOVIET NOTES 76mm Sherman -Standardized to USF M4A3 76mm; see above in Mechanized Commander. OKW ELITE ARMOUR Previous Ability Line-Up Signal Relay Emergency Repairs Panzer Commander Heat Rounds Sturmtiger New Ability Line-Up 221 Emergency Repairs Panzer Commander Heat Rounds Sturmtiger Panzer Commander This upgrade has been adjusted to allow tanks to spot targets from further away and improve combat performance. The Artillery Barrage has also been adjusted so its shells arrive sooner. -CP Requirement from 8 to 5. -Sight bonus from 6 to 10 -Coordinated Barrage delay from 5 to 0 -Coordinated Barrage cost from 120 to 80 -Coordinated Barrage range from 35 to 45 -Now increases main gun accuracy by 10%. Emergency Repair Emergency Repairs has been altered to repair a reasonable chunk of health, allowing damaged tanks on the front to get back into the action more quickly. -Cost reduced from 50 to 35. -Now restores 300 health over 10 seconds after a 3-second delay; previously it was 100. -No longer reduces munition income when active. Sturmtiger We have aimed to make this unit perform more consistently. The intention is an increased ability to punish dense unit concentrations while not outright destroying infantry squads immediately. -Hull MG no longer auto attacks enemies. -AOE radius from 8 to 14 -AOE distance to 1/3.75/8 from 0.25/1.5/8. -AOE damage from 1/1/0.3 to 1/0.25/0.075 -Rocket suppresses all infantry within 18 meters of the blast; 8 second delay before infantry can start recovering from this suppression. -Rocket will now automatically destroy ambient structures on hit. -No longer immobile while reloading. Instead, receives an 60% speed decrease when reloading. -Veterancy 5 increases the speed of the Sturmtiger when reloading to 3.76 from 1.88. -Veterancy requirements from 1795/3590/7180/8975/11668 to 1400/2800/5600/7400/8900. -NaHW Grenade Range from 15 to 25 -Shares the limit of 1 with the King Tiger; neither tank may be called in if the other is on the field. 221/223 -Replace Signal Relay -221 available from the Command HQ after an SWS halftrack has been built. -Costs 220 manpower and 20 fuel. -240 health and 4 armor. -Can be upgraded for 100 manpower and 10 fuel to a 223; increases health to 320 and armor by 5. -Medical Kit ability: Deploys a single medical crate at the target location for 15 munitions. Resource Lockdown ability: Toggle ability. 223 is able to generate additional income when in a friendly sector. Similar to the Opel Blitz. Requires 223 upgrade. -Signal Relay ability: Passive ability. Automatically detects armoured vehicles on the minimap within range 85 of the vehicle, without needing to lockdown. Requires 223 upgrade. -Gains shared veterancy. -Veterancy 1: Unlocks Panzer Tactician, +10% weapon accuracy, -11% Received Accuracy -Veterancy 2: +30% sight, +30% accuracy -Veterancy 3:+20% acceleration/deceleration, +20% rotation, +20% speed, +20 health -Veterancy 4: Reduces incoming damage by 25% when the 223 is in Lockdown. -Veterancy 5: Allows the 221/3 to plant Riegel Anti-Tank Mines; same ones used by the 251 half-track. OVERWATCH Previous Ability Line-Up Forward Receivers Early Warning Flares Goliath For the Fatherland Sector Assault New Ability Line-Up Early Warning Systems Jaeger Light Infantry For the Fatherland LeFH Sector Assault Forward Receivers, Early Warning, Goliath - Now bundled together -These three abilities have been merged into a single commander slot -Renamed Early Warning Systems Jaeger Light Infantry -Added to the doctrine. -CP requirement from 2 to 1. -Must buy their sniper rifle for 45 munitions. Requires 1 truck to be deployed. -Squad cost from 300 to 250. -Reinforce from 37 to 31 -Reinforce time from 7.5 to 6 -Salvage ability now available; replaced by Thorough Salvage in Scavenge Doctrine. -Veterancy requirements from 660/1320/2240/3520/4400 to 520/1040/2080/3120/3970 -Camouflage is now available at Veterancy 0 -Now has First-Strike Bonuses; increases accuracy by 50% for 5 seconds. -JLI G43 Sniper Rifle light and heavy cover accuracy modifiers from 0.5 to 0.9. -JLI G43 Sniper Rifle garrison accuracy modifiers from 0.5 to 0.9 -Booby traps standardized to the Soviet version; see Soviet Booby Trap above. Sector Assault -Scatter from 80 to 12 -Distance scatter max from 1 to 7 -Reticle UI adjusted to now properly reflect the ability’s coverage. LeFH -LeFH added to the doctrine -Veterancy 1-3 now matches its Ostheer counterpart -Veterancy 4 reduces Counter Barrage reload time between shots by 60% -Veterancy 5: Unlocks ‘Direct Fire.’ Allows single fire direct shot up to 50m with minimal scatter. Deals 25% increased damage vs vehicles for 200 and temporarily slows vehicles similar to Firefly Tulip Rocket. No cost. WEHRMACHT GENERAL FACTION CHANGES 234 Puma - Mobile Defense Doctrine -Puma now requires Battlephase 2 and is deployed from the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie -Puma now costs 270 manpower, 70 fuel DEFENSIVE DOCTRINE Previous Ability Line-Up Trenches Tank Traps Pak 43 Hulldown Sector Artillery New Ability Line-Up Osttruppen Defensive Fortifications StuG E Pak 43 Sector Artillery Tank Traps -Consolidated into Defensive Fortifications Osttruppen - Added to doctrine. Defensive Fortifications -Allows all infantry the ability to build trenches, sandbags, and wire. Pioneers can build Trenches. -Allows the construction of Concrete Bunkers. Concrete Bunkers -Pioneers can construct Repair Bunkers and Machine Gun Bunker. -Machine Gun Bunkers take up 2 population. -Repair Bunker comes with 3 Repair Pioneers. -Build time at 140; 35 seconds when built by a full Pioneer squad. -Both bunkers cost 380 manpower. -960 health and 35 armor. StuG E The StuG E has been adjusted to be more durable against enemy fire while its AOE has been adjusted to deal less damage in the center of the blast, but more at the outer edges for consistent damage. -Health from 480 to 560 -Far AOE distance from 3 to 4 -Projectile speed from 28 to 45 -Target size from 20 to 17 -Veterancy 2 reload bonus from 0.9 to 0.85. -AOE far damage from 0.15 to 0.2 -AOE distance from 1.5/2.5/4 to 0.5/1.75/4 Pak 43 -New ability: Scuttle Pak 43: The crew will disable the gun and after 20 seconds, the gun will be destroyed. The owning player will be partially refunded 150 manpower and 15 fuel upon completion. This ability cannot be canceled. Sector Artillery -Now affects adjacent friendly sectors GERMAN INFANTRY Previous Ability Line-Up Artillery Officer Tactical Movement Relief Infantry Light Artillery Barrage Fragmentation Bombs New Ability Line-Up 250 Halftrack Stormtroopers Veteran Squad Leaders Assault and Hold Fragmentation Bombs Veteran Squad Leaders (New Ability) In keeping with the Infantry theme of the doctrine, the following ability has been created. This ability provides Wehrmacht line infantry with a five-man upgrade in the case of Pioneers and Grenadiers to increase durability and potency. Panzergrenadiers can be upgraded with a support package to provide support capabilities. -Requires 2 CPs -Pioneers can be upgraded to a 5 man squad for 30 munitions. -Grenadier squad can be upgraded to 5 men for 60 munitions. -The Grenadier squad leader has a transferable G43 and grants a -15% reduction on weapon cooldowns, -10% received accuracy and reduces the cost of Medical Kits to 0 munitions. This upgrade locks out the MG42 upgrade. -Panzergrenadiers can be upgraded with the Support Package. Unlocks three abilities for 30 Munitions. -Rudimentary Repair ability: Allows Panzergrenadiers to repair at a reduced rate of 1.1; Pioneers repair at 1.6. -Combined Arms ability: Passive ability. Panzergrenadiers gain -10% received accuracy and +20% speed when near vehicles. -Mark Infantry ability: Targeted ability. Panzergrenadiers can mark hostile infantry; enemy will take +30% received accuracy while the Panzergrenadiers will take +15% received accuracy. 15 second duration. Penalties are disabled when the unit retreats. Stormtroopers Stormtroopers have been added to the doctrine. Furthermore, Stormtroopers have undergone a rework, to make them a more attractive choice across doctrines. This redesign intends to differentiate Stormtroopers from Panzergrenadiers, by moving them more towards a potent close-range unit, with strong disruption and ambush abilities. -StG Package removed -Bundle Grenade removed. -Can upgrade to MP40s anywhere on the battlefield. MP40s have a 15 second upgrade time. Unlocks Tactical Assault ability. No cost. -MP 40 DPS at 0/15/35: 18.69/7.14/0.1; New Shock Troop PPsH is 14.21/4.78/0.11. -Panzerschreck Cost from 75 to 60 -G43 Package now grants 3 Panzergrenadier G43s; cost from 40 to 60. Disables Tactical Assault and locks out Panzerschreck. -Decapture rate from 1 to 1.33 -Camouflage now matches those used by commandos; can remained cloak for a short period of time when leaving cover. -Incendiary Grenade ability: Similar grenade to Volksgrenadiers, but deals additional damage to resource caches. 30 munitions. Starts on cooldown. -Smoke Grenade ability: Similar to those used by the Jaeger Command Squad. -Can now place Booby Traps; similar Soviet Urban Defense traps. -Veterancy 1 Medkits replaced with automatic healing when out of combat. Assault and Hold - Replaces Tactical Movement -Increases the accuracy of all infantry by 25% for 45 seconds -Capture and decapture rate is increased by 100% for infantry squads. -Costs 70 munitions -60 second duration. 250 Half-track - Replaces Infantry Doctrine Artillery Officer -210 manpower and 20 fuel. -Comes with a 251 MG and gains shared veterancy. -Dig-In ability: Immobilizes the half-track, but reduces damage by 50%, increases range by 10, and grants moderate weapon suppression. -Veterancy 1: Can now reinforce nearby infantry, +10% weapon accuracy, -11% received accuracy -Veterancy 2: +30% accuracy, +20% burst duration -Veterancy 3: +20% acceleration/deceleration, +20% rotation, +20% speed, +20 health -Changes affect the half-tracks in Mechanized Assault Groups for Mechanized and Mechanized Assault doctrines; they still come with infantry. Fuel costs also matches the new 251. USF Tech and Unit Changes We have made adjustments to the USF teching system to make it easier for the faction to gain its support weapons and diversify its builds. By allowing officers to be deployed sooner, USF will no longer be required to have a large number of infantry units before they are able to start adding team weapons to their composition. The M15 AA HT and M5 Stuart have also been swapped between the two buildings to emphasize the role of the Platoon Command as an offensive tier and the Company Command geared towards defense and attrition. Officer weapon upgrades have also been adjusted to lessen the impact of Lieutenant against infantry which is capable of quickly snowballing with its light vehicles. Platoon Command Post -Lieutenant can be requisitioned for 200 manpower and 35 fuel; unlocks the M2HB .50cal HMG Team. -Platoon Command Post can be upgraded after Lieutenant is dispatched. Unlocks M20 and M5 Stuart. -Upgrade time of 70 seconds. -Grants 1/4 of a CP upon completion. Lieutenant -Starting BAR removed. -Bazooka can be purchased for 50 munitions. Company Command Post -Captain can be requisitioned for 200 manpower and 35 fuel; unlocks the 57mm ATG. -Company Command Post can be upgraded after Captain. Unlocks Pack Howitzer and M15A1 AA Half-track. -Upgrade time of 70 seconds. -Grants 1/4 of a CP upon completion. Captain -Bazooka upgrade removed. -Can now purchase a BAR for 60 munitions. Platoon and Company Command Post Upgrades -Costs 50 manpower and 20 fuel -20 second research time. -Grants 1/4 of a CP upon completion. Battalion Command Post/ Major Dispatch -Major available after one building is fully unlocked or after deploying two officers. -Cost from 240/120 to 190/120 -Grants 1/3 of a CP upon completion. USF Starting Resources -Starting fuel value increased from 15 to 20 M20 The M20 has received some adjustments to increase its ability to scale into the mid game and be easier to replace if lost. -Manpower cost from 340 to 240 -M20 accuracy from 0.75/0.475/0.2 to 0.55/0.45/0.25 -Weapon accuracy increases with veterancy: +10%/+15%/+15% -Veterancy requirements lowered from 880/1760/3520 to 500/1000/2000 -Veterancy 3 reduces mine deployment time from 12 to 7 seconds. -Veterancy 3 increases stealth detection radius by 10; goes up to 35. Grenade Unlock Grenade tech is being reduced in price to open additional strategies and make it an option for USF for use in the early-mid game. -Fuel Cost from 25 to 15 Airborne Doctrine The following changes were made as the doctrine faced borderline irrelevance in this new tech structure. -50 cal HMG cost from 260 to 125 manpower - 50 munitions -57mm ATG cost 270 to 125 manpower - 60 munitions. -57mm ATG CP requirement from 4 to 3. Pathfinder With the changes to USF tech and doctrines like Armor, Pathfinders have been moved to 0 CPs to open additional strategies. -CP Requirement from 1 to 0. Bug Fixes 17PDR AT Gun The following changes were made to prevent an odd bug where units would target the indestructible 17 Pounder Gun, rather than the nest itself. -17 Pounder Gun target size from 40 to 0 -17 Pounder Gun Weapon priority from 0 to -1000 Source :
  10. Mithiriath

    Comment capturer un véhicule enemis plz

    Salut @Totoledoudou, Comme l'a dit @Patriaka n'importe quelle unité peut rendre un char abandonné. Nous n'avons par contre pas la main pour pouvoir le reproduit à volonté. Ça fait partie des aléas du jeu. Il y a 5% de chance (ou de malchance suivant le cas) de voir son véhicule abandonné. Source :
  11. Mithiriath

    [Tournoi][2v2] Bataille de Berlin

    Lien vers l'arbre du tournoi : Participants : Poule A : 1 - Les noobies : Poilus Gaming (capitaine - 76561198165143290) et Kiwano (76561198156071566) 2 - Les Grosses Bertha : John (capitaine - 76561198110555304) et Matiosqui (76561198113033287) 3 - Bou & Boubou : Elmatoss (capitaine - 76561198047959895) et Cracotte (76561198282919339) Poule B : 4 - Les revenants : Hatchi09 (capitaine - 76561198273399773) et Adrien the grand inquisitor (76561197988490485) 5 - Les plombiers : Matrixxx (capitaine - 76561197970726099) et Goldorack (76561198079174398) 6 - Les Twix : Psymon (capitaine - 76561197991077761) et Hakuna (76561198104865618) Poule C : 7 - Abraham : B_Sky_IIRevolutionII (capitaine - 76561198177992207) et Oziligath (76561198050972280) 8 - M&M's : Muscadet (capitaine - 76561197976328373) et Mithiriath (76561197981975281) 9 - Zarodina : Luciole (capitaine - 76561198219291823) et Crakers (76561198016254586) Poule D : 10 - Les toxics : Kilder (capitaine - 76561198095517545) et GrosMatou (76561198138578682) 11 - La 7ème compagnie : Pepaus (capitaine - 76561197995526614) et @m10destroyer (76561198103978380) 12 - TG : Tronche1 (capitaine - 76561198180469646) et Gwenaël (76561198103345441)
  12. Mithiriath

    Les nouvelles du front !

    Nouvelle du front Message d'Andy : Source : Voici une partie de l'email envoyé par Relic le jeudi 6 décembre : La prochaine mise à jour comprendra donc la refonte de deux commandants (Commander Revamp Preview) par faction (avec au programme de nouvelles stratégies, nouvelles compétences et quelques nouvelles unités), la nouvelle organisation du "tech tree" pour la faction USF et quelques changements au niveau de l'équilibrage générale. Le prochain patch est prévu pour mardi 11 décembre ou mercredi 12 décembre. Source :
  13. Mithiriath

    Journal des mises à jour

    MaJ du 20 novembre 2018 Anniversary Classic Mini Balance Update Brumbar Armour reduced to 240 from 260 Veterancy 2 armour bonus from 1.3 to 1.2 This equates to 288 armour when vetted as opposed to 320 Bunker Buster Barrage second and third shot scatter distance from 2.5 to 9 Bunker Buster second and third shot scatter from 6 to 10 Brumbar Range from 40 to 35 251 Veterancy gain when upgraded with flamethrowers reduced by 50% T-70 Veterancy 2 recon mode bonus removed (68.5 sight from 95 when fully vetted) Zis Gun Bug Potential Fix There are a couple of bug variants involving de-crewed zis guns in the game. This bug has been very hard to replicate and tackle, as it is related to animation states and would require a programming and animation fix. However, a Designer has devised a potential workaround should this bug occur. A requirement/ check has been added to the Zis gun and its crews which works as follows. Naturally uncrewed Zis guns count as "entities" and not "squads" and are therefore not affected by this new check. This bug only occurs when Zis guns are in the "squad" state. Zis guns now run a persistent squad count check when they are in the "squad" state. If a Zis gun in the "squad" state is registered to have 1 or fewer crew members, it will self-destruct after a few seconds. If this happens, a new Zis gun entity will spawn in the same location to replace the loss caused by the bug. This check will not result in any performance issues whatsoever. It is a simple and isolated check The check will not affect in-game Zis gun bug performance, and should not cause any unintended side effects. Mini Map Updates Mini maps updated for Caen, Eindhoven Country, Elst Outskirts and Hill 400 Map changes Minor changes to issues with Westwall and Lost Glider Source :
  14. Mithiriath

    Les nouvelles du front !

    Nouvelle du front Message d'Andy (community manager) : Les changements affectant les deux commandants par faction (Commander Revamp Preview) subiront quelques ajustement mineurs et seront publiés dans le jeu via un patch qui sortira la semaine du lundi 10 décembre. Source : Version 1.1 /1.2 du USF Tech changes mod. Plus d'infos : Le mini patch (du 20 novembre) a fini par se dévoiler au grand jour. Au programme : nerf du brumbär, 251 et T70, correction du bug affectant le canon Zis, modification de la mini-carte pour Caen, Eindhoven Country, Elst Outskirts et Colline 400 et changement mineurs sur les cartes Westwall et Glider Perdu. Source :
  15. Salut, Tournoi organisé par B_Sky_Revolution et Pepaus. Règles Les inscriptions sont ouvertes jusqu’au samedi 24 novembre 2018 à minuit. Règles principales En s’inscrivant au tournoi, les participants reconnaissent : Avoir lu et compris les règles suivantes Joueront en respectant les règles établies. S’arrangeront pour être disponible sur les horaires convenus, une absence fera l’objet d’un forfait Règles de partie Général Positions de départ définies : allies en position 1 & 2 Pas de match miroir (axe versus axe, ou alliés versus alliés) Tous les bulletins et commandants sont autorisés "Option de carte" - Pack de réglage : Aucun mod Ressources de départ : Ressources standard Emplacements de départ : Coordonnées définies Condition de Victoire : Points de victoires: 500 points Conditions d’hiver : Désactivés Paramètres de l’observateur : Mode observateur : oui Retard d’observateur : 5 minutes MDP pour éviter le différé : non Pour vérifier que les paramètres sont bien configurés, l’aspect des options est le suivant : Responsabilité Il est de la responsabilité des deux équipes de s’assurer que les options sont correctement configurées. En cas d’options incorrect, la partie prends le risqué d’être invalidée par les arbitres. Choix de Faction / Choix de la carte Tirage au sort : L'équipe au dessus dans l'arbre du tournoi choisit le chiffre 0 ou 1 et envoie (une seule fois) la commande “!1d[0-1]” (sans les guillemets) dans le salon Discord du tournoi #tirage_au_sort. Le bot renverra alors le résultat du jet. Soit l'équipe gagnant le tirage au sort (appelé équipe G) choisit ses factions en premier soit elle a la main sur le deuxième et quatrième tour de véto de carte. Choix de la carte (2 vétos par équipe) : Si l'équipe G a décider de choisir ses factions en premier alors elle a la main sur le premier et troisième tour de véto et l'équipe ayant perdue le tirage au sort (appelé équipe P) a la main sur le deuxième et quatrième tour de véto. Sinon les équipes inversent leur tour. Chacun leur tour les équipes éliminent une unique carte parmis la liste des cartes autorisées . La carte restante qui n'a pas été eliminée est choisit pour la première et deuxième partie. Choix des factions/commandants/bulletins : Si l'équipe G a fait le choix de décider de ses factions/commandants/bulletins en premier alors elle les choisit en premier. Sinon c'est à l'équipe P. Positions déterminées : Les joueurs Alliés se place en position 1 et 2 et les joueurs Axe en position 3 et 4. Une fois que la première équipe à choisir ses factions/commandants/bulletins s'est décidée et s'est placée, elle ne peut plus rien modifier. Pour la partie 2, les équipes changent de faction et par conséquent de côté (allié 1 & 2, axe 3 & 4). Carte : Même carte que la première partie. Camp : Les deux équipes échange de camp (les Alliés passent Axe et inversement). Choix des factions/commandants/bulletins : Si l'équipe G a fait le choix de décider de ses factions/commandants/bulletins en premier alors elle les choisit encore en premier. Sinon c'est à l'équipe P. Positions déterminées : Les joueurs Alliés se place en position 1 et 2 et les joueurs Axe en position 3 et 4. Une fois que la première équipe à choisir ses factions/commandants/bulletins s'est décidée et s'est placée, elle ne peut plus rien modifier. Best of Five Dans un BO5 (finale), le processus de tirage recommence pour les games 3 et 4. Choix des cartes et des factions pour “les belles” En cas de “belle” (3eme match dans un BO3, ou 5eme match pour un BO5) l’équipe avec le plus de VP choisis la faction. Les parties perdues rapportent 0 VP, même en cas d’abandon dans cette optique. Le choix de la carte pour les “belle” sera tirer au sort par un arbitre de façon aléatoire. Classement des cartes Les cartes suivantes sont les cartes jouables pour le tournoi : Schilbergs Ourtkist Rails et métal Traversée des bois Terres agricoles de Vaux Alliance de défi Point de Victoire Le capitaine de chaque team prend un screen shot du tableau des score en fin de partie avec le nombre de VP restant. Le capitaine de chaque team est responsable de l’enregistrement des replays de chaque partie afférente au tournoi Arbitres et pénalités Les arbitres sont là pour aider, leur tâche principale est de s’assurer que le tournoi se déroule dans les temps et que les joueurs comprennent les règles. Si les arbitres ont le sentiment qu’un joueur n’a pas respecté les règles, voici quelques “outils” à leurs dispositions. Ils font office de garde-fou, la vocation du tournoi et de prendre du bon temps et que ces pénalités n’aient pas à être appliquées. Les organisateurs et modérateurs du tournoi n'ont pas le droit de participer à ces votes de pénalités si l'arbitrage concerne un match dans lequel ils participent. Unités non autorisées Véhicule de reconnaissance infrarouge OKW (bug actuel avec sight involontaire) Valentine (bug actuel avec sight involontaire) AT 17 PDR british L’utilisation d’une de ces unités entrainera automatiquement une défaite “Exploit bug” discutable Les exploits suivants : Le "Ghosting" avec sac de sable, piège anti tank, et tout autre objet n’est pas autorisé. Le dépassement du cap de population USF en faisant sortir les équipages est autorisé. L’utilisation des barbelés de manière “créatives” pour manipuler les unités est autorisée. Bloquer les unités dans un bâtiment est autorisé. Conduire un véhicule près du modèle sur le point de tirer pour lui faire manquer son tir est autorisée Bug majeur ou exploit non autorisé L’utilisation d’exploit permettant l’obtention de bulletin ou de commandant d’une autre faction n’est pas autorisé. Les bugs et exploits non cités mais étant contraire à « l’esprit du jeu » ne sont pas autorisés. Triche En cas de triche, l’équipe est immédiatement disqualifiée Procédure en cas de crash Les joueurs ayant un bugsplat / crash / problème de connexion prennent un screenshot et en informe l’équipe adverse et un membre de l’organisation du tournoi qui prends note de la situation. Arbitrage Si la partie avait débuté depuis moins de 5 minutes, le match est rejoué. Les 3 conditions suivantes donnent la Victoire à l’équipe qui remplissait l’une des conditions : Un avantage de population d’armée avec une dominance significative du map contrôle (rangs de vétérans, pas de contre décisif…) Une situation dans les points de victoires ou il était littéralement impossible de gagner contre la montre, quelques soit les actions des joueurs. Un avantage de + de 300 VP pour l’une des équipes Si aucune de ces conditions n'est remplie, le match est rejoué Bug du Zis invincible Ce bug est susceptible d'être fixé par le patch du lundi 19 novembre 2018. Le bug arrive de façon aléatoire et rends un Zis invincible impossible à déplacer et capable de gagner des rends de vétéran. la marche à suivre en cas de survenue de ce bug est la suivante : Si un Zis buggué apparait les joueurs axe ont la possibilité de choisir de "rejouer" ou "continuer" la partie Les joueurs alliés sont invités à annoncé le bug lorsqu'ils s'en rendent compte ou les joueurs axe à confirmer l'information s'ils pensent être face à un Zis bugué : Aucune réponse de l'axe 1 minute après la découverte du bug est considéré comme un "continuer" sans possibilité de retour en arrière Si un "rejouer" est demandé, le replay de la partie est enregistré comme toujours. Les joueurs axe ne peuvent changé d'avis après avoir demandé de "continuer" la partie Contestation du "rejouer" par les alliés Si l'équipe allié juge que la partie était grandement à leur avantage au moment de l'apparition du bug, ils peuvent demander un arbitrage aux organisateur, la victoire leur est accordée si ils remplissent l'une des conditions suivantes: Une population d'armée supérieure de 50 ou + et une domination stratégique de la carte. (tanks et unités vets sans contre en face) Une situation dans les points de victoires ou il était littéralement impossible de gagner contre la montre, quelques soit les actions des joueurs Un avantage de + de 300 VP pour les alliés