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[Actu][Nouvelle] Finalisation du mod avec les nouveaux commandants et période de sortie

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Le mod avec un nouveau commandant par faction est désormais dans sa dernière version. Les commandants seront ajoutés dans le jeu entre fin mai et début juin. Il y aura sûrement encore quelques ajustements dans la version finale mais ils seront mineures. La mise à jour restera très proche des notes affichées ci-dessous.


UPDATE - May 9th

The commander update is now considered feature complete. There will be no further iteration mods.

There will be minor changes to values and balance items, but the final update will very closely reflect the finalized notes posted at the top of this page.

We are now working on creating the live build.

We do not have a hard release date for this update just yet, as creating the build and is a variable process.

However, we are aiming to release this update towards the end of May, or early June.

A major thanks to everyone who has voted, playtested, or given feedback during this process. It has all helped shape what we feel will be an awesome update for the game.

Thanks all

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/284828#Comment_284828

Voici les notes complètes de la dernière version du mod :


Consolidated Commander Roster and General Balance Changes (Up to date as of May 9th)

USF - Urban Assault

Urban Assault Kit

Support abilities for infantry fighting in Urban Environments.

Rear Echelon Rifle Grenades
This ability has been introduced as an interesting alternative to flamethrowers while serving a similar role of anti garrison/ cover positions.

  • Can be upgraded with Rifle Grenades as one of this commanders slot abilities.
  • Requires 60 munitions; locks out minesweepers
  • AOE distance 0.5/1.5/4 versus 1/2/3 of the standard Fighting Pit.
  • AOE damage 1/0.5/0.3 versus 1/0.75/0.25 of the standard Fighting Pit.
  • Damage modifier of 0.75 against heavy cover
  • Range 35, 20 minimum.
  • When suppressed, a scatter penalty applied

Rifleman Incendiary Grenades

  • Provides Riflemen with Incendiary Grenades; similar to Molotovs. Shares a cooldown with Frags. 30 munitions.
  • Unlocked by Lieutenant or captain tech as opposed to grenade package

M4A3 Assault Package

Unlocks Dozer Blade Upgrade and White Phosphorous shells ability to Sherman Tanks.

The dozer blade will now increase armor to be in-line with tanks such as the Sherman 105.

  • M4A3 Sherman Tanks can now be upgraded with Dozer Blades. This now costs 50 manpower and 20 fuel.
  • Now increases Sherman armour from 160/80 to 215/105.
  • Health increase reamins the same (640 to 720)
  • M4A3 Shermans can now fire a single WP shell at the target position for 20 munitions. Cooldown of 20 seconds.

Cover to Cover

New ability

  • Drops three smoke shells at the target position.
  • Infantry within 50m of the ability will sprint for 20 seconds after the ability is cast.


  • Reinforce cost from 33 to 32
  • Cost from 400 to 350
  • 0.9 Damage reduction removed. Rangers were the only unit in the game with this trait.
  • Received Accuracy from 0.8 to 0.73 in compensation for the above change.
  • Now have access to Paratrooper bazookas when picking them up from weapon racks or from drops. In the live game, a UI indicator will signal this.


  • Far AOE damage from 0.15 to 0.25
  • Cost from 380/140 to 380/115
  • Reload from 1.25 to 0.125; matches cool down;
  • AOE from 4 to 5
  • Health from 480 to 400

USF - General Faction Changes

WC 51 Dodge and M3

  • Passenger moving accuracy from 50% to 30%.


-Now start on initial cooldown.
-Cooldown from 18 to 20.
-Veterancy requirements from 340/680/1360; applies to both variants (IRPF)

British - Lend Lease Assault

Assault Sections

  • Gives Infantry sections the Assault Section Upgrade
  • Requires Platoon Command Post.
  • Costs 70 munitions.
  • Gives the squad 2 Thompson SMGs, Sten Guns (with Assault Engineer Grease Gun stats) No.77 White Phosphorous Grenades, and removes their Out-of-Cover penalties.
  • Grants an additional -5% Receieved Accuracy.

81mm Mortar Team

  • Available from 0CP
  • Costs 240 manpower.
  • Same mortar as the USF 81mm Mortar.

M5 Half-Track

Allows M5s Half-Tracks to be built from the Platoon Command Post; requires AEC, Bofors, or Company Command Post tech unlocked.

  • This unit is receiving buffs. See Soviet section below.

Crew Repair

*Identical to XXXXX Costs XXXX

M10 Achillies I

  • Can be built from the Company Command Post.
  • Same stats as the USF M10.
  • Can use Hammer and Anvil abilities

UKF general faction changes

6 Pounder

6-pounder loses its 50% accuracy bonus versus light vehicles

Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier is having its upgrades standardized to require the Platoon Command Post. We have also increased the price of Self-Repair so snares that hit the Universal Carrier evenly trade in terms of munitions.

  • Armor from 7 to 5.8.
  • Self-Repair cost from 15 to 25. (previous vickers tech lock change reverted)

Soviet - Airbourne

Weapon Crate Drop

  • Requires 1 Command Point.
  • Drops a crate at the target position that can be picked up by infantry.
  • Grants the squad that picks it up with 4 Penal Battalion SVTs; takes up 1 weapon slot.
  • Engineer SVTs do not count as slot items; ensures the upgrade does not interfere with minesweepers or flamethrowers.
  • Penals picking up the crate replace their SVTs with six Shocktrooper PpsH-41s. Takes up one weapon slot.

DsHK Paradrop

  • Paradrop costs 125 manpower and 50 munitions
  • Available from 2 Command Points

DsHK Changes

  • Penetration from 4.5/3/1.5 to 7/6/5 (now similar to USF .50 cal)
  • Arc from 30 to 38

Airborne Rally Point

  • Available at 2 Command Points
  • Costs 100 manpower and 15 fuel.
  • Can detect enemies in a range of 60 around it.
  • Can reinforce units in friendly territory
  • Can request a Medical Airdrop at the target position for 20 munitions.
  • When the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is deployed, it can act as a Forward Retreat Point.
  • Has 320 Health.

Airborne Guards

  • Costs 360 manpower
  • Available from 3 CP
  • Equipped with SVTs and RGD-33 Grenade as standard
  • Can upgrade in neutral or enemy territory.
  • Veterancy 1 ability “IL-2 Suppression Strafe”: Calls in an airstrike at the target position within 40m of the Airborne squad for 60 munitions. Low damage, but will pin most targets. Shares a global cooldown

Upgrade route 1 - DP28s

  • Can be equipped with 3 DP 28s for 100 munitions.
  • DP-28 Upgrade provides Fire Superiority; same ability as Cavalry Riflemen Covering Fire.

Upgrade Route 2 - PPSH

  • Can also be upgraded with PPSh-41s for free; grants access to smoke grenade and equips the full squad with the Shocktrooper PPSh-41s.

IL-2 Rocket Strafe
* Requires 10 Command Points.
* Costs 100 munitions
* Barrages the area with P-47 rockets. Effective against vehicles.

Soviets - General faction changes


To improve the performance of Conscripts, while retaining their role as utility infantry that excel at shielding and supporting other units, we have added an upgrade to help them scale into the late game. The extra man and reduced reinforce cost will allow them to more effectively trade against opposing infantry while the veterancy bonus will help fresh Conscript squads gain veterancy.

  • New squad upgrade available after the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is deployed.
  • Mobilized Reserves: Increases squad size by 1, reduces squad reinforce cost to 17 and increases veterancy gain by 20%. Takes up one weapon slot. Costs 50 munitions.
  • When upgraded with Mobilize Reserves, weapon cooldown and reload on Mosin Nagant rifles is reduced by 50% when in cover.

Range Numbers: 0/10/20/30/35
Conscript Rifle: 3.61/2.6/1.98/1.346/1.0
Conscript Rifle in Cover: 3.91/2.87/2.21/1.54/1.22

Conscript AT Grenade Package
Fuel cost from 25 to 10.

M1910 Maxim

In order to increase the general viability of Maxims, without promoting Maxim spam, we are increasing suppression when using the Sustained Fire ability.

The following change is intended to allow the Maxim to better suppress tactical control groups when the player is spotting for their Maxim and using the Sustained Fire ability in a strategic fashion.

  • Sustained Fire ability now increases suppression by 25% (increased from 15% in previous version). This will be adjusted as necessary.

M-42 Anti-Tank Gun

The range on canister rounds is being reduced to increase infantry-based counterplay against groups of M42 ATGs.

  • Canister range from 50 to 35.
  • Cost from 200 to 240

M5 Half-Track

The M5 is receiving a small number of changes to improve its role as a support vehicle.

  • Cost from 270/30 to 240/30
  • M2HB Quad mount moving burst from 0.5 to 0.75
  • M2HB Quad mount far accuracy from 0.1 to 0.125
  • M2HB Quad mount burst duration from 1/5 to 1.5/2
  • M2HB Quad mount Cost from 100 to 90


The SU-76 is receiving a number of slight changes to improve its role against light and medium vehicles with only a slight reduction against heavy tanks.

  • Accuracy from 0.05/0.035/0.025 to 0.05/0.04/0.0375
  • Penetration from 200/190/180 to 180/170/160
  • Rotation rate from 30 to 32

Wehrmacht - Strategic Reserves

Assault Grenadiers

Assault Grenadiers are receiving a small number of changes to help them close the distance and increase their scaling in the late game.

  • Target Size from 1 to 0.95
  • Veterancy 1 Received Accuracy from -10% to -6.5%.
  • Can now be upgraded with a Veteran Squad Leader for 60 munitions. Veteran squad leader increases capture and decapture rate by 20%.
  • -Adds -5% Received Accuracy to the squad.

MP40 Changes

MP 40s are also having their mid-range power increased to match SMGs like the M3 Grease gun used by Assault Engineers. This change also affects Assault Officer and Volksgrenadier MP 40s.

  • MP 40 Mid range cooldown from 1.25 to 1
  • MP 40 Mid accuracy from 0.24 to 0.375
  • MP40 reload frequency from 4/5 to 6
  • MP40 reload from 2.8/3.5 to 2.8

Radio Bunker - Replaced With Observation 251 Upgrade

Due to feedback, we have replaced the Observation Bunker with a mobile unit that better meshes with the theme of the commander.

  • Replaces Observation Bunker.
  • All non-upgraded 251 Half-tracks can deploy as a Mobile Observation Post; disables weapons and movement. Unit is granted camouflage and access to special abilities. Detected when within 20m of the enemy.
  • Auto-detects nearby units within 60m when deployed.
  • Can launch Artillery Flares when deployed.
  • Requires 3 command points.

Breakthrough Equipment

  • Panzergrenadiers can throw Smoke Grenades. Smoke grenades gain +25% range at veterancy 3 and share a cooldown with Bundle Grenade.
  • Pioneers can be upgraded to Destroy Cover for 30 munitions; same as Royal Engineers. Also increases repair speed by 0.3.
  • Pioneers can also throw satchel charges

Panzer IV J

  • Gives Ostheer access OKW Panzer IV J
  • Available from the HQ; requires either the Support Armor Korp or the Heavy Panzer Korps.

Tiger Ace

The Tiger Ace has undergone a rework with the intention to make it a less controversial unit. The following changes should make it less frustrating to both play with and against.

In-line with the OKW changes and to allow players to be rewarded for teching, the Tiger Ace has been placed at the end of the Ostheer tech tree.

Tiger Ace

  • CP requirement removed.
  • Now requires Heavy Panzer Korps before it can be called in.
  • Cooldown now starts upon unit's destruction
  • No longer reduces income.
  • Tiger Ace still retains its 1280HP and 2x DPS on coaxial MG over Tiger
  • Now starts at veterancy 1.
  • Sight from 50 to 35.
  • Has 10% increased accuracy over the regular Tiger.
  • Now has access to Spearhead ability at veterancy 1 in addition to Blitzkrieg; similar to King Tiger's ability.
  • Has access to Emergency Repairs ability; same as OKW Elite Armor.
  • CP requirement from 17 to 15
  • Population from 26 to 24
  • Cost from 800/150 to 800/250
  • Limited 1 time call-in removed.

Wehrmacht - General faction changes

A number of changes have been made to a small group of underused Ostheer units to increase their viability and increase composition diversity. More details can be found below.


We’ve made some significant improvements to the Ostwind to improve its viability compared to the Panzer IV, and make it a reliable vehicle against both infantry and aircraft.

  • Reload Frequency from 5 to 7
  • Scatter from 7.1 to 5.25
  • Cooldown from 0.5/0.7 to 0.35
  • Scatter offset to 0
  • Minimum range removed.
  • AA chance from 17% to 24%
  • Veterancy 2 AA chance from 24% to 40%
  • AOE can now only hit two models max per squad.


The StuG III is being given increased mobility and a reduced target size to improve its survivability on the field against AT-based units, and to compensate for its lower range compared to other tank destroyers and fixed turret

  • Target size from 20 to 17
  • Rotation rate from 22 to 28


Panzergrenadiers are in a difficult position in the live game. We want to experiment with earlier deployment, before considering raw performance changes. Being able to fit Panzergrenadiers more easily into a build, and acquire veterancy sooner should result in more build diversity for Wehrmacht, while giving them access to a unit which can compete more readily with late-game Allied Infantry.

We also want to emphasize their role as mechanized infantry, despite removing them from T2. As such, we have added the Infantry Doctrine Combined Arms passive as a stock vet 1 ability.

  • Now available from the HQ after Battle Phase 1
  • Population from 9 to 8
  • Infantry Doctrine Combined Arms now a veterancy 1 passive. Medkits removed.
  • Combined Arms ability now triggers when near allied vehicles.
  • Veterancy 2 now adds +16.7% weapon accuracy.
  • Veterancy 3 accuracy bonus from +40% to +20%. (note that split accuracy vet still results in total of +40% (current value) at vet 3
  • G43 upgrade cost from 60 to 25.
  • Reinforce time from 8.5 to 7.
  • Build time from 34 to 28.

OKW - Grand Offensive

* Now cost 280 MP
* Now available at 0 CPs from the Regimental Headquarters.
* Flare cost reduced from 45 to 35
* Initial squad size from 6 to 5.
* Grenade AOE distance from 0.75/1.5/2.25 to 1/2/3.
* Timed ‘Sprint’ ability replaces Passive Sprint at veterancy 5. Requires veterancy 5. Sprint lasts for 5 seconds

Upgrade route 1 - Panzershrecks

  • Can be upgraded with two Panzerschrecks for 120 munitions. Grants the ability to plant Teller mines, but disables ATG Grenades. Locks out G43s.
  • Requires converted headquarters

_Upgrade route 2 - Recon Package (G43s) _

  • Recon package now increases squad size from 5 to 6.
  • Now takes up 1 weapon slot. Previously took no slots.
  • Requires converted headquarters

Infrared STG 44 package

  • Infrared STG 44 package for Obersoldaten

Stuka Smoke Drop

  • Identical to OKW Luftwaffe doctrine ability

Panzer Commander
-Ability identical to Elite Armour doctrine

Panzer VI Tiger

  • Command Tiger now available as a call-in at 0 CP, but requires an operational Schwerer Panzer HQ on the field.
  • Costs 630 Manpower and 230 fuel
  • Veterancy 1: Command Tiger ability. Costs 15 munitions. Reduces the reload of vehicles by 20% and the received accuracy of vehicles by 20%. Does not affect the Tiger. During this ability, the tank will have reduced combat performance. Increases the Tiger's reload time by 20% and reduces accuracy by 20%.
  • Veterancy 2: +5 range, +20% accuracy; Command Tiger ability now -affects vehicles.
  • Veterancy 3:-20% scatter, -30% reload
  • Veterancy 4: Combat Blitz
  • Veterancy 5:+20% rotation, +20% speed, +20% ac/de-cel
  • OKW Tiger uses OKW Combat Blitz ability

OKW General Faction Changes

The Kubelwagen is receiving mobility and veterancy changes to allow it to escape from other light vehicles such as the M3 and gain veterancy without needing to be on the front-line where its light armor and low health are liabilities.

  • Rotation from 40 to 46
  • Speed from 7 to 7.6
  • Now gains shared veterancy

le.IG 18
We have reduced the significant veterancy requirements on the le.IG to match its current performance.

Veterancy rate from 840/1680/3360/4480/5600 to 560/1020/2040/3060/3825

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/284828


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    • MaJ v1.4.2.21612  - 2023/12/12 mardi Taille : 192Mo   After the release of our Steel Shepherd (1.4.0) update, this hot fix aims to resolve our highest priority bugs while also introducing some necessary changes. As always, please ensure you are reporting any bugs using our form here.    BALANCE CHANGES   Werhmacht Italian Coastal Battlegroup  We're happy to see people really take Coastal and run with it, trying all kinds of styles and strategies with the Battlegroup. We're going to continue to track its performance, but as a start we're going to tone down a few elements that we noticed were clearly over-tuned.  Artillery Officer  Artillery Overwatch recharge time increased from 20 to 30  Manpower cost increased from 240 to 280  Coastal Reserves  Call-in ability recharge time increased from 35 to 40   Designated Artillery Overwatch  Munitions cost increased from 80 to 90   Overwatch radius reduced from 60 to 55   US Forces Advanced Infantry Battlegroup  Advanced Infantry seems to be having a harder time out of the gate, so we are giving Rangers a significant boost. They will have improved base performance but also scale better with reduced costs and better veterancy, justifying their high cost and upkeep.  Ammunition Storage  Corrected an issue where the Ammunition Storage reduced all weapon cooldowns to 0; now provides the correct 25%   Rangers  Capture rate increased from 1.25 to 1.5  Decapture rate increased from 1 to 1.25   Heavy Weapons expert accuracy bonus increased from +10% to +20%   Ranger Thompson SMG accuracy reduced from 0.54/0.33/0.18 to 0.513/0.3135/0.171  Veterancy 1 damage reduction increased from 10% to 15%   Veterancy 2 now grants +10% weapon accuracy   Veterancy 3 now grants an additional 10% damage reduction  Weapon Crate munition cost reduced from 100 to 90  M1A1 105mm Howitzer  Barrage recharge times reduced from 60 to 45 seconds   M1A1 105mm Howitzer Auto-fire  Range increased from 80 to 110  Ranger Weapon Training  Command Point cost reduced from 4 to 3    BUG FIXES & CHANGES   Art / Animation  British Air and Sea company has new icons.   Fixed an issue where the heavy mortar would animate slower when auto-firing shells.  Beretta M38 has muzzle visual effects when shooting.  Improved the consistency of vaulting over objects. Audio Fixed cases where the Intel did not notify the player when a unit is lost in combat.  Improved the audio of ships engaging in combat in the Italian Dynamic Campaign. Gameplay Observer Overwatch ability can no longer be permanently applied to a sector.  Fixed an issue that allowed some vehicles to phase through medium sized environmental objects, like cars, instead of crushing them.   Fixed an issue with the 254 Reconnaissance Tractor Off-Map Mortar Barrage also triggering the Smoke Canister ability cooldown.   Fixed an issue where converting Scouts to Pathfinders or Artillery Observers while retreating would cancel the retreat order and stop the unit.   Fixed an issue where Designate Artillery Overwatch and Designate Defense Line were useable on uncompleted Bunkers.   Fixed an issue where overlapping multiple Designate Defensive Line auras would unintentionally stack the damage reduction for units in the area.   Fixed an issue where the ownership of the British Forces Field Infirmary and Resource Cache would transfer to teammates when upgrading over a point they originally captured.  Fixed an issue where Pack Howitzer and Heavy Mortar formations would have a single soldier wander far away from the squad upon detaching from a towing vehicle.   Fixed an issue where the US Forces Demo charge did not display its camouflaged state.   Fixed an issue where units could sometimes get stuck when retreating near buildings.   Fixed some abilities getting stuck on cooldown when recasting too quickly (aka spamming)  Fixed Team Weapons not retreating correctly after tearing down   Fixed the 4X4 Self-Repair ability decorator not properly showing a timer.   Mines planted by Panzerpioneers and Guastatori now use the correct model, animation and effects. Mines planted by other units now also use the correct model.  Removed the Churchill Crocodile flamethrower bonus damage against bunkers in Single Player.   The Ammunition Supply passive description has been updated to reflect that it affects all units   The Artillery Radio Beacon minimap range indicator now reflects the updated range when monitored.   The Howitzer Free-Fire drills cooldown can no longer be skipped by using the Barrage ability   Units will no longer cancel retreating early if their retreat target becomes invalid   Improved pathing of engineers - engineers should no longer go to the opposite side of barb wire to cut it.  Updated the Unit Command Card to include icons for the Breda Model 30 LMG, GrB Grenade Launcher, Johnson LMG, and MG 15.    Added a new Visual Effect on facing order commands, to confirm units received the order.   Single Player Fixed some hovering strategic points on the Twin Beaches skirmish map. They are now grounded properly.   Fixed the Focus Sight ability to correctly update sight and range.   Fixed a few buildings that didn’t have Auto-Reinforce set to ‘on’ by default. Dynamic Italian Campaign Changed the Hold the Line objective to focus on the two capture points beside the Flak 36s. Previously the objective told the player to defend their base.   Fixed Companies from getting healed every time a save game is loaded.  Fixed Companies getting stuck in Spinazzola if airdropped on the location.   Fixed one of the Spec Ops Company's upgrades reducing cost of Mechanized Support Center's upgrades instead of Infantry Support Center's upgrades.   Fixed the attack movement preview being visible when trying to attack an enemy target with a company that cannot attack on this turn.   Fixed the Medical Half-Track being available before requirements are met.   Fixed the Wehrmacht aircraft abilities sometimes ending too early.   Reduced the amount of path-blocking rubble near a medical point in Ortona. This change will now enable reinforcements that spawn behind the point to reach the street.   Updated the atmosphere on the Enigma Mission.  When playing a skirmish, the title now displays the squad Company's faction name instead of the default assigned faction Foggia Mission Fixed a fatal scar error occurring when the enemy used a strafing run.   Fixed an issue where some of the airstrike event notifications had no icon. North African Operation Changed the Ajdabiya scene atmosphere to prevent issues when transitioning between atmospheres.  Tutorial Adjusted tutorial mission atmosphere to move it more in line with other North African atmosphere settings.  UX/UI Added a tooltip on a disabled button in the pause menu during the Tutorial   General tooltip and ability icon fixes.   Reviewed negative affectors in campaign skirmishes to display the right color, a description and an icon.   Squad count is now displayed even when only 1 unit remains in the squad.   Updated icons for side objectives in the objectives pop-up to look consistent with icons in the objectives panel.  Using the Afrikakorps ability to recrew team weapons from the medical truck will no longer cause an empty / null squad to be shown in the post-game stats Units tab, as well as in the Replay live stats.   When setting up a match, all game mode option selections are transferred over when you change the game mode. Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/coh-franchise-home/company-of-heroes-3/blogs/96-pc-hotfix-1-4-2
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