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[Actu][Mod][Maj] Blitzkrieg Mod v4.60

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  • Changed British emplacement textures.
  • Changed sounds for all Vickers machine guns.


  • Changed Panzerfaust effects.
  • Changed Panzerschreck effects.
  • Added a proper StG 44 model.
  • Changed S-Mine effect to the Tiger Aces S-Mine effect.
  • Added new effects for the Tiger I tank shock ability.
  • Added new effects for the Tiger II tank shock ability.


  • Changed Panzerfaust effects.
  • Changed Panzerschreck effects.
  • Added new effects for the Tiger I tank shock ability.

U.S. Army

  • Changed Bazooka effects.
  • Changed heavy machine gun textures.
  • Changed several building textures.
  • Changed sounds for the M1919A4 machine gun.
  • Reworked Ranger Truck icons.
  • Added .50cal emplacement to the Infantry doctrine.

Balancing Changes


  • Removed aiming delay on several tanks while the direct fire ability was active.


  • Raised Vickers MG team build time to 36 seconds.
  • Reduced Typhoon rocket barrage damage against buildings and emplacements by 50%
  • Increased Boys-AT team aim time by several seconds
  • Added sprint ability to the Commandos PIAT-Squad.
  • Changed Crusader AA target table from M10 to Stuart.
  • Changed cost for the Royal Air Force Anti-Tank and Incendiary strike commander tree unlocks to 3.
  • Raised Churchill Mk. VII call-in cost by 200 to 1300.
  • Added a veterancy dependent quick-shot ability to the comet tank.
  • Reduced Churchill AVRE damage against buildings.
  • Reduced the accuracy of the Comets APDS round by 25%
  • Removed range dependant accuracy on the Comets APDS round.
  • Increased Sapper build cost by 2 1/2 manpower per soldier (15 total).
  • Decreased Infantry Section cost by 3 1/3 manpower per soldier (20 total).


  • Enemy's will now be stunned by the Tiger I tank shock ability.
  • Enemy's will now be stunned by the Tiger II tank shock ability.
  • Tellerminen can now be placed in neutral territory.
  • Added an additional weapon slot to the Stormtrooper squad.
  • Added evasive actions to the Stormtrooper command squad.
  • Added hold facing to the Elephant tank hunter.
  • Raised Opel Blitz mit FLAK 38 hitpoints by 75 to 275.
  • Increased SdKfZ 250 mit Wurfrahmen 40 (Stuka zu Fuß) salvo ability cost by 15 ammunition.
  • Increased SdKfZ 250 mit Wurfrahmen 40 (Stuka zu Fuß) salvo ability recharge time by 10 seconds.
  • Decreased Brummbär accuracy by 10% on short an medium range.


  • Added MP 40 upgrade to the Sturmpioniere.
  • Added Gr. 38 Hl/C (HEAT) ability for the Hetzer.
  • Decreased build time for the standard PzGren by 0,5 seconds to 8 seconds per soldier (3 seconds total).
  • Decreased build cost for the standard PzGren by 5 manpower to 60 per soldier (30 total).

U.S. Army

  • Increased trench gun minimum damage by 20 to 70.
  • Decreased Urban Warfare Squad Cost by 100 to 450.
  • Added M1 Thompson upgrade to the Combat Engineers.



  • Changed targeting priorities for tanks in ambush mode.
  • Fixed „Unable to perform action“ bug for the smoke-screen ability on all emplacements.
  • Fixed wrong build time for several squads.
  • Fixed camouflage on several anti-tank guns. Now all anti-tank guns should not be able to move while camouflaged.
  • Added reload time for tanks and anti-tank guns when switching from HE to standard AP rounds.


  • Cromwell Command Tank now receives shared veterancy as intended.
  • 2“ Mortar will now no longer stack when there is only one crew member left.
  • Removed the word dummy from the fake 25 pounder.


  • Fixed Panzer IV D and Es HEAT round ability (now penetrates all tanks as intended).
  • Fixed missing Ostwind textures.
  • Fixed missing Sandbags on the Jagdpanzer IV (A).
  • Fixed lFH 18 build-time.
  • Fixed FLAK 36 build time.
  • Fixed wrong lockdown icon on the Geschützwagen.
  • Fixed wrong lockdown icon on the Jagdpanzer IV.
  • Fixed a bug where the rear-gunner on the SdKfZ 250 would not reappear when the vehicles was completely repaired.
  • Added missing speeches on mute commander tree unlocks.
  • Added missing immobilizes message on the Pak 36.
  • Added smoke-screen ability to the FLAK 38 gun nest.


  • Fixed Mortar Bunker target tables.
  • Fixed Pantherturm target tables.
  • The Mortar Bunker can now be wired with demolitions as intended.
  • Fixed 88mm FLAK 36 build time.

U.S. Army

  • Fixed the smoke barrage for all mortars.
  • The Long-Tom Barrage from the tank commander can now be used, even if APHE rounds are loaded.
  • Fixed the HE Ability on the M36B1.
  • Fixed Allied War Machine (will now replace M24 Chaffee and M20 Command Vehicle as intended).
  • Fixed Tank commander animation on the M8 Stuart.
  • Fixed Quad .50cal anti-air gun emplacement.
  • Fixed Quad .50cal anti-air gun on M3 Halftrack.
  • Fixed M8 Scott Howitzer values.
  • Added smoke-screen ability to the .50cal Quad gun nest.
  • Added smoke-screen ability to the 107mm mortar gun nest.
  • Added missing speeches on mute commander tree unlocks.
  • Removed Allied War Machine animation on all non-tank units.

Balance Changes

  • Changed the High Resource starting options:
    • Increased fuel by 5 to 35.
    • Increased manpower by 100 to 1000.
    • Increased ammunition by 10 to 60.
    • Decreased command points by 1 to 0.
  • Decreased the cost of the M1919 from 300 manpower 20 ammunition to 270 manpower 20 ammunition.
  • Increased the cost of the MG 42 from 330 manpower 25 ammunition to 350 manpower 30 ammunition.


  • Fixed a bug where the Sturmpanzer IV did more damage than the Panzerhaubitze Grille, despite them using the same ammunition.
  • Fixed a spelling bug on the M8 Scott where hovering over the unit displayed falsely Stuart Light Tank.
  • Reduced the cost of the Sturmpioniere StG44 upgrade by 25 to be on par with the regular Panzerelite StG44 upgrade cost.
  • Fixed numerous reinforce costs
    • Wehrmacht Panzerjäger Squad from 53% to 50%.
    • Stormtrooper Squad from 73% to 50%.
    • Remaining Stromtrooper units from 60% to 50%.
    • Sabotage Squad from 53% to 50%.
    • Panzerelite Panzergrenadiere from 53% to 50%.
    • Panzerelite Sturmgrenadiere from 53% to 50%.
    • WSS squad from 60% to 50%.
    • Panzerelite Panzerjäger squad from 53% to 50%
  • Fixed the axis S-Mine detonation radius.

New units

  • Ju-85 Stuka bomber plane
  • Flammhetzer 38(t)

Le prochain gros patch aura pour effet d'éffacer totalement la doctrine "terror" par une toute nouvelle qui sera "Propaganda" avec de toutes nouvelles unités de véterans du front de l'est et d'autres SURPRISES que je ne dévoilerai pas ici :) ça va péter! ;)

Voici en Anglais la chose....

This PROPANGANDA doctrine builds upon the Wehrmachts Reserve Divisions. The men of the valiant Ersatzheer hold the line and ensure that the rapidly advancing Allied forces are brought to an outright halt until more divisional support is given. Comprised mostly of cheaper Ersatzheer units, this doctrine capitalizes early on through the usage of much cheaper units; en masse is it’s starting tactic. As the game wares on, the Ersatzheer units gradually get better and better through the utilization of commander Unlocks. This doctrine will even tually be able to gain support from their more experienced brothers; Men who’ve served on the Eastern Front.

Yep, you heard it right, an all-new doctrine that will be replacing the current Terror Doctrine of the Wehrmacht. The current design of Terror is very, very fuzzy. It has good tanks and very good infantry. With their ability to build Nebelwerfer and use Knights Cross Holder to circumvent the range limitation of those artil lery pieces they are also a formidable artillery force.

With this all inside one doctrine the playstyle of Terror can either be infantry heavy, tank heavy, or you can support your ally with propaganda and artillery. In fact: Terror doesn’t excel at one particular playstyle, it is good at everything and has almost no weakness.

We wanted to go away from this jack-of-all-trades design, we wanted something unique, something that would require the player to work for his victory, work hard. The new doctrine definitely will be the hardest you have ever played. It was built from scratch, we told us: No restrictions! We worked (sometimes even day and night) to bring you an all new and exciting doctrine. Some of you who have played the Dawn of War I series might recognize some of the elements we have incorporated.

So, what is this new doctrine all about? To put it into one word: Infantry. The axis side already has the best tanks. They also have more vehicles in general, so we felt, that it would be too much to bring you another doctrine with heavy tanks, so we focused on the Infantry as the main pillar of this new doctrine. One new unit is the Ersatzheer Gruppe. These men consist of instructors, guard troops and every men who was on vacation or in hospital. They are no formidable fighting force, quite the contrary. They are weak, but they are numerous.

Another new unit are the Ostfront Veteranen. Seasoned soldiers who fought in one of the deadliest battles in human history, and they lived to tell the tale. These soldiers are the best infantry the Third Reich can muster, they know how to adapt to a fighting situation, they always have a backup plan and know how to deal with everything the enemy throws at them. They inspire the troops around them to fight harder and more ferociously.

They truly deserve the label: Elite

Another pillar of the new Propaganda doctrine are the Heroes (for a lack of better wording). These units will either strengthen your and your allies units or weaken the units of the opposing team. If you as a player want your infantry to survive you will need these men.

Stay tuned for more exciting information’s on the new doctrine. We will be talking about the new Sd.Kfz. 250/3-IV “Propaganda Halftrack” and take a deeper look into the Ersatzheer.


Voila c'est tout pour l'instant soldat...

Voir la totalité de article

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    • Salut Mithiriath, COH3 reçu et installé. Comme tu me l'avais dit les textes du jeu final sont en français, le livre collector ainsi que la carte sont en anglais, ce qui ne me gêne pas. J'ai commencé le didacticiel après avoir effectué le test de performance, et ouf mon i57600K passe bien avec mes 16Go de ram, ma GTX 1080 SC, et mon SSD Intel 800 Go DC. Pour le i5, il y avait une incertitude car il était en basse config. Relic préconisait un processeur de 8éme génération mini, et il est de 7éme. Les options sont en maximum et haute, et pas plus de température qu'avec  COH2. Par contre, le 1er enregistrement initial de base s'est bien passé, mais pour le 2éme après avoir enregistrée l'extension qui était valide, au moment du téléchargement il y a eu plantage de celui-ci. J'ai suivi la procédure de vidage du cache Steam, rebooté le Pc, mais ne sais pas si l'additif est pris en compte ! J'ai joué une escarmouche pour me familiarisé avec l' ergonomie du jeu, puis j'ai lancé une campagne...et crash après 1/2 heure...pas grave, mais je n'étais plus habitué ! Autre petit problème, dans le manuel d'installation il est notifié que l'on peut télécharger le manuel sur la page de lancement de COH3 de Steam, mais je n'ai pas trouvé après avoir cherché longuement ! J'avais trouvé le PDF de COH2, mais pour le moment je vais faire à l'ancienne. Si tu avais quelques tuyaux à ces propos (pas le plantage j'ai envoyé le rapport), ce serait avec grand plaisir que je les recevrais. J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle version, puis la boite avec son contenu est superbe, pour moi cet achat est largement justifié, un vrai plaisir . A bientôt Camarade . Le manuel d'installation Relic :  
    • Ton post ravive des souvenirs familiaux lointains. Mon père à fait les 3 guerres dans la Cavalerie Blindée: -la 1ere (la seconde guerre mondiale) ou il fut fait prisonnier, puis rapatria des Tigres et des Panzer d’Allemagne en France  après l'armistice. -l'Indochine ou il enterra ses chars (Schermann et Alligator )  jusqu'au raz de la partie inférieure des tourelles, car les chars manquaient de carburant, de pièces détachées, et n'étaient pas adaptés mécaniquement en combat de terrain. -l'Algérie ou les chars ne furent pas trop utilisés non plus. Je suis comme toi un passionné de blindés, ayant passé ma jeunesse dans une "cité" militaire, et grandi en fréquentant obligatoirement les terrains de "manœuvre" le jeudi, ou j'ai appris à conduire sur Jeep à l'age de 13 ans. J'ai conservé une collection de Dinky/Solido d'une quarantaine de pièces, puis j'ai assemblé un (le)Tigre Tamiya et un T34. J'ai "trahi" la fibre des Blindés paternelle en m'engageant dans la Royale (la Marine) très jeune mais n'ai pas été au delà. Les chars furent utilisés massivement pendant la guerre des 6 jours, puis celle du Golf. Tu as raison quand tu évoques la propagande actuelle, mais la Russie ne s'est pas donné les moyens à hauteur de ses ambitions, et ses chars (et son armée) se sont enlisés par manque de lignes de ravitaillements. Tout est expliqué par Clausewitz dans "De la guerre" , son traité écrit entre 1816 et 1830, enseigné en école de guerre et toujours d'actualité, la preuve les tanks Russes piétinent..  
    • Ok, je te ferai signe, à bientôt ! ^^
    • Ok, nickel. À bientôt sur le jeu camarade ! ^^
    • Si vous obtenu CoH 3 via l'achat d'un produit AMD alors voici la procédure pour récupérer votre clé/code Steam. Procédure : Aller sur le site d'AMD : https://www.amdrewards.com Connectez vous avec votre compte (ou créez en un) et renseigner le code envoyé par le revendeur chez qui vous avez acheté par exemple votre processeur AMD ; Vous recevrez alors une clé d’activation (clé SEGA Universal) ; Aller sur le site de CoH : https://community.companyofheroes.com Connectez-vous à votre compte CoH (ou créez en un et liez votre compte Steam) ; Allez à l'URL suivante : https://community.companyofheroes.com/profile/me/rewards/code-activation Entrez la clé d’activation puis appuyez sur le bouton "ACTIVATE" ; Appuyez sur le bouton pour récupérer le code Steam ; Le code Steam de CoH 3 vous sera alors envoyé par email (email lié à votre compte CoH) ; Depuis Steam : Jeux -> Activer une produit sur Steam -> Rentrer le code reçu par email.
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