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[CoH3] Mises à jour


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Pre-Alpha Preview - Build 1.0 - 2021/07/13

Taille : ~20Go à télécharger puis 30Go sur le disque.

Contenu :

  • Campagne (Campaign) dynamique : On peut choisir entre 3 plans de bataille (compagnies différentes) et jouer 4 missions de la campagne d'Italie avec les factions USF et UKF ;
  • Escarmouche (Skirmish) dynamique : On n'a pas le choix du type de partie et de la carte. On commence aléatoirement avec la faction étasunienne ou britannique contre une faction allemande. On a doit accomplir pour réussir la mission plusieurs objectifs ;
  • Pas de multijoueur ;
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Pre-Alpha Preview - 2021/07/14

Version : 1.1
Taille : ?

Next Turn / Campaign Progress Unavailable – Certain Hardware Configurations 

  • Fixed an issue where some below minimum specification hardware, such as older generation Intel i5 processors, do not allow for the player to advance when selecting “next turn."

We're working on other issues as well, but wanted to get this fix out as soon as possible. So stay tuned!

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/coh-franchise/company-of-heroes-3/forums/3-patch-notes/threads/551-pre-alpha-preview-build-1-1-patch-notes

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Pre-Alpha Preview - 2021/07/16

Version : 1.2
Taille : ~216Mo

  • Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a crash on Assault Animation end when squad dies before the animation finishes.
  • Fixed a crash on displaying range visuals on dead units.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to calculate combat preview/initiate assault on dead target.
  • Game can be installed to Unicode directory names
  • Delay on edge camera panning removed
  • Northern airfield progression bug now resolved
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Pre-Alpha Preview - 2021/07/21

Version : 1.3
Taille : ~293Mo

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when a player captures Monte Cassino on the campaign map.
  • Fixed a crash due to AI Save / Load corruption.
  • Fixed crashes on the campaign map stemming from various abilities or actions.
  • Fixed a number of other crash related issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Campaign Medic Heal. Changed the range to include neighbors.
  • Fixed middle mouse button causing camera to "jump" towards the cursor.
CoH-Dev Feedback Changes
  • Campaign Hospital Heal Aura range increased. Range preview on mouse over.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/coh-franchise/company-of-heroes-3/forums/3-patch-notes/threads/1300-pre-alpha-preview-build-1-3-patch-notes

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Multiplayer Pre-Alpha - 2021/11/30 à 18h jusqu'au 2021/12/07 à 5h (du matin)

Version : 1.0
Taille : 11,7Go à télécharger (21,1Go sur le disque).

Contenus de la pré-alpha :

  • 2 factions : USF et Wehrmacht ;
  • 4 groupes de bataille : USF Airborne, USF Armoured, German Breakthrough et German Luftwaffe ;
  • 1v1 et 2v2 ;
  • JcJ ou Co-op contre IA ou Solo contre IA ;
  • Conditions de victoire : Points de victoire ou Annihilation ;
  • Partie auto. ou personnalisée ;
  • 4 cartes :
    • Une 1v1 : Twin Beaches ;
    • Trois 2v2 : Pachino Farmlands, Torrente et Aere Perennius ;
  • Pause tactique activée contre l'IA ;
  • Pas d'unités italiennes mais elles seront présentes l'année prochaine (2022)
  • Plus d'infos : Multiplayer Pre-Alpha: Frequently Asked Questions & Known Issues.
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Multiplayer Pre-Alpha - 2021/12/01

Version : 1.1
Taille ~198Go

  • Fixed some matchmaking disconnects and crashes
  • Fixed the missing scroll bar in Friends list

Please also be aware that automatch queues may take 3-5 minutes in this current preview.

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Multiplayer Pre-Alpha - 2021/12/03

Version: 1.2
Size: ~367Mo

Known Issues

  • This patch is aimed squarely at addressing top player feedback on gameplay, crash rates, and performance. We had to make a hard choice between not rolling out a patch for the remainder of the Pre-Alpha, or publish one that fixes these issues but also introduces a visual error. We chose the latter as we want players to have a more fun, stable and better performing game as we head into the last three days of this Pre-Alpha test. Thanks for your understanding and continued feedback!
  • Textures and lighting on buildings are flickering or flat.

General Fixes

  • Fixed some out of memory and gameplay crashes
  • Fixed the missing model for the Flak 88
  • Reduced performance issues while edge panning the camera
  • Added scroll bars to friends lists across all screens.

Balance Changes

  • Panzerschrek penetration increased
  • Jeep HMG penetration increased
  • Kettenkrad capture speed reduced and health decreased
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