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Elite Mod




Le Elite Mod vise à atteindre trois objectifs clés :

  • apporter au jeu le meilleur équilibrage possible ;
  • résoudre tous les bugs persistants et exploits ;
  • ajouter des options tactiques et améliorer la profondeur en faisant des options précédemment peu attrayante, des options plus utiles, et en contrebalançant les unités et tactiques jugées «trop puissante.

changelog :

Bug Fixes

  • M10 misfire bug fixed
  • Stormtrooper exploit fixed
  • Strafe no longer usable in base sectors
  • BAR multiplier against Knights Cross Holders increased from 0.75 to 0.78 (corrected, incorrectly changed in 2.602)
  • Flammenwerfer minimum and maximum damage equalized at 30 (previously minimum = 35 maxium = 30, illogical)
  • Hellcat coaxial MG accuracy modifier against snipers fixed from 65 to 0.65
  • Snipers will no longer automatically fire on light vehicles


General :

  • Snipers now have a negative zeal radius of 20 (same as pioneer antispam) where recived accuracy modified by 1.5x for each additional sniper

Whermacht :

  • King Tiger and Tiger immobilzaion chance from full (green) health by mine explosion removed
  • Stuh damage vs base buildings from x1.5 to x1
  • Pumas no longer do friendly fire
  • Motorbike priority vs snipers = 100
  • Flammewerfer damage increased from 30 to 35
  • Battle phase (T4 tech) cost from 200mp 50fu to 150mp 50fu
  • Wher T4 building cost from 260mp 50fu to 200mp 50fu
  • Rangers now come equipped with Ranger M1 Garands instead of rifleman Garands (more accurate)
  • Inspired Assault cost from 50mu to 40mu
  • Inspired Assault recieved accuracy penalty from 1.5x to 1.25x
  • LMG42 search radius increased from 5/5/4/3 to 8/8/6/4 (better vs blobs)
  • For The Fatherland recieved damage from 0.7x to 0.8x, recieved accuracy from 0.8 to 0.75 (all weapons slightly more effective at close range but small arms less effective at long range, buff to indirect fire ie grenades/flames)
  • FTFL cooldown added +15s
  • Whermacht Officer is now purchasable from HQ (still requires T3 tech)
  • Blitz grenades reworked: stun effect removed, crits identical to regular gren grenades)

US :

  • OMCG now more reliable, will not give both an MG and a mortar at once, higher odds of extra rifle or M8 (removal or mortar and MG from 'step 3' of the unit pool)
  • Jeep priority vs snipers = 100
  • Jeep damage from 5 to 6
  • Jeep damage modifier vs motorcycle from 0.6 to 0.5 (making Jeep/Bike matchup equal to pre Jeep damage buff)
  • Calliope can now be interrupted mid-barrage
  • RR upgrade time reduced from 45 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Ranger veterancy from 12/24/44 to 10/20/40
  • Sherman smoke upgrade from 150mp/25fu to 100mp/15fu
  • Sherman smoke ability from 50 munitions to 30 munitions
  • Rifleman reinforcement lowered from 27mp to 24mp
  • Sherman croc can now use tank smoke
  • Croc can now upgrade to both dozer and .50 cal
  • Croc bulldozer cost from 75 mu to 50 mu
  • Croc main weapon 1.5 aim time to 0.1
  • Croc damage multiplier against bunkers increased from 0.5 to 1
  • Croc area of effect increased from 4 to 5
  • Bombing run now drops 8 rockets instead of 4, but each rocket does 100 damage instead of 200 (more even spread)
  • Airborne reinforce from 45mp to 40mp (0.72 to 0.64)
  • Airborne ATG reinforce from 85mp to 45mp (0.72 to 0.35)


  • Squad AI tweaked, will no longer 'dance' into cover (Kolaris)
  • XP kickers will continue to be displayed after the last CP unlock


Pour plus d'informations et pour télécharger le mod, ça se passe sur le topic officiel du mod.


Lien utile :


Dernière version du jeu : 2.1

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    • Bonjours,  Depuis quelques temps j'ai constaté que certain des mods installés pour COH sur mon pc bug au chargement des maps ou in game et m'affiche un message qui dit "Impossible de créer le rapport d'erreur vérifiez votre dossier TEMP" j'ai essayé une manip expliquée sur un forum de Jeuxvidéo.com mais ça marche pas ! Avez vous une solution fiable ? Je précise qu'il s'agit du Pack comprenant COH, COH : OF, COH : TOV et COH : Legacy et j'ai constaté le bug sur Battle of the Bulge et sur Far East War
    • MaJ v1.4.3.21751  - 2023/12/15 vendredi Taille : 232,4Mo This hot fix addresses our top crash from this past week that was causing players to crash while loading into a multiplayer match. This was especially problematic in larger game modes. We wanted to thank all our players for filling out their BugSplat crash reports so that we could diagnose the problem in a timely fashion. Thank you for all your patience as we worked to resolve this. ELO & ranks are now reenabled as well. Bug Fixes Addressed a crash while loading into a 4v4 quick match. Artillery Radio Beacon now stops receiving bonuses to rate of fire and range as soon as the ability is cancelled. Fixed alignment of territory lines and icons on the tactical map for rectangular shaped maps. Fixed an issue where players could not change Company Support options when starting a mission in the Italian Dynamic Campaign. Fixed some messages not appearing when a tutorial is calling the player's attention to something. Source : https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1677280/view/3891737145570951427
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