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[Actu][Mod] Winter Balance Update 2021 Preview v2.0

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Mise à jour du mod Winter Balance Update en version 2.0.



The latest version of the mod can be found here on Steam.

General Changes

Manual Reload

  • OKW 221 can now Force Reload


With the increase in base accuracy, we feel the Panther does not require an additional boost to accuracy when firing from a stationary position. The applies to both Ostheer and OKW variants - the Command variant has been excluded from the previous changes.

  • Veterancy 2 accuracy boost removed.

Grenades versus Mines

A minor change to allow all infantry grenades to reliably destroy land mines. Previously, grenades had a chance to not penetrate a mine.

  • Explosive grenades - Mill Bombs, Grenadier Rifle Grenades, Bundles, Light Gammon, etc - will always detonate mines.


Population Limit

The USF are the only faction that can reliably break a population of 100 thanks to their ability to decrew their vehicles. To discourage the player from going over the population and continuing to build vehicles, we are introducing a penalty. When the player breaks 110 population, they will take a further manpower penalty.

  • At 110 population, the USF player will be penalized -100 manpower until they go below 110

BAR Drop-Rate

  • Drop-rate from 15% to 20%


The Veterancy 1 ability recharge rate of Riflemen is being adjusted. Their abilities would recharge too quickly in the early-game, allowing them to get multiple AT/Frag grenades off in quick succession.

  • Veterancy 1 ability recharge from -50% to -25%
  • Veterancy 3 now provides -33% ability recharge; value is multiplicative with veterancy 1


This change puts the Lieutenant's smoke ability in-line with other units that have non-lethal smoke and fragmentation grenades.

  • Smoke now shares a cooldown with Frag Grenades

M8 Scott

The M8 Scott is receiving further improvements to its barrage capabilities. The changes will allow it to maintain pressure on team weapons with improved accuracy. Smoke will also no longer share a cooldown with the primary barrage to give the M8 more options.

  • HE Barrage Angle scatter from 7 to 6
  • HE Barrage shell count from 4 to 5
  • Smoke no longer shares a cooldown with the main barrage

Vehicle Crews

Due to the high reinforce cost of Vehicle Crews who lack any combat potential outside Elite Vehicle Crews, we are slightly lowering their reinforce cost.

  • Reinforce cost from 30 to 28

WC 51

While vehicle crews are part of the USF's identity, it can make early game units difficult to balance due to their ability to self-repair. The WC-51 is losing its vehicle crew to increase the downtime of the WC-51 when taking damage.

  • Can no longer be decrewed/recrewed; vehicle crew removed.
  • Crew models will now use Riflemen models to give a visual indicator of the change.



Given the high manpower cost of the Soviet tech structure, which does not grant new abilities or units like the other factions, the cost of medics is being reduced. This change should make it easier for Soviet players to afford vital healing for both tech routes.

  • Manpower cost from 250 to 200

Soviet Mortar and ZiS-3 Crews

This change will make Soviet weapon teams provide more experience as they previously provided too little experience to non-infantry units. This brings them on-par with Maxim crews, but less than other weapon crews.

  • Experience values from 30 to 40

Mobilize Reserves

Mobilize Reserves is being changed to give Soviet players an option to improve their infantry in the mid-game, without having to pay a high resource cost to access, or waiting for the Mechanized Kampenya. Furthermore, Penal Battalions will now be affected by this tech to reduce their manpower bleed in the late-game.

  • Mobilize Reserve Upgrade now reduces Penal Battlion reinforce by 2; upgrade is auto applied if the Mechanized Armour Kampenya (T4) is purchase
  • No longer requires Conscript Molotov and AT Grenade upgrades

PTRS Rifles

The PTRS is being made more responsive, making it more difficult to dodge the opening volley and inline with other i nfantry AT weapons. Furthermore, AT Rifles can now use attack ground and will have a projectile to soft counter abilities such as smoke. We will be monitoring whether this makes the PTRS too effective against cover.

  • Ready-aim time from 1.25 to 0.5
  • PTRS Rifles can now attack ground and has a projectile

Penal Battalion

The PTRS upgrade for the Penal Battalion is being improved by giving the squad an additional rifle. The current upgrade lacks power against anything past the light vehicle phase, which means that an AT Penal squad scales poorly into the late game, posing minimal threat to tanks unless they could be satchelled. Accuracy of the Penal PTRS is also being increased to match their previous AI DPS when carrying 2 AT Rifles.

  • Mobilize Reserve Upgrade now reduces Penal Battlion reinforce by 2; upgrade is auto applied if the Mechanized Armour Kampenya (T4) is purchase. See above.
  • PTRS upgrade now grants an additional PTRS which does not drop
  • PTRS Rifle upgrade cost from 60 to 70
  • Penal PTRS accuracy from 0.15/0.105/0.06 to 0.3/0.21/0.16


The SU-76 is having a portion of its veterancy 3 rotation available stock. Combined with the acceleration improvements at veterancy 2, the extra mobility will help the SU-76 disengage or respond more quickly to flanking enemies. The experience requirements of the SU-76 are being increased, as the units gained veterancy incredibly quickly when firing on armoured vehicles.

  • Veterancy requirements from 870/1740/3480 to 1044/2088/4166
  • Camouflage delay from 5 to 2
  • Rotation rate from 32 to 34
  • Veterancy 2 now provides +20% acceleration and deceleration
  • Veterancy 3 rotation bonus from 1.25 to 1.175

T-34/76 Ram Ability
We are trialling a change to the T-34's Ram ability. As the T-34/76 now needs veterancy to have access to ram, the unit now needs a chance of escaping once the initial stun of ram wears of, similar to the vehicle that it has struck.

  • Immobilized critical replaced with temporary 6 second stun and Engine Damage critical; main gun critical still remains and requires veterancy 1.


The following changes to the concrete piercing round are to reduce its lethality against infantry when grouped up in cover due to the recent bug-fix for this ability.

  • Concrete Piercing AOE damage from 1/0.25/0.05 to 1/0.25/0.15
  • Conrete Piercing AOE distance from 1.25/2.75/4.5 to 0.25/1.5/6


Infantry Medical Kits

  • Cost from 15 to 10 munitions.


  • Command Bunker no longer mutually exclusive with Medical Bunker

StuG G

Given that the StuG G must cycle a reload before it can fire its TWP for a fairly weak blind, we are increasing the ability's damage. Previously, it was better for the StuG G to not use this ability as the raw damage was more important against most targets.

  • Target Weakpoint damage from 80 to 160

With the addition of a munitions cost, the Bunker-Buster barrage no longer needs to be restricted by such a long recharge time.

  • Bunker-Buster recharge from 120 to 90


With the rockets arriving sooner thanks to its low-angle barrage, the Panzerwerfer is having its suppression removed on the low angle shot.

  • Veterancy 1 low-angle Barrage suppression removed.


Additional changes are being made to Osttruppen with two routes being taken:

  • The first change is to deny aggressive Osttruppen builds by delaying the MG-42 which supports them. This comes in the form of requiring Osttruppen to be recruited from the HQ.
  • The second change is a slight manpower increase to make Osttruppen less cost-efficient on top of the existing call-in recharge.

To test both these methods in one build, Osttruppen Commander and the Defensive Commander have different methods in how their Osttruppen are called in. Furthermore, their Panzerfaust range is being reduced to 15 to match the range of other snares - Grenadiers having further range due to their lower squad size.

  • Panzerfaust range from 18 to 15


  • Osttruppen Commander's Osttruppen are built from the HQ rather than called-in: 25 second build
    time, 200 manpower.

  • Community Defensive Commander Osttruppen are called in from off-map: 35 second ability recharge
    time, 220 manpower.


Battlegroup Headquarters


Given the cost efficiency of the new OKW medics, we want to try one an iteration that makes medics less difficult to backtech to and give OKW more options without needing to pay a large amount of resources for basic indirect-fire.

  • 150 manpower and 10 fuel: Offers Le.IG upon completetion which now comes from off-map
  • Medic Upgrade Cost: 50 manpower and 10 fuel
  • Battle Group Upgrade: 100manpower and 20 fuel: unlocks 251 Flak Half-track, the UhU Searchlight
    Half-Track, Infantry Weapon Upgrades, and ability to reinforce: 15 second research time


  • Can now re-buy their Panzerschreck when dropped

Le.IG 18

The following change will make the Le.IG more responsive when firing its smoke barrages.

  • Smoke ready-aim time from 1.75 to 0.125
  • Weapon Vertical speed when firing smoke from 15 to 35

Panzer II Luchs

The following change will make a camouflaged Luchs harder to detect. It was too easy to deny the Luch's scouting role due to the large reveal detection range.

  • Now is detected by enemy units in 15m rather than 20m when Catious Movement is active

251 Walking Stuka

With the addition of proper penetration values, the Stuka rockets became far too potent against emplacement and light vehicles, nearly able to destroy them in one barrage. We are reducing the damage it does against vehicles and emplacements.

  • +50% bonus damage versus emplacements removed; damage from 300 to 200 against these targets
  • Now has -25% damage againse vehicles; damage from 200 to 160 against these targets
  • Napalm Rocket Suppression from 0.2 to 0.1

Panther Ausf. G

The OKW Panther is being standardized with its Ostheer counterpart, receiving a nerf to its acceleration bonuses in-exchange for lower veterancy requirements.

  • Experience requirements from 2730/5460/10920/13650/18155 to 2530/5060/10120/12650/16825
  • Veterancy 3 de/acceleration bonus from +30% to +10%


British HQ Structures

To make it easier to utilize other healing options, infantry will now retreat directly towards the HQ, rather than to the Platoon or Company Command Post.

  • Infantry will now rally towards the HQ Truck rather than to other base structures structures.

Infantry Section

With the lose of the capture bonus, we want to give the UKF player an ability to quickly retake territory through a unit upgrade. The Lee Scoped Enfield is there to improve the long-range effectiveness of the squad at the cost of short-range and moving firepower, while also preventing the squad from doubling up on weapon upgrades.

  • Raid Package added; provides 1 scoped Lee Enfields, +33% capture and decapture rate and a 15% speed boost when not in combat. Removes the penalties for fighting out of cover, but increases construction time by 75%. 40 munitions.

  • Scoped Lee Enfield DPS at 0/10/15/20/25/30/35: 2.81/3.11/3.24/3.36/3.5/3.67/3.84

Mortar Emplacement

The heavy mortar barrage is having its range reduced to make the barrage less powerful on smaller

  • Heavy Barrage range from 180 to 150

Churchill Infantry Tank

The Churchill is having its rear armor reduced to make it more vulnerable to being flanked by medium tanks, while still retaining higher than usual values due to the Churchill's damage sponge role. The unit is also receiving a pintle machine to increase its firepower against infantry.

  • Rear armour from 180 to 150
  • Veterancy 1 now grants a Vickers K pintle; weapon follows the rotation of the turret
  • Pintle DPS at 0/10/15/20/25/30/35: 8.07/5.90/4.99/4.15/3.38/2.71/2.14

17 Pounder Emplacement

The 17 Pounder Emplacement's world piercing rounds are being reduced in cost to better match their

  • Piercing Rounds from 90 munitions to 60 munitions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the PM-41 82mm Mortar did not receive bonuses to its ability recharge at veterancy
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle crews would lose their increased experience gained from Elite Vehicle Crews when decrewing
  • Fixed an issue where the Major Recon's ability would change hotkeys upon gaining veterancy
  • Fixed an issue where Rear Echelon Volley fire greatly lowered accuracy during its 2nd and 3rd stage of Volley Fire. Corrected to +3% and +4% respectively rather than -97% and -96%.
  • Fixed an issue where the M5 Quad would announce a Crocodile has been destroyed as the British

  • Fixed an issue where the M5 Quad icon would vanish on the USF M5 when decrewed

  • Fixed an issue regarding Combined Arms was triggering without infantry on certain maps
  • Fixed an issue where Sextons would cease their Coordinated Valentine Barrage when a target in the
    area was destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue with the KV-2's tooltip regarding population; will now properly state 21 rather than 19.

  • Fixed an issue where the Tiger Ace in Spearhead mode would autofire on infantry even when priortize
    vehicle was on.

  • Fixed an issue where the OKW Panzer IV would get additional sight bonuses at veterancy 5

  • Fixed an issue where Radio Silence's speed boost would affect units while retreating.
  • Fixed an issue where Stuka Smoke Drop was at 4 CPs for Wehrmacht rather than 2 CPs
  • Fixed an issue where the Headquarters Glider required the player to have 9 population available.
  • The British Command Vehicle ability should now properly go on cooldown if the Command Vehicle is

  • Fixed an issue where there Pathfinder Beacon Self-Destruct ability had no hotkey; set to E

  • Fixued an issue where the Land Mattress' reinforce value was set to 1 rather than 0.5
    Mod Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a player could call-in multiple Valentines

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288489#Comment_288489

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    • Salut Mithiriath, COH3 reçu et installé. Comme tu me l'avais dit les textes du jeu final sont en français, le livre collector ainsi que la carte sont en anglais, ce qui ne me gêne pas. J'ai commencé le didacticiel après avoir effectué le test de performance, et ouf mon i57600K passe bien avec mes 16Go de ram, ma GTX 1080 SC, et mon SSD Intel 800 Go DC. Pour le i5, il y avait une incertitude car il était en basse config. Relic préconisait un processeur de 8éme génération mini, et il est de 7éme. Les options sont en maximum et haute, et pas plus de température qu'avec  COH2. Par contre, le 1er enregistrement initial de base s'est bien passé, mais pour le 2éme après avoir enregistrée l'extension qui était valide, au moment du téléchargement il y a eu plantage de celui-ci. J'ai suivi la procédure de vidage du cache Steam, rebooté le Pc, mais ne sais pas si l'additif est pris en compte ! J'ai joué une escarmouche pour me familiarisé avec l' ergonomie du jeu, puis j'ai lancé une campagne...et crash après 1/2 heure...pas grave, mais je n'étais plus habitué ! Autre petit problème, dans le manuel d'installation il est notifié que l'on peut télécharger le manuel sur la page de lancement de COH3 de Steam, mais je n'ai pas trouvé après avoir cherché longuement ! J'avais trouvé le PDF de COH2, mais pour le moment je vais faire à l'ancienne. Si tu avais quelques tuyaux à ces propos (pas le plantage j'ai envoyé le rapport), ce serait avec grand plaisir que je les recevrais. J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle version, puis la boite avec son contenu est superbe, pour moi cet achat est largement justifié, un vrai plaisir . A bientôt Camarade . Le manuel d'installation Relic :  
    • Ton post ravive des souvenirs familiaux lointains. Mon père à fait les 3 guerres dans la Cavalerie Blindée: -la 1ere (la seconde guerre mondiale) ou il fut fait prisonnier, puis rapatria des Tigres et des Panzer d’Allemagne en France  après l'armistice. -l'Indochine ou il enterra ses chars (Schermann et Alligator )  jusqu'au raz de la partie inférieure des tourelles, car les chars manquaient de carburant, de pièces détachées, et n'étaient pas adaptés mécaniquement en combat de terrain. -l'Algérie ou les chars ne furent pas trop utilisés non plus. Je suis comme toi un passionné de blindés, ayant passé ma jeunesse dans une "cité" militaire, et grandi en fréquentant obligatoirement les terrains de "manœuvre" le jeudi, ou j'ai appris à conduire sur Jeep à l'age de 13 ans. J'ai conservé une collection de Dinky/Solido d'une quarantaine de pièces, puis j'ai assemblé un (le)Tigre Tamiya et un T34. J'ai "trahi" la fibre des Blindés paternelle en m'engageant dans la Royale (la Marine) très jeune mais n'ai pas été au delà. Les chars furent utilisés massivement pendant la guerre des 6 jours, puis celle du Golf. Tu as raison quand tu évoques la propagande actuelle, mais la Russie ne s'est pas donné les moyens à hauteur de ses ambitions, et ses chars (et son armée) se sont enlisés par manque de lignes de ravitaillements. Tout est expliqué par Clausewitz dans "De la guerre" , son traité écrit entre 1816 et 1830, enseigné en école de guerre et toujours d'actualité, la preuve les tanks Russes piétinent..  
    • Ok, je te ferai signe, à bientôt ! ^^
    • Ok, nickel. À bientôt sur le jeu camarade ! ^^
    • Si vous obtenu CoH 3 via l'achat d'un produit AMD alors voici la procédure pour récupérer votre clé/code Steam. Procédure : Aller sur le site d'AMD : https://www.amdrewards.com Connectez vous avec votre compte (ou créez en un) et renseigner le code envoyé par le revendeur chez qui vous avez acheté par exemple votre processeur AMD ; Vous recevrez alors une clé d’activation (clé SEGA Universal) ; Aller sur le site de CoH : https://community.companyofheroes.com Connectez-vous à votre compte CoH (ou créez en un et liez votre compte Steam) ; Allez à l'URL suivante : https://community.companyofheroes.com/profile/me/rewards/code-activation Entrez la clé d’activation puis appuyez sur le bouton "ACTIVATE" ; Appuyez sur le bouton pour récupérer le code Steam ; Le code Steam de CoH 3 vous sera alors envoyé par email (email lié à votre compte CoH) ; Depuis Steam : Jeux -> Activer une produit sur Steam -> Rentrer le code reçu par email.
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