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[Nouvelle] Mod avec les nouveaux commandants - MaJ 6.0


Le mod pour tester les nouveaux commandants est passé en version 6.0.


Version 6.0 changes


Dozer Blade

  • Cost from 70 munitions to 50 manpower and 20 fuel.

Urban Assault Packages

  • Incendiary Device ability now requires an officer to be deployed rather than Grenade tech.
  • Rifle Grenades now gain penalties to scatter when the squad is suppressed.


  • Health from 480 to 400.


  • Added a UI indicator to state the unit receives stronger bazookas; will be added to Paratroopers in the final release.

Soviets - General faction changes


We are adjusting the upgrade to reinforce the role of Conscripts to fight from defensive positions to wear down the enemy through attrition.

  • When upgraded with Mobilize Reserves, weapon cooldown and reload on Mosin Nagant rifles is reduced by 50% when in cover.

Numbers: 0/10/20/30/35
Conscript Rifle: 3.61/2.6/1.98/1.346/1.0
Conscript Rifle in Cover: 4.149/3.1/2.41/1.71/1.37

If this proves to be too strong, we will adjust accordingly.

M-42 Anti-Tank Gun

We are boosting the M42’s range back up to match the range of infantry small-arms with slight compensation to its performance when camouflauged.

  • Canister range from 30 to 35.
  • First-strike bonus from camouflage now lasts for two shots; unit is still revealed after the first shot.


Radio Bunker

  • Can no longer be garrisoned.

To smooth out some of the scaling for Panzergrenadiers, we are splitting their accuracy modifiers between veterancy 2 and 3. Accuracy remains relatively same at veterancy 3.

Wehrmacht - General faction changes


  • Combined Arms ability now triggers when near allied vehicle.
  • Veterancy 2 now adds +16.7% weapon accuracy.
  • Veterancy 3 accuracy bonus from +40% to +20%.

The Ostwind is having its rate of fire slightly lowered to lessen its lethality.

  • Cooldown from 0.25 to 0.35.



  • Command Tiger penalty from -40% reload and -30 accuracy to -20% reload and -20% accuracy.
  • Vet 4 and 5 requirements significantly reduced


  • Fixed an issue where Conscript Tank Hunter Package abilities were unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue where the SU-76 hold fire did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where Rangers would pickup a regular bazooka in-addittion to a paratrooper bazooka.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/284571#Comment_284571


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