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[Nouvelle] Prochaine mise à jour équilibrage - 1er trimestre 2021


A_E et Stormless ont annoncés aujourd'hui (samedi 21 novembre 2020) durant le stream du World Championship 2020 sur la chaîne Twitch de Relic Entertainment que le prochain patch d'équilibrage sera pour le premier trimestre 2021.


A_E : « It (the balance patch) will affect the core armies. »

Pour rappel, le prochain patch avec la mise à jour du jeu en 64 bit et une mise à jour des cartes est prévu fin novembre.

Source : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/810657786?t=03h18m13s

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Stormless : « Remember it's not all about balance in the sense of statistical tweaking, there are likely going to be a reshuffle of core army units and teching as well which will breathe new life into the game. »

cf. https://www.coh2.org/topic/106943/first-quarter-2021-balance-patch/post/839779


A_E : « [...] it (the balance patch) will be focus on the core armies but also it will address problematic meta units [...] »

cf. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/811943724?t=02h38m08s

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Winter Balance Update 2020/2021

We are pleased to confirm that a new balance update, Winter Balance Update 2020/21 is underway!   

The focus of this patch is: Core Amies, Meta Problems, And Quality of Life Improvements. Within the above remit, we are not looking to implement sweeping reworks that fundamentally change how the game or certain components play.

Overall, we feel that game is in a strong place, especially after three years of community-driven patching. Therefore, smart changes that leave the core identity of factions and units intact are the main objective.

We’re aiming to release this update in early 2021. Test mods will be released to the community throughout late November and December, until sufficient confidence in the update has been achieved.

The team will be releasing the first mod and patch notes in the coming days. All community members are encouraged to contribute by testing the mods and providing feedback via the designated channels. Threads will be updated here for these forums, coh2.org, and Reddit.

The balance team will be actively assessing feedback via these channels. Please note that the team will not be able to respond to all comments, but will be observing and surfacing feedback and trends for discussion.

The balance team creating this patch consists of: Miragefla, Sander93, Tightrope, Sturmpanther, Stark_PL, JibberJabberJobber, Whorunbartertown and Aerafield, with Nachocheese, Janne252, and Osinyagov acting as Mod and UI support.
Keen observers may note that this not the same team as with previous patches. We’ve added some new talent to freshen things up and also to bolster the numbers, as some of our previous team members felt unable to commit to the next patch.

All of these players have been selected for their keen understanding of the game’s mechanics, their attitudes, active involvement in the community, and the ability to collaborate effectively. We’ve also selected for better team expertise across modes (1v1 through to 4v4).

We’re extremely excited to see the results of this process and know that this update will be fantastic for our game.

Stay tuned, more to come soon.

cf. https://www.companyofheroes.com/blog/2020/11/25/winter-balance-patch-202021-wc-2020-recap-and-64-bit-update

Cette mise à jour est prévue pour début 2021. Elle se concentrera sur ce qui fait le coeur des armées, les problèmes de Meta et l'amélioration de la partie "Quality of Life". Les modifications laisseront intact l'identité des factions et de leur unités.

Relic devrait publier fin novembre sur le Steam Workshop le mod permettant de tester le patch ainsi que ses notes de patch. Il sera mis à jour jusqu'à fin décembre pour suivre les évolutions/tests d'équilibrage.

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