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[Nouvelle] Mod avec les nouveaux commandants - MaJ 7.0


Le mod pour tester les nouveaux commandants est passé en version 7.0.


Version 7.0 changes

USF - General Faction Changes

WC 51 Dodge and M3

  • Passenger moving accuracy from 50% to 30%.

Brits - General Faction Changes

Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier is having its upgrades standardized to require the Platoon Command Post. We have also increased the price of Self-Repair so snares that hit the Universal Carrier evenly trade in terms of munitions.

  • Vickers K Upgrade now requires Platoon Command Post
  • Self-Repair cost from 15 to 25.

Soviets - General faction changes


7 man Cons were too potent, previously beating upgraded Grens at all ranges, especially in cover duels.

  • Cover bonus to cooldown and reload from 50% to 30%.
  • New DPS at ranges 0/10/20/30/35: 3.91/2.87/2.21/1.54/1.22

M1910 Maxim

In order to increase the general viability of Maxims, without promoting Maxim spam, we are increasing suppression when using the Sustained Fire ability.

The following change is intended to allow the Maxim to better suppress tactical control groups when the player is spotting for their Maxim and using the Sustained Fire ability in a strategic fashion.

  • Sustained Fire ability now increases suppression by 15%. This will be adjusted as necessary,

M-42 Anti-Tank Gun

Given the recent updates to the M-42, we have adjusted its costs to better reflect its current performance.

  • Cost from 200 to 240
  • Reverted boost to first-strike bonus.


Radio Bunker - Replaced With Observation 251 Upgrade

Due to feedback, we have replaced the Observation Bunker with a mobile unit that better meshes with the theme of the commander.

  • Replace Observation Bunker.
  • All non-upgraded 251 Half-tracks can deploy as a Mobile Observation Post; disables weapons and movement. Unit is granted camouflage and access to special abilities. Detected when within 20m of the enemy.
  • Auto-detects nearby units within 60m when deployed.
  • Can launch Artillery Flares when deployed.
  • Requires 3 command points.

Tiger Ace

In-line with the OKW changes and to allow players to be rewarded for teching, the Tiger Ace has been placed at the end of the Ostheer tech tree.

  • CP requirement removed.
  • Now requires Heavy Panzer Korps before it can be called in.
  • Cooldown now starts upon unit's destruction


Panzer VI Tiger

We have re-shuffled the OKW Tiger’s veterancy around to distinguish itself from its Ostheer counterpart which focuses more on its aura support ability over raw combat potential.

  • Veterancy 1: Command Tiger ability
  • Veterancy 2: +5 range, +20% accuracy; Command Tiger ability now -affects vehicles.
  • Veterancy 3:-20% scatter, -30% reload
  • Veterancy 4: Combat Blitz
  • Veterancy 5:+20% rotation, +20% speed, +20% ac/de-cel
  • Command Tiger ability cost from 25 to 15.

Bug Fixes

  • Sherman White Phosphorous shell from G to W on classic hotkeys.
  • Tiger Ace for Elite troops should now be available once again.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/284693#Comment_284693


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