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[Nouvelle] Mod avec les nouveaux commandants - MaJ 1.1


Le mod pour tester les nouveaux commandants est passé en version 1.1.


Version 1.1 introduces a cheats option for easier testing.

Access the cheat mods version via selecting New Commanders Cheats (Annihilation) win condition.

We have also introduced numerous bug fixes. Design changes are reserved for version 2.0


  • Soviet medics now work/ spawn
  • SVTs crate drops are now obtainable by Cons and Engineers. Penal and guard interaction will be addressed in a future update
  • Rally point med crate hotkey assigned as "A"
  • UC can now only upgrade to Wasp or Vickers, not both.
  • Assault Tommies can no longer obtain additional weapons from racks
  • Bolster cost with British tommies costing 350MP / 35 reinforce resolved
  • Panzerfussiliers should now be unable to upgrade both paths
  • Tiger Ace Spearhead ability no longer disables movement
  • King Tiger can no longer be called in alongside Tiger I


This mod is a fair bit more complicated under the hood than a standard tuning pack. Some of the work we've had to has affected the ai, and other core functions.

To quote one of our illustrious modders;

"We're doing a lot of dynamic replacement of starting buildings. Soviet, Ostheer, and OKW can be made to use the config to replace the buildings that might be able to help with AI. Any army with a stamp based base, i.e. US and Brits can't be properly overridden this way because we can't have custom stamps in wincondition packs. Since an entity spawns the stamp, the spawned entities of the stamp can't be replaced "Properly" so all is done in runtime."

For now at least the AI won't work properly, but we're testing out this fix.

In the meantime, try to arrange games with other players through the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/mRYSckX

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/245822/new-commander-preview-changelog

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