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Après la sortie du Winter (enfin Spring) Balance Patch du 28 avril, plusieurs personnes de la communauté associées à Relic ont lancés samedi 1 avril (ce n'est pas un poisson) le GCS Balance Preview Mod à l'occasion du tournoi Grand Championship Series. Le but est de faire disparaître avant le début du tournoi les meta identifiées par les joueurs du top du classement comme trop dominante.

Steam Workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895625217

Changelog : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/243814/gcs-balance-preview-changelog

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The GCS Balance Preview is designed to eliminate some specific, overly dominate meta identified by top players in the community. The changes outlined in this preview are meant to be as minimalistic as possible while identifying and addressing the primary cause of the problems discussed.

Although the solutions put forward in this mod will attempt to be finalized in time for the tournament, if strong contention exists with the proposed changes or existing or new problems remain, the iteration period will continue until all issues are resolved.

Therefore, the more testing and feedback we get regrading the proposed changes the better. Please Subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop, play a ton of it, and give us your feedback in our GCS-BP Feedback Thread.



We find that the dominant Soviet “Maxim-spam” strategy is far too effective compared to the effort required to pull it off.

In order to remove this dominate meta while not further devaluing the Maxim’s as a support weapon, we are increasing the arc of the Maxim MG and reducing its suppression performance. The Maxim will however retain the following benefits over other MG teams:

  • Durability of a 6-man crew
  • Fast teardown time to escape flanks

To further bring the Maxim in line with other MGs, we are removing sprint which allows MGs to escape unfavorable engagements to easily and are also increasing the setup time to other MG levels. To further help prevent spamming of this unit, we are increasing the reinforcement cost of the original crew to match the reinforcement cost of Conscripts.

  • Arc of fire increased from 60 degrees to 90 degrees (other MGs have 120 degrees)
  • Setup time from 2 to 3 (other MGs have 3)
  • Burst duration from 2.25 to 4.5
  • Damage reduced from 4 to 3 (the DPS of the Maxim remains the same)
  • Tracking speed from 35 to 28
  • Suppression reduced from 0.00015909 to 0.00005
  • Reinforcement cost from 15 to 20
  • Sprint removed from Vet 1
  • Vet 1 now increases suppression by 10% (to partially cancel out lower base suppression)

Until the conclusion of the balance mod iteration cycle, we will try to come up with an interesting, but balanced Vet1 ability.

M4C Shermans

To prevent players from over-relying on Sherman call-ins, we are increasing the dispatch time between successive Shermans to encourage players to choose between tech or call-in tanks. Moreover, longer recharge time between Sherman will prevent players from spamming Shemans when the Command Point requirements become met.

  • Increased recharge time between shermans to from 36 seconds to 2:30 minutes


Command Panther

We feel the Command Panther is it too powerful of a unit on its own, giving it the feel of a "one-tank-army". This is primarily because of the +50% damage bonus that the Mark Target ability bestows on and designated target. Given that this ability also compounds performance in team games, we are enacting some preliminary changes to the Command Panther. We also feel the CP cost is not in line with its value.

  • Increase Command Point requirements from 10 to 11
  • Reduce Mark Target damage from +50% to +25%
  • Mark Target now also increases penetration and accuracy to 25%


Tank Commander Upgrade

We feel that the ability's cost vs value is out of balance. In particular, the experience gain modifier distorts the veterancy gain rate of the affected tanks.

  • Removed veterancy gain bonuses from the upgrade
  • Removed stealth detection bonuses from the upgrade
  • (The upgrade now only awards accuracy/sight bonuses, which is more than OK for the price)

Emergency Warspeed

We feel that the ability bestows far too powerful mobility bonuses to the already highly-mobile roster of the British faction. This comes in contrast with the free-to-use nature of the ability. We are also removing the ability of players to “tune up” the tanks of their teammates with the ability.

  • Speed modifier reduced from +35% to +15%
  • Acceleration modifier reduced from +60% to +30%
  • It is no longer possible to “tune-up” allied tanks with Emergency Warspeed

AEC Treadshot

To make the ability fire more reliably (i.e., without bugs), we are changing the nature of the ability such that the AEC has to be stationary to fire it. At the same time, we are increasing the responsiveness of the ability to give UKF players that preserve their AEC with a reliable snare ability.

  • Unit has to be stationary to fire Treadshot
  • Ready aim time reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds (improves responsiveness)
  • Reload time between shots reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • (the ability will only be refunded if no shots were fired before moving)


We feel that the primary issue with the Cromwell is that due to its speed and rotation rate, it is able to crush models far too efficiently. To reduce Cromwell crushing ability, we are are reducing its rotation rate while keeping its higher-than-average mobility by compensating with increased turret rotation rate.

To give the Cromwell a proper trade off for its highly-mobility we are reducing its moving accuracy to that of other tanks of the same class. Therefore, making the trade-off between accuracy and mobility more pronounced.

  • Fuel cost increased from 110FU to 120FU
  • Rotation rate from 38 to 32 (equivalent to Panzer4)
  • Turret traverse rate from 40 to 47.5 (to counteract chassis rotation reduction)
  • Moving accuracy multiplier decreased from 0.75 to 0.5
  • Increase horizontal scatter from 6 to 7.5
  • Distance scatter max from 6.2 to 6.4
  • Distance scatter obj min from 5 to 10
  • Distance scatter offset from 0.3 to 0.25


The Comet is receiving changes that are similar in-spirit with the ones already described for the Cromwell. In addition to these changes, we are also reducing the range of the main gun of the Comet to 45 to match other anti-infantry-capable tanks (e.g., Pershing, Tiger). We believe that Comet’s higher-than-average armour and mobility will still allow it to overcome the reduced range. At the same time, this will make standoffs with the more-specialist Panther more balanced.

  • Main gun range from 50 to 45
  • Population cost increased from 16 to 20
  • Reduce rotation rate from 36 to 32 to prevent crush (same as Panzer4 levels)
  • Turret traverse rate from 40 to 45 (to compensate for chasis rotation changes)
  • Moving accuracy from 0.75 to 0.5
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade throw ability would sometimes not work
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to use the grenade ability while moving
  • Increase horizontal scatter from 6 to 7.5
  • Distance scatter max from 4.2 to 6.4
  • Distance scatter obj min from

Land Mattress

We feel that the primary issue with the land-mattress is that it affords very limited avenues of counterplay. To address this, we are allowing anti-tank weaponry (e.g., AT guns and tanks) to target the gun first, and be able to destroy the unit, without having to first decrew it. This brings the durability of the Land Mattress down to static howitzer levels.

A secondary issue with the Land Mattress is its rate of fire, giving too little reaction time for the adversary to avoid the coming doom.

  • Vehicles/etc will focus fire on the gun, as opposed to the crew (if the player right-clicks on the gun)
  • The Land mattress gets destroyed when its hitpoints become depleted. This is regardless of whether the crew is still alive
  • Health reduced from 350 hitpoints to 300 hitpoints
  • Cooldown between rockets increased from 0.25 secs to 0.375 secs (also affects white phosphorus barrage)

Artillery Cover Ability

We find that Artillery Cover is an ability that is too efficient for its cost. This is despite the fact that this is a generalist ability (affects all targets) and requires minimal input from the player vs its final effect. Therefore, we are significantly reducing the effects vs varied types of targets, allowing for greater opportunity of counterplay.

General Changes:

  • The radius of the ability now properly drawn on the battlescape
  • Delay until the barrage begins increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds

Anti-Vehicle Shells:

  • Decreased the AoE radius of anti-vehicle shells from 8 to 6.
  • Reduced speed of anti-vehicle shells, so that it is now possible to dodge them
  • Reduced the duration of loader-injured critical from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

The changes to the anti-vehicle shells will make it possible for tanks that remain in the affected area to dodge incoming shells, provided they continue to move.

Anti-Infantry Barrages:

  • Suppression vs infantry reduced, so that incoming anti-infantry barrages no longer pin infantry squads, but only suppress them.

Quality-of-Life Changes

Handbrake 2.0

We are further modifying the handbrake ability to make it provide additional utility to the players.

Instead of completely immobilizing a vehicle, the ability now simply prevents the vehicle from automatically rotating to face enemy units and will now only do so if explicitly given attack command. At the same time, if the ability is on, the vehicle will stop automatically rotating once the movement is complete.

In addition to the original affected vehicles (i.e., all transport vehicles), we are also adding handbrake v2.0 to the following vehicles. This will allow players to control whether they want the vehicles to rotate to face the enemy or not:

  • Kubelwagen
  • Flammenhetzer
  • Crocodile

The following vehicles will retain the original (i.e., immobilize) version of the Handbrake ability. This is due to their potentially lengthy setup time:

  • M15 (USF)
  • Infrared Halftrack (OKW)
  • Flak Halftrack (OKW)

Hold Fire for Tanks/AT Guns

We find that the lack of a proper hold fire ability makes players resort to half-measures to control when their AT-guns or tanks can fire (e.g., by turning on prioritize vehicles to get a better position vs infantry). The following units now have Hold Fire:

  • All anti-tank guns
  • All tanks that already have a prioritise-vehicles ability
  • FlakHT
  • Panzer4 Command tank
  • Ostwind
  • Centaur
  • KV-2
  • M15 (MGs will continue to track/fire on targets)

Note: To make UI experience consistent, the doctrinal Soviet AT ambush ability has been moved one row below its previous position.

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    • Salut Mithiriath, COH3 reçu et installé. Comme tu me l'avais dit les textes du jeu final sont en français, le livre collector ainsi que la carte sont en anglais, ce qui ne me gêne pas. J'ai commencé le didacticiel après avoir effectué le test de performance, et ouf mon i57600K passe bien avec mes 16Go de ram, ma GTX 1080 SC, et mon SSD Intel 800 Go DC. Pour le i5, il y avait une incertitude car il était en basse config. Relic préconisait un processeur de 8éme génération mini, et il est de 7éme. Les options sont en maximum et haute, et pas plus de température qu'avec  COH2. Par contre, le 1er enregistrement initial de base s'est bien passé, mais pour le 2éme après avoir enregistrée l'extension qui était valide, au moment du téléchargement il y a eu plantage de celui-ci. J'ai suivi la procédure de vidage du cache Steam, rebooté le Pc, mais ne sais pas si l'additif est pris en compte ! J'ai joué une escarmouche pour me familiarisé avec l' ergonomie du jeu, puis j'ai lancé une campagne...et crash après 1/2 heure...pas grave, mais je n'étais plus habitué ! Autre petit problème, dans le manuel d'installation il est notifié que l'on peut télécharger le manuel sur la page de lancement de COH3 de Steam, mais je n'ai pas trouvé après avoir cherché longuement ! J'avais trouvé le PDF de COH2, mais pour le moment je vais faire à l'ancienne. Si tu avais quelques tuyaux à ces propos (pas le plantage j'ai envoyé le rapport), ce serait avec grand plaisir que je les recevrais. J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle version, puis la boite avec son contenu est superbe, pour moi cet achat est largement justifié, un vrai plaisir . A bientôt Camarade . Le manuel d'installation Relic :  
    • Ton post ravive des souvenirs familiaux lointains. Mon père à fait les 3 guerres dans la Cavalerie Blindée: -la 1ere (la seconde guerre mondiale) ou il fut fait prisonnier, puis rapatria des Tigres et des Panzer d’Allemagne en France  après l'armistice. -l'Indochine ou il enterra ses chars (Schermann et Alligator )  jusqu'au raz de la partie inférieure des tourelles, car les chars manquaient de carburant, de pièces détachées, et n'étaient pas adaptés mécaniquement en combat de terrain. -l'Algérie ou les chars ne furent pas trop utilisés non plus. Je suis comme toi un passionné de blindés, ayant passé ma jeunesse dans une "cité" militaire, et grandi en fréquentant obligatoirement les terrains de "manœuvre" le jeudi, ou j'ai appris à conduire sur Jeep à l'age de 13 ans. J'ai conservé une collection de Dinky/Solido d'une quarantaine de pièces, puis j'ai assemblé un (le)Tigre Tamiya et un T34. J'ai "trahi" la fibre des Blindés paternelle en m'engageant dans la Royale (la Marine) très jeune mais n'ai pas été au delà. Les chars furent utilisés massivement pendant la guerre des 6 jours, puis celle du Golf. Tu as raison quand tu évoques la propagande actuelle, mais la Russie ne s'est pas donné les moyens à hauteur de ses ambitions, et ses chars (et son armée) se sont enlisés par manque de lignes de ravitaillements. Tout est expliqué par Clausewitz dans "De la guerre" , son traité écrit entre 1816 et 1830, enseigné en école de guerre et toujours d'actualité, la preuve les tanks Russes piétinent..  
    • Ok, je te ferai signe, à bientôt ! ^^
    • Ok, nickel. À bientôt sur le jeu camarade ! ^^
    • Si vous obtenu CoH 3 via l'achat d'un produit AMD alors voici la procédure pour récupérer votre clé/code Steam. Procédure : Aller sur le site d'AMD : https://www.amdrewards.com Connectez vous avec votre compte (ou créez en un) et renseigner le code envoyé par le revendeur chez qui vous avez acheté par exemple votre processeur AMD ; Vous recevrez alors une clé d’activation (clé SEGA Universal) ; Aller sur le site de CoH : https://community.companyofheroes.com Connectez-vous à votre compte CoH (ou créez en un et liez votre compte Steam) ; Allez à l'URL suivante : https://community.companyofheroes.com/profile/me/rewards/code-activation Entrez la clé d’activation puis appuyez sur le bouton "ACTIVATE" ; Appuyez sur le bouton pour récupérer le code Steam ; Le code Steam de CoH 3 vous sera alors envoyé par email (email lié à votre compte CoH) ; Depuis Steam : Jeux -> Activer une produit sur Steam -> Rentrer le code reçu par email.
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