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[Outil] COH2stats - Statistiques des Matches et des joueurs (v2 Beta)


Le site COH2stats est de retour ! Il vous permet analyser les statiques de victoire et de défaite en fonction des factions, des modes de jeu, des cartes, ...

Très intéressant et relativement complet pour vous offrir une analyse chiffré et graphique des faits et appuyer vos débat endiablés.

L'outil est en version Beta, les informations sont donc peut être approximatives ou dépasser, tous les détails sont expliqué dans l'article original 

Lien du site/outil : https://coh2stats.com/


 Hello everyone

We have finally released https://coh2stats.com/
At least in the "beta" version.

We are not able to get the data from relic easily so the statistics are kind of "crippled" and may not be accurate. The crawler process is described here https://coh2stats.com/about


Big thanks to everyone here on the forums who helped with figuring out lot of stuff.
I would like this endeavor to be still community driven. All the source code is open source, and you
can find it here https://github.com/petrvecera/coh2ladders any contributions are welcomed.

You can find the exported data from the game, for example commanders and bulletins here

You can export also these things yourself

Next Steps
Please feel free to suggest any features you would like to see.
If you have GitHub account please create a issue for it so we can discuss about that feature in better manner https://github.com/petrvecera/coh2ladders/issues or you can write it here.

I would like to also know on which part we should mostly focus on.
Some of these things are really big things. Also I have daily job so I am able to squeeze just couple of hours/week, sometimes not even that, so don't except much soon.

General Statistics
- We could add more graphs, more analysis of the current data
- Be able to select any date range, from the start till the end

Map statistics
- We could generate stats per map, so we could see win rate for each faction on each map and see if
some maps are unbalanced for some factions

Match analysis
- So you could open single match and see the enemy stats, their ranks, charts who did most dmg etc.
- For example I often after the match want to see if the enemy was really good or I just played like shit, so I always need to open the player profiles to check this out

Match storage
- Currently we are streaming the matches from the relic API directly.
- Relic keeps only 10 matches / mod / player ( only 10 games 1-1, 10 games 2-2 etc )
- Players could log in and check that they want their matches to be stored "forever" - for some extended period of time

Player profiles
- We could display the player profiles with more info, for example right now you can see rank, but you have no idea if it's a good rank or not, because each category has different amount of players, we could display percentile aka how good is your rank in compare to all the players

Player statistics
- When we analyze the matches, we could start making analysis for players too, for example their winrate of each map
- Players would need to log in and check that they want this to be included

- I had idea about displaying the ladder history in some cool chart, for example the top 10 spots, but overtime in a chart, you could see how players are climbing the rank, or falling down each day

You can vote on the features here https://linkto.run/p/Z504GGR4

Source : https://www.coh2.org/topic/108057/coh2stats-com-match-and-player-statistics-2-0

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Il est minimaliste leur site ! Mais cela est tant mieux pour le besoin qu'on lui apporte.


Cependant je trouve que cela manque peut être un peu d'onglet, tu as tous qui est située sur la même page alors que des onglets que tu peux ouvrir ou fermer te permettrais à mon sens de pouvoir sélectionner la lecture que tu souhaite.

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