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[Nouvelle] Preview de la MaJ de septembre version 1.3



This will likely be the last mod preview for this patch. The mod preview feedback has been useful, and we feel the update is in a Good Spot™. There will be some minor adjustments prior to the official release.

We will be monitoring some of the more nuanced changes in this patch post-release. We feel certain items will be easier to assess once the update has been live, and more players are testing the changes. Problem items will be addressed in a follow-up patch.

We are planning to release the update in approximately two weeks time.


Leichte Mechanized Kompanie

To encourage T2 strategies and reduce the power of skiping tiers, we are moving the manpower discout for Ostheer tech to the Leichte Mechanize Kompanie.

  • Manpower cost further reduced from 150 to 100

Battlephase 2

  • Reverted manpower change from 150 back to 200


The Tiger is having its AOE reduced on the outer edges to reduce it's killing power and to compensate for the tank's high accuracy against infantry.

  • Far AOE from 0.175 to 0.15
  • Far distance from 3.5 to 3

Panzergrenadier G43

We are reducing the cost of this upgrade to better reflect its current performance and trade-offs with the Panzergrenadier StG 44.

  • Munition cost from 60 to 50

StuG Ausf. E

The StuG E is being moved into tech like other call-in vehicles. We have reduced the amount of CPs to compensate to encourage teching.

  • CP requirement from 7 to 5
  • Now requires Battlephase 2


Starting Resources

OKW is having some of its manpower changes reverted. The previous changes impacted their early game too much with the price increase on Volksgrenadiers.

  • Manpower changes from version 1.2 reverted from 300 to 320

Schwerer Panzer Headquarters

We have adjusted the cost of the Schwerer Panzer HQ to allow Obersoldaten to arrive earlier and give the unit more time to gain veterancy.

  • Initial cost from 100/80 to 100/60
  • Panzer Authorization cost from 100/40 to 100/60


The Raketenwerfer is having its price increased slightly to better reflect its new performance. Population has been adjusted for the additional soldier to match other anti-tank guns and reduce the upkeep on OKW.

  • Cost from 270 to 290
  • Population from 8 to 7

251 Flak Half-Track

We are reducing the smoke cost on the 251 Flak Half-Track to better reflect how integral this ability is for the unit's survival.

  • Smoke cost from 35 to 25; veterancy reduces smoke cost from 25 to 15

King Tiger

The King Tiger is having it's fuel cost reduced to better reflect it's performance and trade-offs when compared to other heavy tanks.

  • Fuel cost from 280 to 270


Fallschirmjager are having their second set of FG-42s locked behing the Panzer HQ to reduce the unit's impact when it first arrives, while retaining a relative timing with their pre-patch changes in terms of firepower.

  • Second set of FG-42s now requires the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters.


To better reflect their performance and the changes to OKW's starting manpower, we are reducing the unit's manpower and upgrade cost slightly.

  • Manpower cost from 280 to 270; reinforce unchanged
  • G43 cost from 90 to 80


The Hetzer is having its veterancy requirements further reduced to reflect it's main target being infantry. With the changes to the Schwerer's cost, it has been locked behind Panzer Authorization.

  • Veterancy requirements further reduced to 1240/2480/4960/6440/8370
  • Now requires Panzer Authorization

Assault Artillery

Previously, Assault Artillery was too random and the shells took too long to come down. The new changes should force units in the center of the ability to move, or risk being hit.

  • Shell count from 25 to 30
  • Now drops 10 of its 30 shells in a 25m radius within the target zone, reducing scatter.
  • Artillery Shell delay from 0.75/1.25 to 0.5/0.75
  • Mortar smoke delay between shells from 0.75 to 0.375



The recent changes to the Bofors impacted the unit's ability to hold back attacking infantry. The recent changes are to allow the Bofors to stop charging infantry squads that attempt to enter the Bofor's range.

  • Suppression from 0.0006 to 0.0015
  • AOE from 1 to 1.5
  • Nearby suppression radius from 0.8 to 1
  • AOE suppression from 0.1 to 0.75
  • Target suppressed suppression multiplier from 0.5 to 1


The recent changes in aim-time had the effect of speeding up the sniper's rate of fire. His rate of fire is being slowed to be slightly behind the Ostheer's Sniper to reflect the smaller squads he fires on, and his ability to harm light vehicles when supported.

  • Sniper winddown from 4 to 5.25


We have slightly reduced the scatter of the Comet to improve its anti-infantry firepower at range.

  • Comet scatter from 5.5 to 5.25


Due to its extrmely high health and decent armor, we are increasing the Churchill's population and fuel cost to better reflect its performance.

  • Population from 18 to 19
  • Fuel cost from 160 to 165

Advanced Fortifications

The previous changes were too harsh on this upgrade. We are toning back some of the cost to better reflect its power.

  • Fuel cost from 20 to 10


Riflemen Flares

The cost of flares is being matched to those used by units such as Panzerfusiliers to incentivise its use.

  • Cost from 40 to 35

M21 Mortar Half-Track

We are slightly toning back the nerf to Whie Phosphorous from the M21 to have more impact on units that remain within the smoke.

  • White Phosphorous damage frequency from 0.6 to 0.5

M4 Sherman 105mm Dozer

To allow players to purchase this unit when they have teched up to Major, we are reducing the CP cost. Additional CP changes will take effect when the patch hits live.

  • Now requires Major tech
  • CP requirement from 10 to 7; will be reduced to 6 for live patch

M26 Pershing

We are toning back some of the Pershing's AOE which previously allowed it to destroy most infantry squads in two hits. In return, the cost of HVAP is being reduced to give the Pershing an edge against vehicles.

  • Far AOE damage from 0.225 to 0.175
  • Mid AOE from 0.4 to 0.375
  • HVAP shot from 60 to 50


Support Weapon Kompaneya(T2)

We are slightly increasing the price of T2 to reduce the rush into T70 and stronger Conscript builds.

  • Fuel cost from 10 to 15

Assault Guards

Due to popular demand, we are giving Assault Guards Thompson SMGs. This should increase the unit's firepower and better reflect the cost and timing of the Half-Track Assault Group.

  • Comes equipped with 3 Thompson submachine guns in addition to their SVTs.
  • PPSh-41s removed.


With its high armor, we felt the IS-2 should have reduced killing power against infantry while remaining relatively consistent in terms of accuracy.

  • Far AOE from 0.2 to 0.175
  • Far AOE distance from 3.5 to 3

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286095#Comment_286095

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