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[Nouvelle] Preview de la MaJ de septembre version 1.1


SEPTEMBER 2019 PATCH PREVIEW - Version 1.1 Changes

Bug fixing to address collision and hitbox issues.


Changes to both of the following units were discussed before release. The team has decided to include for testing after initial feedback.


We think Riflemen are solid infantry that scale well, but we would like to put more emphasis on the engagement range dynamics between them and long-range Axis squads. Their near range, and thereby their near DPS, will be slightly increased, which will also slightly increase their mid-range DPS up to range 16.

  • Near range from 3 to 6


Chart amended from https://coh2db.com/stats/

Rear Echelon Troops

To make Rear Echelon Troops carbines perform more consistently, as currently they are very RNG dependent with their low accuracy but high rate of fire and damage, their accuracy has been increased. In return their damage per bullet will be reduced, to keep the same total DPS as now.

  • Damage from 10 to 8
  • Accuracy from 0.403/0.288/0.23 to 0.51/0.3456/0.276

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/285855#Comment_285855

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