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[Nouvelle] MaJ avec les nouveaux commandants retardée


Comme vous vous en êtes aperçu, le patch a été retardé. La faute à un soucis sur leur machine pour créer le patch. Elle devrait arriver, si tout se passe bien, aujourd'hui (vendredi 14 juin) à 20h/21h.

Source : Messages d'Andy sur le chat de coh2.org :


Andy_RE: on the fourth day, god descended to bring the people news
Andy_RE: I hope to have the build live tomorrow my time, there is a small issue with our build machine, but it should be resolved by then
Andy_RE: a few bugs for sure. But we've had way better bug testing this patch than in the past
Andy_RE: thanks to a bunch of folks here, so hopefully nothing major
(Smartie: Andy can you tell approximately the time of patch release?)
Andy_RE: @Smartie I can't say hard and fast, as I'm waiting for something, but all going well 10am/ 11am PST


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