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[Nouvelle] Commander Update Preview Beta v4


Mise à jour de la Beta "Commander Update Preview".


JohnT_RE le 27 avril 2021

Commander Changes

Lend Lease Regiment

  • Vehicle Crew Repair ability replaced with 81mm Mortar

Mobile Assault Regiment

  • Raid Section replaced with 81mm Mortar
  • Flamethrower replaced with Recovery Engineers

Rifle Company

  • Fired-Up replaced with M3 Half-track

Royal Engineers Regiment

  • Flamethrower replaced with Recovery Engineers

Tactical Support Regiment

  • Recovery Engineers replaced with Raid Section


Advanced Infantry Equipment
Fired-up is being moved into Advanced Infantry Equipment to make way for the M3 Half-track. On its own, Fired-up is not potent enough to take a single Commander ability slot.

  • Fired-Up ability moved into Advanced Infantry Equipment.
  • Flares and Fired-Up abilities require either an unlocked Platoon or Company Command Post before these abilities can be used.

Combined Arms
Combined Arms is being changed to maintain its high combat bonuses, but will no longer provide vision bonuses. CP requirements have been increased to match other buff abilities, with its cost being slightly cheaper from its original iteration of 125 to compensate for the loss of sight.

  • Reload from -15% to -30%; reverted to original value
  • Infantry Accuracy from +15% to +30%; reverted to original value
  • Reverted removal of infantry reload bonus; returned to -20% reload.
  • Infantry sight bonus removed
  • Cost from 90 to 110
  • CP requirement from 4 to 8

M3 Half-Track
The M3 is having its medical crates returned to allow the half-track to heal support weapons and provide a support role without needing to load troops into its hold.

  • Now available to Rifle Company; same requirements to build as Mechanized Company
  • Medical Crates ability returned; 45 munitions, drops 3 medical crates that will heal infantry that pick up the crate, similar to those dropped by Sturmpioneers.

M4A3 Sherman E8
The E8 is having a number of its changes reverted. The improvements mainly helped the unit's performance eagainst medium tanks which it has no issues with, but the increased price and and 45 range do not help the unit enough against heavier vehicles. To solve the issue with this unit's AT performance in the late-game veterancy 1 has been changed to give the E8 additional penetration and range to help fend off heavier vehicles at a distance when used in a supporting role. Its reload speed at veterancy has also been increased due to the tank's long reload time and lose of Radio Net.

  • Veterancy 1: Focused Gunnery replaces Radio Net
  • Focused Gunnery: Toggled ability. Increases range by 10 and improves penetration by 20%, but decreases speed, rotation rate, and acceleration/deceleration by 25%. 5 Second delay before range and weapon penetration bonuses activate.
  • Veterancy 3 reload modifier from -20% to -30%
  • Price change reverted; restored to 380 manpower and 140 fuel
  • Range changes reverted from 45 to 40

P-47 Rocket Run

  • Cost from 240 to 225


  • HVAP Shot penetration from 400/350/300 to 1000/1000/1000

Raid Tactics
We wanted to improve the viability of this ability in late-game scenarios where replacement light vehcles are uncommon. The change will allow tanks to push the enemy lines.

  • Capture bonuses now affects all vehicles; includes tanks and armored gun carriers


British M3 Half-Track
This change put the British M3's armor on par with its USF counterpart.

  • Armor from 8.4 to 11

British M10 and M5 Halftracks
With the changes to Lend-Lease, the M10 and M5 for the British faction have received a self-repair ability to help keep these units on the field without the need for Royal Engineers.

  • Both units can Self-Repair for 35 munitions. They do not gain smoke cover when this ability is active.

Early Warning Flares
This change gives Early Warning more possibilities for use to help scout out an area near the front-line. Neutral sectors have not been added as an option as they never count as front-line sector in-game.

  • Can now be used on friendly front-line territory in addition to hostile front line sectors.

Raid Section
The Raid Section has received many changes to rework them into a mid-short range unit that is available at the start of the match. This unit now excels at short-mid range combat against other rifle infantry and can be equipped with dual Vickers K when munitions are available. The unit's veterancy 1 ability is still camouflage, but is likely to change in the next version of the Beta to better suit the unit.

  • CP requirement from 1 to 0; on initial recharge with a 35 second recharge time. 5 man squad.
  • Entire squad now carries Lee Enfields that excel at mid to short range with 60% moving accuracy.
  • DPS at ranges 0/10/15/20/25/30/35: 6.2/4.73/3.53/2.87/2.39/2.00/1.686
  • Molotov and Sprint locked behind the Platoon Command Post
  • Target size from 0.85 to 0.97
  • Vickers K behind weapon racks. Option to buy 2 for 120, or 1 for 60 when equipped with another slot item.
  • Capture and decapture rate from +33% to +25%
  • Veterancy 2 bonuses changed to: -25% ability recharge, -23% Received Accuracy, and -20% weapon cooldown.
  • Veterancy 3 bonuses changed to +30% weapon accuracy and -15% Received Accuracy.

Royal Engineer Recovery Team
Royal Engineer Recovery Teams have been modified to no longer start with the minesweeper. This will give the squad the option of being an early game combat squad. They now have the option to have the flamethrower. This unit is intended to replace Royal Engineers found in commanders that have the ability to call Recovery Engineers onto the battlefield.

  • Free sweeper removed; must now be manually upgraded for 30 munitions; mutually exclusive with the flamethrower.
  • Can be upgraded with a flamethrower for 60 munitions. Locks out Smoke Grenade ability.


For the Fatherland
With the increase of this ability's duration and its relatively low munition cost, the speed bonus is no longer needed.

  • Sprint bonus when out of combat in friendly territory removed.

Heavy Fortifications

  • Volksgrenadiers can now build barbed wire

leFH 18 105mm Howitzer - OKW and Ostheer variants
The Airburst barrage is having its cost removed as it shares the same cooldown as the standard barrage, in addition to dealing less raw damage to most targets.

  • Airburst Barrage cost removed

The following change should help the Sturmtiger avoid undershooting and colliding with unintended objects. Previously, the rocket's speed was too fast for the distance it travelled, causing it to collide in front of its targets.

  • Projectile speed from 40 to 25
  • Attack delay from 3 to 2.5
  • Projectile sim-box resized to match the actual shell


Stuka Close Air Support

  • Cost from 200 to 225


Airborne Guards

  • CP requirement from 3 to 2

The following change will reduce the amount of time it takes for newly spawned Partisans to equip their weapon upgrades.

  • Upgrade time from 20 to 15.

Bug Fixes

  • Panzerfusilier 'Hurry Up and Move!' now affects the unit's build time rather than dispatch time.
  • M3 Halftrack '... & Roll Out' now affects the unit's build time rather than dispatch time.
  • Osttruppen 'Someone needs to Man those Guns!' now affects the unit's build time rather than dispatch time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Panzer IV did not display the 3D sight buff icon over the model
  • Fixed an issue where the M26 Pershing used an MG 34 sfx for its hull and coaxial machine guns rather than the 30cal sfx
  • Fixed an issue where the M8 Greyhound, Luchs, and KV-2 lacked Prioritize Vehicle icons over the 3D model when the ability was active.
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfusiliers could not reinforce.
  • Fixed an issue where Recovery Sappers repair ability did not benefit from the Heavy Sapper upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where Early Warning Flares would not fire if there was no sight to the capture point.
  • Fixed an issue where Airborne Guards did not get hold-fire when upgraded with PPsh.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288893#Comment_288893

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