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[Nouvelle] Commander Update Preview Beta


Sortie de la Beta "Commander Update Preview" :


Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that the first preview of the Commander Update is now available!

This time around, we are doing things slightly differently. We are releasing this preview as a Beta, as opposed to a Steam Mod. This will allow for easier iteration, and better quality control between the preview and the final update.

To access the beta:

  • In Steam right-click Company of Heroes 2
  • Click Properties
  • Navigate to Betas
  • Select "communitytest"
  • Close the properties window
  • Wait for your game to patch to the Beta build

We will update this preview branch with each new iteration over the coming weeks.

As always, community testing and feedback is essential to help ensure this update is as good as it can possibly be. Please take the time to test these changes and provide your thoughts in the designated feedback threads:

The balance team has also provided a spreadsheet clearly outlining the new vs old Commander lineups.

Known Issues

  • Buildable flak emplacements have no crews. Fix in next build.

Commander Changes


Advanced Emplacements

  • Counter-Battery replaced with Hold the Line


  • Mortar Section replaced with Strafing Run



  • Field Defenses replaced with For the Fatherland

Special Operations

  • Artillery Flares replaced with Sturm Offizer


Festung Armor

  • Command Panzer IV replaced with Panzer IV Ausf. J

Festung Support

  • Stuka Smoke Bombs replaced with Resupply Station
  • LeFH replaced with Command Panzer IV

German Mechanized

  • Mechanized Grenadier Group replaced with 250/1 Halftrack
  • LeFH replaced with Vehicle Crew Repair

Joint Operations

  • Light Artillery Barrage replaced with Resupply Station

Luftwaffe Supply Doctrine

  • Supply Drop Zone replaced with Air Supply Drop
  • Stuka Reconnaissance Run replaced with Luftwaffe Field Officer
  • Stuka Dive Bomb replaced with Heavy Bombing Run

Mobile Defense Doctrine

  • Ostruppen Reserves replaced with Mobile Observation Post.

Storm Doctrine

  • Riegal AT mine replaced with Jeager Command Squad


Conscript Support Tactics

  • Incendiary Barrage replaced with 152mm Howitzer Strike

Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics

  • IL-2 Sturmovik Attack replaced with IL-2 Strafing Run

Lend-Lease Tactics

  • Allied Supply drop replaced with ZIS-6 Supply Truck
  • DHsK 38 HMG replaced with M2HB 50 Cal HMG

Partisan Tactics

  • Tank Hunter Partisans replaced with Anti-Tank Gun Camouflage

Reserve Army Tactics

  • Tank Hunter Partisans replaced with Commissar
  • Infantry Repair kits replaced with Air Supply Drop

Soviet Anti-Infantry Tactics

  • Shock Troops replaced with Assault Guards

Soviet Industry Tactics

  • Vehicle Crew Repairs replaced with Recon Overflight
  • Allied Supply Drop replaced with ZIS 6 Supply Truck

Soviet Shock Army Tactics

  • ML-20 Howitzer replaced with T-34/85
  • IL-2 Sturmovik Attack replaced with 152mm Howitzer Strike
  • Conscript Assault Package replaced with IL-2 Recon Run

Tank Hunter Tactics

  • ML-20 Howitzer replaced with B-203mm Howitzer

General Changes


240mm Barrage
Due to the heavy scatter of the shells of the 240mm Barrage, the cost has been adjusted and the first shell will now always land in the center to force units targeted by this ability to move. The shell damage, however, is still not enough to fully destroy items such as howitzers without additional hits.

  • First shell will always land directly in the center of the target zone.
  • Cost from 250 to 225

Cavalry Riflemen
The cost of Covering Fire has been reduced to better reflect its performance of trading the squad's DPS to force a debuff on another unit.

  • Covering Fire cost from 25 to 20

Combined Arms
While Combined Arms is a difficult ability to use, it scaled incredibly well with late game armies thanks to the bonuses that it provides. The bonuses have been reduced. Some items such as the vehicle sight bonuses were removed to force infantry who do gain the sight bonus to scout ahead to make use of the vehicle range bonus.

  • Infantry Accuracy bonus from +30% to +15%
  • Infantry Reload bonus removed.
  • Vehicle Reload bonus from -30% to -15%
  • Vehicle Sight Bonus Remove
  • Munition cost from 125 to 90

Fired Up
The CP requirement for Fired Up is being reduced to allow Rifle Company to have a mobility advantage earlier in the match.

  • CP requirement from 2 to 1

Heavy Cavalry Company Smoke Barrage
The price of this ability is being reduced to better reflect its performance in comparison to items such as Stuka Smoke Drop and Cover to Cover.

  • Smoke cost from 50 to 40

IR Pathfinder Barrage
Increasing the delay time will make the barrage less deadly to team weapons; currently the ability can knock out guns if they are not immediately moved away. The flares will also appear earlier to give a warning of the incoming artillery barrage.

  • Delay from 5 to 6
  • Artillery warning flares now appear at the start of the ability rather than at the beginning of the first shell's launch.

M26 Pershing
Pershing is being adjusted to be repaired faster due to its reliance on Rear Echelon squads to repair it. The Pershing is also receiving a slight speed buff once it has received veterancy to retain its role as a mobile heavy tank.

  • Health from 960 to 800
  • 15% damage reduction to retain 6 shot kill but faster repair times
  • Veterancy 2 provides +10% speed bonus
  • CP requirement from 12 to 11

M4A3 Sherman 105mm Dozer
The 105mm variant of the Sherman is receiving a number of improvements to make the unit stand out in the Armor Company Commander. For a unit that was mainly restricted to the short-ranged anti-infantry role, its somewhat weak armor and poor mobility made it perform poorly for its price tag. A barrage ability has also been added to allow the 105mm Sherman to help punch holes in defensive lines prior to assaults.

  • Frontal armor from 200 to 215
  • Speed from 5.3 to 5.5
  • Acceleration from 1.6 to 1.8
  • Now has access to a range 60 barrage. Fires 4 shells into the target area with moderate scatter. Costs 35 munitions.

M4A3 Sherman Calliope
To make it easier to eliminate the Calliope when it is caught out of position, the unit is having its health and armor reduced. The minimum range has also been increased to make it harder to 'shotgun' units with a rapid-fire barrage at short range.

  • Armor reduced to 110 from 160
  • Health from 400 to 320

M4A3 Sherman E8
The E8 Sherman is receiving a number of changes that puts it in the range of premium tanks such as the Comet.

  • Range from 40 to 45
  • Speed from 6.1 to 6.3
  • Rotation rate from 32 to 34
  • Fuel cost from 140 to 150

M8 Greyhound Canister Shot
Due to the short-range of this ability which exposes the M8 to danger, Canister Shot is having its cost reduced.

  • Cost from 40 to 35

Mortar Half-Track WP Shells

  • White Phosphorous Barrage cost from 25 to 15

P-47 Strafing Run
Has now been adjusted to evenly distribute its damage in a line. Will no longer single out a particular target when attacking an area. Units outside of this line will not be attacked.

Pathfinders (All Variants)
To allow Pathfinders to act as a sniper counter, the unit is receiving an accuracy bonus to all their weapons against hostile snipers. Adjustments to their sight have been made to make weapons recrewed by Pathfinders slightly less potent.

  • Pathfinder weapons gain accuracy bonuses against snipers; +20% on carbines and sniper Garands
  • Entity sight bonus from 50 to 45; squad still maintains 50 sight.

Rangers have had their stock weapons modified to be M1 Garand rifles that have improved performance over the standard Riflemen M1 Garand. While Rangers will still be generally upgraded with M1 Thompsons or Bazookas, the following change does give the squad the ability to fight at range which few USF squads can do effectively without upgrades.

  • Weapons changed to M1 Garands
  • DPS at range 0/10/15/20/25/30/35: 7.29/5.84/4.63/3.86/3.36/2.94/2.59 vs the old 9.99/6.26/4.48/3.28/2.61/2.19/1.83

Rear Echelon Rifle Grenades
The Rifle Grenade launcher is being adjusted to force user input from the player rather than being an auto-fire weapon that the opponent must constantly dodge.

  • Auto-fire changed to a targeted ability with no munitions cost. 15 second recharge.
  • No longer takes a weapon slot

Reserve Armor
The dozer blade has been removed from Reserve Armor due to the effectiveness of the 76mm Sherman.

  • Renamed 'M4A3 76mm Sherman'
  • Removed the dozer blade; ability now only provides the 76mm Sherman

Rifle Company Advanced Infantry Gear
Given how the flamethrower upgrade takes up the sweeper slot for Rear Echelon and that a second Rear Echelon squad is generally redundant, we are improving the upgrade. This will make Rear Echelon upgraded with the flamethrower more durable against incoming fire.

  • Rear Echelon Flamethrower package now provides -10% received accuracy

Rifle Company White Phosphorous Barrage
The cost of the White Phosphorous Barrage is being reduced to match other light artillery abilities such as Wehrmacht Light Artillery Barrage and Recon Support's Butterfly bombs.

  • Cost from 130 to 110


Air Resupply Operation
The following change to this ability gives the player more control of where the items will land.

  • Can now be dropped into any part of a friendly sector. Is no longer reliant on being dropped directly onto the flag point.

Assault is being adjusted to match other infantry combat boosts. The accuracy bonus is being reduced in exchange for received accuracy. The cost of the ability is also being increased due to the recon planes which no other infantry combat boost has.

  • Cost from 70 to 90
  • +25% accuracy boost change to +15% weapon accuracy and -10% received accuracy for all line infantry.

Assault Section
The N0.77 WP grenade is having its range increased to match other DOT smoke grenades.

  • No.77 WP Grenade range from 15 to 20

Churchill Crocodile

  • CP requirement from 12 to 11

The extra grenade range at veterancy is being reduced. Similar to Panzergrenadiers, the extra range made the gammon bomb too potent, particularly against team weapons, even when suppressed.

  • Veterancy 2 +25% grenade range to -25% recharge rate on Gammon and Smoke grenades
  • Commando Gliders can now train additional Commandos when in friendly territory

Concentrated Fire Operation
Concentrated Fire Operation has been modified to be somewhat similar to Railway Artillery with the first shell being pin-point. However, unlike Railway Artillery, 25 pounder shell will now saturate the target area rather than additional super heavy shells.

  • Now fires a single heavy artillery shell that is pinpoint and 15 25pdr shells that are launched in rapid succession into the target area.

Forward HQ

  • Artillery Barrage ability replaced with Airdropped medical supplies; same ability as the Soviet Airdropped medical supplies. This applies to both converted buildings and upgraded assemblies.

Hold the Line
Hold the Line is being adjusted to be cheaper due to the very expensive nature of the Commander's existing abilities. Additional planes now come in slower to a maximum of two per sector and the rocket plane now will only attack vehicles.

  • Cost from 250 to 150
  • Plane interval delay from 10 to 20
  • Rocket planes now only target vehicles

Improved Fortifications
Improved Fortifications has been modified to provide different bonuses for the emplacements. These changes will give Mortar Emplacements and 17 Pounders new abilities that do not impact their survivability against direct attacks, but allow them to debilitate/force away certain unit types that are within range.

  • Improved Fortifications upgrade removed from Mortar Emplacement and QF 17 Pounder.
  • Now grants White Phosphorous Barrage to the Mortar Emplacement. Fires 4 rounds per mortar. 25 munitions.
  • QF 17 Pounder can fire a direct barrage of HE shells with moderate scatter. 6 Shells. 40 Munitions
  • Bofors still retains the Improved Fortifications upgrade that improves armor and health.

Land Mattress
The Land Mattress has been adjusted to be more mobile on the battlefield, which should make escaping off-maps easier. The white phosphorous barrage cost has also been reduced to match its performance.

  • WP Barrage from 50 to 40 munitions
  • Teardown from 3 to 2
  • Set up from 3 to 2

M3 Resupply Halftrack
The M3 Halftrack is having its CP requirement reduced to better match its performance and timing. The weapon rack restriction has also been removed to incentivize the use of the half-track. Furthermore, with the recent change to the weapons that the M3 can drop, we are changing it so only the owning player's units can receive weapon upgrades.

  • Weapon drop delay from 3 to 1.5
  • Weapon Drop abilities no longer requires weapon racks
  • Weapon drops can now only be targeted on squads owned by the player. Gives weapons directly to the squad rather than dropping them on the ground.
  • CP requirement from 4 to 3

Raid Section

  • 1 CP; Starts as a 5 Man squad. Does not get the received accuracy cover bonus of regular infantry sections, but also does not get the weapon penalties when fighting out of cover. Captures/decapatures points 33% faster over normal sections. Builds items 50% slower.
  • Can be upgraded with a Vickers K LMG. Has access to Fast-Throwing Molotovs and Sprint abilities.
  • Veterancy 1: Stationary Camouflage
  • Veterancy 2: +30% weapon accuracy and -25% on ability recharge
  • Veterancy 3: -20% weapon cooldown and -29% Received Accuracy

Recovery Sappers
To give the British players an option of going for a heavier Sapper squad early on with its commander, Recovery Sappers are now available from the start of the match.

  • Available at the start of the game for 250 manpower; starts with sweeper and five men. No longer affected by Bolster. Initial cooldown of 35 seconds.
  • Smoke grenade locked behind Platoon Command Post
  • Spotting flare removed at target location

Tank Hunter Infantry Section
Tank Hunter Infantry Sections have been adjusted to be better against vehicles by not being dependant on cover for their AT weapons. Their veterancy has also been adjusted to be geared towards fighting vehicles.

  • Veterancy 2 now provides +15% Weapon penetration
  • Veterancy 3 now provide -20% weapon reload
  • No longer has penalties when fighting out of cover with AT Rifles

Vanguard Loiter
The following change will make the rockets of the Hawker more reliable. Currently the Hawkers overshoot their targets by a considerable margin. The Hawker cannons have also been improved to cause more damage to infantry given how there is only one AI plane in the ability.

  • Rocket plane speed from 175 to 140
  • Rocket plane lead in distance from 20 to 8; lead out from 20 to 10
  • Hawker cannon damage from 10 to 14

Vickers K Light Machien Gun
To differentiate this weapon from the Bren Light Machine Gun, the Vickers K is being tuned to a weapon capable of fighting at medium and short-range that can also be fired on the move.

  • Vickers K can now fire on the move with 60% moving accuracy, -25% weapon cooldown and -25% weapon burst.
  • DPS at ranges 0/10/15/20/25/30/35: 12.53/10.81/8.44/7.30/6.36/5.47/4.64


105mm Artillery Barrage
Since off-map abilities cannot be targeted in the base sector, the amount of munitions needed to escalate the ability is being reduced by a significant margin - previously the increase was due to the fact it could destroy the entire USF base. The number of shells will be lower than the old values, but it will be easier to max out the artillery barrage.

  • Requirements for every additional shell from 300/400/500/600 to 225/250/275/300
  • Additional shells per level from 5 to 3

280mm Rocket Barrage
The following change should allow the rocket barrage from Feuerstorm to destroy stationary team weapons. Previously, there were times it could fail to kill howitzers as the projectiles only had penetration on their AOE, but not on direct-hits.

  • Penetration adjusted from 0 to 60
  • AOE penetration to 40

Buildable 20mm Flak Emplacement

  • Population from 4 to 3
  • Can no longer be decrewed. Must be destroyed

Command Panther
With the removal of Artillery Flares from the Special Operations Commander, the Command Panther is receiving a flare ability to somewhat compensate for its loss.

  • Now has access to Artillery Flares ability; 60 range and 50 munitions.

Command Tiger

  • Command Tiger ability no longer debuffs the tank
  • Command Tiger cost to 35
  • CP Requirement from 12 to 11
  • Veterancy 2 now provides -10% weapon scatter

Early Warning Flare Traps
The deployment time of Early Warning Flare traps is being reduced to make using the ability less time consuming.

  • Plant time from 8 to 4

Emergency Repairs
The repair rate of Emergency Repairs is being reduced while the duration is being increased to make the repairs take longer, but restore the same amount of hit points. The ability restored hit points too quickly and got vehicles back into the fray after an incredibly short period of time, in comparison to most other repair abilities.

  • Repair rate from 30 to 20
  • Duration from 15 to 21

For the Fatherland
The duration of For the Fatherland is being increased while the combat speed bonus is being removed to match other infantry combat boosts.

  • Duration from 30 to 45
  • Speed boost deactivated when in combat
  • Recharge from 60 to 90

Heavy Fortification and Field Defenses
The following change was done to give more options to players in terms of their field defenses and to allow the Fortifications commander to retain all its defensive options, while gaining another ability in the form of 'For the Fatherland'.

  • Both abilities now merged together.

Incendiary Munitions for Le.IG
The cost of the incendiary rounds are being reduced to be a more viable option when compared with the standard HE barrage.

  • Cost from 35 to 15


  • Piercing Shell cost from 70 to 60

King Tiger
The change puts the King Tiger's pintle on-par with other vehicles.

  • Pintle cost to 50

Le.FH 105mm

  • Counter Barrage veterancy 1 ability replaced with Overwatch Fragmentation Airburst shells
  • Airburst shells have a larger damage radius, but less direct damage and low penetration; no cost. 60 second duration on target zone

Opel Blitz
The following change will make the Opel Blitz more vulnerable to attack from infantry units and machine guns when caught out of position.

  • Armor from 7/5 to 4/4

Pak 43
The gun health of the Pak 43 is being increased to make the weapon more difficult to destroy, though the weapon will still be vulnerable to decrewing. Penetration has also been increased to match other heavy ATGs.

  • Gun health from 570 to 640
  • Penetration from 380/340/300 to 1000 at all ranges

To improve their effectiveness in the early-game, without making them stronger in the mid-late game or adjusting their cost, Panzerfusiliers are having their rifles adjusted. The following changes will make their starting rifles almost on-par with Volksgrenadier rifles at shorter ranges while their total DPS should still be the same, even with G43 Rifles.

  • Kar98k near accuracy from 0.805 to 0.905
  • Kar98k near cooldown modifier from 0.25 to 0.1
  • G43 near cooldown modifier from 0.25 to 0.375

Radio Silence
Radio Silence is receiving significant adjustments. Its speed bonus is being limited to only acivate when units are out of combat, as well as changes to cooldown and duration. We still want to maintain the ability's purpose of hiding units from the mini-map as it fits with the commander theme and provides a different sort of effect compared to most other abilities. We do want to add counterplay, however, with the ability now giving a warning to all players when the ability activates.

  • Speed Boost now disabled in combat
  • Speed Boost from +20% to +40%
  • Increased cooldown from 90 to 120
  • Duration to 45 from 60
  • Cost from 40 to 70
  • CP requirement from 0 to 2
  • Now plays radio static at the start of the ability when activated for all players

Sturm Offizier
The boosts to hostile squads near a unit that has been affected by Forced Retreat is being removed. This better reflects the ability's high cost and will make it easier to use this ability.

  • Forced Retreat no longer improves the performance of hostile infantry near the retreating squad.

Sturmpioneer Flamethrower
Due to the high cost of Sturmpioneer which leads to only a maximum of two squads being produced at best, the flamethrower is losing its exclusive nature. Players can now choose either to go with the flamethrower for anti-cover and anti-garrison work, or the Panzerschreck to deter vehicles.

  • No longer mutually exclusive with the minesweeper

While being decrewed when reloading is an interesting mechanic, it led to the Sturmtiger being abandoned in very odd circumstances. Whether it be from stray artillery shells, direct-fire shells flying past the target and hitting the Sturmtiger in the background, one often ended up losing the veterancy of the Sturmtiger to things that were not due to the fault of the player. The mechanic is being removed to match the Churchill AVRE which does not suffer this issue.

  • Can no longer be abandoned if hit when reloading

Valiant Assault
Valiant Assault is having its offensive power reduced to reduce the power of veterancy infantry under its influence. To compensate, squads will be more difficult to hit when the ability is active.

  • Bonuses from +25% weapon accuracy to +15% weapon accuracy and -10% Received Accuracy

Zeroing Artillery
Zeroing Artillery has been adjusted to be cheaper which should see the ability used more. Like other overwatch abilities that track their targets, however, there will now be a warning on the mini-map of the area that it covers.

  • Now displays its area on the tactical map in addition to the in-game battle map
  • Cost from 300 to 250


251 Mobile Observation Post
Mobile Observation Post is receiving slight improvements to make it harder to detect the 251 and improve flare usage.

  • Flare cost from 60 to 50
  • Decloak radius from 20 to 15

Assault and Hold
Assault and Hold is having its offensive power reduced to lower the power of veterancy infantry under its influence. To compensate, squads will be more difficult to hit when the ability is active.

  • +25% Weapon accuracy bonus change to +15% weapon accuracy and -10% received accuracy

Assault Officer
The Assault Officer is having its reinforce cost reduced to better reflect the squad's lack of combat power for its timing when compared to other officer squads. The squad is also gaining increased vision radius to provide support without needing to be on the front-line.

  • Reinforce cost from 30 to 26
  • Officer squad now has 50 vision range from 35; does not transfer to crewed team weapons

To encourage the use of this ability which requires fuel, a reload bonus is being added to allow vehicles to make an aggressive push.

  • Now provides a +15% reload bonus when active

Command Panzer IV
The Command Panzer IV is receiving a smoke shell to allow it to support an assault or cover a retreat. The CP requirement has also been removed to allow the Command Tank to arrive when the Support Armor Korp or the Heavy Panzer Korp has been built. The Command Panzer IV has also received two new veteran 1 abilities to replace Blitzkrieg for this test. One of the two will be decided as the final ability at a later date.

  • Can now fire a smoke shell for 15 munitions
  • CP Requirement removed
  • Blitzkrieg ability removed.
  • Light Artillery Barrage: Similar to the commander ability. Fires 4 light shells before having a slight delay the next 4. Fires 12 shells in total. 60 munitions.
  • Mark Vehicle: Mark a hostile vehicle for 30 seconds. Target vehicle is 25% easier to hit and has -20% reduced armor. 35 Munitions.

Concrete Bunker
The following changes will make the bunkers more efficient as platforms to rally a defense around and as repair stations.

  • MG bunker can now reinforce in a radius of 15
  • Repair bunker repair model count from 3 to 4

Counter Attack Tactics
To promote this ability's use, Counter Attack Tactics will now allow squads to decapture territory quickly. This will make the ability more potent in the later stages of the game when most territory points are under player control.

  • Capture Rate from 3 to 2
  • Now provides a Revert Rate of 2

Forward Resupply Station

  • Converts a garrisoned building in friendly territory to a Forward Resupply Station. Converted buildings have 6 Pioneers that will repair vehicles and reinforces nearby infantry.
  • Provides a +15% reload bonus to owned vehicles that are nearby - radius of 25
  • Costs 200 manpower and 45 fuel
  • Requires 5 CPs

Grenadier Jeager Light Infantry Package
Given the frailness of Grenadiers who rely on fighting at range, the G43 upgrade was often a downgrade to the unit, especially in late game scenarios against most infantry squads. To compensate for this weakness, the Jeager Light Infantry Package will now provide a survivability boost to Grenadiers and also give them a standard Grenade for offensive and defensive use.

  • Unlocks Model 24 Grenade ability. Deals damage similar to the Volksgrenadier and Panzerfusilier HE grenades. 25 munitions. Replaces Rifle Grenade.
  • Now grant -10% received accuracy
  • Munition cost from 45 to 60

Hulldown is being adjusted to no longer require infantry. This will make the ability easier to use as a tank can find a good position to set-up without needing to wait for an infantry squad.

  • Vehicles can now use Hulldown without infantry squads. 5 second delay before the bonuses become active once the vehicle has activated the ability

JU-87 Suppression Loiter
The JU-87 Anti-Infantry suppression strafe is having its cost reduced due to its mediocre anti-infantry damage and reliance on a single plane unlike most other loiters.

  • Cost from 150 to 125

Luftwaffe Field Officer

  • Officer squad with Artillery soldiers replaced with Fallschirmjager. Same MP 40s and defensive stats.
  • Smoke artillery barrage replaced with Stuka Smoke Drop; grants no line of sight but has no munitions cost.
  • Coordinated Barrage replaced with Stuka Suppression Run. 60 Munitions
  • Heavy Mortar Barrage replaced with Stuka Reconnaissance Pass. 40 Munitions.

Mortar Halftrack Incendiary
The cost of this ability is being reduced to better match its performance when compared with the standard mortar barrage.

  • Cost from 35 to 20

With the recent changes to Osttruppen, they no longer require their LMG being restricted behind the final tier upgrade.

  • MG 42 upgrade now locked behind Battlephase 2 rather than Battlephase 3
  • Can now build sandbags without commander abilities
  • Construction speed from 1 to 0.66667
  • Veterancy 1 provides +50% construction speed

Panzer Grenadier Support Package
The initial cost of the upgrade is being reduced because two of the three abilities provided already require additional munitions to function. Rudimentary Repair is also seeing a boost to make repairing somewhat viable and worth the cost of pulling the Panzer Grenadier squad from the frontline.

  • Munition cost from 30 to 20
  • Rudimentary Repair Rate from 1.1 to 1.4

Panzer Tactician
Panzer Tactician is gaining a slight delay to its activation to make it slightly harder to instantly block line of sight against anti-vehicle weapons.

  • Now has a 0.5 second delay before the smoke activates

Due to the late CP timing of the Puma which is geared to fight vehicles, its build-time is being reduced to allow it to arrive onto the battlefield sooner.

  • Build time from 40 to 30

Relief Infantry
The number of squads it can grant is being lowered. In exchange, Relief Infantry will provide other boosts such as improvements to build-times and reinforcement speed. Cost and CP requirements have also been adjusted to reflect these changes.

  • Squad count from 3 to 1
  • Osttrupen Squad that arrives always has an MG 42 LMG
  • Now speeds up reinforce and build times of all units by 50%
  • Cost from 120 munitions to 90
  • CP requirement from 6 to 5

Sector Artillery
To make it more difficult to enter areas being protected by Sector Artillery, the delay of the first shell being launched when a target has been sighted is being reduced.

  • Interval delay from 4 to 3

Vehicle detection is having its cost reduced to match other mini-map detection abilities.

  • Vehicle Detection cost from 25 to 15

Strategic Bombing Run

  • Carpet Bomb over a large area in a line; roughly 40 meters
  • Drops a mixture of HE and incendiary bombs
  • 250 Munitions
  • Plane immune to AA fire.
  • 12 command points

StuG E
To give the StuG E more utility, the unit is gaining a smoke barrage to cover assaults. An anti-infantry machine gun can also be added to provide additional firepower.

  • Can now be upgraded with a pintle for 30 munitions; same version used by the StuG G
  • Now has access to an 80 range smoke barrage.

Stuka Incendiary Bombing Run
The Incendiary Bombing Run is being adjusted to be more lethal against infantry by increasing how fast the damage will accumulate when one is standing in the flames.

  • DOT tick rate from 1.25 to 0.75

The Tiger is receiving a CP reduction along with the majority of other heavy tanks. The unit is also regaining some of its scatter bonus at veterancy that was removed in a previous patch to improve its AI performance.

  • CP Requirement from 12 to 11
  • Veterancy 2 now provides -10% weapon scatter

Tiger Ace
The following change puts the Tiger Ace's cost on-par with other super heavy tanks such as the King Tiger.

  • Manpower cost from 800 to 720

Vehicle Crew Repair

  • 4 CP ability. Acts like the OKW Emergency Repair. 35 munitions.


120mm Mortar
The 120mm is having its reload time for barrages reduced. Previously, they were too high when combined with the slow shell speed due to the high-angle arc. We are also giving this unit a new veterancy 1 ability to differentiate from the PM-41 82mm Mortar which reinforces its role as a heavier artillery piece.

  • Barrage Reload from 5.175 to 3.25
  • Veterancy 1 Flares replaced by Delayed Fuse Rounds
  • Delayed Fused Rounds will always penetrate vehicles and deal more direct damage to targets, making them ideal against fortified positions, but ineffective against mobile infantry. 3 second detonation fuse upon landing. 35 Munition cost.

152mm Howitizer Strike

  • Drops 12 Artillery shells into the target area; these shells are the same ones used by the ML-20 Howitzer. Requires line of sight to use.
  • 150 Munitions

Advanced Fortifications
Advanced Fortifications is having a defensive bunker added to the ability to improve the defensive options of the Soviet Army.

  • Engineers can now construct Bunkers. This defensive structure uses the Soviet base MG nest model which has similar stats to the Ostheer Bunker and can be upgraded with a DHsK-38 heavy machine gun for 60 munitions which has the same stats as the USF M2HB 50cal from the Fighting Position.

Airborne Guards
Airborne Guards are having their Assault Package adjusted to offer a different playstyle and be viable to their LMG upgrade. The changes reinforce their role as ambushers with a large number of abilities to aid them during combat.

  • PPSh-41 Tactical Assault removed
  • Now camouflages when stationary and has a +25% ambush bonus when upgraded with the Assault Package upgrade.
  • Fire Superiority cost from 25 to 20

Armored Vehicle Detection
This ability has received a major change to promote its use. By allowing tank guns to track vehicle targets for a short period of time, it should allow Soviets to maintain line of sight on vehicles for additional follow-up shots.

  • All tank weapons gain FOW Tracking similar to UKF Hammer Tracking when they hit vehicle targets while this ability is active.
  • Cost from 60 to 45
  • Recharge time from 60 to 90

Assault Guards
Assault Guards have been heavily adjusted to be a standalone unit that does not require an M5 to bring the squad to the battlefield. They will now have two upgrade paths they can choose from to fulfill certain battlefield roles. Their abilities and veterancy has also been adjusted to make the unit stand out from other units in the Soviet army.

  • Are now deployed standalone. M5 Halftrack removed from the call-in.
  • Price from 510 manpower and 30 fuel to 300 manpower
  • CP requirement from 3 to 2
  • Population from 8 to 9
  • Target size from 1 to 0.97
  • Unit now comes in as a six man unit with SVTs
  • Can be upgraded to 3 Thompson SMGs for 70 or 2 Elite Bazookas for 100
  • RDG-33 Grenade with RDG-33 Grenade Assault. Ability is similar to the Assault Grenadier Grenade Volley ability.
  • Veterancy 1 trip-wire flare replaced with self-healing when out of combat.
  • Veterancy 2 now adds -20% reload to the squad.

B4-203mm Howitzer
The B4-203mm is receiving changes to how the unit functions. The damage has been reduced, in exchange for being able to fire more shells into the target area. This will make the unit more effective at barraging defensive lines, and less reliant on RNG of the first shell.

  • Shells fired from 1 to 3
  • Barrage damage from 640 to 300
  • Adjust AOE from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.325/0.15
  • AOE mid from 5 to 2.5
  • AOE distance near to 0
  • Barrage recharge from 60 to 80


  • See Fear Propaganda Artillery changes

Conscript Assault Package
Conscripts are gaining another submachine gun to their PPSh-41 upgrade to reinforce their role as cheap close-quarter combat troops, rather than having an equal mix of rifles and SMGs.

  • Now adds a 4th PPSh-41

Conscript Repair Package
Conscript Repair Package is being renamed and adjusted to allow Penals to repair vehicles. This should make this commander ability more useful for Penal Battalion builds.

  • Renamed to Infantry Repair Package
  • Penals can now repair objects.

Fear Propaganda
Fear Propaganda has been adjusted to make the start of the ability more reliable with a guaranteed chance of a slow.

  • Now has warning smoke
  • First shell of the Fear Propaganda now automatically slows units and causes +25% received accuracy rather than random chance for an effect. Debuff duration from 30 to 15.
  • Fear Propaganda now also adds a received accuracy debuff of +25% when it slows infantry.

For the Motherland

  • For the Motherland bonus to infantry from +50% weapon accuracy to +15% weapon accuracy.
  • For the Motherland now provides -10% received accuracy for infantry under its effects.

IL-2 Rocket Run
Given the high damage of this ability, we are lowering the penetration of the ability to make the ability less potent - particularly against the heaviest tanks that have limited mobility. Players will now need to set up the rocket run to hit the rear of hostile vehicles to deal high amounts of damage.

  • Rocket penetration from 340 to 80

IL-2 Sturmovik Strafing Run
The Advanced Warfare Commander Strafe is being adjusted to provide reliable damage within a target area. Cost has been adjusted to reflect the ability's power, and its potency against soft targets.

  • Now strafes the target zone rather than units within; deals consistent damage throughout the radius.
  • Damage from 20 to 5
  • AOE from 0 to 4; no damage drop-off
  • Cost from 90 to 110

The IS-2, like other heavy tanks, is seeing its CP requirement reduced. Furthermore, its experience requirements are being lowered to be closer with the veterancy requirements of other heavy tanks.

  • CP requirement from 12 to 11
  • Veterancy requirements 3920/7840/15680 to 3530/7060/14120

KV-1 Heavy Tank
The damage reduction of the KV-1 is being removed to increase the amount of time needed to repair this potent vehicle. Health has been moved back up to compensate. Population has also been adjusted to reflect the unit's power and durability. The change to hull down ensures that the KV-1 will still require 8 shots to be killed off by most tank guns.

  • -20% damage reduction removed
  • Health from 800 to 1040
  • Population from 14 to 16
  • Hull down damage reduction from 0.8 to 0.85

M2HB Team Call-In

  • Call in an M2HB Team for Lend-Lease

ML-20 152mm
To give the ML-20 some utility, the unit is receiving a Creeping Smoke Barrage that will not share a cooldown with the main barrage. This will give Soviet players the ability to block LOS from long-range and give the ML-20 some use when the primary barrage is on cooldown.

  • Veterancy 1 from +1 shells to a Creeping Smoke Barrage; does not share a cooldown with the main barrage
  • HE Barrage shell count from 8 to 9


  • Starts with Kar 98ks; slightly worse than Guard Mosins in terms of reload and moving accuracy
  • Merged into one; now has two seperate upgrade paths
  • AT Package: Grants 1 Panzerschrek, Vehicle Detection, AT Grenades. 60 munitions
  • PPsH Upgrade: Unlocks Molotovs, Frag grenades, PPShes and 5 man. 45 Munitions
  • Concussive Trap now stops the units ability to capture the point for 5 seconds.
  • Concussive Trap damage from 10 to 20
  • Concussive Trap Far AOE from 0.25 to 0.5

PMD-6 Light Anti-Tank Mines

  • Renamed Anti-Tank Fortifications
  • Allows engineers to build tank-traps, PMD-6 Light AT mines and bunkers from Advanced Fortifications.

PTRS Conscripts

  • CP requirements from 2 to 1

Rapid Conscription
Rapid Conscription is being adjusted. The number of squads it can grant is being lowered. In exchange, Rapid Conscription will provide other boosts such as improvements to build-times and reinforcement speed. Cost and CP requirements have also been adjusted to reflect these changes.

  • Squad count from 2 to 1
  • Now speeds up reinforce and build time by 50%
  • CP requirement from 6 to 5
  • Munitions cost from 120 to 90

Shock Troops
The following change puts Shock Troops inline with other Red Army elites.

  • Population from 8 to 9

Spy Network

  • Now only affects the owning player.

SVT Crates
The following change is to delay the SVT Rifles to put this upgrade's timing on par with other weapon upgrades.

  • CP requirement from 1 to 2

ZIS-6 Cargo Truck
The ZIS-6 Truck has been added to the Soviet faction as their version of the Ostheer Opel Blitz Supply Truck. This unit will allow select Soviet commanders to generate resources over-time, so as long as the truck is protected.

  • Replaces Allied Supply Drop ability
  • 200 manpower
  • Acts like the Wehrmacht Opel Blitz truck. Unit can improve the resource gain of territory points it is set-up on.


  • Fixed: Bunker upgrade sight bonuses no longer stack
  • Fixed: M-15 Halftrack machine guns should now obey hold-fire when active


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