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[Mod] Winter Balance Update 2021 Preview v5.0


Mise à jour du mod Winter Balance Update en version 5.0.



Latest version of the mod can be found here.


AT Vehicle and AT Gun Vehicle Prioritize

The majority of dedicated AT units have received adjustments to their prioritize vehicle ability. They will now enter the battlefield with the ability active. Affected units are: Firefly, M10, M36, SU-76, SU-85, Jagdtiger, Jagdpanzer, Elefant, StuG G, All AT Gun squads

  • All AT vehicles and mobile ATG squads start with prioritize vehicle active. Recrewed vehicles and recaptured team weapons default to prioritizing vehicles.

Anti-Air Prioritize

  • Non-Grid Hotkey from Z to H


Wire is being adjusted so units will no longer get trapped in them until they are clear.

  • Will only become impassable and neutral once the owning player has no infantry within 2m of the wire.


All buildable sandbags have been adjusted to have a small cover radius so they do not provide cover when they have been wired off.

  • Adjusted cover radius of Soviet and all other constructable sandbags


M4A3 Sherman 75mm

The experience values of the Sherman are being brought in-line with its cost.

  • Experience requirements from 2020/4040/8080 to 1780/3560/7120

M15 AA Halftrack

In AA mode, the M15 is still too strong compared to other AA units. Values for the machine guns have been lowered while the cannon has been restored to its previous form. If anymore adjustments are to be made on the unit's AA performance, it will be on its two machine guns.

  • Machine gun AA chance from 15% to 8%
  • AA mode 37mm AA chance from 20% to 30%


Assault Officer

The Assault Officer is having their experience requirements slightly lowered to match other officer units and to compensate for the unit's need to close the distance to be effective unlike most other officer units.

  • Experience requirements from 720/1440/2880 to 680/1260/2520


Due to its the reliance on speed to survive, the Cromwell's veterancy is being adjusted so its mobility bonuses come earlier. Hunt has also been modified to give additional penetration, improving the Cromwell's ability to finish off heavier vehicles that have been wounded. Experience values have been slightly adjusted to reflect the unit's price.

  • Hunt ability: Now also grants +20% bonus to penetration during the ability in addition to +20% moving accuracy and vehicle detection through the FOW.
  • Hunt duration from 20 to 25
  • Hunt munition cost from 25 to 30
  • Veterancy 2 +35% weapon traverse speed and +30% reload bonuses moved to veterancy 3
  • Veterancy 3 +20% reload speed, +20% rotation speed, +20% de/acceleration, and +20% maximum speed moved to veterancy 2
  • Experience requirements from 1820/3640/7280 to 1780/3560/7120


The Comet is receiving slight adjustments to its AOE as part of a bug-fix and its scatter is being slightly increased. Furthermore, its high turret traverse is being lowered to be on-par with the M4 Sherman. Due to an error in naming and placement of the files, please note the previous change to White Phosphorous was already set to the correct value.

  • AOE near damage now correctly set to 0.75 from 1
  • Turret traverse from 45 to 40
  • Scatter from 5.25 to 5.75
  • Ignore previous White Phosphorous change; value was already set to 2 in live.



The Brummbar is receiving a slight reduction in its armor to reduce its durability against massed AT fired. Its high damage alpha against infantry will be retained to make it a desirable unit.

  • Armor from 260 to 250

Grenadier Veteran Squad Leader

The G43 is being replaced with the Volksgrenadier StG 44 to lower the firepower of the VSL upgrade. The G43 gave the unit high burst damage when combined with Grenadier rifles due to each shot dealing 16 damage and significant firepower when on the moving. The weapon may be adjusted in the future to find a middle ground between both weapons.

  • Grenadier G43 changed to Volksgrenadier StG 44


Panzer II Luchs

Recent testing shows the Luchs is too potent versus garrisons as it would deal damage to everyone in the squad. The damage value has been lowered to an area between the old and new value from the last update.

  • Damage modifier to garrisons from 0.5 to 0.4


The Raketenwerfer is being modified to be less prone to the deathloop when it losses a crew member. This is on-par with the Maxim, 50cal, and Dshka changes.

  • Attach time from 0.7333 to 0


  • Should now be more responsive when firing smoke.


Mechanized Armor Kampenya

Soviet tech costs are being adjusted with the Soviet Tankiovy Battalion having its price reduced while the price of the Mechanized Armor Kampenya has been increased. With the nerf to units such as the T70, there is no longer a reason for Soviet LVs to arrive much later than their counterparts.

  • Cost from 240 manpower and 90 fuel to 280 manpower and 100 fuel

Tankiovy Battalion

  • Cost from 240 manpower and 85 fuel to 200 manpower and 75 fuel

Penal Battalion

Penals are receiving a slight manpower reduction to better match their performance, timing, and tech cost in the early game.

  • Manpower cost from 300 to 290

M5 Halftrack Quad Upgrade

The AA mode of the Quad has been increased further to improve its performance against aircraft.

  • AA Chance from 3% to 5%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Ostheer's Puma projectile did not display properly
  • Fixed an issue where Commandos would become temporary invulnerable when deploying smoke on retreat.
  • Fixed an issue where new Raketenwerfer crew members would be visible if the unit was reinforced while cloaked.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288536#Comment_288536

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