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[Mod] Winter Balance Update 2021 Preview v4.0


Mise à jour du mod Winter Balance Update en version 4.0.



Latest version of the mod can be found here.


Mobile Anti-Tank Guns

While double anti-tank guns are strong in smaller game modes, we do not want to impact their offensive performance or population. Instead, we want to focus counterplay by offering players additional options to break through an AT wall and make over-extended AT guns easier to punish.

  • All mobile anti-tank gun squads - Pak, 6 Pounder, ZiS-3, Soviet 45mm, Raketenwerfer, 57mm - have an innate received accuracy penalty of +10%; this stacks with the type of entity that recrews the gun. Example: Conscripts recrewing an anti-tank gun go from 1.087 target size to 1.196; Panzergrenadiers recrewing would go from 0.8 to 0.88

Mobile Mortar Smoke (M21, 250 Half-Track, USF/British 81mm, Soviet 82mm, Osther 81mm)**

To encourage further the usage of smoke against defensive positions, mortars are being made more responsive and are gaining an additional smoke shell per barrage. Their wind down times are also being reduced to speed up how quickly a mortar can saturate a target area with smoke shells. Scatter bonuses at veterancy 3 have also been removed from smoke barrages to maintain decent area coverage.

  • Pivot time from 2 to 1.25
  • Smoke Barrage wind down from 2 to 0.375
  • Number of smoke shells per barrage from 3 to 4
  • Scatter bonuses at veterancy 3 no longer apply to smoke barrages

Brummbar and Dozer 105mm Sherman

These units will now have their pintles automatically fire at infantry when in Hold-Fire mode. Both units excel at attack-ground are best left on hold-fire so players can direct their shots, but their machine guns would have limited opportunity to engage without changes.

  • When in hold-fire mode, pintle mounted MG will still fire at infantry when within range, but not aircraft or vehicles.


Officer Transfer Orders

Given how USF is given a free officer as part of their teching structure, we are giving players an option to call-off their officers to avoid taking up population. This is primarily for the late game where a player back-techs but does not want to be burdened by a fresh officer squad.

  • New Ability on Barracks: Officer Transfer Orders
  • Ability forces the selected Officer squad - Lieutenant, Captain, Major - to withdrawl from the map. This ability does not refund any resources.

M1 81mm Mortar

Given the weaker stats of the USF mortar in terms of its AOE, the unit is receiving a slight price reduction to better reflect its performance.

  • Cost from 240 to 230

M7 Light Anti-Vehicle Mine

The build time of the M7 Mine is being decreased to make these cheap mines easier to plant.

  • Build time from 6 to 5

Pack Howitzer

With the lethality decrease to the Pack Howitzer, the unit is having its 6th man returned to help with its limited survivability - particularly against late game rocket artillery.

  • Crew size from 5 to 6; population unchanged at 8

M15 AA Half-Track

To give the Captain some anti-sniper power, the machine guns on the M15 are gaining bonuses against snipers. The AA mode for the M15 is also being toned down as the M15 has multiple guns dedicated to killing aircraft while other AA units only have one.

  • M15 machine guns now have a 15% accuracy bonus against snipers
  • AA Mode 37mm chance to destroy planes from 30% to 20%; remains at 30% when not in AA mode


Royal Engineers

Royal Engineers are being moved to the HQ to encourage different builds from the British, help provide map control over the more expensive Infantry Section, and provide a cheaper supporting unit. A number of their abilities and construction options are being pushed back to avoid having a significant impact in the early game.

  • Now trained in the HQ rather than the Platoon Command Post
  • Destroy Cover, Heat Grenade, and Forward Assembly require Platoon Command Post


Given the changes to Royal Engineers and the timing of most healing options for other factions, Medics are being moved into the Platoon Command Post.

  • Now trained at the Platoon Command Post rather than the HQ

Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier is receiving a slight nerf by adding a fuel cost to the unit. Its effectiveness in the early game warrants a slight delay to British teching.

  • Fuel cost to 5



The Raketenwerfer is having its target size increased to match other anti-tank guns. This should have no impact when the gun is crewed, but will make abandoned Raketenwerfers easier to destroy.

  • Gun target size from 10 to 20

Le.IG 18
In line with the mortar smoke changes, the Le.IG is having its reload reduced on its smoke barrage.

  • Le.IG smoke reload from 2.3/3.6 to 0.55/1.85

Panzer II Luchs

The Luchs is being made into a proper detection vehicle to reinforce its role as an infantry hunter. Its penalties against heavy cover and garrisons are also being reduced to make the Luchs more effective at attacking infantry in defensive positions.

  • Detection range from 15 to 25
  • Damage modifier against heavy cover and garrisons from .25/0.3 to 0.5


The Hetzer is having its initial target size increased to make it easier to drive off in the mid-game thanks to its new timing. Previously, it was too difficult to hit for the amount of armour and health it had.

-Target size from 15 to 17
-Veterancy 1 now also provides 0.8824 Received accuracy, returning its target size back to 15.


Infanterie Kompanie and Battle Phase 1

Changes to Ostheer teching has been reverted due to how they impact strategies that do not rely on call-ins. Further adjustments will be made to focus on the commander infantry call-ins rather than the tech.

-Changes to fuel costs reverted


To delay Osttruppen without impacting other strategies, we are moving them to the Tier 1 with the changes to tech being reverted. This will put the deployment time of Osttruppen on-par with Grenadiers

  • Reverted changes to being being trained in the HQ with the Osttruppen Commander or being called-in via the Defense Commander
  • Are now trained from the Infanterie Kompanie; 25 second build time, 200 manpower cost.


Grenade Package

We are merging Molotovs and AT grenade into one package. This will make both grenade abilities cheaper than they once were seperately.

  • AT Grenades and Molotovs merged into "Grenade Package" upgrade found on the Soviet HQ.
  • Costs 150 manpower and 15 fuel

Tripwire Flare Mines

Given how cost effective Tripwire Flare mines thanks to their ability to inflict a model loss, provide vision, and are readily available on Conscripts and Combat Engineers, their cost is being increased to better reflect their performance.

  • Cost from 10 to 15


The sandbag changes that were applied to the other factions will now apply to Conscripts in the early game to encourage more mobility and positioning. Conscripts will build items faster once they have veterancy as they are reliant on their sandbags during the mid-game period.

  • Sandbag build time from 13 seconds to 18
  • Veterancy 1 grants +35% increased build speed

Mobilize Reserves (Conscript Munition Upgrade)

  • Reverted change to veterancy gain; now once again gain +20% veterancy when upgraded.

M5 Half-Track

The AA chance for the M5 are still being fine-tuned to be more reliable, without the ability to instant destroy planes.

  • AA chance from 2% to 3%
  • Gains 'Force Reload' ability when upgraded to the M5 Quad.

Mobilize Reserves (Global Upgrade)

The Mobilize Reserves changes for Conscripts and the Mechanized Armor Kampenya are being reverted. While the upgrade could have stood on its own, it did not give an incentive for players to rush towards their final tier. The bonus to Conscripts is also being removed.

  • Changes to Conscript global veterancy reverted
  • Reverted change to Mechanized Armor Kampenya; now grants upgrade for free for once more.

T-34 Ram Ability

The majority of changes to ram are being reverted. The main issues are linked to certain off-map abilities, though, we are replacing the complete stun ram provided to give vehicles hit by this ability some ability to maneuver out of off-maps.

  • Reverted changed all changes; see below for updated list
  • Ram inflicted criticals: Main Gun Destroyed, Heavy Engine Damage and Immobilized removed
  • Ram no longer deals a complete stun on penetration and deflection. Instead, it will now slows target by 75% for 5 seconds and disables weapons.


  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Sappers costs more to reinforce than normal sappers.
  • Fixed a bug where the 50cal gunner was not affeted by suppression movement penalties.
  • Fixed an issue where smoke and AT grenades for Recovery Sappers would share a cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where a destroyed Hetzer would give a heavy tank destroyed announcement.
  • Fixed an issue where the Royal Artillery Coordinated Barrage would not drop warning flares into the target zone when activated.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288521#Comment_288521 (merci Rytsu pour le lien)

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