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[Mod] Winter Balance Update 2021 Preview v3.0


Mise à jour du mod Winter Balance Update en version 3.0.




Main Gun Criticals

While main gun criticals are an issue in competitive play, we do not want to remove this feature entirely from Company of Heroes as these moments can make for intense moments for the non-competitive side of play. Instead, we are reducing the chance for the Main Gun critical to happen primarily during medium tank engagements when under attack from sources that deal 160 damage.

  • Main Gun Critical now has a chance to trigger at 20% rather than 25%


To avoid accidental mis-clicks on ambient structures which the Panzerfaust does barely any damage against, panzerfausts will no longer be able to target them.

  • Panzerfausts can no longer target ambient structures

Puma and Sniper Critical/Aimed Shot

  • Critical against Assault guns now inflicts a -75% speed and rotation debuff for 5 seconds and disables the weapon rather than slowing the unit to a complete halt and cancelling orders until the debuff wears off.
  • SU-76 will no longer receive engine damage from the ability in addition to being stunned.

M8 Scott

The rate of fire on the M8 barrage is being increased, improving its ability to pressure stationary target

  • Barrage reload from 2.75/2.9 to 1.75/1.9

M15 AA Half-track

Adjustments have been made to the M15

  • Should no longer do strange rotations when given orders to attack ground or engage units on the far left or right of its arc; note machine guns no longer follow attack orders due to engine limitations.
  • New ability: M15 Anti-Aircraft Mode. Enables the M15 to have 360 degree rotation, but cannot be ordered to attack ground target. Can only engage aircraft when in this mode. Replaces Prioritize Aircraft



Previously Conscripts received a +10% accuracy bonus at veterancy 3 due to their low stats and lack of upgrades. With the introduction of items such as Mobilize Reserves and SVTs, Conscripts no logner need such high bonuses to scale into the late game.

  • Veterancy 3 +10% accuracy bonus removed
  • Mobilized reserves munition upgrade to the squad Reserves no longer grants +20% veterancy gain.

Mobilize Reserves - Global Upgrade

We are decoupling this upgrade from tech. Our focus with this upgrade will be to make this a worthwhile choice for the player when deciding whether they want to rush for tanks or focus on a stronger infantry game.

  • Mechanized Armor Kampenya no longer grants Mobilized Reserves for free.
  • Mobilized Reserves now grants +20% veterancy gain to Conscripts and Penal Battalion.

T-34 Ram Ability

Due to being an iconic ability of the game, community feedback, and the role the ability plays, Ram will no longer require veterancy 1. Instead, a health requirement will stop fresh T-34/76s from being used to ram tanks and used more as a desperate act.

  • Veterancy 1 requirements removed
  • Ram requires 50% or less health to trigger


The following changes will make the Kubelwagen more effective on the move focused primarily on sniper. Previously, a Kubelwagen would do no damage when chasing down a sniper due to its extremely high penalties on its burst duration.

  • Kubelwagen moving burst duration from 0.1 to 0.75
  • Kubelwagen moving cooldown from 0.1 to 0.8


Panzer II Luchs

The Panzer II is having its detection range increased to improve its ability to hunt camouflaged infantry units and perform a basic scouting role.

  • Camouflage detection from 5 to 15

Forward Retreat Point

The Battlegroup Forward Retreat Point is having its cost reduced to better reflect its current value in-game.

  • Cost from 300 manpower to 250


Infantry Section

The Raid package is being scrapped with focus being placed on other elements of the British arsenal to help take map control. Furthermore, their medical kits are being increased in price due to how efficient they are while Mill Bombs are having their fuse time increase to match other grenades.

  • Raid Package removed
  • Grenade fuse time from 1 to 1.25
  • Medical Supplies upgrade from 30 to 45

Vickers HMG Team
The passive bonus of the Vickers is being changed into a timed ability. This should allow the Vickers's veterancy 1 ability be more useful in the majority of situation.

  • 'Take Aim' replaces veterancy 1 garrison bonus. Improves range by 7, accuracy by +15%, penetration by +6. Cycle a reload before activating. Can be used in garrisons. 15 munitions.

Royal Engineers

Sappers and the Assault Officer are having their capture rate to help increase the UKF's map control in the later stages of the game.

  • Capture rate from 1 to 1.25

Assault Officer

See above.

  • Capture rate from 1 to 1.25


The Cromwell is receiving a new veterancy 1 ability to aid its role as a mobile tank that excels at hunting down injured or lightly armoured vehicles.

  • Veterancy 1 smoke recharge replaced with the 'Hunt' ability; detects vehicles in the FOW up to range 60 and improves moving accuracy by 20% for 30 seconds. 25 munitions.


The Churchill is having its population change reverted. If the unit receives additional changes, it will be to make the unit more potent individually.

  • Population reverted to 19

Quality of Life

  • Royal Engineers - regular and recovery - now share a single selection group
  • All Panthers now share the same selection group
  • Raketenwerfer will now try to reverse up to ranges of 60

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Land Mattress would auto-set up when enemies wer ein range
  • Fixed an issue where the Tommy Scoped Rifle was not using the proper stats.
  • Fixed an issue where Guards Rifle Infantry, 120mm Mortars, and Jagdtiger call-in UI displayed the incorrect population.
  • Fixed an issue were Assault Engineers were population 8 rather than 7
  • Fixed an issue where the 251 radio beacon could not be bypassed by land units.
  • Fixed an issue where the Churchill had less gun depression than other tanks
  • Combined Arms ability for USF should no longer randomly trigger on certain maps when the required unit is not nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where Stuka Recon from CAS had less sight than intended.

Mod Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where OKW medics did not have a healing aura
  • Fixed an issue where the OKW Puma wreck could not be crushed

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288514#Comment_288514

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