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[Info] Informations concernant la prochaine mise à jour


Stalingrad/ Westwall bug

Message d'Andy :


Clarification regarding Stalingrad/ Westwall bug The recent update to Westwall was incompatible with the live game client. As a result, the game client was defaulting to Stalingrad when Westwall was selected by automatch. Westwall has been removed from automatch pending further investigation. Stalingrad should no longer be a stealth automatch map.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/280857#Comment_280857

Commander Revamp and USF Tech Update

Voici une partie de l'email envoyé par Relic le jeudi 6 décembre :


Finally, in case all of that wasn't enough, COH2 players can look forward to a seriously juicy content update during the week of December 10th with our Commander Revamp Update. Together with our invested players and community balance team, we gave 10 underdog commanders a serious overhaul! Major props to everyone involved! Additionally, as part of this patch, players will also be able to enjoy an updated USF Tech System, and some general quality of life balance changes. Expect new strategies, new abilities, and even a few new units in what's going to be an incredible update for the game.

La prochaine mise à jour comprendra donc la refonte de deux commandants (Commander Revamp Preview) par faction (avec au programme de nouvelles stratégies, nouvelles compétences et quelques nouvelles unités), la nouvelle organisation du "tech tree" pour la faction USF et quelques changements au niveau de l'équilibrage générale.

Elle est prévu pour le mardi 11 décembre ou le mercredi 12 décembre.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/281011#Comment_281011

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