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[Nouvelle] Commander Update Preview Beta v3


Mise à jour de la Beta "Commander Update Preview".



This change will move Officers in-line with other mobile infantry units that can recrew team weapons.

  • All Officer units can now recrew team weapons

Plane Crashes
While the previous changes helped reduce the impact of plane crashes, they did not stop hostile planes from wiping out squads on the opposing side due to their ability to crush. The following change fixes that issue.

  • Planes can no longer crush infantry


240mm Artillery
The following change allows the first shell of 240mm artillery to knock out howitzers, allowing Armor Company to destroy artillery in larger game modes.

  • First shell damage from 320 to 400

M26 Pershing
The M26 Pershing is seeing its reload bonuses increased to compensate for the vehicle's wind-down time which is not affected by veterancy.

  • Veterancy 3 reload bonus from +30% to +35%

M4A3 Sherman 76mm
The Sherman 76mm is seeing its rate of fire decreased to be more in-line with other turreted tanks.

  • Standard shell reload from 4.1/4.5 to 4.85/5.25

M4A3 Sherman 105mm Dozer
The Sherman 105mm Dozer is having its barrage moved to veterancy 1 and its Radio Net ability removed. This change allows a stronger barrage to be gated behind veterancy which can outrange most anti-tank guns and allows the Dozer to act as pseduo-artillery unit. Its reload bonuses are also being increased to make up for the loss of Radio Net.

  • Barrage ability moved to veterancy 1
  • Barrage range from 50 to 70
  • Shell count from 4 to 5
  • Veterancy 3 reload bonus from 0.9 to 0.8
  • Radio Net removed

M4A3 Sherman E8
The following gives the Sherman E8 additional options when not being upgraded with its pintle. We are currently still reviewing the capabilities of this tank, however, we do not want to greatly improve the E8's anti-infantry power due to its ability to defeat most medium tanks thanks to its armor and additional health.

  • Can now be upgraded with a tank commander mutually exclusive with the M2HB 50cal. Grants +10 sight and +10% weapon accuracy

M8 Greyhound
The following change makes it easier to upgrade the M8 Greyhound which sits in a fairly munitions heavy commander.

  • M2HB upgrade munition cost from 60 to 45

Paratroopers - All Variants

  • All upgrades now shared amongst the Paratrooper varieties; mines and demo charges still stay unique to their respective variants.

This makes Flares similar to other Riflemen abilities which gain range increases when they reach veterancy 3.

  • Veterancy 3 +35% range bonus now affects Flares.

To bring back some of the mobile aspects of USF vehicles that is found in the faction, the WC-51 is gaining a self-repair ability.

  • Now has access to Crew Self Repair ability for 25 munitions


Defensive Operations
We are giving Infantry Sections further options that are not just emplacements to allow for more defensive play.

  • Infantry Sections can now build mines and barbed wire

Early Warning
Early Warning's ability to light up all front-line sectors made it very efficient, particularly in large game modes with minimal input. The changes below will make Early Warning a choice of which area they want to target.

  • Cost from 50 to 35
  • Now a targeted ability that can only light up one frontline sector

Forward Assembly
Minor changes will make the Forward Assembly more user friendly and resource efficient as one will not need multiple Assemblies for the Forward HQ and healing. Advanced Assembly is also having its cost adjusted to make it less manpower heavy and similar to the Soviet Repair Station in terms of cost.

  • Medics and Forward Command HQ upgrades no longer mutually exclusive.
  • Advanced Assembly Repair upgrade cost from 200 manpower to 100 manpower and 45 munitions

Forward Observation Post
The Strafing Run from the Observation Post was capable of destroying full squads reliably which made it the most potent ability for the Forward Observation Outpost, overshadowing the others. The following changes makes the ability a suppression tool meant to stop massed infantry assaults.

  • Strafing Run cost from 150 to 125
  • Strafing Run suppression from 0.0135 to 0.035
  • Suppression radius from 10 to 20
  • Strafing Run damage from 14 to 7

Raid Section
We are continuing to make changes to the Raid Section with the main change being the reduction in the unit's long-range DPS, making them function somewhat differently to standard Infantry Sections during fights. We are continuing to monitor the unit with possible plans to alter additional weapons to focus their range for mid-short range combat.

  • Cost from 280 to 300
  • One model now carries one Thompson SMG; similar to those used by USF officers
  • Sprint cost from 10 to 15


Off-Map Rocket Barrage
The increase in penetration will ensure that the Off-Map Rocket Barrage found in Firestorm can destroy howitzers. Previously, with the recent changes, rockets could deflect off the gun and fail to kill it.

  • Penetration from 60 to 80
  • AOE penetration from 60 to 70

We are reverting the changes to Panzerfusiliers to prevent them from completely overshadowing Volksgrenadiers, particularly in team games.

  • Kar98k and G43 weapon changes reverted
  • Cost changes reverted

Sturm Offizer
The Officer's sight will now always be at 50 in-game meters, even if the model is lost. Previously, he was the only unit in the game that lost their increased sight range when a particular model was killed. We are also adding a slight combat penalty to the officer when he activates Forced Retreat as one cannot counter his ability to force units to retreat. This will make him easier to focus down when forcing retreats on the front-line.

  • 50 sight range moved from officer model to squad.
  • When activating Forced Retreat, the Officer receives +20% Received Accuracy for 10 seconds.

Thorough Salvage
Thorough Salvage is a fairly weak ability that offers only benefits in select circumstances where there are objects to salvage. We are giving the ability an additional option to allow OKW more repair options early on, allowing their Sturmpioneers to take on other tasks.

  • Grants upgrade for Volksgrenadiers: Repair Kit upgrade for 20 munitions. Allows Volksgrenadiers to repair when upgraded. Does not take up any weapon slots.
  • Volksgrenadier repair at a speed of 1.25 per model for a total of 6.25.


Mechanized Commander

  • Smoke bombs replaced with leFH 105mm

The increase in bonus accuracy will give Osttruppen slightly more firepower in the late game with their upgrades.

  • Bonus accuracy when using slot items from +25% to +50%

Panzer IV Commander Tank
The Command tank is receiving Mark Target as its ability for veterancy 1. With smoke, the artillery barrage allowed the Command Tank too many options to pressure team weapons and force them to move. Mark Target is more in-line with the tank's role as a support unit and will help units like the StuG G and Paks deal with heavier vehicles and land hits more consistently.

  • Light artillery barrage removed.
  • Mark Vehicle renamed to Mark Target; keeps the ability's name on-par with the WC-51's ability which has similar effects

Strategic Bombing Run

  • Delay from 10 to 5


Assault Guards
The following change puts Assault Guards on-par with other elite infantry in terms of cost. While not the most powerful unit, they do have very strong scaling thanks to their veterancy and upgrades.

  • Cost from 300 to 340

B4 203mm Howitzer
The B4 is having its damage increased on its barrage and its reload times reduced to allow more shells to reach the target zone faster, with the shells that do arrive, causing more damage to structures and vehicles. Do note, the unit has a large wind down time, putting its reload at around 8 seconds between shells versus the Ml-20s 5 second total reload time.

  • Reload from 7.3 to 3
  • Barrage Damage from 300 to 400
  • Barrage AOE damage from 1/0.325/0.15 to 1/0.24375/0.1125
  • Barrage AOE from 10 to 12

IL-2 Sturmovik Strafing Run
This puts the IL-2 Sturmovik Strafing Run on-par with other early artillery and airstrike abilities.

  • CP requirement from 10 to 8


  • M2HB 50cal reverted to DhSK HMG

Shock Army

  • IL-2 Recon Run replaced with Armored Vehicle Detection


  • Fixed an issue where the Riflemen Molotov are not placed in position 33 after the AT grenade change.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soviet Bunker gave 45 sight rather than 40.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soviet Bunker would take 45 seconds to upgrade rather than 20.
  • Fixed an issue where the Officer Strafing Run and Recon shared the same hotkey; Strafing Run hotkey changed to B.
  • Fixed an issue where Combat Engineers were not affected by vehicle detection.
  • Fixed an issue where the leFH 105mm Airburst barrage did not cost munitions. Should be correctly priced at 30.
  • Fixed an issue where Hold the Line did not provide a second set of planes.
  • Fixed an issue where the 17 Pounder needed veterancy 1 for its HE barrage.
  • Fixed an issue where Assault Guard Grenade Volley was not affected by suppression.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288860#Comment_288860

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