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Company of Heroes France

[Bogue] Beta - Correction des plantages lors de la lecture de ralentis


Si vous avez des plantages lors de la lecture de ralentis, vous pouvez tester cette beta et remonter à JohnT_RE sur le forum de coh2.org si cela a résolu ou non le soucis.

Message de JohnT_RE :


Hey everyone, we'd really appreciate it if you could test this build that has a potential fix for crashing replays. You can follow the below steps on Steam to access the build.

• Right-click Company of Heroes 2 in your Steam Library, and select properties.
• Navigate to the Betas tab
• Enter the password "JubakBrabitTobu" to unlock the private Beta.
• From the dropdown menu at the top, select "communitytest2".
• Close the properties window and your game should patch to this version.

Please report back on your findings. If you have a crash, report that as usual and provide your replay file, DxDiag information and any video recordings. If you have success with this build, that's great and we want to hear about it.

Thanks again for all your help as we work to resolve this issue.

Source : https://www.coh2.org/topic/107754/coh2-replay-crash-potential-fix

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