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[Annonce] Summer 2021 Balance Patch Beta v3


Version 3 de la Beta du Summer 2021 Balance Patch.


Update – August 26, 2021


Bolster Infantry Squads

  • Manpower change reverted from 125 to 150

Churchill AVRE

The Churchill AVRE is having its price increased to better reflect its performance. Furthermore, its armor is being reduced to make it easier to ward off with AT weapons.

  • Armor from 290 to 260
  • Fuel cost from 160 to 175



The Sturmtiger is having its price increased to better reflect its performance.

  • Fuel cost from 165 to 185


Ambush Camouflage 

To create consistency for the sprint abilities and lower the impact of Ambush Camouflage on long-range units, we are reverting the sprint change. Instead, the ambush bonus for all units except Panzer Grenadiers is being reduced to lower the impact of weapons such as LMGs.

  • Reverted sprint change
  • Grenadier, Jaegar Command Squad, and HMG ambush bonus from +50% to +25%


The Grenadier StG 44 for Veteran Squad Leaders is being boosted to provide increased firepower for the unit.

  • StG 44 near burst from 1.25 to 1.5
  • StG 44 near accuracy from 0.55 to 0.575


120mm Mortar 

The 120mm mortar is having its formation tightened to make the unit more vulnerable to counter fire. In-comparison to the Pack Howitzer, regular Mortars, and the leIG, the unit is difficult to dislodge with indirect fire weapons. This is due to its spread-out formation in addition to being animated for only 1 model.

  • Formation tightened

B4 203mm Howitzer

  • Recharge from 100 to 90




The M8A1 is having its barrage deal increased damage within 1m. The increase also comes with a very limited one-hit kill radius to help it bleed manpower on direct hits.

  • Barrage AOE near distance from 1 to 0.25
  • Barrage AOE near damage from 0.75 to 1
  • Veterancy requirements from 1260/2520/5040 to 1000/2000/4000

M26 Pershing

The armor of the Pershing is being increased to improve the unit's survivability.

  • Armor from 270 to 290

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the magazine of the Boys AT rifle for Infantry Sections was misaligned.
  • Captain and Assault Officer combat buffs no longer force the officer squad to face their target.
  • Raid and Assault Sections should now use the correct winter skins.
  • JLI now uses the correct skins.
  • M2HB 50cal HMG is no longer slowed by light or heavy cover; this puts the HMG on-par with other HMGs.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/coh-franchise/company-of-heroes-legacy/forums/5-company-of-heroes-2-general/threads/1561-coh2-summer-2021-balance-patch-beta?page=1#post-8998

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