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[Annonce] Summer 2021 Balance Patch Beta


L'équipe d'équilibrage annonce la première version (~80Mo) de la Beta du Summer 2021 Balance Patch.

Changelog :


CoH2 Summer 2021 Balance Patch - BETA

We are releasing the latest CoH2 patch first as a Beta. This will allow for easier iteration as we prepare the final patch. 


To access the Beta: 

  • In Steam right-click Company of Heroes 2 
  • Click Properties 
  • Navigate to Betas 
  • Select "Community3” 
  • Wait for your game to patch to the test build 

We will update this Beta branch with any new changes if need be during the testing period. As always, community testing and feedback is essential to help ensure this update is as good as it can possibly be. Please take the time to test these changes and provide your thoughts in the designated feedback thread.

General Changes

All Sandbags 

Sandbags have received an increase in target size to make them easier to hit when attacked directly by ballistic weapons such as tank guns. 

  • Target size of 1 to 20 

Medium Mobile Mortars 

The following change will allow veteran mortars to launch smoke rounds from further away, reducing the requirement for them to re-deploy for smoke screens. 

  • Veterancy 2 now also increases smoke range by 20 in addition to other bonuses 

MG Formations 

  • The forward two models have been moved back to be almost at the same position of the MG gunner when deployed in the open. This change will reduce some of the extra sight gained by MGs due to their forward models and increase the crew's vulnerability to AOE. 


Snipers are having the following change tested to reduce their mobility to weaken their ability to soft retreat from fights when they are rushed by infantry squads. 

  • Now take a -25% speed penalty upon firing for 5 seconds; this penalty does not stack on itself. 

Ultra Light Vehicles (WC-51, Universal Carrier, Kubelwagon, M3 Scout Car) 

  • Now have access to Force Reload ability 

40mm Bofors AA Emplacement 

  • Population from 8 to 6 

AEC and Bofors Sidetech 

A number of British side techs are having their manpower costs reduced to make affording these upgrades less demanding on an already manpower heavy faction. 

  • Manpower cost from 100 to 75 

Bolster Infantry Squads 

  • Manpower cost from 150 to 125 

British Assault Officer 

The British Assault Officer has seen some significant improvements in their utility to give the faction a powerful supporting unit. The addition of both smoke and Coordinated Barrage allows the unit to disrupt enemy defenses and break through defensive lines. 

  • Manpower cost from 320 to 280 
  • Have access to Coordinated Barrage; unlike the infantry variant, this drops standard red warning flares at the target position like most off-map abilities rather than being thrown. 45 range. Shares a cooldown with all 25 Pounder abilities. 
  • Now has access to Off-Map Smoke Barrage used by Infantry Sections upgraded with Pyrotechnics; see changes below 
  • Can be upgraded with a single Vickers K Machine Gun; requires weapon racks upgrade. 60 Munitions 

Churchill AVRE 

The AVRE has been tweaked to reduce the chance of the projectile undershooting. 

  • Projectile speed from 40 to 30 
  • Ready-aim time from 2 to 1.75 

Churchill Mk VII Infantry Tank 

  • Population from 19 to 18 

Forward Observation Post 

  • Recon Air Support ability no longer requires Hammer or Anvil. 
  • Artillery Cover and Strafing Run Air Support now only require a Company Command Post rather than Hammer and Anvil 

Infantry Sections 

Infantry Sections are having their reinforce times reduced to match other infantry. Pyrotechnics has also been improved to provide the British with another mobile detector unit while the Smoke Barrage has been reworked to make it easier to use and allow for more aggressive play against static positions. 

  • Reinforce time from 7 to 6.2 
  • Smoke Barrage has been reworked to an off-map smoke barrage with 45 range; shares a cooldown with all other Infantry Sections and Officers. 25 munitions. 
  • Stealth detection range increased from 10 to 25 when upgraded with Pyrotechnics 

Royal Engineers 

Royal Engineers are having their veterancy 1 adjusted. This change will allow Engineers to be more useful during combat when there is no cover present near their target. 

  • Veterancy 1 Sten Cooldown and Reload bonuses requirements changed. Unit must now be stationary for the bonus to apply but does not require cover to function. 

Sherman Firefly 

  • Population from 16 to 15 

Universal Carrier 

  • Vickers K weapon now has a +25% accuracy bonus against snipers 

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun 

  • Population from 6 to 7 

Weapon Racks 

  • Upgrade cost from 150 manpower and 15 fuel to 100 manpower and 15 fuel 


Assault Artillery 

  • Cost from 200 to 225 

MG 34 Heavy Machine Gun Team 

  • Population from 6 to 7 


  • Veterancy 2 Received Accuracy bonus from -23% to -29%. 
  • Reverted addition of sweeper shield symbol 


The range of the Sturmtiger is being reduced. Previously, before the fixes to the projectile, the unit was rarely able to utilize its 40 range as the projectile would impact the ground before hitting the intended target. With the recent change, the unit had become too powerful due to its ability to hide in the Fog of War for the amount of damage it does.  

  • Rocket Attack range from 40 to 35 
  • CP requirement from 8 to 10 
  • Can no longer use Crew Repair when Reloading 


Jaeger Infantry Commander 

The following change is being tested to reduce the strength of Jaeger Infantry which has strong abilities at all stages of the game that can fit into most standard game plans. 

  • Stuka Close Air Support AT Loiter changed to Stuka Close Air Support AT Strafe 

MG 42 Heavy Machine Gun Team 

  • Population from 6 to 7 


The initial nerf to Osttruppen was meant to weaken their early game strength against the more expensive mainlines of factions such as USF and UKF, however, Ostruppen were still too cost effective in their ability to trade and even win engagements. Their early power has been further reduced and the LMG upgrade price has been increased to better reflect its new performance. 

  • Veterancy 1 Accuracy bonus when in cover removed. 
  • Cover bonus from +250% to +200% 
  • MG 42 LMG cost from 45 to 60 


203mm B-4 Howitzer 

The B-4 203mm howitzer is having its recharge time increased to be on-par with other howitzers. As the B-4 fired less shells than the ML-20 or leFH, the unit would begin its recharge faster than either of the two. Suppression radius has also been toned down to make the unit less oppressive. 

  • Recharge time from 70 to 100 
  • Suppression radius from 14 to 10 

DshK Heavy Machine Gun Team 

  • Population from 7 to 8 

M1910 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun Team 

  • Population from 6 to 7 



The following change was done to give the USF a late game unit that was capable of spotting once the Major has gained veterancy. This will give the faction a core tool to spot forward defenses before allowing the USF player to plan their attack. Previously, if a player did not either have an M20 or were using commanders without Pathfinders, the faction had minimal spotting tools that made aggression difficult in late game scenarios, particularly against entrenched enemies. 

  • Veterancy 1 now also provides +15 sight in addition to other bonuses 

Sherman 76mm 

  • MGs standardized with the regular Shermans, this increases their max range DPS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the British mortar pit smoke rounds fired slower than other mortars. 
  • Fixed an issue where Concrete bunkers are available in the Pioneer build menu without the appropriate commander selected. 
  • Fixed an issue where Partisan molotovs were unaffected by suppression. 
  • Fixed an issue where Rapid Conscription was not available at 5 CPs. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Smoke Barrage for the Forward Assembly upgraded with the British Forward Observation Post had less range than its Forward HQ counterpart. 
  • Fixed an issue where Commandos spawning from the Commando Glider spawned at the map edge rather than on the Glider itself. 
  • Hold the Line Anti-Infantry Strafe should no longer target casualties. 
  • Fixed an issue where the British M3 did not get additional sight at veterancy 3. 
  • Fixed an issue where SVT Conscripts merging into Airborne Guards and Penal Battalions would carry invisible weapons. 
  • Fixed an issue where the British M5 could still fire when repairing after being upgraded to the M15 Quad. 
  • Fixed an issue where the IS-2 Prioritize vehicle icon was visible in the Fog of War. 
  • Fixed an issue where Propaganda Artillery revealed an area for a short period of time. 
  • Fixed an issue where Propaganda Artillery would launch a shell immediately after the first shell; delay increased to 3 from 1. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Commissar's Propaganda Artillery had no warning smoke. 
  • Mortar Emplacement 2nd Mortar upgrade hotkey from 'V' to 'M.' 
  • Fixed an issue where Combined Arms cost was incorrectly set at 90; set to 110. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain artillery weapons - leFH, British Base Howitzers, M21 Delayed HE, Shock Troop Grenades - did more damage to friendlies compared to other artillery weapons. 
  • Fighting Position MG research time from 45 to 20; this is in line with other MG upgrade times. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Forward Assembly upgrade had hotkey for classic settings. Hotkey set to H. 
  • Assault Section Smoke Grenade Hotkey on classic settings changed to F from V to prevent overlap. 
  • 17 Pounder HE now has a minimum range of 7 to prevent the weapon from being able to fire shells into its own nest. 
  • Command Panther sight bonuses will no longer stack with the IR halftrack's sight when its spotlight is active. 
  • Air Resupply Operation adjusted to drop the ATG and Mortar first to prevent them from being destroyed by landing on the medical crates. 
  • The anti-infantry plane of the Hawker Typhoon loiter should no longer target casualties. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Sturmtiger could still fire even with a main gun destroyed critical. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Walking Stuka's reticule for its Incendiary Barrage would turn white when outside its maximum range. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain units would be able to camouflage for a brief moment after completing a retreat order. 

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/coh-franchise/company-of-heroes-legacy/forums/5-company-of-heroes-2-general/threads/1561-coh2-summer-2021-balance-patch-beta

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