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Company of Heroes France - Hotfix

Release Date: 06/25/2021


Hotfix d'environ 24Mo.


Bug Fixes

  • OKW 'Set-Up Warning Flare' ability hotkey from X to Z.
  • Soviet Tank Trap hotkey from R to T.
  • Command Panther Artillery Flare ability hotkey from B to C.
  • Recovery Sapper Flamethrower hotkey from F to V.
  • Recovery Sapper Salvage ability hotkey from C to X.
  • Penal Battalion Repair ability from X to V.
  • Focus Gunnery should now use the correct icons.
  • Strafing Run from the British Forward Command HQ will now only target infantry.
  • Fixed an issue where the ML-20 could not fire smoke if a section of the creeping smoke barrage line was outside the unit's range.
  • Fixed an issue where Spotting Scopes could be accessed at 2 CPs. Now set back to 5.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soviet Field Camp could be accessed at 1 CP. Value set to 2.
  • Fixed an issue with Hold the Line where infantry would retain the bonuses when the ability ended while the squad was out of friendly territory.
  • Fixed an issue where Hold the Line could crash the game.
  • Fixed a number of UI text issues.

Source: https://companyofheroes.vanillacommunities.com/discussion/comment/289027#Comment_289027

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