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Company of Heroes France - Winter Balance Patch

Release Date: 02/26/2021


Le Winter Balance Patch fait ~84Mo.

Topic pour remonter les bogues :


The Winter Balance Patch is now live!

A special thanks to Miragefla for leading the balance team, test mod implementation, and patch integration process.

Of course, a big thanks to the rest of the community balance team; Sander93, Sturmpanther, Tightrope, JibberJabberJobber, Aerafield, Stark_PL, and Whorunbartertown, with mod and UI support from Osinyagov, and Janne252. These folks have invested a lot of time and effort designing, discussing, testing, and surfacing your feedback for consideration.

A massive thanks to the wider community for engaging in discussion, testing mods, and providing feedback. Much of this update is informed by community input, and we're confident that this patch will freshen up the game and result in a more enjoyable experience overall! Again, thanks for your continued passion.

We hope you enjoy the update.


Main Gun Criticals

To lessen the impact of RNG in tank engagements, the chance for a main gun critical has been reduced. This will mainly affect 160 damage sources against 640 health medium tanks.

  • Main Gun Critical now has a chance to trigger at 20% life rather than 25%

Critical Shot and Aimed Shot against Casemate Vehicles

Sniper Critical Shot and the Puma Aimed Shot are having their critical against casemate vehicles adjusted to be less potent, but still forces these units out of the fight for a short period of time.

  • Stun now disables weapons and reduces speed by 80% for 5 seconds rather than completely disabling the vehicle for its duration.

Mobile AT Gun Squads

ATG squads are being made more vulnerable to small-arms fires to make it easier for players to punish anti-tank guns that are out of position with infantry and force these units to remain further back and utilize their range advantage or be supported against assaults.

  • Now have an innate penalty of +10% received accuracy

Infantry-Based AT Rifles - Boys AT Rifles, PTRS-41

AT Rifles are being made more responsive, making it more difficult to dodge the opening volley and in-line with other infantry AT weapons. Furthermore, AT Rifles can now use attack ground and will have a projectile to soft counter abilities such as smoke.

  • Ready-aim time from 1.25 to 0.5
  • PTRS Rifles can now attack ground and has a projectile

Mobile Mortar Smoke (M21, 250 Half-Track, USF/British 81mm, Soviet 82mm, Ostheer 81mm)

To increase the effectiveness and responsiveness of smoke barrages, the speed at which they fire shells and rotate has been adjusted. Furthermore, smoke barrages will no longer share a cooldown with the primary barrage to allow players to have on-demand smoke.

  • Infantry Mortar pivot time from 2 to 1.25
  • Smoke Barrage wind down from 2 to 0.375
  • Number of smoke shells per barrage from 3 to 4
  • Scatter bonuses at veterancy 3 no longer apply to smoke barrages
  • Smoke Barrages no longer share a cooldown with the primary barrage

All Heavy Machine Gun Teams

The following change will increase the durability of machine guns when they are in the open with two members of the crew standing forward to draw fire away from the gunner. We have also added a manual reload feature to the unit.

  • Formation changes; when in the open, two of the crew members will now stand slightly ahead of the MG.
  • Manual Reload added.

All Non-Squad Based Medics

Medics assigned to structures now have a healing aura. This will make it easier for medics to heal infantry and lessen the healing time lost by medics moving from model to model.

  • Now have a healing aura that heals 7.5% of an infantry models health per second in an area of 5m; does not stack on itself.

All Snipers

Snipers are receiving nerfs to their base sight to make it harder for them to spot infantry without support in the early game. This should make lone snipers have less of an impact early game, as they must get closer to their target, or have units risks themselves to enemy fire to get sight. To compensate they are receiving a slight price decrease.

  • Cost from 360 to 340
  • Sight from 45 to 40
  • Will no longer auto-target vehicles.
  • Veterancy 2 +20% sight bonus to +25%; total is now 50 from 54

All Allied Half-tracks: M3 and M5

The following change puts Allied half-tracks in line with the Ostheer 251. This will make these platforms more effective at projecting field control by allowing wounded infantry to heal up when onboard and increases their utility outside reinforcing squads.

  • All M3 and M5 half-tracks will now heal infantry in their hold, following the same mechanics as the 251
  • M3 Medical Crates removed

All Panzer V Panthers and Command Panthers

Panthers are receiving an increase to their base accuracy to improve their consistency against vehicles while retaining their slow rate of fire.

  • Panther accuracy from 0.06/0.045/0.035 to 0.065/0.05/0.04
  • All Panthers now share the same selection group

All Sherman M2HB (All Variants)

The pintle machine guns are being standardized amongst all the M4 Sherman variants for consistency.

  • Upgrade time standardized to 35
  • Cost standardized to 60
  • Damage profile of the 76mm M4A3 50cal standardized to the M4A3 75mm 50cal

All Plane Crashes

Plane crashes are having their damage against infantry reduced. This will cause considerable damage to infantry, but crashing planes should no longer be able to wipe out full health squads.

  • No longer deals an instant death critical to infantry
  • Near AOE from 1 to 0
  • Damage against infantry reduced by 66%


Trenches are having their target size increased to make them more vulnerable to a variety of weapons such as tank guns and ATGs.

  • Target size from 2 to 17; target size no longer changes when garrisoned or ungarrisoned

Infantry-Based Flamethrowers

Infantry-based flamethrowers are having the number of bursts required to set a building alight reduced to make it easier to neutralize ambient buildings.

  • Number of bursts needed to set buildings alight from 30 to 15.


Sandbags for line infantry have been adjusted to take longer to construct. A player must now give up more time to plant sandbags on key locations. The cover radius of sandbags has also been adjusted to make it easier to neutralize sandbags with wire.

  • Sandbag build time increased from 12 to 18 seconds for Infantry Sections, Riflemen, Conscripts and Volks
  • Sandbag cover radius modified decreased. Properly placed wire should now stop units from gaining heavy cover, unless they are directly against the sandbags.

Quality of Life

AT Vehicle and AT Gun Vehicle Prioritize (Firefly, M10, M36, SU-76, SU-85, Jagdtiger, Jagdpanzer, Elefant, StuG G, All AT Gun squads)

A number of units will now have Prioritize Vehicle active at the start, reducing the amount of player input needed to ensure dedicated AT units do not engage infantry.

  • All AT vehicles and mobile ATG squads start with prioritize vehicle active.

All Heavy AA Units (Bofors, 20mm Flak, Centuar, Ostwind, all anti-air Half-tracks)

  • All AA units now have the 'Prioritize Aircraft' ability: When active, the unit will only fire upon aircraft, ignoring all other targets.

Call-In Infantry in High Resource Games

This change puts 0 CP infantry in High Resource Games in-line with other call-in troops without affecting regular game modes.

  • All CP 0 call-in infantry can be immediately deployed at the start of the game in High Resource games.

All Barbed Wire and Reinforced Wire

The following change has been made to ensure engineering units do not accidently get caught in their own wire. Occassionally engineers could get caught in wire, even if they were positioned in such a way that appeared to be clear of obstacles.

  • Will now only begin blocking units when friendly models are not within 2 meters of the object.

All Clip-Based Units and Armoured Cars; M15 AA HT, 251 Flak HT, Ostwind, M20, 222, Bofors, Flak Emplacement, Panzer II Luchs, 221, M5 Quad

The following change will allow players to ensure these units have their clip-based weapons fully loaded without needing to force attack or attack ground.

  • Manual Reload added.

Formation Changes

  • The following squads have had their formation changed to the Infantry Section formation: Assault Officer Squads, Pathfinders, Grenadiers, Partisans, Vehicle Crews
  • Support weapons- ie Panzerschrecks - now go to the front in V-Formations. Affects Panzergrenadiers and Stormtroopers


The following change was done to address the issue of mis-clicks where one could target a neutral structure rather than a vehicle if both objects were close enough. The Panzerfaust already does very limited damage against ambient structure so nothing will change in most circumstances. Panzerfausts will still retain their ability to attack objects like Fighting Positions and faction built structures.

  • Can no longer target ambient structures

Hold Fire

The following change was to address the issue of vehicles revealing themselves with their secondary weapons against both land and ground targets. Secondary weapons will not auto-engage unless hold-fire is de-activated. The only exceptions to this rule are the Brummbar and Dozer which excel in attack-ground micro. Their MGs will still target infantry that are within range when hold-fire is active.

  • Now applies to all weapons on a vehicle
  • Brummbar and Dozer Pintle MGs will still target infantry on hold-fire; they will not auto-target aircraft.

All Light Vehicle and Light Tank Wrecks

The following change has been implemented so LVs can no longer get trapped if the other LV died right next to the unit.

  • All light vehicle wrecks are now crushable by other light vehicles

Grenades versus Mines

  • Explosive Grenades will now always penetrate mines and detonate them


USF Population Limit

USF is the only faction that can reliably break a population of 100 thanks to their ability to decrew their vehicles. To discourage the player from going over the population and continuing to build vehicles, we are introducing a penalty. When the player breaks 110 population, they will take a further manpower penalty.

  • At 110 population, the USF player will be penalized -100 manpower until they go below 110 population.

Officer Transfer Orders

Given how USF is given a free officer as part of their teching structure, we are giving players an option to call-off their officers to avoid taking up population. This is primarily for the late game where a player back-techs but does not want to be burdened by a fresh officer squad.

  • New Ability on Barracks: Officer Transfer Orders
  • Ability forces the selected Officer squad - Lieutenant, Captain, Major - to withdraw from the map. This ability does not refund any resources.

BAR Drop-Rate

As BARs are often liable to drop when paired up with other weapons when squads are reduced to a single model, the drop rate of the BAR is being reduced.

  • Drop-rate from 33% to 20%

Vehicle Crews

Vehicle Crews are having their reinforcement price reduced to better reflect their weak stats.

  • Reinforce cost from 30 to 28


The following change will make the Ambulance take slightly longer to be destroyed when in the base sector from both direct and indirect attack.

  • Now receives -20% damage when in the HQ sector

Rear Echelon

We are reducing the reinforce cost of Rear Echelon to better match their combat performance. The unit is also receiving a slight increase in veterancy requirements to match their current cost along with their ability to take items from Weapon Racks.

  • Reinforce from 25 to 23
  • Veterancy requirements from 320/640/1280 to 400/800/1600


AT grenades are now being made available after USF players have met specific tech requirements. This will make it harder to rush USF infantry with ultra lights that have yet to gain veterancy along with making fresh Riflemen in the late game viable as snare squads.

  • Veterancy 1 now grants -25% recharge rate
  • Veterancy 3 -33% ability recharge from 50%; value is multiplicative with veterancy 1
  • AT Grenades no longer requires veterancy 1. Now requires either Mechanized Platoon, Mechanized Platoon, or Double Officers.

M1 81mm Mortar

Given the weaker stats of the USF mortar in terms of its AOE, the unit is receiving a slight price reduction to better reflect its performance. Barrage accuracy is also being put on par with other mortars.

  • Cost from 240 to 230
  • Barrage scatter angle from 10 to 9
  • Distance scatter max from 8 to 7


This change puts the Lieutenant's smoke ability in-line with other units that have non-lethal smoke and fragmentation grenades.

  • Smoke now shares a cooldown with Frag Grenades

M7 Light Anti-Vehicle Mine

The build time of the M7 Mine is being decreased to make these cheap mines easier to plant.

  • Build time from 6 to 5

M2HB 50cal

The M2HB is having its set-up time increased. This should make it easier to outmanoeuvre and punish when caught out of position. Ready aim-time has been adjusted to be more consistent, and the unit should now be harder to 'deathloop' as models remanning the weapon will respond much more quickly. The retreat speed bonus it had over other units has been removed with the adjustment of attach-time.

  • Ready-aim time from 0.375/1 to 0.5
  • Setup time from 1.375 to 2.375
  • Attach time from 1.3 to 0
  • Retreat speed bonus from 3.15 to 2


The M20 is having its build-time reduced so it can arrive sooner onto the battlefield. Furthermore, its armoured skirts are being reduced in price to better match their performance.

  • Build time from 55 to 45
  • Skirt cost from 70 to 50

M5 Stuart

Point-Blank Engine Shot is being adjusted to make it useable against mobile vehicles. Previously, the Stuart had to get incredibly close to its targets to cause engine damage which would put the unit in range of snares, anti-tank weapons, and incoming damage that would make short work of the light tank. The effects will be less potent, but the trade-off for useability should allow the tank to have an impact in fights when using this ability.

  • Engine Shot range from 5 to 15
  • Engine Shot cost from 60 to 45
  • Engine Shot now slows vehicle speed by 50% and rotation by 25% for 8 seconds rather than causing engine damage
  • Engine Shot can now be used on the move
  • Engine Shot ready aim-time from 0.125 to 1.5

M1 75mm Pack Howitzer

The Pack Howitzer is having the AOE distance of its HE rounds reduced, increasing the damage drop-off of shells. The unit previously did too much damage to infantry within the 1.5-3m mark despite its range and accuracy over mortars. In exchange, the unit is having its crew size increased to improve survivability.

  • Barrage and Auto-attack HE AOE Distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 1/2/4.5
  • Crew size from 5 to 6; population unchanged at 8

M15 AA Half-Track

To give the Captain some anti-sniper power, the machine guns on the M15 are gaining bonuses against snipers. The AA mode for the M15 is also being toned down as the M15 has multiple guns dedicated to killing aircraft while other AA units only have one. The lowered effectiveness of the M15 against aircraft comes from the fact AA mode will now enable the M15 to engage air targets with a 360 degree arc rather than a 270 degree arc, making the unit more effective against planes that fly directly overhead of the unit.

  • M15 machine guns now have a +15% accuracy bonus against snipers
  • Machine Gun AA Chance to kill planes from 15% to 8%
  • AA Mode disables the M15 from engaging ground targets, but grants its weapons the ability to be fired in a 360 degree arc.


The following change was done to match other aerial recon abilities.

  • The Major is no longer locked in place when using Aerial Recon abilities.
  • Can now direct which angle the planes come in.

M4A3 75mm Sherman

The experience requirements of the Sherman has been reduced. Previously the value was above the usual experience values for a unit of its price.

  • Experience requirements from 2020/4040/8080 to 1780/3560/7120

M8 Scott

The M8 Scott is having its auto-fire range reduced to force the unit to move further up when it is used for direct-fire missions. In exchange, the barrage of the M8 Scott has been reworked. While the shells do not have the OHK radius of auto-fire shells, the lower scatter, increased rate of fire and reduced damage drop-off should allow the M8 Scott to function as an artillery unit, something USF lacks in the late game.

  • Auto-fire range from 60 to 50
  • HE Barrage scatter max from 10 to 7
  • HE Barrage Damage from 100 to 80
  • HE Barrage AOE damage from 1/0.25/0.1 to 0.75/0.4/0.2
  • HE Barrage AOE distance from 1/2/3 to 0.75/2/4
  • HE Barrage Angle scatter from 7 to 6
  • HE Barrage shell count from 4 to 5
  • HE Barrage reload from 2.75/2.9 to 1.75/2.9
  • Barrage shells now use mortar explosion effects to distinguish them from auto-fire rounds.
  • Veterancy 2 scatter bonus now applies to the barrage instead of the unit's autofire
  • Smoke no longer shares a cooldown with the main barrage
  • Human Crush removed

M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer

The Jackson is having its veterancy 3 penetration bonus decreased to reduce the unit's impact against the heavy armor of Axis vehicles that have gotten lower over the years. Players will still have the option of HVAP to penetrate the heaviest tanks.

  • Veterancy 3 penetration bonus from +30% to +20%

WC 51

The WC-51 is receiving adjustments to make it easier to fight early game. The lack of self-repair and reduced ability to kite infantry should lower the WC51's ability to dominate early infantry fights and force a Rear Echelon unit to repair the vehicle. Shared veterancy has been added to allow the WC51 to scale, in addition to the unit already having a number of late game abilities that other ultra lights lack.

  • Step on it from 0 to 15 munitions
  • WC 51 MG range from 45 to 35
  • Veterancy 1 now increases range by 5
  • Can no longer decrew; crew changed to Riflemen models to represent this change
  • Now gains shared experience
  • Experience requirements from 300/600/1200 to 530/1060/2120


The following change was done to match other rocket artillery which have received lower bonuses from veterancy.

  • Veterancy 1 -10 second ability recharge removed.


British HQ Structures

To make it easier to utilize other healing options, infantry will now retreat directly towards the HQ,
rather than to the Platoon or Company Command Post.

  • Infantry will now rally towards the HQ Truck rather than to other base structures.

AEC and Bofors Tech

The AEC and Bofors upgrade will no logner lock each other out. The resource requirement for each unit did not warrant a lock-out, particularly for the Bofors

  • AEC and Bofors tech are no longer mutually exclusive

Forward Assembly

The Forward Assembly is seeing a reduction in its build-time. This should make it easier to establish a Forward Assembly as a reinforcement and healing point.

  • Build time from 45 to 37.5


The PIAT is having its cost reduced due to the limited number of British troops that are effective with the weapon. The accuracy increase should also improve its performance at range to help zone out vehicles.

  • Accuracy from 0.025 to 0.028
  • Munition cost from 50 to 45

Mill Bombs

The Mill Bomb is having its fuse time increased to match other non-elite fragmentation grenades.

  • Mill bombs fuse time from 1 to 1.25

Royal Engineers

Royal Engineers are being moved to the HQ to encourage different builds from the British, help provide map control over the more expensive Infantry Section, and provide a cheaper supporting unit. A number of their abilities and construction options are being pushed back to avoid having a significant impact in the early game.

  • Now trained in the HQ rather than the Platoon Command Post
  • Destroy Cover, Heat Grenade, and Forward Assembly require Platoon Command Post
  • Capture rate from 1 to 1.25
  • Royal Engineers and Recovery Sappers now share the same selection group

Infantry Section

The capture rate of Infantry Sections is being lowered to reduce the ability of the British faction to snowball their map control through pure Section builds. The munition cost of medical kits has also been increased to match their performance and ability for Sections to sustain themselves on the battlefield.

  • Capture bonus from 1.25 to 1.15
  • Medical Kit cost from 30 to 45; upgrade time from 10 to 25

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun

The Vickers HMG is having its veterancy 1 ability modified to allow it to be used in more situations that do not require the unit to be placed in a garrison. It will also give the British an option to ward of light vehicles with their machine gun.

  • Veterancy 1 Garrison bonus replaced with 'Take Aim!' ability
  • Take Aim: Timed ability. Improves accuracy by +15%, adds +6 to penetration, and improves range by +7. 30 second duration. 15 munitions. Can be used in garrisons.


Given the changes to Royal Engineers and the timing of most healing options for other factions, Medics are being moved into the Platoon Command Post.

  • Automatic healing removed
  • Moved to Platoon Command Post from HQ
  • Population from 3 to 2; models no logner take population
  • Can no longer recrew team weapons
  • Healing abilities replaced with ambulance-like AOE healing ability that locks squad into place and slowly heals units in proximity over time. Heals 0.25 in a range of range 15.

Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier is receiving a slight nerf by adding a fuel cost to the unit. Its effectiveness in the early game warrants a slight delay to British teching. Suppresive Fire is also having its price increased to match other on-demand suppression abilities.

  • Fuel cost to 5
  • Vickers K 'Suppressive Fire' ability munition cost from 10 to 20

Assault Officer

The British Assault Officer is having his capture rate increased to compensate for the nerf to Sections. His experience requirements have also been reduced to decrease the time needed to gain veterancy.

  • Capture rate from 1 to 1.25
  • Experience requirement from 720/1440/2880 to 680/1360/2720


The AEC is seeing a build-time increase to push the unit back slightly to give other LVs more opportunities to roam before the unit appears. The sight is also being reduced to make it more difficult for the AEC to hunt for targets on its own.

  • Build time from 45 to 60
  • Sight from 50 to 42; veterancy 2 returns sight to 50


The Cromwell is having its veterancy adjusted to provide more mobility to the unit early on for a slight reduction in offensive power. The unit has also received a new veterancy 1 ability to improve the Cromwell's abilities at finding vulnerable vehicles and finishing them off.

  • Added 'Hunt' ability: Increases penetration and moving accuracy by 20% and detects vehicles within 60 range in the FoW for 25 seconds for 30 munitions. Available at veterancy 1.
  • Veterancy 1 Smoke recharge bonus removed.
  • Veterancy 2 +35% weapon traverse speed and +30% reload bonuses moved to veterancy 3
  • Veterancy 3 +20% reload speed, +20% rotation speed, +20% de/acceleration, and +20% maximum speed moved to veterancy 2
  • Experience requirements adjusted from 1820/3640/7280 to 1780/3560/7120


The Centaur is seeing increases in its mobility and speed. Previously, unit's poor movement stats made it difficult to use with its average survivability. The unit's veterancy requirements have also been reduced due to its nature as an AI tank.

  • Speed from 5.2 to 5.6
  • Acceleration from 1.8 to 2.2
  • Rotation rate from 28 to 32
  • Experience requirements from 1720/3440/6880 to 1440/2880/5760

M4A2 Sherman Firefly

The Firefly is having its turret rotation improved. Its current turret rotation speed makes it track slower than most case-mate tank destroyers. The unit's speed at veterancy is also being improved. These changes should make the unit feel more responsive.

  • Veterancy 1 now grants a +10% speed boost
  • Turret horizontal and vertical traverse speed from 18 to 22
  • Veterancy 2 Turret traverse speed bonus from 1.35 to 1.15

Churchill Infantry Tank

The Churchill is seeing improvements to its main gun which will now always use the shortest reload value. The unit has also gained the ability to be upgraded with the tank commander to improve sight and accuracy. The unit has also gained a fixed machine gun to improve its AI value late game, though its rear armor has been reduced to make it more vulnerable to being flanked - the rear armor, however, is still higher than usual when compared to other tanks.

  • Tank Commander upgrade added
  • Rear armour from 180 to 150
  • Veterancy 1 now grants a Vickers K pintle; weapon follows the rotation of the turret:
  • DPS at 0/10/15/20/25/30/35:
  • 8.07/5.90/4.99/4.15/3.38/2.71/2.14
  • Reload from 6.125/7 to 6.125


The Comet has received slight nerfs to its scatter to make the unit less potent against infantry. The turret traverse has also been reduced which was too high compared to most other vehicles which included M4 Shermans.

  • Fixed an issue where the Comet's near AOE damage was incorrectly set at 1 rather than 0.75
  • Scatter from 5.25 to 5.75
  • Comet turret traverse from 45 to 40

Mortar Emplacement

The Mortar Emplacement has received a number of changes to make it more usable by being cheaper to initially put down. By granting only one mortar to the player, the UKF player does not need to expend a large amount of resource to get access to basic indirect-fire. The addition of the heavy mortar barrage will give the British a long-range late game artillery unit in the core. The 2nd mortar has also received a slight increase in auto-fire ready aim-time so both shells do not land immediately.

  • Cost from 350 to 250
  • Mortar 2 auto-fire ready aim-time from 1 to 2
  • Now starts with one mortar active.
  • 2nd Mortar can be activated by upgrading the Emplacement for 100 manpower. 20 second research.
  • Can now fire a Heavy Mortar Barrage up to range 150 once Hammer or Anvil have been unlocked.
  • Heavy Barrage fires a total of 8 rounds into the target area with a 100 second recharge; affected by veterancy.

Bofors AA Emplacement

The population of the Bofors is being reduced to match its effectiveness and cost.

  • Population from 10 to 8

17 Pounder Emplacement

The 17 Pounder Emplacement's world piercing rounds are being reduced in cost to better match their performance.

  • Piercing Rounds from 90 munitions to 60 munitions

Valentine Mk IX

The Valentine must now be built from the HQ as a delay mechanism. Previously it could arrive too quickly for the amount of damage it could cause along with its good survivability.

  • Now needs to be built in HQ after being unlocked at 5CPs
  • 50 Second build time


Infantry Medical Kits

Medical kits are receiving a lower cost to incentivise their use.

  • Cost from 15 to 10 munitions.


Pioneers are having their veterancy requirements slightly adjusted due to mediocre combat potential. Received accuracy is also replacing an accuracy bonus as the unit is not meant to be on the offensive without support.

  • Veterancy 3 +15% accuracy bonus replaced with -23% Received Accuracy
  • Veterancy requirements from 400/800/1600 to 340/680/1440


Grenadiers are having their formation changed to make it more difficult to focus a single model, given their four man squad size. Veteran Squad Leader upgrade is also being adjusted to make the squad less potent, rather than a straight improvement over the LMG 42 upgrade.

  • Formation changed to Tommies; mentioned above in the formation changes.
  • Received Accuracy bonus from Veteran Squad Leader removed
  • Veteran Squad Leader G43 exchanged for Volksgrenadier StG 44

Sniper Incendiary Shot

The Sniper's incendiary shot has been modified. It will no longer fire faster the closer a hostile unit is to the sniper and it will no longer allow the sniper to snap off another shot immediately after firing the incendiary round. In exchange, the stun should now always go off on targets reliably and its price has been reduced.

  • Incendiary Shot aim-time multipliers from 0.25/0.625/1 fro 1/1/1
  • Incendiary Shot cost from 45 to 40
  • Incendiary Shot will now reliably stun infantry squads, even if the unit is spread out.
  • Incendiary Shot now forces a reload upon completion


Panzergrenadiers are having their grenade range exchanged for a recharge bonus due to the lethality of the bundle grenade.

  • Veterancy 3 Grenade Range bonus changed to a -25% ability recharge on Bundle and Smoke Grenades


The Ostwind is having its experience requirements lowered due to its role as an anti-infantry tank/AA tank.

  • Experience requirements from 1790/3580/7160 to 1530/3060/6120


Given that the StuG G must cycle a reload before it can fire TWP for a fairly weak blind, we are increasing the ability's damage. Previously, it was better for the StuG G to not use this ability as raw damage was more important against most targets.

  • Target Weakpoint damage from 80 to 160

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar

The Brummbar is having its veterancy 2 armor bonus slightly reduced and the Bunker Buster barrage is receiving a munitions cost to better reflect its power. The recharge bonus on the Bunker Buster Barrage has been lowered to compensate.

  • Veterancy 2 armor bonus from 1.2 to 1.154; total from 312 to 300
  • Bunker Buster Barrage munition cost set to 30
  • Bunker Buster Barrage recharge from 120 to 90

Bunker Upgrades

Due to the nature of these upgrades, the exclusivity has been reduced.

  • Medic and Command bunker upgrades no longer mutually exclusive


In general, rocket artillery is receiving reduced veterancy recharge bonuses to lessen the impact of veteran rocket artillery which could recharge extremely quickly for the amount of damage they could cause. The Panzerwerfer itself is having its Counter Barrage veterancy ability removed and being given a low angle barrage which will allow it to get individual rockets on target faster.

  • Veterancy 1 Counterbarrage ability removed
  • Low Angle Rocket barrage added at veterancy 1 for 30 munitions. Fires 10 rockets into the target area at low angle with a 0.25 cooldown between each rocket. These rockets do not deal suppression.
  • Veterancy 2 recharge bonus from 40% to 20%


S-Mines are receiving suppression to lessen their ability to wipe out squads without warning that accidentally step into larger fields. Squads will still need to step on 2-3 mine patches to be suppressed.

  • Now deals 0.2 suppression.


Osttruppen have been moved to the Infanterie Kompanie. Previously, the unit allowed for very potent tech rushes into either Panzer Grenadiers or light vehicles that certain factions had issues responding to. Their panzerfaust range has also been reduced due to their larger squad size over Grenadiers while slot weapons given to Osttruppen will now deal more damage when the unit is in cover. The latter should improve the mid-late game performance of Osttruppen.

  • No longer called-in
  • Now available from Infanterie Kompanie; build time of 21 seconds. Costs 200 manpower
  • Now gains +25% weapon accuracy with slot items when in cover
  • Panzerfaust range from 18 to 15

Assault Grenadiers

Assault Grenadier Sprint will now require Battlephase 1. This should make early engagements against Assault Grenadiers more meaningful, allowing infantry to disengage and maneuver around this unit without immediately being rushed down.

  • Sprint locked behind Battlephase 1

Jaegar Armor Commander

The following change was to address the issue of the Jaegar Armor commander being able to both spot and hardcounter artillery units which would be able to pressure the Elefant.

  • Stuka dive-bomb replaced with JU-87 Anti-tank Strafe from the Close Air Support Commander.


OKW Heavy Tanks, Sturmtiger, Jagdtiger, and Command Panther Dispatch
Due to the number of heavy tanks in the OKW arsenal, all these units will share a cooldown to prevent a player from immediately building a replacement should they have the available resources.

  • All abilities share cooldown with each other when one is destroyed

Battlegroup Headquarters

The OKW Battlegroup has been split into two parts. This will allow OKW to have an easier time backteching to medics or indirect-fire if they went Mechanized or for faster access to HMGs. Prices have been adjusted on all upgrade items available in the Battlegroup Headquarters.

  • 150 manpower and 10 fuel: Offers Le.IG upon completetion which now comes from off-map rather than spawning at the Truck.
  • Medic Upgrade Cost: 50 manpower and 10 fuel
  • Battle Group Upgrade: 100 manpower and 20 fuel: unlocks 251 Flak Half-track, the UhU Searchlight Half-Track, Infantry Weapon Upgrades, and ability to reinforce: 15 second research time
  • Forward Retreat Point cost from 300 to 250

Schwerer Panzer Headquarters

The following changes will allow OKW doctrinal vehicles to arrive sooner, giving the player more options over the standard OKW Panzer IV which they previously competed with. Earlier, upgraded Obersoldaten should also make more of an impact in the infantry battles in the mid-game.

  • Fuel cost from 60 to 90
  • Panzer Authorization fuel cost from 60 to 30


As with flamethrowers, the Volksgrenadier flame grenade is being altered to make it easier to set buildings alight.

  • Flame grenade bonus damage against ambient structures to 60. Will now take 4-5 grenades to ignite a structure.


The following changes will make the Kubelwagen more effective on the move focused primarily on sniper. Previously, a Kubelwagen would do no damage when chasing down a sniper due to its extremely high penalties on its burst duration. The general improvement should not impact most infantry engagements outside extreme cases where there is a very low health squad being pursued by the Kubelwagen.

  • Kubelwagen moving burst duration from 0.1 to 0.75
  • Kubelwagen moving cooldown from 0.1 to 0.8


The following changes should make the Raketenwerfder more responsive when new models replace members of the gun team and also make it easier to reverse move the unit. The target size of the gun has also been increased to match other ATG, making it easier to destroy when decrewed.

  • Target size from 10 to 20; all units will still target the crew over the weapon
  • Will now attempt to reverse to positions at least 60m away
  • Attach time from 0.73333 to 0


Adjustments are being made to Stumpioneers to allow their Panzerschrecks to be a functional upgrade and diversify OKW builds. Their high costs and fall-off in the AI role mid-game makes it impractical for multiple Sturmpioneers to be fielded. Population is also being reduced to help OKW's population issues in the late game.

  • Panzerschreck and minesweepers no longer mutually exclusive with each other; Panzerschreck can be rebought if dropped
  • Panzerschreck cost from 70 to 60
  • Population from 8 to 7
  • Concussion grenade cost reduced to 20 at veterancy 4

251 Flak Half-Track

With the changes to the Battlegroup Headquarters, the Flak Half-Track is receiving a build-time decrease to maintain its timing.

  • Build time from 60 to 45

Le.IG 18

The following change will make the Le.IG more responsive when firing its smoke barrages.

  • Smoke ready-aim time from 1.75 to 0.125
  • Weapon vertical speed when firing smoke from 15 to 35
  • Smoke reload from 2.3/3.6 to 0.5/1.25

251 IR Half-Track

Adjustments have been made to the 251 IR Half-Track to allow it to better spot camouflaged units given its role as a spotting unit. We are also giving the unit a reconnaissance ability to allow the 251 to operate better on maps with significant LOS blockers.

  • Passive camouflage detection from 10 to 25
  • Detection ability improves camouflage spotting from 25 to 35
  • Recon plane ability added for 50 munitions

Panzer II Luchs

The Luch's veterancy 5 Suppressive Fire ability is being improved by allowing its coaxial to deal suppression in addition to the main gun. This will allow the Luchs to pin infantry after several seconds of sustained fire. The Luchs will also be more effective against units in heavy cover and garrisons. Previously, the unit did too little damage to troops in strong cover, despite its AI role. The Luchs has also gained an improvement in stealth detection, allowing it to be a capable scout/infantry hunter.

  • Coaxial MG now deals suppression during 'Suppressive Fire' ability.
  • Coaxial burst length increased by 300% during Suppressive Fire and accuracy reduced by 50%.
  • Now is detected by enemy units within 15m rather than 20m when Cautious Movement is active
  • Detection range from 5 to 25; reduced to 15 when cloaked
  • Damage penalty against heavy cover and garrison cover from 0.25/0.3 to 0.5/0.4

Sd.Kfz 234 Puma

The following change will make the early Puma less dominant against other light vehicles by reducing its ability to self-sight.

  • Sight from 50 to 42
  • Veterancy 2 now grants +8 sight

251 'Walking Stuka' Rocket Half-Track

Adjustments have been made to the Stuka Half-Track to improve its consistency against armoured vehicles. Direct hits from the rocket will now cause a penetrating hit, rather than the unit being reliant on AOE penetration to harm vehicles. Furthermore, the Napalm Rockets have been reworked to arrive earlier, hit more accurately, be less powerful, cheaper, and cause suppression. This change will make the rockets effective against clustered weapon teams which the creeping barrage cannot hit or as a weapon to halt massed infantry assaults.

  • Rocket direct hit penetration from 0 to 60
  • AOE penetration from 200/180/162 to 40/40/40
  • Rocket +50% bonus damage versus emplacements removed; damage from 300 to 200 against these targets
  • Rocket now has -25% damage against vehicles; damage from 200 to 160 against these targets
  • Napalm Rocket Suppression from 0.2 to 0.1
  • Napalm Rocket scatter from 16 to 12
  • Napalm scatter max from 15 to 10
  • Napalm Rocket FOW scatter from 3/2 to 1.25
  • Napam rocket DOTs spawns from 6 to 2
  • Napalm Rocket munition cost from 90 to 40
  • Napalam Rocket veterancy requirements from 4 to 1
  • Now deals Suppression to units hit by the initial AOE
  • Veterancy 1 recharge moved to veterancy 4
  • Veterancy 2 recharge from -30% to -20%


With the increased price of the base Schwerer Panzer Headquarters, the upgrades for Obersoldaten no longer need to be locked behind Panzer Authorization.

  • MG-34 and StG 44 IR upgrades no longer require Panzer Authorization

Tiger II King Tiger

The King Tiger is receiving adjustments to its veterancy. This will put its bonuses in line with other tanks, with the reload combat bonus being available within the first 3 levels of veterancy.

  • Combat blitz now requires veterancy 5 from 3
  • Veterancy 5 reload bonus moved to veterancy 3


  • No longer requires Panzer Authorization


With the earlier timing of the Hetzer, the target size of the unit has been increased until veterancy 1 to make the unit easier to ward off with AT weapons.

  • No longer requires Panzer Authorization
  • Target size from 15 to 17
  • Veterancy 1 now also provides 0.8824 Received accuracy, returning its target size back to 15.

Panther Ausf. G

The OKW Panther is being standardized with its Ostheer counterpart, receiving a nerf to its acceleration bonuses in exchange for lower veterancy requirements all-around.

  • Veterancy 3 de/acceleration bonus from +30% to +10%
  • Experience requirements from 2730/5460/10920/13650/18155 to 2530/5060/10120/13460/16825

Jeagar Light Infantry

The following is a consistency change to make JLI match other OKW infantry in terms of their combat bonuses when fully vetted. Previously JLI received another combat bonus in addition to their previous received accuracy bonus at veterancy 2.

  • Veterancy 5 -20% received accuracy modifier removed


Special Rifle Command

The Special Rifle is having its build time decreased to allow its expensive units to arrive to the battlefield slightly sooner to make up for the tier's lack of map control.

  • Build time from 20 to 12

Tankiovy Battalion

The following change to the Tankiovy Battalion and Mechanized Armor Kampenya keeps the tech timing of Soviets the same for late-game vehicles, but allows light vehicles to be deployed slightly sooner.

  • Cost from 240 Manpower and 85 fuel to 200 manpower and 75 fuel

Mechanized Armor Kampenya

See above.

  • Cost from 240 Manpower and 90 fuel to 280 manpower and 100 fuel

Headquarters Medic Upgrade

Medics are having their price reduced to compensate for the fact Soviets gain few bonuses through tech compared to other factions along with the requirement of needing grenade tech later on.

  • Manpower cost from 250 to 200

Grenade Package

We are merging Molotovs and AT grenade into one package. This will make both grenade abilities cheaper compared to them being offered seperately.

  • AT Grenades and Molotovs merged into "Grenade Package" upgrade found on the Soviet HQ.
  • Costs 150 manpower and 15 fuel

Mobilize Reserves Global Upgrade

Mobilize Reserves is being changed to give Soviet players an option to improve their infantry in the mid-game, without having to pay a high resource cost to access the upgrade. Furthermore, Penal Battalions will now be affected by this tech to reduce their manpower bleed in the late-game.

  • Mobilize Reserve Upgrade now reduces Penal Battlion reinforce by 2, from 27 to 25, and increases experience gain by 25%. These bonuses also apply if the upgrade is gained through the construction of the Mechanized Armor Kampenya.
  • No longer requires Conscript Molotov and AT Grenade upgrade tech items

Tripwire Flare Mines

Given how cost effective Tripwire Flare mines can be thanks to their ability to inflict a model loss, provide vision, and are readily available on Conscripts and Combat Engineers, their cost is being increased to better reflect their performance.

  • Cost from 10 to 15

Soviet Mortar and ZiS-3 Crews

This change will make Soviet weapon teams provide more experience as they previously provided too little experience to non-infantry units. This brings them on-par with Maxim crews, but less than other weapon crews.

  • Experience value from 30 to 40

Combat Engineers

Received accuracy is replacing the weapon accuracy bonus at veterancy 3. This will make late game Combat Engineers more survivable.

  • Veterancy 3 +15% accuracy bonus replaced with -23% Received Accuracy


The sandbag changes that were applied to the other factions will now apply to Conscripts in the early game to encourage more mobility and positioning. Conscripts will build items faster once they have veterancy as they are reliant on their sandbags during the mid-game period. Their veterancy 3 bonuses have also been reduced due to how cost-effective Conscripts are in the late game when it comes to trading with other infantry.

  • Veterancy 1 grants +35% increased build speed
  • Veterancy 3 +10% accuracy bonus removed

Penal Battalion

Penal Battalions have received a number of changes to improve their performance. Some of their late game accuracy has been shifted to received accuracy to improve their survivability on top of the previously mentioned global bonuses provided by Mobilize Reserves. Their initial cost and reinforce time has also been reduced to better reflect their numbers and initial performance. In addition, the PTRS upgrade has been altered to serve as a true AT package. Penals with AT Rifles should now be able to ward away most early game light vehicles while being more potent against heavier armor. AI effectiveness with the PTRS rifles will maintain the same DPS as previously, though, the AT rifles will not be as consistent as the more accurate and faster-firing SVT against infantry.

  • Cost from 300 to 290
  • Reinforce time from 5.4 to 4.5
  • Veterancy 3 weapon accuracy from +30% to +20%
  • Veterancy 2 Received accuracy from -15% to -23%
  • PTRS upgrade now grants an additional PTRS which does not drop
  • PTRS Rifle upgrade cost from 60 to 70
  • Penal PTRS accuracy from 0.15/0.105/0.06 to 0.3/0.21/0.16
  • Penal PTRS drop rate from 33% to 20%
  • UI card now shows each stage of 'To The Last Man'

M3 Scout

The M3 scout car is having armour exchanged for health, giving it more survivability against lightcannons and mines while having minimal impact against small-arms. The scaling of the M3 is also being improved by allowing it to gain veterancy faster and capture territory, rewarding unit preservation into the mid-late game.

  • Health from 200 to 240
  • Armor from 5.4/4.2 to 3.8/3.5
  • Now gains shared veterancy
  • Can now capture territory at veterancy 2

M1910 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun

The following changes will help alleviate the deathloop issue the Maxim has by reducing the time it takes for a new gunner to responsd to orders/act. Sustained Fire is also losing its veterancy requirement to give early Maxims an on-demand suppression boost.

  • Attach time from 1.3 to 0
  • Suppressing Fire ability now available without veterancy; the -50% reload bonus of the ability has been moved to veterancy 1.
  • Retreat speed bonus from 3.15 to 2

ZiS-3 Field Gun

The HE barrage is having its reload time increased to give team weapons more time to react when being barraged.

  • HE Barrage reload from 2 to 3

M5 Half-Track

The M5 is having its AA chance reduced. Previously it would immediately destroy planes due to its high rate of fire.

  • AA chance from 10% to 5%
  • Gains 'Force Reload' ability when upgraded to the M5 Quad


The T-70 is having some of its potential slightly lowered, particularly in the AI role. Recon Mode has also been adjusted to have a delay before the main gun activates, reducing its effectiveness when caught out of position.

  • Reload from 2.1/2.5 to 2.6
  • AOE capped at 3 models per squad
  • Recon mode forces a reload cycle upon being disabled


The SU-76 has receieved a large number of changes to improve its performance. The firing cone has been increased, allowing SU-76s to be able to track targets more effectively and the unit will now rotate faster at lower veterancy levels. General mobility at veterancy has also been improved for acceleration boosts. The veteran ability has also been replaced with Camouflage, allowing the SU-76 to remain hidden until targets come into range.

  • Firing cone from 2 to 5
  • Camouflage delay from 5 to 2
  • Camouflage rotation penalty from 75% to 50%
  • Rotation rate from 32 to 34
  • Veterancy 1 Tracking replaced with SU-76 Tank Hunter Camouflage; +20% accuracy and +20% penetration on the first shot from camouflage.
  • Veterancy requirements from 870/1740/3480 to 1044/2088/4166
  • Veterancy 2 now provides +20% acceleration and deceleration
  • Veterancy 3 rotation bonus from 1.25 to 1.175
  • Can no longer crush infantry

T-34 Ram Ability

The following change has been done to lower the impact of RNG for the Ram ability and allow vehicles hit by ram to still have a chance to move away when hit to avoid incoming airstrikes.

  • Random Ram inflicted criticals: Main Gun Destroyed, Heavy Engine Damage and Immobilized removed
  • Ram no longer deals a complete stun on penetration and deflection. Instead, it will now slow target by 75% for 5 seconds and disables weapons.


With the reduction of armour on certain Axis tanks, along with the SU85 receiving improved penetration from previous patches, the unit no longer needs high veterancy bonuses for penetration. Furthermore, the Focus Sight ability has had a reduction in vision due to how potent the ability is when paired with artillery, or other AT assests.

  • Veterancy 3 Penetration from +30% to +20%
  • Focus Sight radius from 75 to 65


The cost of Creeping Barrage is being slightly reduced to better reflect its performance - even with the bug fixes applied. The recharge bonus of veterancy 2 has also been reduced due to how fast veteran rocket artillery was capable of firing in the late game.

  • Creeping Barrage cost from 45 to 40
  • Veterancy 2 barrage ability recharge bonus from -40% to -20%


The following changes are in line with other HMGs that have had their attach time adjusted.

  • Attach time from 1.3 to 0
  • Retreat speed bonus from 3.15 to 2


The ISU-152 has received adjustments to make the unit less potent in team games. The unit's ability to shell infantry from extreme range made it difficult to attack the unit when it was paired with AT support and mines which the unit could hide behind. The range of the ISU in HE mode is being reduced to make it easier to catch the ISU out of position. Concrete rounds have also been adjusted to always penetrate armor and cost less munition, though the weapon's one hit kill radius has been reduced. The bug-fix to Concrete Rounds should also make it easier to use now as the unit no longer needs to cycle a reload if it has fired a standard shell and then follows up with a Concrete Round.

  • HE range from 70 to 60
  • Rear armor from 150 to 110
  • ISU Piercing Shot cost from 70 to 60
  • ISU Piercing Shot penetration now set to 1000
  • Concrete Piercing AOE damage from 1/0.25/0.05 to 1/0.25/0.15
  • Conrete Piercing AOE distance from 1.25/2.75/4.5 to 0.25/1.5/6

Soviet Mechanized Support and Shock Motor Commanders

Similar to the Jaegar Armor Commander, we are removing the abilities of these commanders to knock out heavy artillery pieces that would otherwise put pressure on the ISU and Elefant. The Sturmovick Attack Strafe has been added to gives these commanders potent AI power.

  • IL-2 Bombing Runs exchanged for IL-2 Sturmovik Attack Strafe from the Advanced Warfare Commander

UI Adjustments

Critical Damage Icons

A small number of icons have been updated to address the differences between the levels of damage the vehicle has taken. The changes apply to immobilized and engine damage caused by snares. This will help better differentiate their icons from engine damage caused by mines and other sources.

  • Snare engine damage colour changed to yellow to represent the item being removable at above 75% life.
  • Immobilized icon changed to a broken tread to better differentiate itself from the different levels of engine damage.

Panzerfausts, AT Grenades for Mainline Infantry

For consistency across all factions, the snares for these infantry units have been standardized for all mainline infantry.

  • All positions standardized to UI location 32 in the command bar

HMG Timed Abilities

  • All HMG timed will now show an offensive buff indicator over the HMG when using timed combat boost abilities
  • HMG AP Rounds - M2HB/DhSk - will now use a Phosphorous effects when they have swapped ammo for the ability's duration

Stealth Detection

  • Units that have increased stealth detection radius now have a UI indicator in the command bar

Mine Sweepers for AEF, UKF, Soviets, and Ostheer

The following factions have received new unit shield icons when these units are given minesweepers. Previously, it was impossible to tell what weapons their units had if the minesweeper icon blocked the weapon icons.

  • Unit shield symbols that can be equipped with minesweepers will now be updated when upgraded with the minesweeper upgrade.
  • Minesweepers no longer as a weapon slot icon


  • Fixed an issue where the Katyusha Creeping Barrage was using the wrong weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where German weapon teams could not pick up medical crates.
  • Hold the Line should now trigger on friendly sectors controlled by Allies
  • Hold the Line now highlights sectors for all players when active
  • Opel Blitz Heal hotkey from D to V
  • Fixed an issue where the 120mm Mortar would need to reset during the initiation of barrages if the target area was offset with the mortar, despite being in the arc.
  • Fixed inconsistencies where the 120mm Mortar in AOE and fire-times between auto-fire and barrage.
  • 250 LMG Grenadier Halftrack veterancy 3 received accuracy changed to received damage to match regular Grenadiers
  • Fixed an issue where the Land Mattress veterancy 2 bonuses were not applying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Commissar Command Squad veterancy 2 accuracy bonus was not applying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Officer Recon Sweeps for the British were invulnerable and had no entity.
  • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder Airborne Beacons counted as shot blockers.
  • Fixed an issue where Stormtrooper Interrogation did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where Stormtroopers slot items would go missing when armed with MP40s.
  • Fixed an issue where Valentine Smoke did not fire when not in line with the turret.
  • Fixed an issue where demolition charges would terraform the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where the ISU-152 would need to wait a full reload cycle if it fired a round then attempted to use Concrete Piercing rounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the ZiS-3 and SU-76 could fire a shell immediately after completing their HE barrage.
  • Fixing an inconsistency where tripwire flare could not kill Grenadiers that had reached veterancy 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vicker K LMG had an unreasonably long reload time at 8/9 seconds; value changed to 6.
  • Fixed an issue where Conscripts would carry invisible weapons when merging into Assault Guards
  • Fixed an issue where Panzergrenadiers could Mark retreating units, despite the ability not taking any affect.
  • Fixed an issue where the Commissar's revolver did not have the same effective range as other pistols.
  • Fixed an issue where the Commissar's model reinforce did not match the rest of the squad.
  • Fixed an issue where the Commissar's Grenade ability did not take a range penalty during suppression.
  • Fixed an issue where the Command Panther could be called-in immediately upon death.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sturmtiger could be called-in immediately upon death.
  • Fixed an issue where the Churchill had less gun depression than other tanks, set to -90 from -15.
  • Fixed a bug where the PM-41 82mm Mortar did not receive bonuses to its ability recharge at veterancy.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle crews would lose their increased experience gained from Elite Vehicle Crews when decrewing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Major Recon Overflight ability would change hotkeys upon gaining veterancy.
  • Fixed an issue where Rear Echelon Volley fire greatly lowered accuracy during its 2nd and 3rd stage of Volley Fire. Corrected to +3% and +4% respectively rather than -97% and -96%.
  • Fixed an issue where the M5 Quad would announce a Crocodile has been destroyed when used by the British faction
  • Fixed an issue where the M5 Quad icon would vanish on the USF M5 when decrewed.
  • Fixed an issue regarding Combined Arms was triggering without infantry on certain maps.
  • Fixed an issue where Sextons would cease their Coordinated Valentine Barrage when they destroyed a target within the barrage area.
  • Fixed an issue with the KV-2's tooltip regarding population; will now properly state 21 rather than 19.
  • Fixed an issue with the 120mm Mortar tooltip regarding population; will now properly state 9 rather than 10.
  • Fixed an issue with the Guards Rifle Infantry tooltip regarding population; will now properly state 9 rather than 8.
  • Fixed an issue with the Jagdtiger tooltip regarding population; will now properly state 22 rather than 23.
  • Fixed an issue where Assault Engineers were 8 population rather than the intended 7
  • Fixed an issue where the Tiger Ace in Spearhead mode would autofire on infantry even when priortize vehicle was on.
  • Fixed an issue where the OKW Panzer IV would get additional sight bonuses at veterancy 5
  • Fixed an issue where Radio Silence's speed boost would affect units while retreating.
  • Fixed an issue where Stuka Smoke Drop was at 4 CPs for Wehrmacht rather than 2 CPs
  • Fixed an issue where the Headquarters Glider required the player to have 9 population available.
  • Fixed an issue where the 251 Radio beacon could block units
  • The British Command Vehicle ability should now properly go on cooldown if the Command Vehicle is abandoned.
  • Fixed an issue where there Pathfinder Beacon Self-Destruct ability had no hotkey; set to E
  • Fixed an issue where the Land Mattress' reinforce value was set to 1 rather than 0.5
  • Fixed an issue where the Land Mattress would automatically set-up when enemies were nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where the M2HB gunner was not affected by the movement penalty for suppression
  • Fixed an issue where the M1 Garand for crew weapons used bolt-action animations during cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where the British 'Assault' ability could make team weapon barrages unuseable when captured during the ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the single pass Stuka recon run had limited sight.
  • Fixed a number of voice-related callout issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Kubel could not repair criticals on itself when at veterancy 3
  • Fixed an issue where the Ostheer Puma's projectile was not visible.
  • Fixed an issue with the Comet's projectile not appearing
  • Radio Silence will no logner stack with retreat speed bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where the Raketenwerfer and M42 45mm had a smaller target size than other ATGs when decrewed.
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfusilier AT grenades did not track properly; standardized with USF AT Grenades
  • Fixed an issue where the T-34/76 coaxial machine gun had no FX.
  • Fixed an issue where Sappers would get a sight bonus when in cover at veterancy 1.
  • Fixed an issue where Airborne Rally Points did not cause a penalty to reinforce time.
  • Fixed an issue where OKW Panzer IV J and 221 could not upgrade when out of territory; matches other OKW units.
  • Fixed an issue where Coordinated Barrage could be used on units that were exposed in the FOW.
  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Sappers costs more to reinforce than normal sappers.
  • Fixed a bug where the 50cal gunner was not affeted by suppression movement penalties.
  • Fixed an issue where smoke and AT grenades for Recovery Sappers would share a cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Royal Artillery Coordinated Barrage would not drop warning flares into the target zone when activated.
  • Fixed a number of UI issues where abilities buffs and debuffs would not appear on the unit card for a number of units.

Bulletin Fixes

  • Fixed the KV-1 Armor bulletin providing received accuracy rather than an armor bonus
  • Fixed an issue with the M1 57mm bulletin increased reload times rather than decreasing it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Molotov range bulletin did not affect molotovs at veterancy 2


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