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Company of Heroes France - 64 Bit Update + Community Map Update

Release Date: 01/18/2021


Patch de ~757Mo comprenant le jeu en version 64 bit et la mise à jour communautaire des cartes. Le jeu est maintenant multiplate-forme sur Windows entre les joueurs ayant le jeu sur Steam et ceux l'ayant sur Microsoft Game Pass / Windows Store. Le jeu devrait bénéficier d'une meilleure stabilité et d'une amélioration des performances générales.


64 Bit Update - Now Live

We are excited to announce that that 64 Bit Update for Company of Heroes 2 is now live!

Thanks to everyone in the community that helped test the beta, and provide feedback. Your input has been very valuable in getting this update release ready.

This update is great news for the game, as it should result in greater stability and overall performance for the vast majority of players. It should also enable crossplay between Steam and Microsoft Game Pass / Windows Store Users. 

All players should now automatically update to the 64 bit version upon launching the game. If you are not, then please exit and restart Steam.

Along with the 64 bit update, an extensive community map patch is now also live. To find out more about that, head here (these changes should propagate 1-2 hours after the build is live).

Bugs and Technical Issues

If you experience issues after downloading the update please follow these instructions to verify your game files.

If you continue to encounter issues, please report them either on this forum, reddit, or coh2.org.

32 Bit Legacy Beta

For the very small minority of players whose hardware does not allow them to run the new 64 Bit update, we have created a 32 bit legacy beta on Steam.

To access this beta, follow these steps:

  • Right Click Company of Heroes 2 on Steam
  • Select Properties
  • Navigate to the Betas Tab
  • Select “legacy_32bit” from the drop town
  • Close the Properties window
  • Your game should now patch to the legacy version

Community Map Update

Troops, reset your vetoes, and prepare to wage war across a host of brand new community crafted battlegrounds. We have ten new maps and five reworked maps for you all to enjoy.

Special thanks go out to SoE-Sturmpanther for organizing and leading the overall effort with this update, as well as to WhiteFlashReborn and A_E for their work advising other 1v1 mappers, and to Rosebone for the same effort with the 2v2 map makers.

Of course, huge thanks go out to the following mappers for their craft and hard work on the maps themselves: WhiteFlashReborn, Spanky, Rosebone, RickieRifle, Wuff, Kpen97, Scotch, & Blvckdream.

Additionally, A_E, Currahee, Olvadi, and Sturmpanther hosted several tournaments in order to test these new maps, generating great feedback and better overall quality in the final products.

Note that this update primarily focuses on 1v1 and 2v2 (The previous map patch was focused on larger modes).

Without further ado, here are the changes.


Maps removed from Automatch:

  • Lost Glider 
  • Rechnaya Pereprava 
  • Novgorod Outskirts 
  • Ladoga Karelia 
  • Arnhem Checkpoint 
  • Angoville 

Reworked Maps

  • Bayeux - Reworked by Spanky
  • Crossroad Winter - Reworked by WhiteFlashReborn
  • Vilshanka  - Reworked by Rosebone 

New 1vs1 Maps

  • Mill Road - Made by RickieRifle
  • Amilly Fields - Made by Wuff
  • Ploiesti Outskirts - Made by WhiteFlashReborn
  • Bocage - Made by Kpen97


Maps removed from Automatch:

  • Lierneux 
  • Vaux Farmlands 
  • Poltawa 
  • Stadtschutt 

Reworked map

  • Alliance of Defiance - Reworked by WhiteFlashReborn

New 2vs2 Maps

  • Wolfheze - Made by Scotch
  • Belgorod - Made by Rosebone
  • Highway to Baku - Made by Blvckdream
  • Dreux Scout - Made by Rosebone


  • Lienne Forest -  Reworked by Rosebone in attempt to fix the UI bug + bugfix

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