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Company of Heroes France - Mini Patch

Release Date: 06/22/2020


Petit patch de Mo.



The following are minor changes that are intended to mitigate a few oppressive or frustrating aspects of the British faction, without reducing their overall effectiveness.


Bolster is being pushed back to require the Platoon Command Post. This change should delay the power spike of fast 5 man squads by forcing them to purchase tech, rather than additional units.

  • Now requires Platoon Command Post

Universal Carrier Vickers

The Vickers K is being delayed to reduce its impact in the early game. This will delay an upgraded UC if a player opts to build a larger number of units instead of teching.

  • Now requires Platoon Command Post

Perimeter Overwatch

Perimeter Overwatch is having its duration reduced to prevent the UKF from locking out large portions of the map for an extended period of time. The sight bonus has also been altered to reduce its impact without spotters.

  • Time reduced from 120 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Sight bonus no longer stacks with Anvil; Anvil bonus sight takes priority.

Commando Regiment Assault Ability

This change will put the Assault ability on-par with other infantry combat boosts abilities in terms of its timing.

  • Command point requirement increased from 4 to 6

British M5 AA upgrade

Standardization of AA upgrades across all M5 Half-Tracks.

  • Reduced upgrade time from 45 to 30


IL-2 AT Rocket Run

IL-2 Rocket Run is getting a slight munition increase to match its performance. We will continue to monitor the ability for the future.

  • Cost increased from 100 to 125


IR Half-track

The population of the Half-Track is being reduced to better match its performance as a support unit.

  • Pop cap reduced from 5 to 3


  • Now requires 1 Command Point


All Out War Passive

Due to the nature of this issue overriding other capture bonuses provided by ability, we are removing the capture bonus.

  • 10% Capture Speed Bonus Removed.

Bug fixes

Credit to Sneakeye, Miragefla and Janne252 for engineering fixes for the following issues.

  • Implemented fix for Panzerfaust misfiring. Credit to Sneakeye for targeting this longstanding issue.
  • Sturmtiger Veterancy 4 Range bonus should now properly apply.
  • Valentine population requirements corrected to 7 from 12
  • Fixed issue in which all mortars would get stuck when cancelling ability at a certain time in the animation
  • Fixed issue with Panzerfusilier G43 and Panzershreck buyback options
  • Fixed issue with DP28 speech codes
  • Fixed issue with PTRS speech codes
  • Fixed an issue where T34s could Ram even when under the damaged engine effects of a Panzerfaust snare.
  • Fixed an issue with Goliath requirements

Icon Addtions

  • Added updated icons for various units. Credit to Sneakeye, Osinyagov and Kasarov for their work here.

Localization Updates

  • Fixed missing Loc string issue for a number of items
  • Updated Loc string issues for a number of items

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/288243#Comment_288243

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