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Company of Heroes France - Hotfix Update

Release Date: 04/22/2020


Hotfix de 74Mo faisant suite à la mise à jour du Winter Balance Patch 2020.


Hotfix Update - April 22nd 2020

This update is to address minor bugs and non-balance issues from the Winter Balance Patch.

We are monitoring unit performance as well as overall player sentiment and will make any necessary minor balance adjustments in the coming weeks.

Additionally, localization for a few non-English text strings will also be added in the near future.


  • Fixed a bug with the Soviet Zis field gun in which the gun became invincible in a certain situation. Full credit to Aerafield for reliably reproducing this bug, and to Sneak Eye for engineering a fix.
  • Added new Icons for British Assault and AT sections. Full credit to Osinyagov, Sneak Eye and Kasarov for devising these new icons based on feedback
  • Updated or fixed various icon issues which were not properly implemented in original patch
  • Fixed hotkey conflicts with Assault Tommies Thompson upgrade
  • Fixed Assault Tommy reinforce cost. Now correctly set to 28
  • Fixed incorrect speed value for Panzerfausts. Speed is now set to 15
  • Conscript 7th man upgrade now uses capeless Guards model
  • Updated SVT weapons crate to grant 60 munitions when picked up by allied players
  • Fixed requirements issue with Strategic Reserve doctrine Panzergrenadier smoke

Localization fixes

  • Fixed Loc string text issues with British Assault Tommies
  • Fixed Loc string text issues with British Anti-Tank Tommies
  • Fixed Loc string text issues with British Officer
  • Fixed Loc string text issues with the Forward Headquarters Glider
  • Fixed Loc string text issues with Ostheer Puma
  • Fixed Loc string text issues with IR Half Track
  • Updated other localization conflicts or errors

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/287914#Comment_287914

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