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Company of Heroes France - Septembre 2019 - Hotflix 3

Release Date: 09/25/2019


Mise à jour de ~10,9Mo pour corriger des bugs introduit avec la MaJ de septembre 2019.




  • Fixed issue where falls were receiving first strike bonus at Veterancy 2 as opposed to Veterancy 5
  • Cost increased to 340 from 320
  • Falls veterancy requirements increased to: 750/1500/3000/3900/5010

Valiant Assault

  • Troops will no longer sprint when in combat (This change will also apply to For Mother Russia in the next mini patch)


  • Resolved bug with UKF Command Vehicle abandon.
  • Fixed issue with Scavenge Doctrine thorough salvage
  • Jagdtiger will now only require Panzer Authorization as originally intended
  • Resolved Command Panther requirements conflict, unit can now be called in
  • Terror Officer will now receive shared veterancy as intended
  • Fixed hotkey conflict issues with Panzergrenadiers
  • 250 half-tracks should now have hold fire ability

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286479#Comment_286479

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