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Company of Heroes France - Hotfix

Release Date: 06/19/2019


Mise à jour de 14,3Mo pour corriger des bugs introduit avec la MaJ des nouveaux commandants.


This hotfix aims to address the more problematic bugs introduced in the New Commander Update. Future updates will address more minor issues, and balance items.

  • Fixed issue where IL-2 AT Rocket Strafe was inflicting less damage than originally intended.

  • Fixed issue where P47 Rocket Strafe was doing excessive damage.

  • Fixed issue where the 251 Observation Post would act as a forward retreat point when activated

  • Fixed issue where the T70 would become camouflaged in recon mode

  • Tommy Mills Bombs now have a minimum range as intended

  • Fixed issue where USF soldiers would not fire from fighting pits

  • Fixed issue where Bunkers and Fighting Pits were passable by all unit types

  • Trenches should again be available for all units

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/285292#Comment_285292

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