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Company of Heroes France - Printemps 2019

Release Date: 04/18/2019


Cette mise à jour va permettre d'ajouter 4 nouvelles cartes 1v1 et 2 nouvelles cartes 2v2.


Great maps make for great gameplay.

That’s why we’re extremely pleased to be bringing five brand new Community made maps to the 1v1 and 2v2 automatch pools!

Full credit goes to the Map Makers, Whiteflash and Tric (and in the case of Tric’s  1v1 maps, his fellow co-creators) for investing so much time and energy into content for us all to enjoy.

New 1v1 Maps

Nexus – Created by Whiteflash

Nexus sits on a railway that was supplying materials for construction of a developing industrial backwater, which is in the process of being overrun by conflict.

Nexus borrows a key design feature that made Crossroads a great map, which is the pinwheel crossing cutoff concept.

This is where the similarities between Crossroads and Nexus ends as the setting, shot blockers, cover dynamics, flow and the sector layout is completely unique.

From all testing indicators this map will be better than Crossroads and will bring a great map with a ton of subtleties that people will discover over time to the 1v1 ladder.

Not only that, but Whitelflash has made some significant improvements to ladder favorite maps, Crossroads, and Alliance of Defiance.

You can check out those changes, along with an overview of Nexus, in this video.


Ladoga Karelia – Created By Tric and Talisman

Ladoga Karelia was a fiercely contested area in Finland where fighting erupted three months after the start of WW2. Fighting between the Soviet Union only ended after the Moscow Peace Treaty in March of 1940.

This area features a multitude of double cutoffs and directly contestable major strategic positions. It is mainly just woodlands with a small lumber yard centered in the middle. Securing this area controls a major road that will help either player with their war effort.

Rechnaya Pereprava - Created by Tric and Siddolio  (NOTE - This map is not showing in automatch at present, this will be resolved shortly.

Rechnaya Pereprava, which translates to "River Crossing", is just that; an area situated on a small rural Eastern Front river. The battlefield features one of the few roads to cross this river, making it a key strategic location for supplies across the front.

Featuring a smaller then normal map with very aggressive cutoff play or direct major strategic point contention. A constant favorite of SMC.

Deutz – Created by Tric and Dave

Deutz is a sub section of Cologne Germany tasked to make artillery during the war. It and the surrounding area were all but destroyed due to the bombings of Cologne in July of 1943. 

Situated on the east side of the Rhine River, forces are now separated due to the destroyed Hohenzollern Bridge.   

Layout is mirrored and features fighting along the now destroyed remnants of the Hohenzollern bridge and its rail sections. Controlling what is left of these railways will prove useful to either war effort.


All of Tric's 1v1 maps have seen extensive play and feedback by top players in the Seasonal Map Cup. Credit to the organizers and players for creating an event that supports the creation of high quality content. If you want to know more check out the latest SMC news here.

New 2v2 Maps

Both of the following maps were strong performers in 2017’s 2v2 Map Making Contest. Since then the author has made a series of improvements to make these maps Automatch ready.

Bialystok market – Created by Tric (Removed temporarily at creators request in order to address issues- will be re-added next week)

Bialystok was a WW2 Jewish ghetto set up by Germany, it was closed down in 1943, at which time the inhabitants were forced into labor.

This area features the smoldering remains of Bialystok in the winter following the evacuation.

Controlling the market square and its surrounding areas will yield a great strategic benefit, allowing a forward position from which to assault the opponent’s cutoffs, or their direct fuel/munitions and the surrounding major road ways.

Ponary Forest – Created by Tric (Removed temporarily at creators request in order to address issues- will be re-added next week)

Located near Vilnius Lithuania, Ponary Forest and its railway were overrun by the Wehrmacht in Operation Barbarossa.  The area was the site of major atrocities.

Fighting over the two major drop off / pick up points of this area will lead to a sure way to control and supply either sides war effort.  This map features an entirely unique layout that will see the fighting develop into large flanking maneuvers and full frontal assaults.

Aditional Info

As a result of these additions, Caen and Road to Kharkov will be removed from the 1v1 automatch pool. Trois Ponts and Semiosky Winter will also be removed from the 2v2 automatch pool. 

Also, if you’re a fan of 4v4 carnage, fear not. We have a little something coming down the pipe later this year that you’re going to like.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the update.

Source : http://www.companyofheroes.com/blog/2019/04/17/spring-map-update

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