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Company of Heroes France - Mini Patch

Release Date: 02/15/2019


Petite mise à jour de ~14Mo.



IR Pathfinders

  • Cost increased to 290
  • Now start on 50 second cooldown. General cooldown changed to 50 seconds

These changes will stop USF players being able to field two IRPF squads before LT/ CPT teching, unless they are willing to delay their tech for it. Cost of unit standardized with regular Pathfinders because of their high combat and utility power.

Airdropped Combat Group

  • Now available at 3CP. Mistakenly changed to 2CP during previous patch
  • Cost increased to 350 Manpower and 80 munitions. Was previously 325 manpower.

However, this ability was synergizing too well with the new 4CP Greyhound, allowing for an aggressive lieutenant opening, followed by an extremely cost efficient AT gun to support the Greyhound, without having to tech CPT. In light of this, the following change has been made.

  • AT gun component of Airdropped Combat Group replaced by Pack Howitzer drop

This will force USF players to tech CPT should they want AT Gun support for their Greyhound. Players will have to forgo an aggressive LT opening, or delay the rate at which they can produce multiple Greyhounds if deploying both officers. This should allow for a more balanced dynamic between the Greyhound and Axis Light Vehicles / counters.

Pack Howitzer

  • Reduced to five man squad maximum from six man squad. This applies to both airdropped and tech built Pack Howitzers.
  • Pack Howitzer will still decrew at 2 models (now after losing 3 men like most other support weapons)

This change was made in order to let the Pack Howitzer retain its strong offensive capabilities, while reducing its survivability a bit so it becomes easier for Axis to counter it.


Jaeger Light Infantry

  • Infiltration Spawn Removed

Sector Assault
This ability has received changes to make it perform more consistently and predictably, while removing its ability to obliterate entire armies in some instances.

  • Stuka Fragmentation Bombing run planes removed
  • Replaced by two Stuka Anti Tank strafing runs. The same planes as in Ostheer Stuka Close Air Support (3 attack runs).
  • One additional anti infantry strafe plane added.
  • Strafe timings adjusted accordingly
  • Mini map icon size corrected


  • Cost reduced to 570 manpower and 165 fuel in order to offer some compensation for projectile inconsistency. Previously cost 620 manpower and 180 fuel. Change was intended, but not implemented correctly in previous patch.
  • Sturmtiger friendly fire now less potent.


  • Cavalry Rifleman UI CP requirement bug resolved
  • Hotkeys for OKW Infiltration Grenades and Jaeger Light Infantry G43 upgrade swapped so that the Infiltration Grenades retain their original hotkey.


Minor UI icon and localization text updates will be deployed in the next major patch.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/282611#Comment_282611

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