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Company of Heroes France - Mise à jour

Release Date: 04/01/2015




Taille : ~1,6Go

Please note that these changes will go live TOMORROW, at 3pm PDT. Our servers will be down for a full hour to facilitate this update. We’re trying something new in releasing the notes a day early, so we’ll see how this goes! Our latest update focuses on several areas, with special attention paid towards:

Bug fixes

Grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa, a swig of whiskey or another random beverage of your choice and settle in for some ever so exciting patch note reading!


The following NEW Relic Maps have been added to Automatch and Custom games:

  • (6-8) General Mud
  • (2) Angoville (previously a COH1 map, now with COH2 freshness!)

The following Community Maps have been added to Custom games and Automatch as part of the Community Map Spotlight Series. Congratulations to the talented map makers that have had their work included in the game!

  • (6 - 8 ) Sittard Summer by MonolithicBacon
  • (4 - 6) Wolfs Lair by Chuck Norris
  • (2 – 4) Bystraya Voda by Qvazar
  • (6) Pavlov’s House by Nebaka
  • (2 - 4) Einhoven Country by Spanky

The following maps have been refined based on community and internal feedback.

  • (6-8) Hill 331
  • (2-4) Minsk Pocket
  • (2-4) Moscow Outskirts
  • (2-4) Semoskiy Winter
  • (2-4) Semoskiy
  • (2) La Gleize

The following maps have been removed from the Automatch list based off community and internal feedback.

  • Faceoff at Rostov
  • Hurtgen Forest
  • Semoskiy (from 2v2 only)

Shallow water no longer offers a speed reduction penalty.

  • This has been removed to increase ebb and flow around areas which feature shallow water.



For this update, we approached balance with three main goals in mind:

To reduce the disparity of army balance between axis and allies

  • We have aimed to create a more evenly measured match where Axis and Allies have equal advantages from start to finish
  • Reduce the temporal effect that we were seeing in data, where allies have an early advantage at a higher VP count
  • Bring OKW ELO in line with other factions

To reduce the effectiveness of blobbing we’re looking to

  • improve the already existing blob counters, in non-lethal ways
  • promote and encourage ‘combined arms’

To reduce the negative user experiences in gameplay we’re working to:

Reduce the amount of frustrating moments that can be caused by undesirable gameplay, including:

  • Truck Pushing
  • Bugs

Reduce moments that go against our fundamental design of unit preservation in the game, including:

  • Squad wiping abilities
  • One-shots
  • High lethality

Reduce the number of scenarios where players are not rewarded for their tactical play.



SWS Truck

We’ve seen ongoing complaints that the OKW SWS truck provides an unfair advantage to some players. We had our stats team pull in-game numbers related to this, in order to assess the situation and determine actual game impact. Not only can the SWS truck push units out of points and into unfavorable positions, it can also scout for the player with no real penalty. By reducing the speed, we have made it much more difficult to push around infantry.

  • Max speed has been reduced from 4.2 to 3.2
  • Armor has been reduced from 4 to 3
  • Wreck armor has been reduced from 25 to 4
  • SWS Wreck can now be killed by small arms fire

Flak Base Defenses

Another common concern we’ve seen is that OKW’s default AA is unfairly advantageous when compared to all other factions that are required to spend resources to build AA.

  • OKW base Flak Gun chance to shoot down aircraft has been reduced to 0.5%


The received accuracy bonus the Volksgrenadiers gained at Veterancy level 5 made them extremely durable. Durability was not one of the intended roles of the squad so adjustments were made.

  • Removed 0.71 received accuracy at veterancy level 5
  • Added 0.7 cooldown and reload at veterancy level 5


To help facilitate our goals of anti-blobbing, we have decided to reduce the effectiveness of Panzerschreck at long range. It was previously quite easy to move a shreck blob into position and snipe vehicles. The reduction in accuracy at greater distances will ensure that in order to be effective, OKW players will need to commit further into enemy lines.

  • Far Accuracy has been reduced from .025 to 0.20


In examining blobbing and the current Meta, we discovered that the OKW Blob effectiveness was in large part due to the Obersoldaten. Their high DPS nullifies any infantry threat to the Volksgrenadiers. In combination with the Volks’ previous Vet 5 durability bonus, the Obers made the perfect meat shield. We feel by delaying the LMG with an upgrade, this should give players sufficient time to respond. The reduction in damage on the MG34 LMG was necessary, as it was killing units at such a fast rate it was far too difficult for other players to react.

  • LMG MG34 moved to an upgrade and is an exclusive upgrade (can only purchase LMG or STG)
  • LMG MG34 upgrade now costs 60 munitions
  • LMG MG34 damage has been reduced from 8 to 6
  • STG 44 damage has been reduced from 8 to 6


These changes will help improve the responsiveness of the Raketenwefer, better allowing it to engage fast moving targets. The reload time has been partially increased relative to the amount of time reduced on aim time; however, the unit’s overall performance will be slightly higher.

  • Ready aim time (time required to aim on the first shot fired) has been reduced from 1 - 1.5 seconds to 0.25 – 0.375 seconds
  • Fire aim time (time taken to aim on subsequent shots) has been reduced from 1 – 1.25 to 0.125 – 0.25 seconds
  • Reload time has been increased from 3 – 3.6 seconds to 3.8 – 4.3 seconds

LE IG 18 Infantry Support Gun

The suppression on AOE will also help to improve its effectiveness against blobbing in a non-lethal way.

  • Added mild AOE suppression on hit

King Tiger

Allied late game had an exceptionally difficult time penetrating the frontal armor of the KT, which caused a significant amount of frustration for our players. Telemetry Data we pulled supported the need for change in this area, as it frequently and unfairly prevented any realistic allied comeback. By reducing the armor (to the same value as the IS2) it should make the King Tiger a little bit easier to damage. Its offensive power still remains deadly as always.

  • Armor reduced from 425 to 375



M10 Wolverine

The M10 Wolverine is a capable tank destroyer, but too fragile in its current state given that it requires players to get ‘up close and personal’ in order for it to be effective. With an increase in health, the M10 will now be able to withstand one extra shot of direct tank fire.

  • Health has been increased from 400 to 560

M36 Jackson

The Jackson had issues dealing damage consistently due to its lower penetration. Our team has chosen to reduce the damage dealt by the M36 while also increasing the penetration; two changes we feel will offset each other in an ideal way. This will allow for the Jackson to retain its current role while also being a more consistent tank destroyer. This is an indirect buff to Wehrmacht Tier 3, in which every tank was hard countered by the Jackson in its current form.

  • Damage reduced from 240 to 200
  • Penetration increased from 160 / 180 / 200 to 200 / 220 /240
  • AP rounds penetration increased from 220 / 250 / 280 to 240 / 270 / 300

M8 Greyhound Canister Shot

We had found that the M8 previously had the ability and tendency to one shot kill a lot of squads with no way to counter it. By increasing the damage but removing its death critical on hit, we are aiming to give a more dispersed damage among clips of units without instantly killing squads. We have also made some adjustments to the default gun in order to compensate for the reduced effectiveness of critical hits. The Greyhound’s gun should now have similar stats to that of the Stuart.

  • Canister shot damage has been increased from 40 to 80
  • Canister shot radius has been increased from 3 to 5
  • Canister shot now pierces
  • Squad death critical on hit has been removed
  • Damage has been increased from 40 to 60
  • Penetration has increased from 35 / 45 / 55 to 40 / 45 / 60
  • Distant scatter max has been increased from 35 / 45 / 55 to 40 / 45 / 60
  • Reload has been reduced from 4.5 / 4.4 to 2.9
  • Radius has been reduced from 2.5 to 1.75
  • Call-in recharge time has been increased from 45 seconds to 90 seconds

USF Mortar Halftrack

Through research, we’ve found that the USF Mortar Halftrack has been one of the most lackluster mortar’s in the game, aside from its White Phosphorus ability. The most inefficient mortar in the game should now be in line with its other Mortar Halftrack counterpart.

  • Angle Scatter has been reduced from 10 to 6
  • Distance scatter max has been reduced from 12 to 5
  • Mid-damage has been increased from 0.15 to 0.35

Pak Howitzer

The suppression on AOE will help the Pak Howitzer’s effectiveness against blobbing in a non-lethal way.

  • Added mild AOE suppression on hit


The HMC is a great unit but we have found that its squad wiping ability was consistently too high, wiping full squads with its first shot. With this change in damage AOE, you will see damage better dispersed throughout the squad without killing it outright.

  • Distance Far increased from 3 to 4
  • Distance Mid increased from 2 to 2.5
  • Damage reduced from 120 to 100




With our goal to reduce and remove negative gameplay; the Soviet Snipers sprint ability has come up frequently in conversations. If the enemy has set up a flank designed to eliminate the sniper, soviet players were able to use the sprint ability to quickly get away at any time. This ability simply granted too much utility to the sniper.

  • Sprint removed from Veterancy 1 abilities
  • Flares are now granted at Veterancy 1


There were two main issues with the B4 that we wanted to resolve. First, the fact that the B4 significantly hampered unit preservation, and second that the B4 has been over-performing in relation to the other howitzers available to our players. The additional damage dealt at Veterancy level 3 and the potential to combine the damage bonus from ‘For Mother Russia’ made this unit extremely lethal.

  • Direct fire now pierces through terrain (to improve usability – still requires clear line of sight)
  • Direct fire range has been reduced from 150 to 100
  • Direct fire cost has been reduced from 180 munitions to 90 munitions
  • Direct fire now requires Veterancy level 1
  • Removed precision strike
  • Veterancy level 3 has had the 1.5x damage bonus removed
  • Veterancy level 3 now increases ability range by 33% on barrage and direct fire

For Mother Russia

The previous modifiers resulted in unintended consequences such as a B4 having the capability to take out a Tiger tank in one shot. The modifiers have been adjusted accordingly to better align with our gameplay systems.

  • 1.5x damage bonus converted to 1.25 weapon accuracy

Guard Troops

Our team determined that as one of the worst rifles/AT in the game, changes to the PTRS were necessary in order to make it a bit more sufficient at its role. Its damage profile remains the same, so damage will still be relative to current values.

  • PTRS Accuracy increased from 0.03 / 0.0425 / 0.055 to 0.22 / 0.50 / 0.60

120mm Mortar

The 120 is a great unit, however its combination of accuracy and AOE damage profile meant it regularly wiped full squads with its first shot. With this change in damage AOE, players will see damage dispersed throughout the squad without killing the squad outright.

  • Damage distance (medium) increased from 3 to 3.5
  • Damage distance (near) reduced from 1.5 to 1.1




Our aim is to encourage positional play and combined arms, which the Wehrmacht faction tends to reply on more than any other faction. With an increase in sight (albeit still lower than pathfinders) we are allowing Pioneers to help spot for their HMGs and other support teams.

  • Sight increased from 35 to 42


  • Far Accuracy reduced from 0.25 to 0.20


In analyzing statistical data, we discovered that the German sniper had one of the shortest average lifespans compared to its soviet counterpart. By increasing its health, we are compensating for a lack of other squad members that the Soviet sniper team.

  • Health increased from 48 to 82

SdKfz 222 Armored Car

Our aim here is to provide the Armored Car with an increased level of durability so that it may act as a better deterrent against light vehicles.

  • Health increased from 200 to 240

HMG 42

We’ve found that the MG42 has been slightly underperforming in the damage department. These changes are meant to improve its performance and thereby better align it with the other HMG teams.

  • Near Accuracy has been increased from 0.68 to 0.7
  • Mid Accuracy has been increased from 0.41 to 0.45
  • Far Accuracy has been increased from 0.14 to 0.35

Tiger / Tiger Ace / Panther / King Tiger and the Blitzkrieg Ability

Upon review, we felt that it didn’t make much sense that these heavy armored vehicles could move in and out of danger so quickly. We also found that it provided a negative gameplay experience for those trying to counter this. Similar to the changes made to the Soviet Snipers’ sprint ability, we’ve decided to tone down the effectiveness of blitzkrieg specifically for these three units.

  • Blitzkrieg max speed bonus has been reduced from 35% to 15% exclusively for the Tiger and Panther. Other tanks remain the same.
  • Acceleration has been reduced from 60% to 30%
  • Combat Blitz ability speed bonus modifier has been reduced from 2 to 1.4



  • Fixed Issue when Pak 40 and Pak 43 AT Guns could Infinitely Stun Enemy Vehicles after being re-crewed[/
  • Fixed Issue where Sandbags were missing from Panzer IV’s in Hull Down Mode
  • Fixed Issue where the Warspoils Survey would appear the User clicked on the “Graphs Tab in the Post Game Stats Screen
  • “Hull Down Release” and “Prioritize Vehicles” no longer share the same Classic Hot Key (H)
  • “Sandbags” and “Razor Wire” no longer share the same Classic Hot Key in the Ardennes Assault Campaign. (W)
  • Fixed several issues where some Skins where not applying correctly so some Russian and Wehrmacht Vehicles
  • Texture on the Panzergrenadiers’ weapon is no longer corrupted
  • Demo Charges are now targetable when revealed

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