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Company of Heroes France - Mise à jour

Release Date: 02/04/2015




Taille : ~1,1Go
Udpate for February 4th - Servers will be down at 10pm GMT / 2pm PST for this update, it should take an estimated 4-5 hours.
Multiplayer Fixes:

  • OKW Jagdpanzer IV cost corrected; reduced to 400 Manpower from 480 Manpower.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could stack the USF Rear Echelon’s “Volley Fire” ability by crewing and de-crewing vehicles.
  • Changed the Classic Hot Key for "Cancel Construction" to “X” to prevent players from accidentally scuttling their structures.
  • Mines are no longer permanently revealed after being detected by a Minesweeper.
  • Removed the collision detection on infantry casualties to prevent them from blocking retreating units.
  • OKW infantry will no longer get stuck in a retreating state while retreating to the Battlegroup Headquarters.
  • Changed the target priority on the USF Pack Howitzer from 0 to -100; the weapon is now less likely to be destroyed before it is abandoned.
  • Units garrisoned inside a USF Fighting Position now display the proper cover shield UI.
  • Made improvements to AI pathfinding, combat states, preferred combat ranges, and reinforcement logic.
  • Added the missing requirement tool tip text for the "Recon Sweep" Commander ability on the USF Mechanized Company Commander.
  • USF Paratroopers Commander ability now shows the correct Command Point requirements on the Commander ability bar.
  • USF Major's "Rapid Artillery" ability will no longer trigger in all previously called locations when the Major reaches Veteran Level 2.
  • Unit icons in the "Units" tab of the post-game Match Stats screen now use the correct image.
  • Fixed a bug that caused infantry units to not obey a capture order if the capture point had an unseen enemy cache built on it.
  • Squad members will no longer stop shooting when pivoting.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would paradrop team weapons and never pick them up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the USF Priest's "Creeping Barrage" ability not to fire when the ability is called down just outside the ability's minimum range.
  • The Ostheer Mechanized Grenadier Group and Mechanized Assault Group Commander abilities now have their own unique Icons.
  • The Ostheer Riegel-43 Anti-Tank mine is no longer missing the ghost construction when the mine is being placed.
  • Added confirmation speech lines for the purchase the Soviet M4C Sherman's M2HB HMG Package upgrade.
  • Squads no longer stand inside the Soviet T-34-85 while repairing the vehicle.
  • Updated the small icon on the USF "Backbone of the Army" Intel Bulletin.
  • Moved the Intel Bulletins & Skins Filter drop down box in the Inventory Overlay.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Ostheer 221/2 Scout Car's 2cm Autocannon upgrade icon to not show up after upgrading.
  • Fixed text error in the Soviet ISU-152's "Tracking" portrait icon tool tip.
  • Added missing requirements text for the Soviet ISU-152's "Load High Explosive" ability when the vehicle is outside of the battlefield.
  • Removed the negative effects from Soviet "For Mother Russia!" Commander ability.
  • USF "Withdraw and Refit" Commander ability will no longer stop the Captain, Lieutenant or Major from being brought back into the game, if they were inside a vehicle that was ordered to withdraw.
  • Added missing text to "Hold Fire" portrait icon tool tip for Ostheer Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers, and MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Teams.
  • Added missing speech lines for the Ostheer "Incendiary Bombing Run" when it unlocks and recharges events.
  • Added missing speech lines to the PTRS AT Rifle upgrade on Soviet Conscripts.
  • The OKW Fortifications Doctrine’s “Zeroing Artillery” rate of fire now increases the longer enemy units are visible.
  • Ostheer Pak 40 and Axis Pak 43 projectiles are now using the correct projectile marker; fixes some odd firing animations and potential misses for the “Target Weak Spot” ability.
  • Fixed bug on abandoned USF Pack Howitzers that caused the unit to not function correctly when the crew gained a Veteran Level a second time.
  • OKW Sturmpioneers will now remember the toggle setting of their Minesweeper after retreating.
  • Fixed an issue where Mortar Teams' Veteran Level 3 range bonus wasn't being applied correctly; affected units are listed below:
    • Ostheer - GrW 34 Mortar Team
    • Ostheer - Mortar Half-track
    • Soviet - PM-41 82mm Mortar Team
    • Soviet - HM-38 120mm Mortar Team
    • USF - M21 Mortar Half-track
  • Removed the “Attack Ground” ability that was accidentally added to the US Forces Priest.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could negate cover suppression modifiers by attacking the cover directly.
  • Commander abilities now use consistent UI color indicators.
  • Attacking abilities appear red (Bombing Runs).
  • Assisting abilities appear green (Recon Flight).
  • Fixes to the OKW Jagdtiger's 28.3kg APCBC-HE shells so that the FX line up correctly OKW Jagdtiger’s "12.8cm Supporting Fire" ability. Fixes include:
    • A bug to prevent the vehicle from locking up when using the ability to fire a over a building
    • An rare issue that prevented the ability from being used at all
    • Additional FX
    • Overall improvements to its functionality were made to make it more reliable
  • An exploit that allowed the ability to kill AT Guns instantly.
  • Fixed naming error in the USF "M1919A6 Light Machine Gun Weapon Rack" tool tip.
  • The MG34 Light Machine Gun now has the proper behavior for all squads that can pick it up. Updates include:
    • OKW Obersoldaten and USF Paratrooper squads can fire it on the move; all other squads must stop to fire
    • When not moving, all squads except the Obersoldaten will attempt to use the prone firing position
    • Obersoldaten will always try to fire from the hip / standing position unless another effect causes them to use prone
  • Text on the Ostheer Encirclement Doctrine's "Breakthrough" Commander ability now properly reflects the ability to capture points.
  • Improved the reliability of the Soviet B-4 203 mm Howitzer’s “Direct Fire” ability to reach its intended target.
  • Ostheer Sturmpanzer IV's "Bunker Busting Barrage" ability can no longer be activated when the vehicle is in "Hull Down" mode.
  • OKW Raketenwerfer 43 will now camouflage correctly at Veteran Level 1 when crewed by the US Forces.
  • OKW sWs Halftracks can no longer crush ambient buildings.
  • The “Sniper Nest” ambient structure can now be destroyed.
  • Decal system coming soon. As decals become available, players will be able to apply them to their chosen faction's vehicles in place of the default team markings.

Campaign Fixes

  • Updated the text for the Ardennes Assault Ranger Company's "Company Requisition" and "Additional Support I" upgrade ability descriptions in the AA Campaign.
  • The Ardennes Assault Mechanized Company's "Backbone of the Army" specialization now functions correctly in the AA Campaign.
  • Updated the Ardennes Assault Cavalry Riflemen tool tip in the AA Campaign and removed text which said “Cavalry Riflemen were good at fighting tanks” (they try hard, though!).
  • Fixed requirement text issue on the Ardenne's Assault Riflemen and Cavalry Riflemen "Defensive Stance" ability.
  • Fixed an issue to improve the frame rate on AA Campaign missions when using the Mechanized Company.
  • Fixed a bug on Mission 12 of the Russian campaign that caused the AI teammate units to become stuck.

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