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Company of Heroes France - Mise à jour

Release Date: 10/30/2014




The team has just pushed another update to resolve a few reported concerns with the Oct 29th Update:

  • FIXED - Raketenwerfer were it will stay permanently suppressed.
  • FIXED - Stalingrad Rail Station> Blocker> T34 Tank does not get blown up as scripted at the start of the mission causing a blocker
  • FIXED - Faceplate Crash when equipping with Drag/Drop
  • FIXED - [AI] - The AI will try and use Commander abilities that it does not have access to
  • MOD Tool no longer breaks old MODS

Ajout d'objets à gagner dans les butins de guerre :
In-Depth list of the Items Added to War Spoils in the Oct. 29th Update

  • Intel Bulletins :
    • Keep Your Head Down Pioneers are 2% harder to hit.
    • Shoot for the Stars The Artillery Field Officer increases the range of all nearby artillery by 8%.
    • Angry Grouch The Sturmpanzer IV 'Brummbär' has 3% faster weapon reloading.
    • Patch It Up The StuG III Ausf. E has 3% increased armor.
    • Keep Them Pinned The SdKfz 251/7 mortar half-track has 2% faster weapon reload.
    • The Art of Flak The Flakpanzer IV Ostwind gains veterancy 10% faster.
    • Hold Still! The MG34 Heavy Machine Gun fires 2% more accurately.
    • Make Every Shot Count The Sturmoffizier increases the accuracy of nearby infantry by 2%.
    • Learned It at Bootcamp Panzerfüsilier weapons cool down 2% faster.
    • New Year's Rockets The Raketenwerfer has 3% increased weapon reload.
    • Leave it to the Engineer The Sturmpioneer's Medical Supplies ability costs 7% less.
    • Cruising the Autobahn The Panther PzKpfw V moves 5% faster and accelerates 5% faster.
    • Thicker Skin The KV-1 heavy tank has 4% increased defense.
    • Shieldbreaker The SU-85 has 3% increased armor penetration.
    • Sustained Fire The SU-76 has 3% faster weapon reload.
    • Like a Surgeon The HM-38 120mm mortar squad fires 5% more accurately.
    • Spray and Pray The M1910 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun deals 5% increased suppression.
    • Blazing the Trail The KV-8 moves 5% faster and accelerates 5% faster.
    • Repeat as Necessary The M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer has 4% faster weapon reloading.
    • Live and Learn Riflemen gain veterancy 10% faster.
    • Hunting Dogs The M8 Greyhound's main weapon has 3% increased armor penetration.
    • Area Denial The M8A1 Howitzer Motor Carriage's barrage ability recharges 6% faster.
    • Army Healthcare The WC54 Ambulance costs 5% less.
    • Easy Handling The M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight' moves 5% faster and accelerates 5% faster.
  • Victory Strikes :
    • Fear Propaganda Artillery
    • Smoke Flares
    • Sturmtiger Saturation
    • Incendiary Airstrike  

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