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2018.05.18 - Spring Update - Hotfix 1

Release Date: 05/18/2018


Premier hotfix suite à la mise à jour "Spring Update".



• Fixed an issue in which Recon Company Raid Tactics would give +7 vision to infantry indefinitely.
• Jackson far range set to 60 as originally intended in patch notes.
• Pack Howitzer Heat Barrage damage and AOE damage reverted to pre- Spring Update values (unintentional change)
USF 81mm mortar auto attack distance scatter reverted from 0.0875 to 0.08.


• Universal Carrier front armour changed to 7 from 8 as intended.
• Sappers Vickers K accuracy reverted to pre- Spring Update values.
• Fixed an issue where Bren guns still cost 60 munitions from the Forward Assembly.
• Bren Gun mid-range accuracy changed as intended in patch notes.


• Fixed an issue where a recrewed 120mm Mortar could be recrewed with up to six men, as opposed to the intended 5 men.
• Fixed an issue with Engineers not being able to plant demolition charges.
• Fixed and issue where Guard Squads were requiring 3 Command Points for call in, despite the UI saying 2. Guards are now available from 2 Command Points.
• Fixed an issue where PTRS Rifles for Penals and Guards were doing 50% reduced damage vs buildings.


• Fixed an issue where Panzer IV and Panther tanks were getting a 50% accuracy increase against snipers.
• Fixed an issue where MP40 Volksgrenadiers would still have access to the flame grenade in the Firestorm Doctrine. Volksgrenadiers now only have access to a regular grenade after upgrading to the Assault Package.
• Battlegroup HQ cost has been reverted to 25 fuel.


• Fixed an issue where Hull Down would automatically cancel and not activate after completion. Hull Down should now work as intended. Note: The animation for the sandbags will continue to run after the squad has completed building for a few additional seconds.
• Panther Veterancy 2 text now states its increased amour bonus correctly.
• Fixed an issue where Panzer Grenadiers could no longer re-buy their Panzershrecks if lost. Cost adjusted accordingly.
• Wehmacht Mortar Half Track cost changed from 40 to 30 fuel, as originally intended.


Due to multiple people working from the same document, some intended changes were not communicated in the patch notes. The following changes are intended, and are live in game. They will be added or amended in the changelog patchnotes.

• Valiant Assault recharge time has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds.
• Volksgrenadiers flame grenade now requires an SWS Supply Halftrack to be called to the field. The Halftrack does not need to be set up.
• Medkits from Sturmpioneers now have an area of affect healing radius.
• Sappers are now supposed to be able to equip 2x Bren Guns from weapon racks. This was not included in the patch notes.
• The Soviet Snipers ready-aim time was incorrectly stated as 1.5 when it is actually set to 1.

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/277483#Comment_277483

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