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2017.12.21 - December Update - Hotfix 1

Release Date: 12/21/2017


Petit hotfix pour corriger des bogues introduit avec la mise à jour "December Update Commander Revamp".



Cluster Mines
* Munitions cost increased from 90 to 110


  • Fixed an issue where the mini / tactical map for the 1v1 version of Crossing in the Woods was not displaying properly
  • Various text strings have been updated (currently in English only with localized translations coming in a future patch)
  • Fixed an issue where the reinforcement time penalty would not apply properly to all units
  • Fixed an issue where British Forward Assembly reinforcement penalty was significantly higher than other forward retreat points (+250% penalty, as opposed to +75% penalty)
  • Fixed an issue where certain AT-grenade attacks would fail to properly track vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where anti-air half-track's main gun would fail to properly track aircraft
  • To prevent unintentional squad wipes, demo defuse duration has been changed from 2 secs to 20 secs (this is a temporary fix until a more suitable solution can be found)
  • Fixed an issue where cluster mines would apply additional criticals on affected vehicles (other than a speed/rotation penalties)
  • Fixed an issue where the selection pointer for cluster mines turned to green (friendly drop) as opposed to red when picking a target
  • Jaeger Command Squad Vet 1 text now properly indicates that it unlocks the flares ability
  • Fixed an issue with Volksgrenadiers where the bonus sight range would unlock at Veterancy 5 rather than Veterancy 4 (as intended)
  • Relief Infantry ability duration reduced from 120 seconds to 60 seconds (as intended / advertised in DBP)
  • Fixed an issue where the map Lazur Factory remained in the automatch map pool
  • Fixed an issue where Lazerath Ambush was not displayed its name correctly
  • KV-8 commander and UI icon reverted
  • Fixed an issue where certain "Support Your Faction" faceplates had swapped images with the newly added "King of the Hill" faceplates
  • Various icon updates for units and abilities such as Fallshirmjagers, USF's Mark Vehicle, and the Artillery Field Officer for the Wehrmacht

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/274329#Comment_274329

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