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Company of Heroes France

2017.12.19 - December Update

Release Date: 12/19/2017


La trêve est finie. Voici la December Update. Cette mise à jour est en partie basée sur le travail qui avait été fait avec le Winter Balance Preview (qui n'est jamais sorti) accompagné de nouvelles modifications.

Dans le désordre, voici ce qui est prévu dans les grandes lignes dans ce patch : refonte de 2/3 commandants par faction qui prennent la poussière, réduction de l'efficacité de certains char lourds d'élite de l'Axe pour les rendre moins spammable et moins dominant en 3v3/4v4, réduction de l'efficacité de nettoyage d'unités de certaines compétences hors-carte (aussi appelé one-click squad wipes), réajustement des unités dominant la meta (principalement soviet comme la Dshka et Bataillon disciplinaire) pour améliorer la stratégie et la diversité, réajustement des rangs de vétéran OKW 4 et 5, réajustement des points de replis avancés des factions OKW et UKF, rééquilibrage des cartes par la communauté et ajout de nouvelles cartes 2v2.


The December Update comes with a multitude of changes from commanders and core faction balance to new maps and map balance changes. As stated in the December Update blog post, none of these changes would have been possible without the dedication, commitment and support of COH2's core community. This might be a Relic post and Relic might be releasing the update, but make no mistake, today's patch is by the community, from the community, and for the community.

Due to the magnitude of the changes and content included with today's update, the patch notes have been split into three parts. For a detailed overview of all the Commander Changes in today's update, please check out the post Commander Revamp - Final in the December Commander Revamp Changelog thread. For all information regarding the new maps and map balance changes, please go to December Update - Map Revamp Preview thread. For all other changes including new content and core faction changes, please read the notes below.


  • Five new "Art of War" faceplates (one for each faction) curated from the Steam Workshop are now available in the in-game store. Faceplates created by community member RitaRush and 40% of all proceeds go back to the community.
  • Five new "King of the Hill" faceplates (one for each faction) curated from the Steam Workshop. Created by community member RitaRush, 40% of all proceeds from the sale of these faceplates goes towards supporting Stormless' King of the Hill tournaments.
  • Grand Championships Decal - To be gifted to backers of the GCS Kickstarter campaign
  • Grand Championships Faceplate - To be gifted to backers of the GCS Kickstarter campaign
  • 4 New 2v2 Maps - See the December Update - Map Revamp Preview thread for more info


Balance Update Goals

  • Tune select underused / undervalued commanders to increase and diversify the number of viable strategies available in automatch
  • Tone down the effectiveness of some the Axis’ elite, heavy tanks to make them less dominant in team games
  • Tone down the squad wiping effectiveness of some over performing, off-map abilities
  • Adjustments to meta dominating units and strategies to improve strategic / competitive diversity
  • Improve strategic diversity and quality of life by making adjustments to redundant, underused and generalist units

Primary Focus

  • Revitalizing 2 – 3 underused commanders for each faction
  • Adjustments to meta dominating units in competitive play

Adjustments to select heavy tanks that are currently over performing in team games

  • Elefant
  • Jagdtiger
  • OKW Panther V

Secondary Focus

Adjustments to vet 4 and 5 of select OKW units that trade too cost effectively at higher veterancy

Adjustments to OKW and UKF Forward Retreat Points to create a trade-off and become an interesting choice for the player rather than a guaranteed decision (primarily affects team games)

Adjustments to select Off-map abilities to reduce the effectiveness of frustrating, one-click squad wipes

General improvements to help with quality of life and strategic diversity


Model 24 Stun Grenades (Elite Troops/Sturmpioneer Grenade)
We are fixing several issues with the German Stun Grenades while maintaining their current functionality.

  • Stunned squad members are unable to move for the duration of the 5 second stun.
  • Fixed an issue where stun nades would permanently break team weapons (this affects both OKW stun nades and OST stun nades)

Target Weak Point/Treadshot
These abilities have been modified to allow the user to fire on the move. Previously vehicles would need to halt and could lose track of their target when firing these abilities.

  • Target Weak Point now lasts for 10 seconds or until the unit fires its first shot while under this ability. Activating the * ability forces the unit to reload before being able to fire
  • The similar-to-operate AEC treadshot ability behaves in a similar way (2 shots within 15 seconds)

Trenches (All variants)
* All trenches revert to neutral control when they are no longer garrisoned
* Can only be built in friendly, secured territory
* Target size from 2 to 20 when neutral (to allow AT guns and tanks to clear them from the battlefield)

Blitzkrieg/Overdrive/War Speed/Step On It
* These movement boost abilities will now cease when the vehicle receives an engine critical.

Forward Retreat Points
Forward Retreat Point timings are being adjusted to arrive in the mid to late game for all factions; reinforcement time has also been adjusted to reduce the power of forward positions.

  • UKF FRP requires Company Command Post; affects both Forward Assembly and Vanguard Logistics Glider
  • OKW FRP requires either a Mechanized or Schwerer Panzer Headquarters established.
  • OKW Battlegroup unable to reinforce if cut-off from friendly territory.
  • Reinforcement time increased by 75% while FRP ability is active
  • 2 minute cooldown when FRP ability is deactivated

* All sandbags standardized to 240 health and 35 armor.
* Wehrmacht sandbags build-time from 60 to 45

Repair Speeds
Western Front Armies' repair speeds are being brought in line with the Eastern Front armies.
USF Rear Echelon & British Royal Engineers:

  • Repair Speed reduced from 2 to 1.6
  • Veterancy 2 repair bonus from 1 to 0.5
  • Heavy Sapper upgrade repair bonus from 2 to 0.525

  • Repair speed from 3 to 2

  • Veterancy 2 repair speed reduced from 1 to 0.75
  • Minesweeper upgrade repair bonus from +1 to +25%

Squad Behaviour
A squad AI behaviour has been added where individual models in squads assume varying postures while fighting the enemy (without changing their position) - i.e. Elite squads will prefer a crouching animation for some of their members, whereas non-elite squads will also drop prone to the ground.

  • Fixed a disparity where low-member squads also suffered from the most densely-packed formations (making them even more vulnerable to AoE weapons)
  • Assists each squad in their role (e.g., the new reinforced wedge formation will make paratrooper squads always have their thompsons at the front line) - Make each squad feel more unique
  • Squad formations are now, once again, more fluid while the squad is moving. In addition to improving immersion, this will also help the individual squads spread out better to make a better use of their formations.
  • Allied squads once again, assign support weapons -such as bazookaks- to flanks rather than the core of the formation

Smoke Barrages
Activating smoke barrages will now only order one unit at a time. Previously if multiple mortars were selected, all units would fire smoke at the target position

Fuel and Munition Caches
* Manpower cost from 200 to 250

**Garrisoning **
The lack of delay entering and leaving garrisons made indirect-fire and grenades difficult to perform their anti-garrison role as squads could quickly jump in and out of buildings to dodge these attacks. We found This was particularly problematic for non-EFA factions who lacked flamethrowers on their engineer units.

  • Load time for buildings increased to 0.75 per model
  • Max load time increased to 2 for the entire squad
  • Unload time for buildings increased to 0.375 per model
  • Grenade damage adjusted against ambient structures

Demo Charges
Demo charges have been modified to be more focused on being used to demolish obstacles rather than as high explosive anti-personnel devices meant to wipe out squads in the open.

  • Demo charges now detectable by all units at a 13 range radius
  • Can no longer be planted near capture points
  • Cost reduced from 90MU to 65MU

Hold Fire
We are changing the hold fire button for all units in the game for consistency and reachability. Your fingers will thank you.

  • All Hold Fire hotkeys moved to Q and at grid position 22
  • Applies to all units


The changes to Soviets are meant to encourage more diverse strategies by allowing both Conscripts and Weapon Support Kompenya to operate effectively; Rifle Command and the Penal Battalions have also received a slight reduction in power to lower the reliance on mono-strategies.

Conscripts are being adjusted to deal more reliable damage and have some capability of scaling into the late game by bleeding infantry at range when fighting from defensive positions.

  • Damage from 16 to 12
  • Accuracy from 0.541/0.495/0.334 to 0.757/0.659/0.556
  • Max slot weapons from 2 to 1; no impact on Conscript upgrades
  • Trip-Wire flares now have a 30 second cooldown
  • Orrah cost from 10 to 15
  • Molotov cost from 15 to 20; only affects Conscripts
  • Veterancy 1 now grants 0.92 received accuracy
  • Veterancy 2 +25% Molotov range replaced by faster Molotov throw speed
  • Veterancy 3 now grants +10% accuracy modifier
  • Veterancy 3 Received accuracy from 0.6 to 0.707

Molotov Package Upgrade
The Molotov package upgrade cost has been reduced to improve their accessibility

  • Molotov Package from 125/15 to 80/10

Penal Battalions
Penal Battalions are losing their Anti-tank "sticky" satchel on squads not upgraded with the PTRS package to increase the number of counters that can be fielded and to create a stronger trade-off between anti-infantry and anti-tank. The unit will also now take longer to reach its full potential through veterancy to match their combat performance.

  • Reinforce cost from 25 to 27
  • Moving cooldown from 0.5 to 0.75
  • Veterancy requirements from 540/1080/2160 to 640/1280/2560
  • Anti-Vehicle Satchel now requires PTRS upgrade
  • Anti-Vehicle Satchel will always throw once the animation begins
  • Anti-vehicle Satchel damage against friendly infantry reduced

1910 Maxim HMG
The Maxim is being slightly adjusted to acquire targets more quickly and deal more suppression.

  • Suppression from 0.00006 to 0.000065.
  • Nearby suppression from 1.25 to 1.
  • Ready-Aim Time to 0.125.
  • Fire-Aim Time to 0.125.
  • Fire-Aim Time multipliers standardized to 0.5.

Machine Gun Suppression Intel Bulletin
* Suppression bonus reduced from +5% to +1%

ZiS-3 Divisional Field Gun
We are improving ZiS-3 access to its barrage ability to make up for its low rate of fire and penetration. This will emphasize ZiS-3’s secondary role as an indirect fire unit that can soften up enemy positions.

  • Barrage cost from 60 to 35
  • Reduced barrage from 6 to 4 shells
  • Population from 9 to 7

PM-42 82mm Mortar
The PM-42 Mortar will now have the ‘Flare’ ability at Vet 0 to provide vital scouting information and to give the Soviet mortar a more utility oriented role when it is deployed.

  • Flare ability no longer requires veterancy 1
  • Veterancy 1 reduces Flare recharge by 25%

Cost of the T-34/76 is being increased to be more in-line with its performance.

  • Fuel price increased from 80 to 90


Due to the current survivability necessity of the Support Armor Korps (T3), we are improving accessibility for players to tech to the Heavy Panzer Korps (T4) after building T3, as well as increasing the viability of multiple T3 and T4 vehicles.

Tech Cost Restructuring
To allow Wehrmacht players to explore more diverse build orders and have access to a more versatile roster we have moved the majority of tech costs from Tier 3 and 4 buildings to Battle Phase 2. This change does not affect the amount of required resource to unlock T3 or T4 directly, however, it does allow players to better adapt their strategies in the late game by making teching to T4 from T3 or back-teching from T4 to T3 a viable option.

  • Battle Phase 2 from 100/45 to 200/90
  • Battle Phase 3 from 100/45 to 100/25
  • Support Armor Korps from 240/60 to 140/15
  • Heavy Panzer Korps from 200/50 to 100/25

Grenadiers are receiving a decrease to their population to better match their performance in comparison to other mainline infantry.

  • Population from 7 to 6

251 Half Track Flamethrowers
With the recent changes to garrisons, the 251 is getting a reduction to its damage against entrenched infantry to gives players a chance to react and de-garrison.

  • Flamethrower Far AOE from 1 to 0.5

Pak 40
The Pak 40 is having its population reduced to better match its performance with other anti-tank guns. Target Weakpoint has been adjusted to allow players to have some control over their vehicle when hit.

  • Target Weakpoint stun changed to -75% speed, rotation, and disables weapons for 5 seconds.
  • Population from 9 to 8

Bundle Grenade (affects both Wehrmacht and OKW)
Due to the changes to Gammon Bombs, we are also adjusting the Bundle grenade to match its counterpart’s performance:

  • Cost from 45 to 35
  • Damage from 120 to 100
  • AOE distance from 1.25/2.5/3.75 to 1.25/2.1/3.75
  • AOE Damage Far from 0.25 to 0.3
  • Fixed an issue where Obersoldaten bundle grenades could scatter

Panzer IV
The Panzer IV is having its ranged penetration increased to better combat medium tanks at a distance where it has the advantage of stronger frontal armour and faster rate of fire.

  • Penetration from 120/110/100 to 125/115/110
  • Fuel cost from 125 to 120

Ostwind (also affects OKW doctrinal variant)
The following changes make it so that Ostwind becomes a more reliable anti-infantry platform, regardless of the map and at a cheaper cost.

  • Projectile no longer collides with terrain
  • Distance scatter max from 2.9 to 3.5
  • AOE distance from 1/1.25/1.5 to 0.5/1.5/2
  • AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.05 to 0.8/0.2/0.1
  • Fuel cost from 100 to 90
  • Penetration 45/40/35 to 55/40/35

StuG III Ausf G
The StuG G’s ‘Target Weakpoint’ ability's potency is being reduced, in return the StuG G machine gun is being boosted to have better use in defending the vehicle against infantry.

  • Target Weakpoint changed from 15 second main gun disabled to a 5 second stun
  • Target Weakpoint damage from 160 to 80
  • MG 42 upgrade from 50 munition to 30
    *MG 42 range from 35 to 40

Panzer V Panther
The Panther's veterancy has been adjusted to bring its scaling better in-line with its counterparts while improvements have been made to its rate of fire and MGs to help it achieve veterancy quicker and better fend off infantry assaults.

  • Population from 16 to 18
  • Reload time decreased from 5.8/6.7 to 5.2/5.6
  • Hull and coaxial machine guns performance improved to OKW variant
  • Veterancy 10% armor bonus removed

250 Mortar Halftrack
* Smoke cooldown on separate cooldown from offensive abilities

Panzer VI Tiger (does not affect Tiger Ace)
The Tiger is receiving mobility boosts to allow the Tiger to navigate the battlefield more easily and disengage from threats such as anti-tank guns or tank destroyers.

  • Population from 19 to 20
  • Acceleration from 1.5 to 1.8
  • Deceleration from 1.8 to 2
  • Speed from 4.8 to 5.2


We are reworking the M36 Jackson tank destroyer to give it more survivability in order to allow it to face late-game threats. In exchange for the Jackson changes, USF Riflemen now lose access to smoke grenades. This change will ensure that players continue fostering a mixed-squad army well into the late-game, and will also reward players more for using USF's elite infantry.

Rear Echelons
Rear Echelon have been updated to provide a more supportive role by allowing them to use smoke grenades and deploy mines to slow incoming armor.

  • Now has access to the M23 Smoke Grenade; requires Grenade Package from the Rifle Command. Cannot use Smoke Grenades when upgraded with flamethrowers
  • Can now build M7 Light Anti-Vehicle Mines; reduces vehicle movement and rotation speed by 50% for 8 seconds. 10 munitions
  • Repair Speed reduced from 2 to 1.6
  • Veterancy 2 repair bonus from 1 to 0.5

* No longer has access to M23 Smoke Grenades

Population has been adjusted due to the Ambulance’s role as a healing station with limited combat functions outside of reinforcing troops on the field.

  • Population from 4 to 2

M1 81mm Mortar
Given the loss of Rifle smoke, we are improving this unit’s ability to deploy smoke at range to promote diverse build orders and allow aggressive pushes in the early game.

  • Smoke barrage range from 65 to 80
  • Veterancy 1 Smoke Barrage range increase changed to -25% smoke cooldown

M2HB 50cal HMG
The population has been adjusted to better match the unit’s performance.

  • Population from 5 to 7

‘On Me!’ will no longer provide combat bonuses to better represent the ability’s lack of munitions cost and to limit the power of blobbing infantry around the Captain.

  • On Me! ability now only affects a single targeted squad. Range 25; 45 second cooldown.
  • Now has access to the M23 Smoke Grenade; requires Grenade Package from the Rifle Command

Pack Howitzer
The population has been adjusted to better match the unit’s performance.

  • Population from 11 to 9

* Now has access to the M23 Smoke Grenade; requires Grenade Package from the Rifle Command

M4A3 Sherman
The Sherman's HE shells have been adjusted to be more reliable at dealing damage, but also less capable at wiping out squads.

  • Projectile now bypasses terrain/landscape.
  • HE shell AOE distance from 0.75/1.5/2.25 to 0.5/1.25/2.25
  • HE far AOE damage from 0.05 to 0.01

M36 Jackson
The M36 is having its damage modified to be more reliable against tanks, including heavies, but less potent in terms of burst damage against lower health vehicles.

  • Cost from 360/125 to 400/140
  • Damage from 200 to 160
  • Reload from 5.2/5.8 to 4.375/4.975; does not affect HVAP
  • HVAP damage decreased from 240 to 200
  • HVAP penetration from 300/250/220 to 300/280/250
  • Penetration from 240/220/200 to 260/240/220
  • Health from 480 to 640
  • Veterancy 3 reload bonus from 30% to 15%


OKW Veterancy
With the changes to OKW veterancy, the high values OKW units awarded when damaged are no longer necessary.
Veterancy 5 for select units no longer increases the unit’s current value, reducing the amount of experience they give to other enemy units that hit them.

Combat Blitz
Combat Blitz is being modified to be less potent as an escape tool, particularly on the heavy vehicles while reinforcing its role as an offensive ability.

  • Received accuracy modifier from 0.5 to 0.75
  • Increases rate of fire by 25%; does not need to be moving
  • Speed bonus for Panther/Command Panther/King Tiger from +40% to +20%

Schwerer Panzer Headquarters
Due to the nature of the Panzer Headquarters flak cannon, we are limiting its ability to shut down aerial-based abilities without some form of trade-off.

  • No longer automatically engages aircraft
  • Can toggle AA mode; gun will engage both air and ground target for 60 seconds. Gun is disabled for 60 seconds afterwards.

Base 20mm Flak Emplacement
Can no longer target aircraft; only applies to the base defenses, not the doctrinal variant

The Kubelwagon has been adjusted to be more vulnerable to small-arms fire, limiting its ability to solo infantry squads in the early game through the RNG nature of armor.

  • Front armor from 4.5 to 3
  • Rear armour from 4.5 to 1.9
  • Health from 190 to 240

We are expanding OKW’s options for starting infantry units by making pioneers take up less population, being cheaper to build and reinforce and allowing the squad to gain veterancy more quickly to scale into the mid-late game.

  • Build time from 40 to 28
  • Reinforce time from 10 to 7
  • Population from 9 to 8
  • Repair speed from 3 to 2
  • Minesweeper upgrade bonus to repair rate from +1 to +25% repair rate
  • Panzerschreck cost from 90 to 70
  • Panzerschreck upgrade no longer requires trucks to be setup
  • Veterancy requirements reduced to 580/1160/2320/2900/3770
  • Veterancy 4 15% weapon accuracy and -23% received accuracy removed.
  • Veternacy 5 40% accuracy modifier moved to veterancy 4

Volksgrenadier late game strength is being toned down by modifying their veterancy while their Incendiary Grenades are being adjusted to give opposing players time to react.

  • Incendiary grenades now have a 0.75 timer
  • Incendiary grenades no longer require a truck to be deployed.
  • Panzerfaust cost from 30 to 25
  • Veterancy 3 received accuracy from 0.9 to 0.86
  • Veterancy 4 weapon cooldown and veterancy 5 accuracy bonuses removed
  • Veterancy 3 self-healing moved to veterancy 5
  • Veterancy 4 sight bonus now requires the unit to be in cover

The Raketenwerfer has been adjusted to be less potent at veterancy, but more reliable and more difficult to lockdown by HMGs.
Projectile no longer collides with terrain

  • Can no longer be suppressed
  • Veterancy 4 and 5 sight and range bonuses removed
  • Veterancy 1 camouflaged speed bonus from 100% to 25%

MG 34 Heavy Machine Gun
The MG-34 has been adjusted to deal more damage against infantry and to allow it to gain veterancy more quickly. Cost and population adjusted appropriately.

  • Cost from 230 to 250
  • Damage from 2 to 3
  • Population from 5 to 6
  • Veterancy 4 received accuracy bonus to 0.9 from 0.85
  • Veterancy 5 accuracy bonus from 1.15 to 1.08

Le.IG 18
The Le.IG is being made to require more micro to use at its full potential, but will now be more readily available and will now allow OKW players to be aggressive against support heavy builds through the deployment of smoke.

  • Cost from 330 to 270
  • Population from 9 to 7
  • Penetration from 75 to 35
  • Auto-fire range from 100 to 80
  • Barrage cooldown from 30 to 40
  • Now has access to Smoke Barrage. Does not share a cooldown with the main barrage
  • Veterancy 4 barrage from 8 shells to 5
  • Veterancy 2 speed bonus removed
  • Veterancy 2 increases smoke barrage range by 33%
  • Veterancy 1 auto-fire range increase removed
  • Intel Bulletin barrage recharge ability from -25% to -10%

251 Flak Halftrack
The 251 is receiving changes to be able to respond more quickly to incoming threats and be easier to vet up.

  • Damage from 20 to 16
  • Set-up time from 4 to 2
  • Veterancy 2 increases damage from 16 to 20
  • Veterancy 2 no longer decreases set-up time
  • Veterancy requirements from 1100/2200/4400/5500/7315 to 880/1760/3520/4750/5750

Panzer II ‘Luchs’
The Luchs is being delayed in its timing while its accuracy against vehicles has been greatly lowered. Previously, the Panzer II could not miss the smallest of light vehicles, even while on the move.

  • Build time increased from 40 seconds to 85 seconds
  • Moving scatter from 1.25 to 2
  • Accuracy multiplier vs vehicles from 1 to 0.0625; 0.65/0.5/0.4 to 0.040625/0.03125/0.025 against vehicles

251 Wurferman Stuka
The Stuka is being put in line with other rocket artillery pieces by lowering its health and being less capable of outright destroying structures and teams weapons with a single volley of rockets.

  • 50% damage penalty against team weapons; only affects the gun itself
  • 50% damage penalty against ambient buildings; only affects the structure itself
  • Health from 320 to 160

Obersoldaten are being made more accessible through a number of changes with only some slight adjustment regarding their late game veterancy to prevent them from over performing in the late game if the unit well preserved by the player.

  • Cost from 400 to 340
  • Population from 10 to 9
  • Reinforce time from 12.5 to 9.
  • Build time from 50 to 36
  • MG 34 LMG cost from 60 to 80
  • Veterancy 4 bonuses removed
  • New ability: Suppressive Fire. Squad temporarily causes suppression during the duration of this ability. No cost. Requires Veterancy 4

Obersoldaten MG 34 LMG

  • Damage from 6 to 4 when picked up by non-elite squads

Jagdpanzer IV
The Jagdpanzer veterancy bonuses and abilities have been adjusted to be more in-line with other vehicles.

  • Camouflage reveal radius from 10 to 20
  • Veterancy 2 armour and sight bonus removed
  • Veterancy 2 now increases accuracy by 20%
  • Veterancy 5 ambush modifiers from +150% to +25%

Panzer IV
The Panzer IV for the OKW is being modified to have more powerful anti-infantry capabilities with a cost reduction to match its performance.

  • Cost from 360/150 to 380/140
  • Population from 12 to 14
  • Scatter from 7.5/6.4 to 6.5/5.54
  • Penetration from 120/110/100 to 125/115/110
  • Veterancy 2 scatter bonus from 0.75 to 0.866
  • Veterancy 4 range bonus removed
  • Veterancy 5 sight bonus requires the tank to remain stationary

Panzer V Panther
The Panther has received adjustments to make it more accessible in 1v1 but less attractive to field groups of Panthers in team games due to increased fire on the move penalties and increased population.

  • Fuel cost from 200 to 185
  • Moving scatter from 1.7 to 2
  • Moving accuracy from 0.65 to 0.5
  • Population from 16 to 18
  • Veterancy 4 range bonus removed
  • Veterancy 5 sight bonus requires the tank to remain stationary
  • Veterancy 2 armor bonus removed.

King Tiger
To prevent the unit from wiping full health squads at range and while on the move, the following changes have been made:

  • Angle scatter from 4 to 7.5
  • Distance scatter max from 4 to 5.7
  • Scatter offset from 0.25 to 0.185
  • Population from 21 to 23
  • Veterancy 4 sight bonus removed


We are tuning Infantry sections, Sappers, Mortar Pits, Fireflies and the Crocodile down to appropriate levels for their cost. At the same time, we are increasing British army availability to proper smoke and anti-garrison tools through improvements to the WASP, the 25 pounders and Mortar Pit smoke.

British Infantry Received Accuracy Cover bonus
We have removed the cover bonus from British infantry. Previously British infantry would be harder to kill, even if flanked due to the nature of the bonus.

  • Removed the -10% received accuracy for All British infantry when in cover

MK II Mills Bombs
* Upgrade cost from 150/15 to 100/10
* No longer requires Platoon Command Post to upgrade

Bren and PIAT Weapon Racks
* No longer requires Platoon Command Post to upgrade

Infantry Section (All variants)
We feel that Tommies come out of the gate with too much raw power but also lack the offensive ability to assault positions. Therefore, to make Tommies feel more reliable and to improve their consistency on the battlefield, we've made the following changes:

  • Received accuracy cover bonus removed
  • Moving accuracy from 0.25 to 0.35
  • Cone of fire from 1 to 5
  • Population from 7 to 6
  • Pyrotechnic Flares cooldown from 150 to 80
  • Flare range reduced by 33% when suppressed
  • Veterancy 2 received accuracy from 0.76 to 0.78
  • Veterancy 3 scoped Lee Enfields removed

Royal Engineers
We felt that Sappers tend to scale to well for their cost due to their low received accuracy and reinforcement costs.

  • Received accuracy from 0.8 to 0.9
  • Received accuracy cover bonus removed
  • Repair speed from 2 to 1.6
  • Veterancy 2 repair bonus from 1 to 0.5
  • Veterancy 3 reinforcement cost bonus from 20% to 10%
  • Population from 6 to 5
  • Heavy Sapper upgrade speed penalty to 0.75
  • Heavy Sapper armor bonus from 1 to 0.25
  • Heavy Sapper upgrade repair bonus from 2 to 0.525

Universal Carrier
We are improving the performance and reliability of the Universal Carrier to give the British faction reliable access to anti-garrison, and to also offset other changes to UKF’s early game. We are also addressing the issue where the universal carrier is too good at tanking anti-infantry damage with its self-repair ability.

  • Repair ability now repairs 75% slower when in combat
  • Wasp Flamethrower upgrade from 90 to 70
  • Now gains shared experience
  • Bonus hit points from upgrading to Vickers-K/WASP from +40 to +20

The AEC has been modified to be able to snare vehicle without requiring veterancy and allow the AEC to better function into the late game.

  • Treadshot now available from the start; only fires one shot that slows the target
  • Veterancy 1 restores Treadshot to its original form

The Centaur has been adjusted to be more reliable against garrisons and has been given increased speed and mobility to allow it to disengage more easily.

  • Accuracy versus garrisons from 0.4 to 0.5; damage versus garrisons from 0.5 to 0.35
  • Damage in Hold modifier from false to true; all models in a garrison will now take Far AOE damage
  • Acceleration from 1.5 to 1.8
  • Speed from 4.6 to 5.2

Sherman Firefly
To preserve the Firefly's role as a long range, accurate tank destroyer while making the vehicle less potent at hunting down and killing enemy tanks on the move, the following changes have been made:

  • Accuracy from 0.08/0.07/0.05 to 0.06/0.05/0.04
  • Moving accuracy from 0.75 to 0.55
  • Tulip rockets no longer cancels move commands of the vehicle it hits
  • Tulip rocket damage against infantry to 33%
  • Veterancy 3 damage bonus from 80 to 40

Forward Assembly
The aura is being removed to decrease the potency of massed emplacements while the structure is given utility to provide more reliable healing over Infantry Sections.

  • Cost 250 to 200
  • Can be upgraded with medics for 60 munitions; all upgrades exclusive
  • Emplacement garrison aura removed
  • Advanced Fortifications upgrade removed
  • Repair Station engineers no longer repair the Assembly itself

Heavy Gammon Bomb
The Gammon Bomb is being brought more in-line with Satchel Charges to make it more accessible while preserving its role of denying area and clearing garrisons.

  • Cost from 75 to 50
  • Damage from 200 to 340
  • AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 1.25/2.5/3.75

Given the lack of infantry snares, the PIAT is having its range increased to allow it to deter light vehicles.

  • Range from 30 to 35
  • Far accuracy from 0.038 to 0.025
  • Mid range from 15 to 25
  • Accuracy and penetration adjust to remain unchanged between range 0 to 25

25 Pounder Base Howitzers
We are changing 25 pounders so that they become effective as a fast-response artillery that can be used to negate buildings or take down enemy emplacements reliably.

  • Platoon Command howitzer shells from 6 to 4
  • Company Command howitzer shells from 6 to 5
  • Reload from 4.7 to 4
  • Vertical and horizontal rotation from 25 to 40
  • Projectile speed from 29 to 40
  • Now always penetrates
  • +75% damage bonus against team weapons
  • Friendly-Fire AOE damage from 0.025 to 1/0.25/0.1
  • Platoon Command howitzer scatter: 0 angle, 5 scatter max, 1 scatter ratio
  • Company Command howitzer scatter: 7.5 angle, 12 scatter max, 1 scatter ratio
  • Cooldown from 150 to 80

Airburst shells

  • Now fire at randomized intervals between 5-10 seconds
  • Now have a 15 radius scatter

British Trench
* Now counts as neutral when abandoned; can be captured
* Cost from 50 to 0
* Requires unit to be in friendly territory to be constructed

We have modified Brace to be less rewarding by shortening its duration and limiting the heal an emplacement receives when under these effects.

  • Brace duration reduced from 30 to 20
  • Incoming repairs reduced by 75% while brace is active

Mortar Pit
The Mortar Pit was too efficient at locking large portions of the map compared to the minimal amount of user input required to operate it.

  • Auto fire range from 115 to 90
  • Barrage cooldown from 75 to 40
  • Smoke Barrage no longer shares a cooldown with the main barrage and only uses one mortar
  • Smoke range from 120 to 150
  • Barrage reload from 4 to 3/5
  • Barrage aim time from 0.5/1 to 0.125
  • Garrison bonus changed from reload bonus to -25% barrage recharge
  • Veterancy 1 reduces Smoke Barrage cooldown by 25%

17 Pounder Anti-Tank Nest
* Population from 20 to 14
* Reload from 5.7 to 5.5
* Can no longer garrison troops
* Weapon range UI indicator added
* Flares moved to veterancy 1
* Piercing Rounds now available at veterancy 0

Churchill MK IV Infantry Support Tank
Given its role as breakthrough unit that can soak up incoming fire. Smoke has also been adjusted to allow the tank to move ahead and cover the advance or to pull back from danger.

  • Population from 18 to 16
  • Smoke ability no longer decreases speed
  • Veterancy 1 crew weapons moving accuracy from 0.5 to 0.85


  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to play mixed factions (Axis with Allies) in automatch
  • Crocodile main-cannon will now respond to attack commands. Added Hold Fire and Prioritise Vehicles abilities that the main cannon can benefit from.
  • A number of issues have been fixed revolving around the glider should it crash-land. The Headquarters Glider will now also be able to rebuild the Airlanding Officer should the unit be destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where several vehicle units would prefer moving backwards than forwards. Backwards movement in right-click mode will only be engaged if reverse yields a significantly faster path.
  • Fixed an issue where remanned howitzer crew members would cost more to reinforce
  • Fixed an issue where certain infantry models were immune to death from flame weapons
  • Pak43 and 17 pounder now have Prioritise Vehicles permanently on
  • Grenadier LMG 42 now uses the proper upgrade icon.
  • Maxim Sustained Fire now uses the proper ability icon.
  • KV-8 Call-In ability now uses the proper unit icon.
  • Soviet and USF ATGs are no longer slowed by cover to match their Axis and British counterparts.
  • Soviet Roks 3 no longer has higher aim-times compared to other flamethrowers
  • Fixed an issue where Hold Fire would not work properly on mortars/Le.IG and the Pack Howitzer
  • Fixed an issue where the Veterancy 1 Soviet mortar flare ability would sometimes not trigger
  • Fixed an issue with 120mm Mortar flare ability not matching the weapon’s auto-fire range
  • Fixed an issue where the T-34 Ram ability would stun on deflection, but not on penetration.
  • Fixed an issue when 250 LMG Grenadiers did not have penalties when constructing objects and gained increased range on their grenade with veterancy
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not upgrade healing or repairs for their respective structures.
  • Fixed an issue with infantry handheld AT weapons would not properly apply death criticals to vehicles when the target reaches 0% health.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bulldozer would fire fewer smoke rounds compared to the regular Sherman.
  • Fixed an issue where officer cost and reinforce times did not match with the rest of their squad (affects nearly every single officer squad)
  • Fixed an issue where Firefly tulips could apply their effects on infantry.
  • Fixed an issue where M2HBs and Dshka HMGs could not be targeted when abandoned.
  • Fixed an issue where certain infantry units awarded more experience than their actual entity cost would imply.
  • Fixed an issue where several call-in tanks would award significantly less experience when hit than their cost would imply
  • Fixed an issue where SU-85 Focus Sight and T-70 Recon abilities were not properly highlighted when on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where certain units could ‘double shot’.
  • Fixed an issue where certain MGs could not be upgraded with Ambush Camouflage when captured.
  • Fixed an issue where Ambush Camouflage did not properly apply at 1 CP
  • Fixed an issue where the Grenadier 250 Half-Track was 7 population versus the 5 of the Panzergrenadier 250 Half-Track.
  • Fixed an issue where Commandos previously took too long to regain their ambush bonuses when out of combat.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to hide the Sturmtiger aiming animation.
  • Fixed an issue that the Soviet Sniper would camouflage when only a single model was in cover.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the building preview was displaying longer MG weapon range than the actual one. This applies to Bunkers and Fighting Positions. (Seems fine on Bunkers, Fighting Pits has more range then UI indicates)
  • Fixed an issue where pinned squads under the effects of Raid Operation would be able to capture points with the ability on.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to access the same abilities between certain units. This includes, Lieutenants, Sappers and Tommies.
  • Fixed an issue where machine guns that had the Ambush Camouflage Hold-Fire ability active upon death would not auto-acquire targets when they were recrewed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bofors Barrage would continue, even if the Bofors lost its garrison bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where Mortar Pit Smoke Barrages left gaps within in its creeping barrage.
  • Fixed an issue where certain team weapons sometimes could have suppression modifiers permanently attached.
  • Fixed an issue where certain veterancy bonuses would not apply correctly to certain MGs and certain mortars
  • Fixed an issue where demo charges would deal double damage if detonated by weapons’ fire.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to stack multiple booby traps together on the same location.
  • Fixed an issue where Prioritise vehicles would sometimes not show when multiple AT guns were selected together
  • Emplacement range is now visible both when setting up and after they have been built
  • Fixed Hammer vehicle tracking would not refresh properly; duration from 15 secs to 9.5 to compensate
  • Recovery Sappers can now upgrade to heavy sappers and build structures, like regular sappers
  • Fixed an issue where some infantry squad models would cost more than 1 popcap
  • Fixed an issue where OKW starting weapon crew stats were superior to other faction weapon crews, and on-par with mainline infantry
  • Increased medic search radius for Battlegroup HQ and Forward Assemblies and made it impossible for players to place it too close to path blocking objects (to prevent squads from being stuck)
  • We are reducing the amount of unnecessary clicks surrounding stealth abilities by allowing the following units to move at their full speed when they have been revealed whilst the ability is still active.
  • Raketenwerfer
  • Doctrinal Soviet AT gun ability
  • Jagdpanzer4
  • Luchs
  • Readjusted pathfinding behaviour for vehicles to avoid suboptimal behaviour around obstacles
  • Remove forced movement from Commando squads that have recently deployed; unit would ignore orders
  • Removed Tank Elite Armor Tank Commander artillery from firing into the base
  • Improved the mine laying speed of Assault Engineers and Paratroopers to match other squads
  • Changed Ostruppen cover bonus indicator to Tommy version
  • Increase duration of TWP-like abilities, to match initial delay
  • Added voice line warning for Stun Grenades
  • Fixed an issue where Walking Stuka barrages would not share cooldown
  • OKW Overwatch Sector Planes will no longer target casualties
  • Conscript squad models no longer all do the oorah animation at the same time
  • Adjusted salvage values of some wrecks that were yielding too many resources
  • Addressed friendly fire disparity with respect to certain weapons; friendly-fire generally now causes 25% of normal damage
  • Rifleman/Panzerfusilier AT rifle grenades no longer have a minimum range requirement
  • Fixed an issue where Command Panther/Pershing would award less experience than implied by their call-in costs
  • Prevented players from using Artillery Officer victor target when no candidate units are on the field
  • Fixed an issue where several squads would experience random delays when throwing their grenades. Credits go to Widerstreit for the fix
  • Changed hotkey for OST Sprint from I to Z
  • Changed hotkey for OST Officer smoke hotkey from R to X
  • Changed hotkey for soviet Tracking from I to Z
  • Changed hotkey for Quad from F to U
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerwerfer counter barrage would cause the unit to auto rotate
  • Fixed an issue where the Soviet Forward HQ buff indicator would not always display reliably
  • Soviet Capture Mode hotkey changed from C to X
  • Fixed issues where mortar halftracks would fire beyond their intended arc of fire
  • Mortar halftrack smoke barrage hotkey from R to C
  • Fixed an issue where Le.IG barrages would sometimes become unavailable when the Le.IG becomes decrewed
  • Fixed an issue where Commando squads would use the Tommy version of Bren guns when picked up off the ground.
  • Changed Rear Echelon minesweeeper upgrade hotkey from M to Z
  • Changed the hotkeys of Recon Pathfinder fake artillery to match the new layout of Major abilities

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/274193#Comment_274193

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