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Company of Heroes France

2017.12.19 - December Update - Commander Revamp

Release Date: 12/19/2017


Partie de la "December Update" concernant la refonte de commandants.


For all core faction changes released in the December Update, check out the Company of Heroes 2 Changelog.


Infiltration Units
Infiltration is being adjusted to be less potent by forcing all abilities to be on cooldown. This will prevent players from spawning a unit and throw a grenade before the other player can respond.

All abilities now start on cooldown
This affects:

  • Infiltration Commandos
  • Partisans; both variants
  • Stormtroopers
  • Jaeger Light Infantry

Call-In Units
A number of units have been changed from call-ins to requiring appropriate tech to be built. This will make the following units less dominant in 1 vs 1 scenarios where the punishment for the lack of teching is not as severe. Equally, these units will now arrive to the field earlier in larger game modes, making them more accessible.

  • M4C Sherman
  • KV8
  • KV1
  • M10
  • Flammpanzer Hetzer
  • Ostwind

Airplane Loiters
Loiters would sometimes last longer than the denoted duration, and could even acquire targets outside the visual indication.

  • Standardized loiter duration to 60 and radius to 50
  • Does not affect OKW Overwatch Sector Assault



Shock Troops
Shock Troops have been adjusted to have lower bleed effects on a player’s manpower due to their short-range while their grenade has been improved to assist with flanks and dislodging team weapons.

  • Reinforcement time from 6.5 to 5.5
  • Reinforcement cost from 33 to 31
  • Trip-Wire Flares removed
  • Veterancy 1 now reduces Smoke Grenade cost from 15 to 10
  • Veterancy 2 -40% Smoke cooldown moved to veterancy 1
  • Grenade Far AOE from 0.15 to 0.5
  • Grenades now share a cooldown
  • Grenade damage type from small explosive to big explosive; can now damage ambient buildings

The ISU is being made more reliable against both infantry and armor, while lowering its potential to wipe out squads in a single shot.

  • Manpower cost from 720 to 680
  • Population from 20 to 22
  • Armor from 310 to 340
  • HE Far damage from 0.05 to 0.15
  • HE AOE distances from 1.25/2.75/4.5 to 0.25/1.5/6
  • Concrete Piercing and HE shells now bypass terrain/landscape
  • Angle scatter from 5 to 6.5
  • Scatter distance max from 8.7 to 10
  • AP shells now deal 50% deflection damage

IS-2 Heavy Tank
We are adjusting the IS-2 to be more reliable against infantry due to its slow rate of fire.

  • Population from 19 to 20
  • Scatter offset from 0.25 to 0.185
  • Far AOE from 0.05 to 0.1

ML-20 152mm Howitzer
The ML-20’s high manpower cost is being offset by moving a portion of it into fuel. Damage has been adjusted to be more reliable with lower wiping potential.

  • Cost from 600 manpower to 400 manpower and 50 fuel
  • Near AOE damage from 1 to 0.9
  • Mid AOE damage from 0.15 to 0.28
  • Veterancy 1 extra shells decreased from +2 to +1
  • Scatter penalty when firing into fog of war increased from 1.25 to 1.75

B4 203mm Howitzer
* Cost from 600 to 400 manpower and 50 fuel
* Population from 20 to 15

Recon Loiter
Loiters are being adjusted to be more cost effective as they are more vulnerable to being shot down after the first pass.

  • Recon loiter ability costs reduced from 80 to 60

Repair Stations (Soviet Industry Tactics)
With the general changes to repair, Soviet repair stations are being given a manpower price to limit a player’s ability to mass produce them without sacrificing unit production.

  • Cost increased from 75 munitions to 120 manpower and 45 munitions

Rapid Conscription
The reduced duration on Rapid Conscription will make the ability more of a tactical choice. The adjustment was necessary due to the altered performance of the Conscript squad.

  • Duration time from 120 to 60

Soviet Vehicle Crew Repair
* No longer drains munitions income by 50% per tank
* Cost from 30 to 35

For Mother Russia
The ‘For Mother Russia’ ability is having its potency reduced due to how powerful it was compared to similar abilities.

  • +100% Armour bonus removed.
  • Duration from 60 to 45.
  • Cost reduced from 100 to 70

Soviet Forward HQ
We are making the Forward HQ provide fewer bonuses to units fighting around them and requiring these structures to be converted in friendly territory. Cost has been slightly to compensate.

  • Cost from 300/60 to 250/40
  • Now requires target structure to be in connected, friendly territory to be activated
  • Damage aura from +50% to +25% accuracy
  • Armor aura from +50% to +25%

Due to KV-8 now requiring tech, the tank's armour is being increased to improve its role as a breakthrough unit.

  • Armor increased from 240 to 260
  • Now requires Support Armor Kompenya to be built

Lend Lease Tactics

The DShK is being adjusted to be less potent in terms of raw suppression and damage to match its appropriate cost.

  • Reinforcement cost from 15 to 20
  • Traverse speed from 90 to 38
  • Suppression from 0.00044 to 0.003
  • Rate of fire from 2.1/1.5/0.9 to 1.3/1.15/0.9
  • Set-up from 2 to 2.25
  • Fire aim time from 0.125/1 to 0.125/0.5
  • Ready aim time from 0.375/0.5 to 0.25
  • Population from 6 to 7

M4C 76mm Sherman
* Now requires Support Armor Kompenya to be built

Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics

We are reinforcing some of the pre-existing abilities of the commander to also revitalize numerous other overlapping Soviet Commanders. In addition to this, we are introducing the KV-1 tank as an armor option to increase the viability of certain commanders.

Commander Abilities:

  • KV-1 (0 CP)
  • Guards Rifle Infantry (2 CP)
  • Conscript PPSh Package merged with Hit the Dirt (3 CP)
  • ML-20 152mm Howitzer (8 CP)
  • IL-2 Strafing Run (12 CP)

Hit the Dirt (passive; available for all Conscript PPSh commander abilities)
Hit the Dirt is being adjusted to allow Conscripts to trade mobility for survivability. Accuracy is lowered to compensate as a trade-off for increased defense and immunity to suppression.

  • Now bundled with Conscript Assault Package
  • Cover changed from yellow-cover to -10% received damage
  • Accuracy decreased by 20% while active
  • Hit the Dirt replaced with KV1 (also affects Conscript Support Tactics)

KV-1 Heavy Tank
To give the KV-1 a more defined role as a breakthrough unit, we are slightly increasing its durability, and significantly increasing the rate at which it can get repaired. The following changes will result in KV-1’s being 25% faster to repair.

  • Now has a 0.8 received damage modifier
  • Now requires Support Armor Kompenya to be built

**Guards Rifle Infantry **
Guards are gaining slight adjustments to their damage against infantry and survivability on the field. Their grenades are also being improved to make them better in line with their intended role and performance.

  • Received accuray from 1 to 0.97
  • PTRS damage vs infantry from 20 to 27
  • Grenade ready aim time from 0.625 to 0.125
  • Grenade cost from 35 to 30
  • New ability: Hit the Dirt. Replaces Trip Wire Flares. Grants 0.75 weapon cooldown and +2.5 range, but renders squad immobile. 2 Second delay, 25 second recharge recharge upon deactivating.

IL-2 Sturmovik Attack
We are increasing the number of planes to two to improve survivability and increase the number of targets that can be suppressed. Damage and tracking has been adjusted to prevent the IL-2 from wiping lone squads.

  • Damage from 8 to 5
  • Now deploys two planes
  • Tracking from 90 to 25
  • Minimum range removed
  • Firing cone from 8 to 15
  • Max down from -25 to -20
  • Max up from 90 to 20
  • Nearby suppression radius from 13 to 20

Tank Hunter Tactics

In order to add more depth to the doctrine, we are expanding its theme to cover a range of techniques used by the Red army to ambush and destroy Wehrmacht tanks and be less reliant on masses of Conscripts armed with PTRS rifles.

Commander Abilities:
* Conscript PTRS Package (2 CP)
* PMD-6M Light Anti-Vehicle Mines (2 CP)
* Tank Hunter Ambush tactics (2 CP)
* ML-20 152mm Gun-Howitzer (8 CP)
* IL-2 PTAB Anti-Tank Bombing Run (10 CP)

Conscript PTRS Package
PTRS Packages are being changed from a simple weapon upgrade to an item that changes the role of Conscripts into an anti-tank unit that can locate and ambush armour at the cost of anti-infantry and anti-garrison power.

  • Grants 3 PTRS Rifles.
  • Conscript Anti-Infantry PTRS stats equivalent to Penal PTRS; Conscript PTRS retain deflection damage of 13. Penal PTRS has 20
  • Cost from 50 to 75
  • CP requirements from 3 to 2
  • Conscripts upgraded with PTRS gain access to new abilities:

Tank Detection

  • Allows squad to detect vehicles in the FOW; replaces Molotovs. 15 Munitions


  • Detectable at 10 range
  • Requires the squad to be stationary.
  • First Strike bonus: + 25% penetration
  • Conscripts gain access to the Hold Fire ability

RPG-40 Anti-Tank Grenade Assault
Replaces RPG-43 Anti-Tank Grenade when Conscript PTRS package is upgraded

  • Aim-time from 2 to 1.375
  • Wind-up from 0.25 to 0.125
  • Range from 15 to 18
  • Damage from 80 to 50
  • Penetration from 100 to 150
  • Causes engine damage at 75% health
  • Can be avoided if out of range before the grenades are thrown; grenades will home onto targets when tossed

PMD-6M Mines
* Cost from 8 to 10
* No longer stuns vehicles; instead, slows vehicle movement and rotation by 50% for 8 seconds
* Can now be built by Penals and Conscripts

Tank Hunter Ambush Tactics
To benefit other aspects of the army, Tank Hunters is gaining a new ability to allow the commander’s vehicles to also ambush hostiles. Credits for implementing the bush animations (AKA "Bush Tech") go to the “Wikinger: European Theater of War” mod team.

  • Stops vehicle from moving, slows rotations by 85% when active
  • First Strike bonus: +20% accuracy, + 20% penetration, +25% reload
  • Detection range to 20 for medium and heavy vehicles; 15 for light vehicles
  • Also grants access to Anti-Tank Gun Ambush Tactics ability

Anti-Tank Gun Ambush Tactics (affects all relevant Soviet Commanders)
AT Gun Ambush Tactics is being given a First-Strike Bonus to improve the ability’s potency when firing from stealth.

  • First Strike bonuses to -25% reload, +20% accuracy, +20% penetration
  • CP requirement from 5 to 3



The Elefant is having its damage adjusted to be less capable of quickly bursting down medium tanks, in turn it is receiving improved accuracy to compensate.

  • Damage from 320 to 300
  • Population from 20 to 22
  • Accuracy from 0.05/0.375/0.025 to 0.055/0.045/0.03

10.5cm leFH
The leFH’s high manpower cost is being offset by moving a portion of it into fuel.

  • Cost from 600 manpower to 400 manpower and 50 fuel
  • Veterancy 3 no longer increases damage
  • Scatter penalty when firing into fog of war from 1.25 to 1.75

Pak 43 Anti-Tank Gun (Both variants)
The Pak 43 high manpower cost is being offset by moving a portion of it into fuel.

  • Cost from 500 manpower to 350 manpower and 45 fuel

Stuka Dive Bomb
The dive bomb is being made less potent and more costly due to its pinpoint nature and lack of warning flares.

  • AOE damage from 1/0.35/0.05 to 1/0.035/0.08
  • Cost from 160 to 200
  • No longer deals an instant death critical to infantry.

Stuka Close Air Support
Stuka CAS will now punish armor for being in the area, but be less capable of knocking tanks out in a single loiter attack.

  • Damage from 60 to 50
  • No longer causes random criticals

Stuka Anti-Tank Strafe
We have adjusted the AT strafe to be less potent against non-vehicle targets to prevent it from wiping out infantry, howitzers, and structures in one pass.

  • Damage modifiers against non-vehicles set to -83%

Relief Infantry
We have lowered the duration to make the choice more tactical for the player using this ability. Model death count increased due to the stacking effects of later Osttruppen squads.

  • Ability duration from 120 to 60
  • Number of model death required for a new squad from 4 to 5

Recon Loiter
Loiters are being adjusted to be more cost effective as they are more vulnerable to being shot down after the first pass.

  • Recon loiter ability costs reduced from 80 to 60

Stuka Smoke Drops
Smoke has been adjusted to be a multi-purpose ability and strengthen the doctrines it is in.

  • Now targetable in the fog of war; provides recon in addition to smoke
  • Now available to Storm Doctrine; replaces Tactical Movement in the doctrine

Osttruppen Doctrine

The doctrine primarily relies on strong field presence with Osttruppen. However, the lack of scalability of the Osttruppen into the late game hurts the viability of the commander. Thus, to give this commander some staying power, we are changing how the Artillery Officer, Osttruppen, Trenches, and Supply Drop operate.

Osttruppen (affects all Osttruppen variants)
Osttruppen have been adjusted to limit their ability to swarm the field in the early game and be less potent with fallen weapons. In return they can be upgraded to allow them to scale into the late game.

  • Osttruppen call-in ability now starts on cooldown.
  • Reinforce time from 2 to 3.5
  • Ability recharge from 10 to 25
  • Cover bonus for slot items from 300% to -25%.
  • Panzerfaust now requires either Infanterie Kompanie or Leichete Mechanized Kompanie; also affects Grenadiers
  • Can now be upgraded with an MG 42 for 45 munitions after Battlephase 3 is researched

Artillery Field Officer
The AF officer has received a major overhaul to allow this unit to not only provide a potent support role, but also act as a unit that can lead an assault to help breakthrough the enemy lines and push away infantry units at close range.

  • Population from 9 to 7
  • Grenadier models changed to Field Artillery Crew; aesthetic change
  • Squad size from 4 to 5
  • Retinue now comes equipped with MP40s
  • Received Accuracy from 1 to 0.91
  • CP requirement from 1 to 2
  • Smoke Barrage now free. Cooldown from 40 to 70
  • Coordinated Fire ability no longer benefits the officer
  • New ability: Diversion. Reduces squad’s incoming received accuracy by 20%. 25 munitions.
  • New ability: Heavy Mortar Barrage replacing Med Kits. Drops 5 120mm mortar shells into the target area. Does not share a cooldown with smoke. 40 munitions
  • Coordinated Barrage ability from 80 to 45.
  • Only Coordinated Barrage is unavailable should the officer model be killed
  • Coordinated Barrage no longer affects mortars.
  • Coordinated Barrage causes on-map artillery to fire at the target location regardless of range.
  • Now has 1 weapon slot.
  • Now gains shared experience
  • Veternacy 1 Medical Kits replaced with Heavy Mortar Barrage.Drops 5 120mm mortar shells into the selected target area. 30 munitions.
  • Veterancy requirement to 580/1060/2120

Supply Drop (Replaces Supply Drop Zone for this commander only)
Given the doctrine’s reliance on support weapons to deal damage in the later stages, we are giving a supply drop that allows players to make use of the Osttruppen’s ability to cheaply recrew team weapons. Credits to Wilderstreit for the animator set up.

  • Costs 450 manpower
  • Now drops 1 unmanned MG 34 and 1 unmanned Pak 40 at the target site.
  • Provides 25 munitions and 10 fuel via crates

We are increasing the utility gained from the doctrine by allowing all infantry to construct defenses. This will give the doctrine more staying power as Osttruppen start to become obsolete.

  • CP requirement from 2 to 1
  • Allows grenadiers, Osttruppen & Panzergrenadiers to build trenches, sandbags and wire
  • Max engineers: 4

Jaeger Infantry Doctrine

The newly-introduced Jaeger Infantry Command Squad will allow players to overcome the traditional munitions-heavy bottleneck the commander has been traditionally suffering from while additional changes have increased this doctrine’s focus on heavy infantry play.

Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade (G43)
G43s are having their timing adjusted to be more in line with other weapons, while being made more useful for elite German troops.

  • Now provides 3 G43s for Panzergrenadiers. Takes up both weapon slots.
  • Panzergrenadier G43s from 45 to 60
  • CP requirement from 1 to 2

Ambush Camouflage (Affects Storm, Jaeger Infantry and Encirclement)
* Renamed Ambush Training
* Camouflage cost from 30 to 20.
* Camouflage now works when moving. Requires all squad members to be in cover.
* Infantry can now use the Sprint ability. No upgrade required. Snipers and weapon teams cannot sprint.
* Ambush bonus requires squad to be stationary and must have been out of combat for 10 seconds.

Light Artillery Barrage (also affects Mechanized assault and German Infantry)
* Cost from 110 to 100
* 67% damage penalty against team weapons and structures.

Jaeger Infantry Command Squad
As a way to supplement troops in the field, the doctrine is being given a special Panzergrenadier squad that has a number of abilities to support attacks.

  • Limited to one squad on the battlefield
  • 5-man squad. Grenadier veterancy. Passive healing at veterancy 2
  • 42 sight range
  • 300 manpower; 30 reinforce; 8 population
  • Comes upgraded with 3 Grenadier G43s and Camouflage
  • Can use Panzerfaust, Smoke Grenade, and Rifle Grenade abilities; Flares requires veterancy 1
  • Available at 3 CPs.



Airborne Pathfinders
Pathfinder have been adjusted to better reflect their in-game performance.

  • Population from 9 to 6
  • Reinforce cost from 37 to 30
  • Reinforce time from 7 to 6
  • Pathfinder Beacons (All variants)
  • Beacons have been adjusted to allow more diverse strategies with paratrooper doctrines.
  • Now reinforces team weapons manned by paratroopers

M7B1 Priest
The Priest has been adjusted to deal more reliable damage outside of direct hit, but can no longer be decrewed, similar to the Calliope.

  • Mid damage AOE from 0.15 to 0.25
  • Creeping Barrage attack now shares the same properties as the standard barrage weapon
  • Population from 16 to 15
  • Can no longer be decrewed

M10 ‘Wolverine’ Tank Destroyer
* Now built from the Battalion Command Post; requires Major

M4A3 76mm ‘Easy-Eight’
The Easy-Eight will still have lower moving scatter than most other tanks; previously the E8 had no scatter penalties for moving.

  • Moving scatter from 1 to 1.35

P47 Rockets
The following change will make rocket attacks more accurate, against stationary targets that could previously avoid rockets by being centered with the incoming plane.

  • Rocket origin point from 5/5 to 3.5/-3.5

Recon Support Company

Our changes aim to allow Recon the ability to have potent scouting units on the field with the advantage of light armor and combat groups that can provide rapid reinforcement, particularly in the late game when squads need to be replaced and/or additional Anti-tank is needed.

Raid Tactics (available to both Recon and Mechanized)
The goal of this ability is to allow players to capitalize on the presence of light armour and allow infantry to better scout out positions before attacks.

  • Allows all light vehicles to capture; increases light vehicle capture rate to 2.5
  • Infantry gain + 7 sight during the duration
  • Costs 40 munitions
  • 45 second duration; 80 second cooldown
  • 0 CP requirement

I&R Pathfinders
We find that this unit is too valuable for Recon company to only provide utility. Thus, the changes allow the unit to perform basic combat roles and scale better into the mid to late game.

  • Cost from 210 to 250
  • Reinforce cost from 35 to 30
  • Squad size from 3 to 4
  • Population to 6
  • Now comes 1 M1 Garand Sniper Rifle
  • Veterancy 2 increases 155mm and Decoy Barrage ability range by 33%
  • CP requirement from 2 to 1

M8 Greyhound
We are improving the combat capacity of the Greyhound, allowing it to perform as a powerful anti-personnel unit. The arrival time of the unit has been pushed off to allow for opponents to defend against it due to its potency.

  • Cost from 280/45 to 280/60
  • Population from 7 to 6
  • Health from 240 to 400; automatically equipped with skirts
  • Armor from 28.5/14.25 to 13/21.5
  • Speed from 6.8 to 7.2
  • Reload from 2.9/4.4 to 3
  • AOE damage from 1/0.35/0.05 to 0.8/0.28/0.04
  • Cover movement penalty from 0.8 to 0.9
  • M2HB upgrade for 60 munitions. M4 Medium tank M2HB stats, 40 range. Receives attack commands and will Hold Fire when ordered
  • CP requirement from 3 to 5

Canister Shot

  • Cost from 50 to 40
  • Now targets position rather than squad
  • Far AOE damage from 0.05 to 0.15
  • Mid AOE damage from 0.15 to 0.25
  • Far distance from 3 to 4
  • Mid distance from 2 to 2.5
  • Canister distance mid from 2 to 2.5

M83 Cluster Mines
We’ve given the commander a light form of artillery. While much less potent than Pathfinders and easily dodged, this ability will help the commander shift defensive positions and deny territory.

  • Costs 90 munitions
  • A plane will drops 20 slow falling cluster bombs over a large target area; each bomb deals 30 damage that are effective against infantry. Low penetration but slows vehicles by 50% on hit

**Air Dropped Combat Group **
We are changing the air-dropped combat group ability to allow players greater flexibility and add onto their current army composition.

  • Cost from 900 manpower to 325 manpower and 80 munitions
  • Now drops one paratrooper squad and one unmanned anti-tank gun
  • Paratroopers no longer spawn with random equipment; stats standardized with regular paratroopers. Still able to plant mines, but cannot use Timed Demo Charges.
  • CP requirement from 7 to 4

Support Paratrooper Upgrades

  • Able to upgrade two M1919s or Two Bazookas
  • Changed M1919 upgrade hotkey from B to M
  • Thompson SMGs replaced by two modified Bazookas; deals 100 damage, 160/150/140 penetration, and allows the squad to camouflage. +25% damage and penetration on Ambush for Bazookas. 100 Munitions
  • Any Paratrooper with a Bazooka gets the improved variant.

Mechanized Company

The commander has been altered towards heavy vehicle play thanks to improvement to the WC51's scalability, M3’s utility and the late game power via more powerful tanks. Furthermore, the commander now includes the benefit of a mortar half track to bring rapid indirect fire to the battlefield and to support mobile advances.

WC51 Military Truck
The WC51 has been modified to be able to fulfill a support / transport role at a low cost by hitting the field with no combat capabilities. Furthermore, The low cost will also allow the WC51 to be repurchased late game to act as a support unit with its MG upgrade and abilities.

  • Cost from 240/20 to 200
  • Starts on a 60 second cooldown
  • Starts unarmed; can be upgraded with a more powerful M2HB Mount for 60 munitions
  • Passengers now suffer a 50% accuracy penalty when the vehicle is moving
  • Health from 180 to 240
  • Armor from 5.2/2.5 to 3.9/2.5
  • Rotation rate from 30 to 45
  • Population from 5 to 3

WC51 Abilities:
Mark Target

  • Deploys a recon plane while target vehicles receives -25% armour and +25% received accuracy.
  • Ability on global cooldown.
  • Costs 40 munitions

155mm Artillery Barrage

  • Drops a 155mm artillery barrage into the target area.
  • Requires Major
  • Costs 180 munitions
  • Both abilities require the player to have the Mechanized Commander locked in

M21 Mortar Half Track
With the M32 Mortar HT, the goal is to give the Mechanized Doctrine the ability to maintain a strong vehicle composition rather than be forced to rely on infantry based support teams.

  • Fuel cost from 40 to 30
  • Smoke barrage now on a separate cooldown
  • Barrage attack scatter now matches the 250 81mm mortar
  • Auto-attack reload from 4 to 5
  • Health from 320 to 240

M3 Halftrack Assault Group
We are making this unit a more attractive purchase by lowering the cost and making the Assault Engineers more of a side addition to the ability. The half-track has also been improved to provide better support capabilities.

  • Cost from 520/35 to 290/30
  • Assault Engineers replace the vehicle crew; no longer spawns with units onboard
  • M2HB improved to M4 Sherman pintle. 40 range
  • Can now deploy healing crates for 30 munitions
  • CP requirement from 2 to 3

Assault Engineers (All variants)
Assault Engineers are being boosted to better reflect their short-range nature and their support role.

  • Population from 8 to 7
  • Received accuracy from 1 to 0.9
  • Reinforcement cost from 35 to 30
  • New ability: Destroy Cover; requires veterancy 1, does not replace Repair Critical
  • Changed hotkey for demo charges from D to X

Armor Reserves
The addition of this ability will give the commander better late game power through the use of more powerful Shermans and ensure that obstacles cannot stall the commander's mechanized nature in the late game.

  • Allows M4A3 76mm tanks to be deployed from the Battalion Command Post; same stats as the M4C, can use Smokescreen ability.
  • M4 75mm tanks can be upgraded with a dozer blade for 80 munitions; increases health by 80 and gives the vehicle heavy crush and the ability to build barricades. Speed reduced by 15%, rotation by 5%



* Now requires the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters to be built

Panzerfusiliers have been adjusted to better reflect their performance as a six man squad that can deal with a variety of situations when upgraded.

  • Population from 7 to 8
  • G43 sight bonus from 1.5 to 1.2
  • Veterancy 4 accuracy bonus removed.
  • Veterancy 4 now provides 1.15 capture and decapture rate

The unit's dominance in team games vs allied armour has been toned down while its Supporting Fire capabilities have been improved to assist the unit's viability against infantry heavy builds.

  • Population from 21 to 23
  • Damage from 320 to 300
  • Accuracy from 0.6/0.05/0.04 to 0.055/0.045/0.03
  • Range from 85 to 80
  • Veterancy 4 No longer increases rotation speed
  • Engine upgrade rotation bonus removed

Supporting Fire

  • No longer requires veterancy
  • Range from 125 to 95
  • No longer collides with terrain
  • Mid distance from 2.25 to 1.5
  • Angle Scatter from 6 to 8
  • Distance scatter max from 8.4 to 10
  • Distance scatter offset from 0.1 to 0
  • Veterancy 1 increases the number of rounds for Supporting Fire from 3 to 5

Command Panther
* CP requirement from 11 to 12

The Sturmtiger is being adjusted to better match its performance to its cost while making it more consistent.

  • Cost from 560/160 to 620/180
  • Damage from 640 to 580
  • Random criticals removed; now only stuns vehicles on hit
  • Can no longer fire through buildings; projectile will collide with large obstacles/vehicles
  • Range from 45 to 40
  • Reload from 50 to 40
  • Abandon chance during reload from 50% to 25%; abandon only occurs from ballistic weapons
  • Veterancy requirements reduced by 33%
  • Veterancy 1 NaHW Grenade far damage from 0.05 to 0.25; radius from 5 to 4.5; penetration from 23 to 15

Pak 43 Anti-Tank Gun
* Cost from 500 manpower to 350 manpower and 45 fuel
* Veterancy requirements now on-par with its Ostheer counterpart for levels 1-3

Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine

We find that Luftwaffe Air Support is overly centered around Fallschirmjager squads to the detriment of the rest of the doctrine's abilities. We are making modifications to the doctrine to allow for a combination of defensive play and abilities that assist in taking other territories.

Fallschirmjager are being adjusted to have better stock performance with only minor changes to their veterancy.

  • Now paradrop into the field instead of infiltrating.
  • Cost from 440 to 380
  • Reinforce cost from 38 to 36
  • Population from 8 to 9
  • Received accuracy from 0.87 to 0.83
  • Faust range from 15 to 18
  • Camouflages in cover when stationary; requires no veterancy
  • Veterancy 5 range bonus removed
  • Veterancy 3 received accuracy bonus removed
  • Veterancy 4 accuracy bonus moved to veterancy 3
  • Veterancy 3 now provides a -20% weapon cooldown
  • Veterancy requirements from 760/1520/3040/3800/5054 to 600/1200/2400/3000/3900

Luftwaffe Recon Run
Recon run is being adjusted to provide more utility.

  • Now drops smoke into the target area
  • Cost from 35 to 40

Heavy Fortifications (does not affect base Flak Emplacements)
We are improving the performance of field fortifications to allow greater flexibility to the doctrine. In order to avoid needless experimentation, we are giving the emplacement an identical weapons used by the 251 variant.

20mm Flak Emplacement
* Cost from 200/10 to 220/25
* Build time from 120 to 100
* Can pick-up nearby Med Kits
* Now uses 251 Flak Half-track’s 20mm flak weapon
* Range indicator added
* Minimum range removed
* Can operate at 1 man and cannot be decrewed by small arms

Valiant Assault
A cost decrease with a moderate duration decrease will allow the ability to be used more more often as a core part of the doctrine to support offensives.

  • Cost from 100 to 70
  • Duration from 30 to 45

Airborne Assault
We are removing Fallschirmjager drops from the Airborne assault activity of the doctrine to make the ability more accessible.

  • No longer drops a Fallschirmjager squad
  • Fallschirmjager squads can reinforce anywhere via paradrop when the ability is active; 60 second duration
  • Strafes the initial target area with AI and AT strafes; two JU-87s will arrive 20 seconds later that will loiter the area with 37mm cannons for two passes, similar to Close Air Support
  • CP requirements from 10 to 12

Feuersturm Doctrine

We are changing the main focus of the doctrine from primarily fire related abilities to allow it to support aggressive close combat engagements. In order to make up for the doctrine’s lack of late-game heavy armour, we are adding mobile reinforcement options and smoke.

Assault Package
Unlocks dual upgrades; Flamethrowers for Sturmpioneers and Assault Package for Volksgrenadiers

Volksgrenadier Assault Package
Volksgrenadier infantry can buy the upgrade to change their role and support the aggressive nature of the doctrine.

  • Equips all squad members with MP40’s; Assault Grenadier variant
  • Unlocks Smoke and HE grenade
  • Takes up both weapon slots
  • Mutually exclusive with STG upgrade
  • Removes access to Flame Grenade
  • Requires a truck to be set up
  • Grants 0.93 received accuracy to the squad
  • Costs 45 munitions

Incendiary Munitions
Allows le.IG 18s to fire 5 incendiary rounds into the target area; molotov damage over time, moderate scatter when fired in the FOW. 35 munitions.

Opel Blitz Reinforce Truck
In order to assist the doctrine’s aggressive role, we are adding a mobile reinforcement option.

  • Cost 200 manpower and 25 fuel
  • High speed, but limited maneuverability and light armor 240 health.
  • Can reinforce nearby infantry and carry two squads
  • Range 20 aura that reduce reload by 35% and reduces ability recharge by 75% for all non-team weapon infantry
  • Requires 3 CPs

Flame Hetzer
Due to the unit's fixed turret and low maneuverability, we found it to be highly situational, struggled on close quarters maps and generally under performed for its price.

  • Cost from 280/100 to 300/90
  • Population from 12 to 10
  • Health from 580 to 640
  • Direct damage from 10 to 9
  • Range from 32 to 35
  • Minimum range removed
  • Burst duration from 1.5/2 to 4
  • Veterancy 1 burst duration changed to -15% cooldown
  • Veterancy 3 cooldown from -30% to -15%
  • Now deployed from Schwerer Panzer Headquarters

280mm Rocket Barrage
* Now fires two additional rockets that will always land in the center of the ability’s radius



Churchill Crocodile
* Flamethrowers standardized to range 32
* Flamethrowers damage from 9/12 to 6/7
* Population from 18 to 20
* Health from 1400 to 1080
* Armor from 240 to 290
* Rotation rate from 35 to 30

Tank Hunter Infantry Section
* Detection is now non-passive and costs 25 munitions to activate

Infiltration Commandos
To prevent Infiltration Commando squads from being too efficient at killing squads without warning, we are reducing the squad's initial potency. A lower member-count on spawn will both allow the target a better chance to flee, and also make poorly-planned infiltration missions riskier. We are adjusting Infiltration Commando squad performance to match that of other Commando squads.

  • Cost from 440 to 370
  • Now spawns at 3 men; can reinforce to 5
  • Can use Demo Charge ability; starts on cooldown

Vanguard Officer
* Heroic Charge has been adjusted to match other aura based buff.
* Heroic charge now shares a cooldown with Gammon Bomb
* Heroic Charge received accuracy bonus from -75% to -20
* Heroic Charge cost from 15 to 30
* Officer target size from 1 to 0.7

Vanguard HQ Glider
* Will now spawn a commando squad if an Airlanding Officer is on the field

Artillery Commander Concentration Barrage
The Artillery’s regiment’s Concentration Barrage has been adjusted to be like other artillery abilities that require LOS while also being less reliant on Anvil to be used to its full potential.

  • Can no longer fire through the FOW
  • Now always fires Airburst shells; does not require Hammer or Anvil

Typhoon Rockets
The change will make rocket attacks more accurate, against stationary targets that could previously avoid rockets by being centered with the incoming plane.

  • Rocket origin point from 5/5 to 3.5/-3.5

Commandos Regiment

We have adjusted the commander so the abilities are less map dependent to support heavy infantry play with the Commando Glider now playing a key component. Abilities have also been adjusted to be less costly, but also less potent, shifting them from an ‘All or Nothing’ scenario.

Commando Glider
The glider is being made cheaper to deploy and will now allow the player to be aggressive when using Commando Regiment through its ability to reinforce infantry anywhere on the field.

  • Cost from 500 to 390
  • CP requirement from 4 to 3
  • Now reinforces in neutral or enemy territory
  • Cooldown from 240 to 60

Commandos (affects all variants)
Commandos have been adjusted to be more potent and less reliant on throw their Gammon Bomb to deal damage. They will now scale slightly better with veterancy and be able to blind enemies through their improved smoke grenade.

  • Population from 10 to 9
  • Reinforcement time from 8.5 to 7.25
  • Moving accuracy from 0.65 to 0.75
  • Gammon bomb timer from 1 to 1.25
  • Gammon bomb damage from 100 to 120
  • Gammon bomb cost from 45 to 35
  • Gammon bomb damage from 120 to 100
  • Gammon bomb AOE distance from 1.25/2.5/3.75 to 1.25/.21/3.75
  • Gammon bomb AOE Damage Far from 0.25 to 0.3
  • Smoke Grenade now available from the start
  • Smoke Grenade now blocks vision; does no break stealth when thrown
  • Smoke Grenade and Gammon bomb now share ability cooldown.
  • Veterancy 3 self-healing moved to veterancy 1
  • Veterancy 2 grants +35% speed during ambush for 3.25 seconds; Veterancy 0 sprint Ambush bonus removed
  • Veterancy 2 accuracy from +25% to +30%
  • Veterancy 3 now provides 0.9 received accuracy

Smoke Raid
We have adjusted Smoke Raid to allow for the Commando Regiment to launch incursions into hostile territory while keeping their enemy guessing by providing infantry with smoke cover during the duration of this ability. Smoke has been adjusted to provide cover and the stealth mechanic now requires squads to be in cover.

  • Cost from 75 to 60
  • Now delivers smoke at the target location.
  • During this ability, all infantry can camouflage when in cover
  • Light smoke dropped in the general vicinity of infantry every 15 seconds
  • Decapture speed now properly applies to all squads

We are changing the way the ability works to give it a more offensive nature.

  • Cost from 100 to 90
  • Duration from 60 to 45
  • All infantry units now affects
  • Accuracy bonus from 25% to 15%
  • Squads gain +25% speed and can fire on the move; Sprint removed
  • Infantry Sections gain +100% when moving

Mortar Cover
Mortar Cover has been made less potent in terms on strength, but has also been modified to be less map dependent and can be used in conjunction with an assault to displace enemy forces.

  • Targeted ability; can be launched at any location with LOS. Does not track hostiles in the area
  • Launches white phosphorus shells followed up mortar rounds and flares
  • Recharge time from 240 to 120
  • Cost from 150 to 130

Air Supremacy
We have adjusted Air Supremacy to be less powerful in terms of damage, but now the ability will be more readily available with Typhoons being launched to lead the air raid.

  • Cost from 325 to 250
  • Bombers reduced from 4 to 3
  • Now sends out a recon plan; followed up by two autocannon armed Typhoons that will make a single pass; three heavy bombers arrive at the end

Royal Engineer Regiment

The abilities have been adjusted to now be more readily available to the player; they now have greater control of their repair abilities and now have access to a reliable off-map that will support their command vehicle and AVRE.

Stand Fast
Stand Fast has been adjusted to be more of a support tool that will allow a player to repair their emplacements during a brief lull while their engineers can deal with other tasks

  • Now applied to a emplacements on an individual basis via timed ability
  • Reduced healing during Brace; healing reduced by 50% during combat
  • Cost from 50 to 40

Vehicle Crew Repair
Crew Repair has been adjusted to be more focused on individual vehicles to provide greater control of which vehicles need to be repaired for a considerably lower munitions cost.

  • Now applied to a single, targeted vehicle
  • Recharge from 120 to 45
  • Cost from 100 to 40
  • Effects ends when the vehicle is fully healed

Command Vehicle
We have adjusted the Command Vehicle to be more in-line with other aura-based command vehicles. Given that the player must sacrifice a vehicle’s combat potential, we have lowered the direct penalties on the vehicle itself while providing a potent aura to other vehicles to compensate.

  • Speed and Received accuracy penalty removed; retains -50% accuracy and +100% reload penalty
  • AVRE Petard ability affected by Command Vehicle penalty
  • Aura no longer affects emplacements
  • Recon Plane cost to 50 munitions
  • Recon Plane loiter period from 90 to 45

Command Vehicle Aura

  • Range from 30 to 40
  • Two seperate auras for vehicles and infantry.
  • Infantry: +20% accuracy, -20% cooldown, -20% reload
  • Vehicles: -30% reload, -30% cooldown, +30% accuracy, +15% penetration

Churchill AVRE
The AVRE has been modified to be more durable against head-on attacks, but also more vulnerable to flanks, requires the tank to expose itself to fire its mortar, and with more down time between shots.

  • Cost from 600/140 to 540/160
  • Health from 1400 to 1080
  • Armor from 240 to 290
  • Rotation rate from 35 to 30
  • Projectile will now collide with any objects in its path; includes vehicles
  • Reload time from 30 to 40
  • Petard always penetrates and will stun tanks on hit

9.75 Inch Anti-Building Mortar Support
This situational ability has been adjusted to be less map dependent and will act as a tool which can displace infantry and weaken structures prior to an assault.

  • Cost from 150 to 110
  • 5 rounds dropped into the target area; can be launched anywhere
  • Penetration from 35 to 70 against structures
  • +50% damage against ambient structures
  • Can now target any location with LOS
  • AOE distance from 1.5 to 0
  • Damage over time frequency from 3 to 1
  • Recharge time from 240 to 120

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/274192#Comment_274192

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