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Company of Heroes France

2016.06.23 - Hotfix

Release Date: 06/23/2016


Suite à la Mise à Jour du 21 juin 2016, Relic a publié hier un nouveau hotfix pour corriger des bugs introduit dans ce patch. Un autre hotfix est prévu pour corriger le bug du mortier USF.


Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that made Volksgrenadier's Panzerfaust ability disappear when they hit VET 4
  • Fixed a bug where VET 4 and VET 5 didn’t exist on the LEFH 18
  • Fixed a bug that caused unintended behaviour to units when hit by Stun grenades
  • Fixed a bug where the modifiers from the combined arms ability was overwriting other modifiers
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-fire range on the USF 81mm mortar was more than the barrage.
  • Fixed a bug where some veterancy bonuses on the USF 81mm mortar wasn’t applying to the barrage and smoke barrage abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where Sturmpioneers could get all upgrades when multiple upgrades were queued.
  • Fixed a bug where the USF AT Gun Vet 1 ability had a initial delay before the ability would be active; Initial delay removed.
  • Fixed a bug where some grenades that didn't get the 33% range reduction when the squad is suppressed.
  • Fixed a bug where some vehicles were still stunning the JagdTiger. Removed all deflection stun criticals from all weapons.
  • Removed the random abandon critical from SturmTiger that could happen during reload.
  • Fixed a few help text issues
  • Fixed a bug where Volksgrenadiers could pick up a weapon and then upgrade to get 2 more STG44s

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/249254#Comment_249254

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