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Company of Heroes France

2016.04.20 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 04/20/2016






Maxim HMG
We felt the Maxim HMG was overperforming in the early game due to its fast set-up. We also made adjustments to its build time and cost so it takes longer to reach the field and so it doesnt replace mainline infantry.

  • Set-up from 1.5 to 2.
  • Build-time from 24 seconds to 28 seconds.
  • Cost from 240 manpower to 260.


Improved Fortification Upgrade
We have decided to reduce the durability bonuses this upgrade provides. We have also decided to increase the time it takes Infantry Section to build these Emplacements since they are not dedicated builders.

  • Infantry Section now take 30 seconds longer to build Emplacements and the Forward Assembly.
  • Improved Fortification upgrade now increases max health by 20% and armor by 10. Changed from increase in max health by 30% and armor by 40.


10 Warpaint Competition skin sets have been added to the game and will be available to purchase from the in game store as of April 21st at 10:00 AM PDT.

30% of the proceeds from these skins go directly to the creators while an additional 20% is funneled back into funding COH2 tournament prize pools and community events to keep the game alive and well. The first tournament to be funded by the sale of these skins sets will begin early this Summer!

War Paint Historical Bundle
* British - Desert Rats Bundle by Choccy Starfish
* Soviet Two Tone 1941 Blue Steel Bundle by Puppeteer
* German - Assorted 3 Color Ambush Bundle by Starbuck
* US – Operation Husky Bundle by F_X
* OKW – Ardennes Improvised Ambush Pattern Bundle by Rita Rush

War Paint Fantasy Bundle
* British - Wood and Iron Bundle by Shriken
* US – Tiger Shark Bundle by Soul5tice
* OKW – Dazzle Bundle by Paid Player
* OKW – Anaconda Bundle by Soul5tice
* Soviet Hellbound Bundle by Grumpntug


Balance updates to maps Hamlet and Crossroads by respective community map makers.


  • Additional speech calls for Land Mattress unit.
  • Animator fixes to the T70 and the 222 scout car.
  • Normalized pop-cap on 120 mortar team.
  • Fixed a bug with hold fire not being passed to reinforcements correctly in every case.
  • Shock Troop's RG-42 Grenade now damages buildings and does full damage to units inside buildings.
  • Fixed a hotkey issue on airlanding officer.
  • Fixed an issue with the comet tank projectiles.



Next week we will be launching a Balance Preview Mod that includes a variety of balance changes based on feedback from the community. Stay tuned for release notes regarding this mod coming later this week.


In early May we will be running an Open Beta for all those who are interested in testing out and giving feedback on the pending changes to the current War Spoils system. The main goal of this beta will be to stress-test this system in order to find any remaining bugs and to gather feedback regarding any potential last minute tweaks to the system that can be made.

April 20 – Addendum

Hide decals option added to graphics options. This hides all vehicle decals on the players local PC even if they are equipped. Useful for players with highly detailed skins or skins that include markings

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