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Company of Heroes France

2016.02.25 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 02/25/2016





The highly anticipated February Updates is scheduled to be released on February 25th and will include two new British Commanders, a multitude of bug fixes, a variety of balance changes based on feedback from the community, updates to pathfinding and more. Check out all the changes in more detail below.


Added two new UK Forces Commanders into the game that can be acquired via Warspoils and the in-game store

UK Forces – Mobile Assault Regiment

  • M2 Flamethrowers
  • Advanced Cover Combat
  • Infiltration Commandos
  • Land Mattress
  • Vehicle Crew Repairs

UK Forces – Advanced Emplacement Regiment

  • Defensive Operations
  • Improved Fortification
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Counter Battery
  • Precision Barrage

You can read more about these commanders in our Know Your Commanders blog post.


Graphics Option
We have added a “Historical Skins” On/Off Option to the Graphics Tab. This Option is for Users who don’t want to see non historical skins such as the blood soaked Make War not Love Skins.

  • Added Historical Skins Option to Graphics Options Tab

Abandon Critical:
We would like to add more risk associated the abandoned function. Now in order to successfully retrieve an abandoned vehicle you will need to repair it to 100% HP.

  • Now causes engine destroy critical on abandoned

Ambient Buildings

  • Grenades, Satchel Charges, and other Explosives can now damage buildings

Vehicle Pathing Improvements

  • Preferred Reverse distance for Vehicles changed from 50 to 40
  • Forced Facing before moving when executing the following commands added: attack move, facing command, right clicking on an enemy unit, and when moving a group of vehicles.

Intel Bulletin Improvements
Made updates to Intel Bulletins that no longer awarded a bonus because of Design and Balance Changes

  • Wehr - Shoot For the Stars – now increases the range of the officers coordinate barrage by 8%
  • OKW - Sharpen Those Claws – now reduces the reload of the Jadgtiger by 3%
  • USF - Veteran Medic – The Ambulance now builds 10% faster
  • Wehr - Get To the Gun – Now makes the 222 Scout car cost 3% less
  • Wehr/Russian - Medium Tank Production I – Now makes the T34-85 build 10% faster instead of 10% faster recharge


UK Forces

Tactical Support Regiment - Artillery Cover:
We wanted to dial back this ability as it was over performing and created frustrating experiences to the receiving player. 

  • Engine damage critical on impact are removed
  • Turret jam critical replaced with Loader Injure critical. (Weapon reload increase by 2x)

Special Weapon Regiment - Concentrated Fire Operation  
We are reducing the number of salvos by 1 to prevent the one-shot killing of OKW Base Structures.

  • Salvo reduced from 5 to 4

Previously we wanted to improve the AEC’s role to better combat infantry. However the way in which it was implemented resulted in the AEC over performing against its very own counters. We are reverting the main gun profile change and implementing a buff to its coaxial machine gun. This will now increase the AEC performance against infantry while maintaining its previous combat relationships.

  • Main Gun profile change reverted
  • Cost changed from 320/60 to 280/70
  • Coaxial accuracy far increased from 0.35 to 0.46
  • Coaxial accuracy medium increase 0.55 to 0.6
  • Burst increased from 1 / 0.75 to 2.25
  • Rate of Fire increased from 8 to 10

Universal Carrier

  • Fuel cost removed 

US Forces

We are reducing the amount of rockets fired per barrage to help reduce potential squad deaths. We are also removing the Calliope’s ability to de-crew to prevent players from artificially decreasing their upkeep while their barrage is on cooldown.

  • Barrage Salvo reduced from 24 to 18
  • Can no longer be de-crewed


Reducing the damage profile slightly at far and medium range to prevent squad deaths in that area.

  • Damage profile reduced from 1 / 0.5 / 0.3 to 1 /0.4/ 0.15

222 Scout Car
We are increasing the HP of the 222 to allow it to better combat other light vehicles and infantry.

  • HP increased from 240 to 320


Community Map Spotlight Rotation
Adding permanently previous spotlight maps:

  • (2 - 6) Achelous River
  • (6 - 8 ) Red Ball Express

Rotating out previous spotlight maps:

  • (4 - 6) Montherme
  • (2) Sturzdorf
  • (2 - 4) Ecliptic Fields

Rotating In:

  • (2) Crossroads
  • (2) Lost Glider
  • (4) Hamlet
  • (4) Chateau de Luvnest
  • (8) Hill 400

Additional Changes:

  • Adding (6 - 8 ) Montargis Region - Relic remade CoH1 map coincides with the ending of the Community remade CoH1 map spotlight rotation
  • Fixing (2 - 4) Rails and Metal - Wrecking buildings in Southern base
  • Fixing (2 - 4) Minsk Pocket - Adjusting soft map edge around Northern base so bunker can be destroyed
  • Fixing (2 - 4) Road to Kharkov - Moving Fuel cut-offs slight closer to the center of the map


  • The Stuart's "Point Blank Engine Shot" & "Shell Shock" can no longer be used at the same time.
  • Curated pathway text no longer bleeds outside of the Overlay in Russian and German
  • Added a new Icon for the IL-2 Sturmovik Attacks that Loiter
  • Engineers, Sturmpioneers, Rear Echelons, & Royal Engineers can no longer repair sandbags (Will Vault now)
  • Added Prioritize Vehicle to the Churchill Infantry Tank
  • Removed Prioritize Vehicle from Churchill AVRE
  • Mechanized Grenadier Group Ability is no longer using the Mechanized Assault Group's Icon
  • Fixed issue where Dropped Team Weapons would become unusable if the Weapon was dropped by a Stunned, Retreating Squad.
  • "Crew Defense" is now consistent on the Comet and Churchill Infantry Tank
  • Fixed issue where Sturmpioneers would build Slower after reaching Vet 3
  • Stormtrooper Veterancy requirements have been set to the correct levels
  • Rifle Company - M2 Flamethrowers - Removed the Misleading flamethrowers speech
  • Fixed issue where the Wehrmacht 234 Puma icon would appear as a 222 scout car, when re-crewed by Soviet and USF
  • Stun Grenades no longer Stop enemy Squads from Retreating
  • HMG Teams that Retreat while Stunned, no longer receive a permanent Range Penalty modifier
  • Weapon Racks now animate when the Weapon Racks Unlock is purchased
  • The UKF Sniper's Critical Shot can now cause a Turret Jam Critical on Ostwinds
  • The Scoped Lee Enfield Rifle have the correct damage setting
  • Dropped M2 Flamethrowers are now using the correct Portrait
  • Feuersturm Doctrine text now refers to incendiary abilities
  • Fixed issue where two Shock Troop Squad members would move to cover before they will start shooting.
  • German Sniper is now using the correct Camouflage Portrait Icon
  • Added the missing SFX and VFX on Defected Shots from the M-42 AT Gun
  • Fixed USF base rotation issue. Weapon racks now face towards the battlefield
  • Tweaked the Rotation & Capped the Scatter on the UKF 25 Pounder Howitzers, Air Burst Shell Damage now matches the Visual FX
  • Captured Vickers HMG's can no longer be upgraded with Ambush Camouflage
  • Soviet Intercept ability no longer shows the location of Enemy Mines
  • Stormtrooper ability renamed to Detection (from Vehicle Detection), Icon for ability changed to reflect name.
  • Sherman Firefly Tulip Rockets should no longer deflect off of Enemy Armor
  • Updated the text on the Royal Engineer’s Vet 1 Tool Tip


  • Matchmaking improvements have been made to help ensure match-ups between players of similar skill are made on a more regular and consistent basis. As a result of these changes, automatch wait times may slightly increase. 
  • Fixed issue where Loitering Stuka and IL-2 Planes could attack long after the ability had ended.
  • Fixed issue that was not allowing Users to update their Mod.
  • Fixed issue where User could use an exploit to detect Enemy Mines
  • Fixed an issue with the Panzerwerfer having incorrect cover table against garrison type


  • Fixed issue that was causing some Reinforcement to not come in with Proper Veterancy Modifiers (REVERTED)

Source : http://www.companyofheroes.com/blog/2016/02/18/february-25th-update-release-notes

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