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Company of Heroes France

2015.09.03 - British Forces Update

Release Date: 09/03/2015





British Forces

  • The British Forces added to the game. This includes the Core Army + 3 Commanders (Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery Regiment, Royal Engineer Regiment).
  • 8 new maps added (Arnhem Checkpoint, Gelsenkirchen Refinery, Heidelberg Crossings, Dusseldorf, Across the Rhine, Essen Steelworks, Port of Hamburg, Lorch Assault).
  • British items now drop in Warspoils. This includes 32 British Intel Bulletins, 3 British Victory Strikes, 4 skin sets, and 3 commanders (Special Weapons Regiment, Tactical Support Regiment, Vanguard Operations Regiment).
  • British items are now available in the in-game store (3 commanders, 4 skin sets).
  • British Forces added to the leaderboards.

Tool Set update

  • Modding toolset has been regenerated and published to allow modding of British data.

Map List Changes

  • Removed Sittard Summer from the Automatch map list
  • Removed Stalingrad from the Automatch map list
  • Removed Bystraya Voda from the Automatch map list


  • After 2 weeks with no games played ranks will begin to decay.
  • After 4 weeks with no games played players are hidden from the leaderboard view.
  • Playing a game will return a player to viewable.


  • In game store now has mixed bundles and Mission Packs tabs

Gameplay Updates:

Random AOE issues
Area of Effect weapons had accuracy and penetration fall off values that would make Area of Effect damage inconsistent. In the case with Mines, it sometimes wouldn’t do any damage when it obviously triggered.

  • Removed Accuracy and Penetration from AOE. Accuracy values have been changed to always hit and Penetration value have been changed to the same as the value of the weapon. There were a lot of issues that accuracy value and penetration values created with AOE. One of them being mines sometime doing no damage even when triggered. We raised AOE accuracy so it can no longer miss and Penetration to match the penetration value of the weapon.

AOE Weapon tuning
By removing AOE accuracy and penetration fall off from AOE weapons, we had to make adjustments to many AOE weapons to compensate for this. AOE radius on AOE Weapons may have changed slightly due to this.
Ambient Buildings
We wanted to improve unit response times when infantry squads are entering and exiting ambient buildings.

  • Changed time to load into and unload out of buildings to 0.

Target Tables
To isolate relationships of certain weapons vs a unit type without affecting its relationship with all the other units, we felt we needed to use target tables.

  • Target tables have been added into the Attribute Editor. All extra damage towards certain unit types have been moved from damage penetration actions to the target table.

New Weapon Type
We felt grenades were taking down ambient buildings too easily so we wanted to isolate its weapon critical type from other bigger explosive weapons.

  • Small Explosive and big explosive. Small explosives are grenades and big explosives are every other explosive weapons.

Flame Weapons and Flame Criticals
We were not happy with how Flamethrower weapons took on the role of an anti-infantry upgrade when its role was anti-cover. All Infantry and Vehicle Flame weapons now spawn a flame Damage over time on the location of the flame burst. Flame weapons also have a 50% accuracy debuff while moving. This is to prevent flame units from acting like assault troops or easily wiping retreating infantry.

  • Flame Criticals no longer trigger at 50% health but at 0%.
  • All Flame Weapons have had their damage increased to compensate
  • All Flame Weapons now leave a flame DOT doing damage over time in that area.
  • All Infantry and Vehicle Flame weapons are 50% less accurate while moving.

Squad Formations

All infantry squads has had their squad formation updated to better spread out the units in open, and negative cover. Their formation in light or heavy cover remains the same.

  • New Squad Formation added to existing infantry to make them spread out more

ALL Howitzers

We wanted to make it easier for players to counter Howitzers.

  • Howitzers can no longer be built in Command H.Q Territory

Balance Updates


We have increased the durability of bridges so they can withstand more damage.

  • Bridges health and armor increased


We are increasing the CP of the Command Tank to bring it in-line with our new tank pacing.

  • Command Tank CP increased from 8 to 9


The ML-20 was doing too much damage per shot for the number of shells it fired. We have decided to reduce the damage.

  • ML-20 Damage reduced from 300 to 160


We wanted to improve the Field Defense Commander upgrade.

  • Field Defenses - CP reduced from 2 to 0
  • Field Defenses - M7 Mine replaced with regular mine



The visual feedback from the FX was smaller than the actual damage radius. To match visual feedback and damage radius we are reducing its AOE radius slightly.

  • Weapon AOE Radius changed from 10 to 8

Balance Preview Mod

More Balance updates to come with the Balance Preview early September.


Road to Ligneuville

  • The territory point near the docks will no longer disappear when attacked

Noville Encirclement

  • Winter skins and winter portraits will now appear properly


  • Winter portraits will now appear properly


  • Two buildings were wrecked due to entry points not properly set up on them


  • Train tracks will no longer float when playing in position 3 as USF

Pripyat Winter

  • Train tracks will no longer float when playing in position 3 as USF

Moscow Outskirts

  • Minor balance improvements

Faymonville Approach

  • Minor balance improvements


  • Minor balance improvements

Knolodny Ferma

  • Minor balance improvements


  • Data Optimization
  • Fix a bug on the Raketenwerfer squad. While Prioritize vehicles and Camouflage is active, Weapon Crew would fire at vehicles or infantry revealing itself out of camouflage.
  • Fixed a bug where using an ability while Prioritize vehicle is active cancelled prioritize vehicle.
  • Fixed a few issues with units receiving unnecessary and unintended criticals
  • Fixed an issue where the soviet mortar weapon would be destroyed before the crew
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to instantly withdraw and refit their vehicle when the vehicle is immobile.
  • Fixed an issue where timed speed abilities could still work during engine damaged
  • Fixed an issue where partially constructed tank traps were as durable as completed ones
  • Fixed an issue with easy eight radio net not working as intended
  • Fixed an issue when if you recrewed an West German Ostwind it would turn into an East German Ostwind
  • Fixed an issue where the Panzer II Ausf Luch could not suppress at vet 5
  • Updated various icons with proper assets
  • Tiger Ace Can no longer be abandoned
  • Main Gun Criticals will now only be trigger through explosive and ballistic weapons now
  • Mortar Squads can no longer garrison slit trenches
  • Puma unit text now appears correctly when recrewed by USF and Soviets
  • Tank Traps will remain visible in the FOW once spotted
  • Flame damage can no longer damage bridges
  • Fixed a bug where Bridges can no longer be damaged while being repaired
  • Sandbags can no longer be crushed by Light Crush. Only Medium Crush and up.
  • Replaced all map object wrecks with non-salvageable ones (Built vehicle's wrecks are still salvageable)
  • Replaced the map object Opel Blitz truck with a non-salvageable wreck
  • Fixed the Sim box on the Ostwind in the Ardennes Assault campaign. Ostwind can now be hit by incoming Fire.
  • The Jagdpanzer IV and the Rakentenwerfer now have an out of combat delay before their first strike bonus becomes active
  • Fix to "OKW sWs Half-Track's structure ghost leaves marks in the snow
  • Fix to issue "Infantry killed by Infantry Abilities like Grenades & Satchel Charges aren't refunded with Rapid Conscription
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not progress past the 1st Objective in Mission 5 if the User Prevents the Germans from Capturing the 1st Point,
  • Fixed an issue where ALL USF Vehicles that are given queued up Move Commands will continue to carry out the orders when they are Abandoned
  • Fixed an issue where Infantry Pinned down by a Kubelwagen will eventually become unpinned
  • Updated the help text on the KV-2 to indicate proper setup time
  • Fixed an issue where the Hull MG on Panther doesn't track properly track enemy targets
  • Fixed an issue where "Lightning War doctrine" and "Armored Assault Tactics" abilities show in the incorrect order
  • Fixed an issue where setting a rally point on a non-vault-able wall will cause infantry to stop in the soft map edge
  • Fixed an issue where the Para drop .50cal M2HB Heavy Machine Gun icon from the customizer is different from the in-game icon
  • Fixed an issue where the Guard Rifles will retreat to the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya Building instead of the HQ
  • Fixed the issue with Raketenwerfer and its ability to toggle abilities in garrisoned buildings.
  • Lend Lease Commander UI now uses the proper M5 Halftrack UI.
  • Lend Lease Tactics ability Allied Supply Drop now shows proper icon
  • Fixed a Speech issue where – Soviet team weapons were not calling out kills on certain light vehicles
  • Off set start squad location for the OKW so Sturmpioneers no longer spawn inside the HQ Geometry and get stuck
  • Fixed an issue with Battle Chatter lines for the Soviets and German
  • Fix to USF vet leveled vehicle crew leaving behind vet buff on any recrewed vehicles after crewing and decrewing them

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