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Company of Heroes France

2015.06.23 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 06/23/2015



Welcome, one and all… to the patch notes for our June 23rd Update! We’ve got some very tantalizing details for you, we hope you’ll enjoy perusing our latest offerings for the community. There are several components to this awesome update, and we hope there will be something that excites everyone. This update focuses on a few key areas:

Further Modding Support
An In-Game Store & Centralized Modding Hub
Balance Changes
Bug Fixes

Each section is colour-coded, so if there is one area you care about more than others, you can scroll directly to that section. If you’ve got thoughts, reactions, feedback – we’re setting up an official thread for you to share your thoughts directly with us. Want clarification on something? Let us know right here:


In addition to these patch notes, stay tuned for a series of blog posts that we’ll be rolling out over the coming days to further explain all of these changes! First up, our Modding Support post goes live tomorrow morning.

The game servers will be down from 2pm to 6pm PDT to accommodate for these changes. The in-game store and modding hub content will go live the following day.


Taille : ~1Go


More tools and features for especially creative and bright-minded community members!

We are very much looking forward to what you all come up with using these tools! If you’re not a member of Those That Mod, yet are a member of our wider community, this is still something to get excited about. These tools will allow your peers to create new content for you, in order to make the COH2 world even more enjoyable.

The following types of mods have been added:

  • Decals
  • Faceplates
  • Skins
  • Victory Strikes
  • Asset Packs

Tuning Packs have been updated with the following features:

  • Much of the data in racebps has been moved to a new army category that is moddable giving modders greater controls over each army’s tech tree.
  • AI categories and scripts are now moddable.
  • ABPs are now moddable.

Game modes have been updated with the following features:

  • AI categories and scripts are now moddable.

Scenario packs have been updated with the following features:

  • Single player scenarios can now be created. These scenarios appear on the Mission List in the Modding HUB.
  • Scenario packs can contain multiple scenarios (multiple single player scenarios can be combined into a small campaign).
  • Options files can contain slot configurations.
  • Scenario packs can now depend on asset packs.

Rudimentary UI modifications are now possible with a new set of SCAR functions.

The Live Games and Public Game List screens have also been revamped.

The Attribute Editor has been reworked, highlights include:

  • Docking layout is saved.
  • Filterable category trees.
  • Full keyboard navigation/editing support for the variable view.
  • Revamped find:
    • Find searches all instances or templates.
    • Results are displayed in a separate window on a per value (instead of per instance) basis.
    • You can jump to each search result.
    • Searching the category tree/list is limited to a path search.
  • Undo/Redo now jump to the value they alter.
  • New context menu options (easier for new users to find):
    • Expand All/Collapse All (Right clicking on the + still works.)
    • Go To Reference (Space still works.)
    • Go To Template
    • Find All References (For all value types.)
  • New shortcuts:
    • Delete file (Del).
    • Folder rename (F2).
    • Shift list item up/down (Shift+Up/Shift+Down).
    • Double clicking a name expands/collapses.



Our main game menu has been reworked to make room for a new content distribution system. The goal behind this feature is to further highlight the work of our modding community, and make it easier for more players to enjoy this amazing work.

  • Expand category renamed Additional Content category; Exit to Windows button now sitting on its own.
  • Link to the Steam Workshop page replaced by an in-game Modding Hub. This will now allow users to do all of the following directly within the game:
    • Browse mods from the Steam Workshop seamlessly.
    • Have an easier view of the latest mods of interest and trending mods through a partially curated front page.
    • Find public games that include mods.
    • Launch single player scenario pack missions.
    • Manage subscriptions/publish content in a click.
  • Link to the Steam Store page replaced by an In Game Store allowing users to do all of the following directly within the game:
    • Browse through content seamlessly.
    • Have an easier view of the latest content of interest and trending items through a partially curated front page.
    • Filter available content by type (skins, commanders, faceplates etc.), faction, price, name and owned VS not-owned.
    • Pay for content in the In Game Store directly through their Steam Wallet.
  • Free skin retrofit grants to existing owners (winter / summer variants) as part of the In Game store roll-out of rebuilt skin packages.
  • New skins available for purchase.



Our team’s latest work in this area focused on two key areas of improvement: increasing the number of viable strategies in the game, and reducing negative user experiences in gameplay. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it to ease your concerns, JUST in case wink.png ) that this is an ongoing process and we don’t ever assume that we are in a ‘finished’ state with our balance. The team has been working hard to take into account player feedback, Alpha testing, and statistics pulled by our Business Insights team in order to ensure we are continually moving forward and progressing the gameplay experience for our players. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to share constructive criticism with us. We look forward to more of your feedback in the future!

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we are working to achieve these two goals:

Increase the Number of Viable Strategies in the Game

  • Make core tech tree units more desirable
  • Increase the viability of light vehicle combat.
  • Promote and Encourage Combined Arms

Reduce Negative User Experiences in Gameplay

  • Reduce the amount of frustrating moments that can be caused by undesirable gameplay
  • Improve usability and remove unintended behavior from the game
  • General game balance tuning
  • Reduce the amount un-desired randomness generated

The Nitty Gritty:

General Gameplay Changes

Weapon Teams and Force Facing Feature in Ambient Buildings

  • Weapon Teams garrisoned in an ambient building can now be given a manual facing order to force face a direction. This toggle option is called "Direct Face Team Weapon". To undo this and revert back to automatic facing, players must toggle the "Cancel Direct Face Team Weapon" option

Super Heavy Call in Vehicles (Tiger, Tiger Ace, Elefant, IS2, ISU, Jadgtiger, Sturmtiger, KV2)
We are limiting Heavy Vehicles to a field limit of 1. We want the players to use the Heavy Tanks to support core units or have core units support the Heavy Tanks. We are anticipating this change will encourage players to spend their fuel on other units within their tech tree as it will be in-efficient to continue accumulating fuel. This also severely effects 3v3 and 4v4 games where players can see up to 12 Heavy Vehicles in a match.

  • Limited to having only 1 on the field

Prioritize Vehicle
For ease of use, we wanted to give players more control over their vehicle targeting.

  • Prioritize vehicle have been added to the following vehicles: Shermans (All Variants except the bulldozer) T34s (All Variants), Stuart, T-70, Greyhound, Panzer IV, IS2, Tiger (All Variants) and KV1.

Vehicle Criticals
In an effort to reduce frustrating RNG, we have decided to move the received Main Gun Destroy critical to a higher health threshold and removed the Engine Destroy Critical from the critical table. This change will prevent vehicles from “cheating death” at 0% Health. We have also made it easier to recover from getting engine damage from snares as you will be able to repair the critical at 75% health instead of 100%.

  • Main Gun Destroy critical chance moved from 0 health to 25% health
  • Engine Destroy critical chance removed
  • Engine Damaged critical cause by handheld snares can be repaired at 75% health

We wanted to reduce the amount of squad wiping moments caused by flamethrowers where player had no time to react.

  • Units with flamethrowers will no longer have a chance to explode until they are the last unit in the squad
  • No more flame criticals above 50% health.
  • Flame AOE Damage increased from 0.25 / 0. 625 / 1 to 0.4 / 0.7 /1

The chance of planes crashing into one of your units was extremely rare but when it does, it can be devastating and game changing for that player. Although we feel this is a spectacular event, we want the effects to be less punishing to both Players.

  • Plane crash AOE reduced from 15 to 6
  • Plane crash damage reduced from 750 to 240

Weapon teams
We’ve decided to make changes in order to prevent weapon teams from being killed while manned. This will prevent team weapon squads from being wiped because the weapon team got destroyed. Weapon teams will continue to take damage while manned, however will only receive its death critical when it is abandoned.

  • Can no longer be destroyed when manned

Game Data Organization Effort
Previously when we increased the lethality of infantry it was done with a blanket modifier of weapon accuracy and received accuracy. What we have done is adjusted the data so that the actual weapon stats are relative to its lethality. The performance of the unit and weapons are not changed. This is simply a data cleanup effort.

  • Removed accuracy weapon and receive accuracy modifiers that was used to increase infantry lethality and create a class type. Move respective values into the accuracy of the weapons and the size of the unit.

Panzerfaust / AT Grenade/ Rifle AT Grenades
We are retuning how infantry snares work; as they act as a big deterrent to using light vehicles. We hope this will encourage more cover and positional play with infantry to deal with vehicles.

  • Can no longer deal Engine Destroy critical
  • Can no longer generate critical to units over 75% HP for Medium and Heavy Vehicles

All HMGs
We felt blob counter units weren’t performing as well as we wanted and needed a performance boost to deal with Blobs of units better.

  • Incremental accuracy multiplier changed to 1.15
  • Incremental search radius changed to 10/12.5/15
  • Nearby suppression radius changed to 13 (except maxim HMG)
  • Min / Max Bursts unified



PM-41 82mm Mortar:

Precision Strike is an ability that generated a lot of negative gameplay experience for players playing against it. The ability has a high probability to generate squad wipes with little tell to the opposing player.

  • Precision Strike Removed
  • Added Flares for Vet 1 Ability

HM-38 120 Mortar Squad
Precision Strike is an ability that generated a lot of negative gameplay experience for players playing against it. The ability has a high probability to generate squad wipes with little tell to the opposing player. The 120 Mortar squad previously having 100 damage also generated high probability of squad wipes. We have brought the damage down and adjusted its cost to compensate for the reduction.

  • Precision Strike Removed
  • Added Flares for Vet 1 Ability
  • Damage reduced from 100 to 80
  • Cost reduced from 400 to 340

This weapon drop rates were set way higher than other weapons; basically setting the drop rate in line with other weapons. The Guard Troops carry a lot of droppable weapons so they always seem to drop a lot more weapons than any other Infantry squads. We’ve decided to reduce the drop rate to compensate for this.

  • Drop rate of PTRS at rifle and DP-28 LMG to from 33% to 10%

The DSHK which was underperforming as a heavier machine gun option for Soviets. We decided to increase suppression as well as armor penetration to improve its utility against light vehicles.

  • Penetration increased from 1.5/2/3 to 1.5/3/4.5

The Quad performance was severely lacking compared to other AA / AI vehicles. We’ve adjusted the stats to bring it in line with other AA Halftracks.

  • Quad 50 Cal suppression increased from 0.003 to 0.009
  • Quad 50 Cal damage increased from 8 to 12
  • Improved AA capabilities to be in line with Flak-Halftrack & AA Halftrack

The performance of the Su-76 was not meeting our expectations. We felt its biggest problem was its lack of define role. We decided to improve the stats of the SU-76 so it can serve as a light tank destroyer. The SU-76 will still retain its versatility through the use of its barrage ability.

  • Health increased from 320 to 400
  • Penetration increased from 90/ 100/ 110 to 180/ 190 / 200
  • Cost increased from 240/70 to 280 / 75


  • Precision Strike Removed
  • Added Creeping Barrage as Vet 1 ability

Fixed a small issue that made it possible for the B4 shots to not penetrate a tank using direct fire
Direct Fire penetration increased from 340 to 600 to prevent an issue of the shot not doing any damage to high armored units



Stug G
We found the Stug G was missing a clear identity leading it to be a unit that was much underused. The changes we made will give the Stug G a role of a light tank destroyer.

  • Health increased from 400 to 560
  • Penetration increased from 110/120/130 to 170 / 185 / 200
  • AOE Penetration to match other tank destroyers profiles
  • Scatter Max to 8
  • Radius reduced from 1.5 to 0.5
  • Reaction Radius reduced to 0.5
  • Distances adjusted to match other tank destroyer profiles
  • Cost increased from 230/80 to 280/90

Stug E Call in
We felt the Stug E was over performing against infantry so we are reducing its rate of fire. We have also decided to bring its health in line with the Stug G

  • Reload increased from 3.8 to 5.3
  • Health increased from 400 to 560



Currently does the least amount of suppression and is not an effective crowd control unit. We’ve decided to increase the suppression so it can fulfill its role as a crowd control unit.

  • Damage reduced from 4 to 2
  • Suppression increase by 15%

Ease of use change; it was very hard to detect mines because Sturmpioneers needed to be so close.

  • Range increased to match other factions detection radius

Reinforced Wire
The Reinforced Wires were a source of frustration. The Community asked for a more reliable way to deal with reinforced wires other than explosives so we decided to make some changes.

  • Is now cuttable

Ease of use change to allow Fallshirmjagers to be more effective when they gain camouflage through veterancy.

  • Now have Hold Fire

Jaeger Light Infantry
Ease of use change to allow Jaeger Light Infantry to be more effective when they gain camouflage through veterancy.

  • Now have Hold Fire

We found OKW had a difficult time engaging enemy armor with Infantry and Team Weapons. Panzershrecks were the only effective option which resulted in players using army compositions primarily based off of Volksgrenadiers with Panzershrecks. The Rakentenwerfer, because of its fragility would often just die before it was able to set up in a range where it could engage enemy vehicles even with support. By giving Raketenwerfers a toggle ability to camouflage we are anticipating it will give the OKW other options than to rely so heavily on Panzershrecks.

  • Now has a toggle ability that allows the squad to camouflage (Can move at 40% speed while camo)
  • Veterancy bonuses adjusted to account for no camouflage now grants improved movement speed in camouflage

IR Halftrack:
To promote use we have decided to reduce its fuel cost hopefully this will encourage more of its use in OKW Build orders.

  • Cost reduced from 200/25 to 200/0

Stuka zu Fuss
In its current form the Stuka is a great mobile artillery unit; however it has a very difficult time gaining Veterancy because of its high veterancy requirements and its high recharge time on its barrage ability. While the reason its recharge time is so high is due to its high potency (which we would like to keep) reducing its veterancy requirements should help this unit scale more into the late game.

  • Veterancy Requirements reduced by 20%

With the Sturmtiger's inability to do auto-fire this makes it very difficult to gain veterancy in its current form. We want to keep the Sturmtiger’s unit functionality and by reducing its veterancy requirements we hope to see this unit scale better into the late game.

  • Veterancy Requirements reduced by 20%

OKW Base defensive
Fixed an exploit that allowed players to snipe and steal OKW base defenses.

  • Can no longer be sniped



50 Cal HMG
We felt the 50.cal HMG was lacking in damage at far distances. The increase in damage from far will allow it to threaten and deal damage to squads at farther ranges.

  • Damage increased at far from 0.25 to 0.5

With our goals to increase the usage and viability of light vehicles we found the Stuart was slightly under performing. As it is a very mobile tank that fires on the move quite frequently its previous accuracy and scatter values were set way too high to really make this unit combat efficient.

  • Health increased from 320 to 400
  • Moving accuracy increased from 0.5 to 0.75
  • Penetration increased from 45/45/60 to 45/50/65
  • FOW Scatter multiplier penalty reduced from 300% to 25%

AA Halftrack
We had feedback from the community members regarding AA mode and the AA Halftrack. It was expressed that AA mode would be better as a default ability in order to combat Axis airplanes.

  • Removed AA mode veterancy requirement
  • Gain increase acceleration at vet 1



A tip of the helmet to our amazing Alpha testers who reported dozens of bugs resolved by designers in their balance tuning efforts. Live also received many minor text bug fixes across English and our supported languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech and Polish. Thanks to everyone who took the time to report an issue!

Some players will be happy to note that we have added support for 4k Monitors – the HUD will no longer appear ‘tiny’ when playing at the highest resolution.

  • A hang when exiting back to the lobby from a match has been fixed by validating objects over subsequent frames rather than all at once.
  • Fixed Issue where Veteran 1 Tool tip on the Soviet Sniper would appear as No Key
  • Adjusted Tool Tip Text on Pioneer Repair button
  • Post Match Stats Buttons are locked until Front End has loaded in order to prevent a Hang when Exiting a match

That's All She Wrote for the June 23rd update, hope you've all enjoyed the notes and are now greatly anticipating June 23rd. We can't wait to bring these changes to you all!

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