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Company of Heroes France

2014.03.25 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 03/25/2014





Additional maps to the automatch map pool.

  • (1-2) Stalingrad
  • (6-8) Angermuende
    • Special thanks to community map maker Stahlhagel

Hot Keys and Input Changes

The following Hot Keys have been added:

  • Home: Move camera to starting position.
  • Semicolon: Select all of your units on screen.
  • Control+Alt+Comma/Control+F1: Select all idle builders.
  • Control+Alt+Period: Select all idle infantry.
  • Control+Alt+Comma: Select all idle vehicles.
  • Control+F2: Select all units.

Other input changes:

  • The Shift key can be used to modify all hotkeys that set your selection. For example, Control+1 sets a control group to your selection, Control+Shift+1 adds or removes your selection from a control group.
  • When holding the Control key down and clicking a unit in the global unit control, all units of that type will be selected.
  • State, duration and proximity heuristics have been added to the code that selects the single squad caster to cast an ability, generally improving distribution. This means that if you rapidly issue three grenade tosses, and have three squads selected that can throw a grenade, you will throw three grenades, and generally the squad closest to each target will do the throwing. This improves several situations where it felt like your abilities were not being cast, but really a single squad was being told to do multiple things.
  • Demo charges have been set to single squad caster.

Updates and Bug Fixes

Resolution to a number of UI and gameplay related issues.

  • Addressed an issue where Loadout changes were not being saved when the game was exited
  • Fixed various translation and text issues
  • Addressed a bug preventing Team Chat from working properly
  • Addressed issues with improper text display
  • Fixed an issue with map entry points not functioning correctly
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from inviting friends to a game
  • Addressed an issue where the Opel Blitz could block line of sight when wrecked
  • German Tanks can no longer Target Weak Point ability with a main gun critical
  • Fixed various bugs with UI

Small Arms Weapon Profiles

The goal is to improve tactics by better defining unit roles; thereby, increasing the importance of unit positioning relative to cover. A weapon profile defines the distribution of damage over distance. Previously, the profiles were generally flat and did not fully characterize the strengths and weaknesses of a squad. Now, a Pioneer squad with a MP40 submachine gun has a very high damage output at close range but a substantially lower damage output at max range. The distribution of damage is no longer blended between ranges; this combined with the increased weapon lethality should reduce the tendency to rush infantry at one another.

Keep in mind the weapon profiles represent the damage output of only a handful of units in live. Each profile will see an increase or decrease in damage output depending on the squad’s value. For example, a 100 manpower pioneer squad might do less close range damage than a 300 manpower Grenadier squad despite the pioneer MP40 submachine gun being a close range weapon. Hence, the value of a unit scales the weapon profile accordingly.


  • KAR 98 now uses the bolt-action rifle weapon profile
  • MP40 now uses the submachine gun weapon profile
  • MP44 now uses the assault rifle weapon profile
  • G43 now uses the carbine rifle weapon profile
  • LMG42 now uses the light machine gun weapon profile
  • Luger 9mm pistol now uses the pistol weapon profile


  • Mosin Nagant now uses the bolt-action rifle weapon profile
  • SVT now uses the carbine rifle weapon profile
  • PPSH now uses the submachine gun weapon profile
  • DP-28 now uses the light machinegun weapon profile


Grenade Explosive Profiles - Grenades

This change removes the chance of grenades missing targets on the outer radius of their explosions. The average damage done to units in this outer radius under the previous structure was converted into a set
value to reduce edge cases that resulted in extremely high or low damage being dealt. Grenades will feel more consistent in their damage output as a result.

Units and Abilities

A number of iterations were made on infantry and light vehicles to improve interplay between factions; thereby, encouraging a diversity of strategies and tactics.


  • Cost from 120 MP to 200 MP
  • Population from 3 to 5
  • Hit points from 48 to 80
  • Can now shoot on the move
  • Bonus accuracy in cover from 2 to 1.75


  • Armor from 1.5 to 1
  • Updated AOE profile on Rifle Grenade
  • LMG42 now requires Battle Phase 1 to unlock
  • Panzerfaust weapon range from 20 to 25
    • This does not affect the ability range

Assault Grenadier

  • Cost from 320 MP to 280 MP
  • Population from 6 to 7
  • Armor from 1.5 to 1
  • Updated AOE profile on Model 24 Stielgranate Grenade Assault
  • Assault Grenadiers now gain sprint

Panzer Grenadier

  • Armor from 1.5 to 1.2
  • Cost from 360 MP to 340 MP
  • Updated AOE profile on Bundle Grenade
  • G43 cost from 60 MU to 40 MU

Artillery Officer

  • Officer armor from 4 to 1

German Sniper

  • Armor from 2 to 1
  • Hit points from 40 to 48
  • Sight range from 50 to 45
  • Aim time slightly increased, reload reduced to compensate

222 Scout Car

  • Cost from 80 MP and 25 FU to 240 MP and 10 FU
  • Health from 160 to 200
  • 20mm autocannon range from 35 to 40
  • 20mm autocannon accuracy from 0.025/0.0375/0.05 to 0.02/0.04/0.06
  • 20mm autocannon max distance scatter from 10 to 6
  • 20mm autocannon distance scatter ratio from 1 to 0.15

250 Half-track

  • Snipers can no longer garrison 250 Half-track
  • Health from 320 to 240
  • Population from 7 to 5

251 Half-track

  • Flame projector upgrade now requires battle phase 2
  • MG gunners damage per second increased by 265%
  • Armor from 11 to 9
  • Cost from 120 MP to 200 MP

Mechanized Assault Group

  • Cost from 520 MP and 40 FU to 490 MP and 30 FU

Mechanized Grenadier Group

  • Cost from 520 MP and 40 FU to 500 MP and 30 FU

Combat Engineers

  • Cost from 210 MP to 190 MP
  • Population from 6 to 5

Penal Battalion

  • Cost from 360 MP to 270 MP
  • Population from 9 to 7

Shock Troopers

  • Armor from 2.25 to 1.5
  • Cost from 440 to 390 MP
  • Population from 9 to 10

Guard Rifle Infantry

  • DP-28 cost from 60 MU to 100 MU
  • DP-28 research time from 20s to 40s
  • Updated AOE profile of RGD-33 Fragmentation Grenade
  • Armor from 1.5 to 1


  • Assault Package cost from 30 MU to 40 MU
  • AT grenade weapon range from 50 to 20
    • This prevents ‘Thor’ like throws

M3A1 Scout Car

  • Cost from 80 MP and 20 FU to 230 MP and 5 FU
  • Armor from 8.4 to 5.4
  • Health from 160 to 180
  • Snipers can no longer garrison M3A1 Scout Car

M5 Half-track

  • Snipers can no longer garrison M5 Half-track
  • Cost from 120 MP to 270 MP


  • Cost from 250 MP to 180 MP

Anti-infantry Partisans

  • Cost from 250 MP to 210 MP

Anti-Armor Partisans

  • Cost from 260 MP to 270 MP

Soviet Sniper

  • Hit points from 40 to 48
  • Flare cost from 60 MU to 40 MU
  • Scout now fires at a similar rate to sniper
  • Sight range from 50 to 45
  • Aim time slightly increased, reload reduced to compensate

Radio Intercept

  • No longer intercepts mines or bunker construction
  • Now intercepts the dispatch of Osttruppen squads

Small Arms Lethality

Reinforce the value of cover and unit positioning.

  • Small arms lethality increased by 15%

Retreat Modifiers

This change helps counteract the increased lethality on small arms; enable players to better preserve their units.

  • Received accuracy from 0.5 to 0.4; increasing squad durability against small arms fire on retreat


Veterancy that previously provided increased armor has been replaced with received accuracy. The received accuracy variable functions almost identical to the use of armor. However, it also acts to reduce unit accuracy over-capping – i.e. units that currently have more accuracy than they. As units gain veterancy, their additional accuracy values will be countered by the received accuracy reduction on other units.

  • Infantry veterancy which provided armor was replaced with received accuracy
    • e.g. 1.30x armor now provides 0.77x received accuracy
  • Units which received price adjustments have had their required experience per level adjusted accordingly.

Vehicle Pathing

This addresses an issue where vehicles would potentially move away from the ordered position as part of their three point turn plan. This could potentially confuse the player causing them to issue another order which would further antagonize the issue by causing the vehicle to move further away from the objective.

Light Vehicle Turn Plan

  • Removed three point turns from light vehicles

Pacing and Tech Progression

The goal of this change is to slow down the introduction of medium and heavy vehicles within the game and better integrate light vehicles into early combat scenarios. This results in medium and heavy armor being set back by about 2 minutes across the board.

Soviet Starting Resources

  • Manpower from 490 to 350

Soviet Base Structures

  • Motor Depot fuel cost from 90 FU to 140 FU
  • Tank Depot fuel cost from 90 FU to 140 FU

German Starting Resources

  • Manpower from 520 to 360

German Battle Phases

  • Battle phase 1 from 25 FU to 45 FU
  • Battle Phase 1 research time from 32.5s to 45s
  • Battle Phase 2 from 35 FU to 55 FU
  • Battle Phase 2 research time from 37s.5 to 60s
  • Battle Phase 3 from 50 FU to 60 FU
  • Battle Phase 3 research time from 40s to 60s

Commander Card Layout

The order of abilities within the commander card is now consistent with the order of abilities in game.

  • Commander abilities in the customizer now display from lowest to highest, top to bottom

Ability Barrage Radius

This feature adjusts the size of an abilities barrage radius based on the approximate amount of scatter that will occur. Scatter generally increases based on distance to target, firing from max range will result in reduced accuracy.

  • Barrage abilities from mortars or artillery units now display increases in weapon scatter based on distance

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