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Company of Heroes France

2014.03.06 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 03/06/2014





  • Facing cones now appear in minimap.
  • Modal facing thresholds are now tuned to be more sensitive than
    non-modal facing thresholds. (Players don’t have to move the mouse as
    far to select facing when building bunkers)
  • Removed intermediate vertex cache and improved batching for a ~70%
    speedup in rendering UI visuals (also reduces memory pressure).
  • Aliased cursors and deleted duplicates for a small improvement in load times (also reduces memory pressure).
  • The Match chat window was not remembering its position/size from session to session. This should now be fixed.
  • The Match chat was not correctly joined when viewing a replay or
    starting a campaign mission. Players should now be put into a Match chat
    session whenever they host/join a Party or whenever you go into game
    (whichever comes first). Players will be automatically disconnected from
    the Match chat whenever they exit game or leave their Party (whichever
    comes last).


  • Various networking improvements

AI Optimizations

  • Optimized calculation of AI data so that it only occurs once on game load and not every frame.
  • Optimized SpawnEntityAction code so that it only looks up the blueprint by name once.
  • Optimized MapEntryPoint code sot that it only looks up the blueprints by name once.

AI Behaviour

  • Skirmish AI now uses player abilities to produce called in units and no longer uses hidden units in the HQ.
  • AI no longer thinks that targets a squad can't damage are good targets.
  • Soviet skirmish AI now uses merge ability.
  • AITasks try harder to prevent interrupting abilities.
  • AITaskFallbackState now clears old paths when it is done moving so that units arriving at the HQ no longer oscillate.
  • AIForceAttackTactic understands units with limited firing angles should stay farther back.
  • AICombatTask no longer forces indirect fire weapons into the target
    area when the squad does not have a target or assigned position.
  • Code that checks if AI squads are in combat now understands that targeted abilities are attacks.
  • AIAbilityTactic now suggests assigned or current good targets to the LUA filter functions.
  • AICombatUtil has better stationary squad detection for abilities that barrage clumps of stationary squads.
  • AICaptureTask now runs tactics while capturing when possible.

AI Combat Ratings

  • Updated AI class and anti-class calculations to not use dynamic ranges that were causing problems.
  • Removed heavy/light structure AI class from data and replaced with one structure class.
  • AI now generates the AI info from Upgrades by reading the actions in Upgrades and no longer needs hard coded values.
  • AI CombatRatings now better detect which weapons cause suppression.
  • AI now checks ability based weapons in addition to the primary weapon to determine if a squad uses indirect fire.

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