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Company of Heroes France

2014.02.18 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 02/18/2014





  • Implementation of the Battle Servers
  • Improvements to the Surrender User Interface
  • MP Map selection improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • “-fullwindow” option added to run the game as a fullscreen window, must be run with “-window”


  • Added community member OnkelSam's “Crossing in the Woods” 2 - 4 player map

AI Updates

  • AI will no longer detects or attacks mines.
  • AI will no longer use artillery against targets in the fog of war it has never seen before.
  • Skirmish AI will now garrison buildings more often.
  • Skirmish AI will repair bridges and destroyed HQs if it has an engineer nearby.
  • Skirmish AI interrupts the ambient tactic behaviours much less.
  • AI will cause team weapons to tear down less often.
  • Increased retreat and avoidance delays for all AI difficulties.


Command Point Pacing

We wanted to improve the early game ebb and flow by slowing down unit progression. This reduction in progression better highlights the intricate tactics at each stage of the game.


  • Mortar half-track from 1 CP to 2 CP
  • Jaeger Infantry Package from 2 CP to 3 CP
  • Ambush Camouflage from 2 CP to 1 CP
  • Panzer IV Command Tank from 7 CP to 8 CP
  • PAK 43 from 7 CP to 8 CP
  • LeFH 105mm Howitzer from 7 CP to 8 CP
  • Tiger from 9 CP to 10 CP
  • Stun Grenade CP cost from 2 to 1


  • M-42 AT Gun from 1 CP to 2 CP
  • Dshk HMG from 1 CP to 2 CP
  • 120mm Mortar from 1 CP to 2 CP
  • Shock Troops from 1 CP to 2 CP
  • Guard Troops from 1 CP to 2 CP
  • Conscript Assault Package from 2 CP to 3 CP
  • T34-85 from 7 CP to 9 CP
  • B4 203mm Howitzer from 7 CP to 8 CP
  • ML-20 Howitzer from 7 CP to 8 CP
  • IS-2 from 9 CP to 10 CP
  • Incendiary Artillery from 6 CP to 7 CP
  • KV-1 from 7 CP to 8 CP
  • Partisan Tank Hunters from 1 CP to 2 CP

Units and Abilities

Better align unit performance with its effectiveness in game. A few notable changes include: reduced lethality on the IL-2, it still has the capacity to wipe out a squad but should be a bit more forgiving now. Combat engineers saw a price decrease to better reflect their in-game value. S-mine fields had a few adjustments to increase their viability as well.

PAK 43

  • No longer requires Battle Phase 2 to be constructed

Conscript Assault Package

  • Cost from 10 MU to 30 MU
  • Conscripts now get 3 PPSH sub machine guns

Precision Strike

  • Precision strike now deals the same amount of damage as the main barrage weapon
  • Added angle and distance scatter to B4 Precision Strike to bring it in line with similar abilities

IL-2 Sturmovik Attack

  • Damage from 20 to 8
  • Target lead in distance from 16 to 12
  • Target lead out distance from 8 to 10
  • Cost from 240 MU to 180 MU

S-Mine Field

  • Cost from 80 MU to 60 MU
  • Build time from 40s to 10s
  • Mine spacing from 13 to 7
  • Mine field can now be rotated to better enable placement

M5 Anti-air Package

  • Cost from 90 MU to 120 MU
  • Damage from 4.8 to 8

Panzer Tactician

  • Cost from 40 MU to 30 MU

222 Armored Car

  • 20mm cannon damage from 25 to 20
  • Upgrade cost from 70 MU to 55 MU

Target Weak Point

  • Target weak point now multiplies penetration by 2 rather than setting it to a static value of 1000
  • Brummbar target weak point cost from 30 MU to 40 MU

Combat Engineer

  • Cost from 240 MP to 210 MP

Blitzkrieg Tactics

  • Cost from 30 MU to 40 MU


Tiger Ace and Soviet Industry were not consistent in terms of value relative to other commander abilities within the game. They were adjusted to better bring them in line while maintaining their unique flair and additional tactical and strategic value to the game. The Tiger Ace has had its extreme damage and health values removed to bring it in line with other units. It now contains the veterancy modifiers granted to a vet 3 Tiger I, maintaining its threat on the field. Soviet Industry has been moved to 3 CP. This reduces the impact of the commander to the early game preventing extremely early vehicle rushes. The increased CP pacing on this ability also makes the commander less punishing, as early manpower attrition is significantly less debilitating to the commander.

Elite Troops

  • Tiger Ace cost from 0 MP to 800 MP
  • Tiger Ace command point cost from 16 to 14
  • Tiger Ace no longer reduces all resources to 0. It now reduces MP by 25% and fuel by 90% until the Tiger Ace is destroyed
  • Tiger Ace previous veterancy modifiers replaced with Tiger veterancy modifiers; this removes the double health and damage in exchange for faster rate of fire, improved accuracy, and improved mobility. Tiger Ace retains its increased sight range and lethal coaxial/hull machine guns
  • Tiger Ace base acceleration/deceleration from 1.4/3 to 1.8/3.9
  • Tiger Ace base max speed from 3 to 3.9
  • Tiger Ace has gained the Target Weak Point ability to chew through enemy armor, drastically increasing its weapon penetration and stunning enemy crews
  • Model 24 Stun Grenade cost from 15 MU to 20 MU
  • Troop training recharge time from 2s to 30s
  • Troop training cost from 55 MP and 20 FU to 80 MP and 25 FU

Soviet Industry

  • Soviet Industry CP cost from 0 to 3

Garrison Cover

Units in garrisons were too vulnerable to small arms fire, reducing the desirability of garrisons. We want to better align the initial goal of softening garrison cover without removing its tactical value.

  • Small arms damage modifier vs. garrison cover from 0.65 to 0.55
  • Small arms accuracy modifier vs. garrison cover from 0.65 to 0.55

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